Washington Pot Legalization Campaign Has Two Days Left

We should know by Friday afternoon whether the campaign to legalize marijuana in Washington has a good chance of making it to the November ballot.

What time Friday? 4:20 p.m., of course.

The secretary of state’s office says that’s when supporters of Initiative 1068 plan to turn in petition signatures, 40 minutes before the deadline.

But it will be a close call whether they have enough names: The appointment is “tentative,” and the campaign says it has about 200,000 signatures, according to the secretary of state’s office. Initiatives need 241,153 valid signatures to get on the ballot, and usually require tens of thousands more to make up for duplicates and invalid signatures.

But supporters say they “have been getting a lot of petitions back in the mail every day,” secretary of state spokesman David Ammons wrote.

Growing, selling and using marijuana would no longer be a state crime for adults if I-1068 passes.

It’s the seventh initiative to set a date to turn in signatures, and Ammons said if all seven make it to the ballot they would tie a record. The only year with seven initiatives on the ballot was 1914, the first year of voter initiatives in Washington.

– Article from The News Tribune.