Russian Drugs Tsar Seeks Tougher Laws

Russia should criminalize drug use, confiscate land used for the cultivation of cannabis and close the Central Asian border in order to combat drug trafficking, the head of the Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor Ivanov, said Wednesday.

Ivanov, speaking in the State Duma, also welcomed deputies to a cautionary exhibit of wax figures of prominent drug users like grunge musician Kurt Cobain and John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman.

“Today, drugs are a more widespread crime than theft,” Ivanov said in a speech to the Duma.

Investigators charged about 120,000 people in connection with illegal drug trafficking last year, he said, Interfax reported.

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Ivanov said he backed an idea offered by a deputy to reintroduce the Soviet-era practice of criminalizing drug use. But Ivanov added that users should have the option of undergoing treatment instead of serving jail time.

He also said a lot of abandoned land is used to cultivate cannabis and called for the owners of the land, who often claim to not be aware of its condition, to be held legally liable.

Ivanov supported a suggestion by deputies to employ students to destroy cannabis fields.

Ivanov said the current law suits drug traffickers, who can freely cross Central Asian borders as long as they hold Russian passports, easily obtainable by Soviet citizens under international agreements signed in the 1990s.

“More that 50 percent of the prominent foreign drug traffickers arrested in Russia had Russian passports, which serves as a perfect pass inside the country,” Ivanov said.

He also called for restricted access to medication that can be used to produce a synthetic analogue of heroin. Ivanov said such medication, freely available at pharmacies, should be prescription-only.

The Federal Drug Control Service puts the number of drug users in Russia at about 2.5 million, with 30,000 dying each year of drug-related causes. The economic losses are estimated at 3 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.

A drug user can recruit up to 15 people during his or her lifetime, Ivanov said.

Ivanov also opened an exhibition of wax sculptures depicting drug users, including celebrities such as late rock stars Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Freddie Mercury of Queen fame, Moskovsky Komsomolets reported.

Among the sculptures is a statue of John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman with the commentary, “He smoked cannabis as a teenager.”

– Article from The Moscow Times.



  1. Samson on

    I got a Bible close at hand, myself. BUT!!!! I sure don’t believe in Prohibition. I don’t read every day…..but, from what I can tell, Jesus never instructed his followers to belittle/imprison/ hold extreme prejudice against others…….merely because their opinion differs from yours. Case and point: I do not agree(morally) with homo-sexuality; HOWEVER—I do not believe they should be put in prison/shot dead in their home simply because I disagree. It is not my place to pass judgment on others for personal( and often times prejudice..) views I may or may not have. OFTEN, I forget this……it is a good thing Cannabis is here to remind me…….I’m glad that the great “I AM” was wise/merciful enough to create that Herb( called Cannabis ) to help me navigate through this storm called life.

    P.S. why can’t MutherF#ckers just be cool………….

  2. Anonymouse on

    Lets see…

    *”Today, drugs are a more widespread crime than theft,” Ivanov said in a speech to the Duma.

    That’s if you consider drugs in and of themselves a crime. People drinking/smoking/eating and putting what they choose into their OWN bodies vs. theft/real crime with victims being less common? Isnt that good?

    *”The Federal Drug Control Service puts the number of drug users in Russia at about 2.5 million, with 30,000 dying each year of drug-related causes. ”

    How many die a year from tobacco? Where is his anti-tobacco crusade? Ever see “Super Size Me” vs. “Super High Me?” Even McDonalds is more toxic for your body! BUT, I still don’t think we should ban McDonalds.

    You know the old prohibition stories of overdosed people being DUMPED at the hospital. How may drug related deaths could have been prevented if drug abusers were not treated like criminals and we LEARN to treat this issue like the health issue it is? We don’t lock up those who drink too much do we? No, and if they need help there should be health services available to them.

  3. Anonymous on

    “Russia should criminalize drug use, confiscate land used for the cultivation of cannabis”

    This asshole really thinks they should criminalize cannabis?

    Well, we can not only legalize but we can ban too! MAYBE we should start with banning nazism, that is what should be banned/criminalized if anything. Freedom hating scumbags and those who try to prevent the pursuit of happiness are what should be ‘eradicated’ from our society.

    Strafgesetzbuch section 86a
    “The German Strafgesetzbuch in § 86a outlaws “use of symbols of unconstitutional organisations”. This concerns Nazi symbolism in particular and is part of the denazification efforts following the fall of the Third Reich.”
    Artist: Glukoza Nostra
    Song: Schweine

  4. goodbyetroll on

    Drug free world??? WHAT A JOKE! Unless you can cure all the sick? One of the main reasons early humankind sought out drugs was to help ease their ailments.


    A drug free world is an illusion. The reality is, this plant has been here long before you and will be here long after. What will eventually will fade away is the narrow minded and backwards policies of prohibition.

    Don’t forget, you yourself wont be young forever. Remember when the day comes you have to visit your doctor and he prescribes you DRUGS. Or if you get a serious injury earlier in life? If I had my way people like YOU should be banned from using drugs until you are able to think beyond your nose.

    I think “the greater number of our fellow humans” do not want prohibition but rather harm reduction and regulation, which is far more reasonable and logical than the current black-market prohibition policy. If there’s anything people shouldn’t have to put up with its people with narrow minds. Good luck with your bullshit illusions.

  5. goodbyetroll on

    You do remember that when the people woke up and realized the bullshit of prohibition’s policies that prohibition wasn’t overturned overnight? Also that the STATES voted for and ratified the Twenty First Amendment. While Utah is considered the deciding state, that day both Pennsylvania and Ohio passed it as well. So there were 38 states that passed the Amendment (of 48 states that existed at the time). So, even if Utah hadn’t passed it, it would have become law anyway.

    So far there are a number of states that have passed some form of legislation decriminalizing or amending prohibition in some way. It also appears that cannabis prohibition, like alcohol prohibition, is becoming more and more unpopular with now enlightened citizens. Zero change at the federal level, for now. Until a majority of the states have had enough. Then lets see them ignore this issue.

    The only people that are delusional are those that believe in a drug free world. Prohibition was a failed policy with alcohol and continues to be a failed policy.


  6. Anonymous on

    dude get your head out of your arse and smll the roses… or the cannabis.
    just because something is by law a felony doesnt make it a crime.

  7. Anonymous on

    “…..And I would bet my last dollar that he has a bible close at hand….”

    Like Billions more out here whom you dismiss at your peril,
    we don;t need the paper version of the Bible
    once we have formatted the story into our souls. We act upon it
    you would probably recognize our work: you would know it better as “civilization”

    Are you the only one in the world with this venus project ?
    have you started any of these plans ?

    — we didn;t think so

  8. Anonymous on

    even you must be able to smell it

  9. Anonymous on

    Fuck you. Soviet cunt.

  10. Anonymous on

    You won’t live forever-
    so go ahead, be stoned while you are still young enough to hustle
    nobody cares that you are stoned, you are not that important
    We do care about the planetary marketplace for the dope you love so much
    that the rest of us don’t like at all
    so we are working now
    to crush the drug crops out
    knock out the black market
    sweep out the dope dealers from our cities
    discourage young people from ending up like you

    you don;t have to agree with this direction
    but it may be wise to understand that
    the greater number of your fellow humans
    do not want a drug central world
    and are unbolting that bridge’
    If you are standing on that structure
    when it goes down– that was that
    your only life
    sort of gone
    Bigger badder obstacles to progress than dope
    have been knocked over
    in the history of the human race

    The rest of us don’t have to
    put up with your love affair with drugs
    We guess you will find that out
    the hard way
    You won’t be able to stop this momentum
    in whats left of your life
    either will the other drug lovers.
    You will fade away
    before the drug lovers are all gone
    and never know that your side lost


  11. Steve on

    The above is brought to you by statist scum. This is a guy who most likely thinks spending 1 Billion + on the G8 and G20 was money well spent. He most likely thinks Harper is doing a good job. He loves authoritarian government, because he is powerless in his own life. He most likely thinks war, starvation, and slavery are good things. And I would bet my last dollar that he has a bible close at hand. Poor brain damaged fool.

  12. Anonymous on

    tsk tsk.. sunk so law as to troll under an assumed name CB
    so much for all your crap…same as all your
    vague murky huff you feel compelled to parade in public

    hint: wafer mics installed when 60 mins was in CC building

  13. pZ on

    “ya right it a drug war out there-a real one with treasure and bullets and death…”

    —so let it be, so it has always been, since the dawn of civilization and drugs, if not by diplomacy, then by timothy m. methods

  14. Anonymous on

    what happens on a state level
    means zero at the federal level
    and those are the people with the helicopters
    and the firepower and the will to slap your stupid face
    California is losing her med clubs – by the hundreds
    you know this but you dream of a stoner Disneyland
    you know will never happen
    but it pleases you to imagine
    all sorts of crap..
    you make no real advance in law
    you just parade your delusions
    changing world & US law is hard work,
    its not a state level football game
    tap your heels together three times’
    and pot will be legal.. ya right
    it a drug war out there-
    a real one with treasure and bullets and death
    its not a facebook profile with lots of your friends

    that lump in your pants is not anybody’s head
    its just some shit you are so full of

  15. moldy on

    to your hole. Sorry but in case you didn’t notice the government has been overgrown! You have no clue. You’ve lost so quit whining. It’s over for your God and your talking snakes. Our God is here and she’s called cannabis. Get out now while you can. You think that Marc sold millions of seeds? Sure he did but you have no idea how many seeds have been sold since they charged him 5-6 years ago. There are now literally hundreds if not thousands of breeders and wholesalers selling over a thousand different strains world wide. It’s all but over and you’re totally clueless. So, thank you Marc for starting this wonderful idea to overgrow ignorance as I think we’re there.

  16. mikgrow on

    Hey Stupid fuck you need to pull your head out my ass and look around Cannabis will be legal in at least two states in less than six months….God what a Stupid fucker you are!!!!

  17. Paul Goodman on

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Who are these New World Order elected bozos to tell us what we can or cannot ingest. Two words, FREEDOM and LIBERTY!

  18. Anonymous on

    even ainslinger turned into a drug user as he got older.

  19. Anonymous on

    a drug free world? what rock do you live under.
    do you really believe that putting people in prison makes for a drug free world?
    there will never be a drug free world. there sure is no evidence to suggest that making the plant illegal so far is makig for a drug free world.

    all the prisons and expense and it just gets more readily available. see. when its illegal, there is cast sums of money in it because people, or a lot of them, do not want a drug free world. so you have dealers everywhere and more ready if someone stops dealing/ thats such the demand.
    if you dont like drugs. dont touch them. you can be drug free. its your story.
    but do not expect the rest of the world to act accordingly.

    for the record. its not just marc that was pushing for legalization. just as it is today that millions of people still smoke pot and always will. you have to be kidding yourself to think that arresting people like marc will make for a drug free world.

    keep spending all you like, your wasting money, your never going to see the day.

  20. Anonymous on

    All these Russian cracks , I am NOT Russian
    same goes for for your Vodka cracks, I DON’T drink
    now go back to rimming your male dog

  21. Brian Kerr on

    Russia seems to be much like the USA, only a cheep dirty version of the USA, but at leased they jail less people than the USA, per 100,000 population.

    America being #1 at putting people in jail at over 700/100,000

    Russia #2 with incarceration rates over 500/100,000

    Canada for comparison I think is something like 115/100,000

    India at the bottom at 38/100,000.

    I think Canada should be aiming for India’s level. Not the Russian, American, slavery model.

    Hey Harper. I am actually vaporizing Cannabis now as I write this, you piece of garbage !

  22. Anonymous on

    Vodka head !Count Smirnoff,I presume ?

  23. Anonymous on

    With the American track record starting at Anslinger and then the world adopting his stupidity. Moving onto tricky dick in the 70’s and waging war on both the cancer and so called drugs. It’s truly amazing how stupid people can be, cancer can be cured but lets put that aside as that gets in the way of the growing civil war in the US.
    If there is any intelligent life out there, our track record isn’t looking good in the manipulated history books of the world. If they were to read about us first then visit. I would think it’s would be a very brief visit. Who wants to save the only half smart humans that kill every thing? They might save the planet and study it’s healing ability without us, after all there are only pockets of people that would enjoy not living the capitalistic dream.
    It’s a real shame I had to waste time to write this, after all it takes time for the US to think they are better than everyone else – but who set the stage for world stupidity? If at least one states in the US would come clean to make a plant a plant again, then maybe they could save face.

  24. Anonymous on

    Go back to your secret police and prison camps, you weak little sycophant. You don’t deserve freedom: you are not courageous enough.

  25. Anonymous on

    I am not Russian
    I don’t drink alcohol
    so you are a deluded jerk to whine on & on about such crap
    Marc Emery has nothing to do with human rights
    = he never has and says hes in it for himself – a capitalist seed seller
    I am standing up for something I believe
    it just doesn’t happen to be a felony
    Nobody has taken 5 years of Marcs life, he has not been sentenced yet
    you guarantee things you cannot possibly deliver on,
    you might mean “opinion”
    you are one loopy irrational stonerwho takes forever to get to your point
    who would last ten seconds in the USSR
    before somebody took your shoes and threw you in the river

  26. Anonymous on

    I find it interesting that a plant that has been on this planet for thousands of years can scare such seemingly rational intelligent people…You are most likely Russian and in which case I could almost guarantee your a consumer of alcohol. Alcohol is far more dangerous than cannabis:imagine a substance by which the toxicity is so low that it is impossible to consume enough of it to kill you and another substance that kills over a million people worldwide a year…where is the reasoning in the prohibition??? Agreed that there are several drugs out there that cause severe harm alcohol being one of them, but sovereignty over one’s own body is everyone’s god given right. Once you let the government tell you what you can and can”t ingest…then they can tell you what foods to eat, what to watch, listen to, do with you life etc. I would think a former soviet could appreciate that. What if they went after alcohol like they do “drugs”, since in drug scheduling terms Alcohol far better fits the DEA scheduling criteria as a Class I substance over cannabis. Then imagine now they were cracking down in Russia and wanted an alcohol free Russia…how much damage would prohibition cause to your country and fellow Russians…I would be willing to stake my life on the damage being caused by the prohibition would be greater than the damage caused by allowing free adult individuals to consume alcohol legally–the same applies to cannabis, but even more so because unlike alcohol cannabis is not poisonous (hence no deaths from it). Chemically speaking, inhaling vaporized cannabis does less harm than taking a breath in any major city in the U.S. Furthermore, Marc Emery is a brilliant courageous man that has openly challenged the horrible nightmare that is cannabis prohibition in the U.S.A and Canada. He is a champion of human rights and a blessing to this world…when is the last time you stood up for something you believed in and they put you in prison for it? Rationally speaking they stole 5 years of his life for selling the seeds of a benign plant that has been legal thousands of years longer than it has been illegal. Finally, humans and animals have both sought alternative states of consciousness since the beginning of time…I can guarantee that it will never change no matter how much you disagree with what substances people or animals put into their bodies. But its funny how you blame Russia’s drug problems on drugs and stoners when you support a system that exploits the users and benefits the drug Gangs and the violent…There might also be some social-economic reasons for drug use in Russia just like ther is here in the U.S.A.—Just some thoughts

  27. Anonymous on

    Talk about dope.

    They already broke themselves financially to the point that they cannot secure their own nuclear weapons. Now they want to spend money on gulags and prison camps?

    Tougher drug laws make for smaller, more potent doses. Any questions? There’s a quiz coming up . . .

  28. Scott on

    Godless? Sounds good to me. Its all the fucking bible thumping hypocrites that enforce these laws. If you are American and are for cannabis prohibition..then you hate freedom. Its my fucking body! Not yours so fuck off! I can’t wait to see all the prohibitionist when California legalizes it!

  29. Scott on

    Godless? Sounds good to me. Its all the fucking bible thumping hypocrites that enforce these laws. If you are American and are for cannabis prohibition..then you hate freedom. Its my fucking body! Not yours so fuck off! I can’t wait to see all the prohibitionist when California legalizes it!

  30. Anonymous on

    Even the Godless Commies who represent everything anti America are themselves sick of the basic stoner come-on and their black market hoax crap…
    The choice in the next few years is a drug soaked world or a drug free world – and it is not looking like its going to be a drug supermarket world. The pot party is over, Marc Emery is in a US hamster cage and he’s not getting out for a looooooooooooooong time. When he gets out, it will not be a world of legal pot and la lka la med mj shops .. no way, it will be a world where the weed industry is on fire and the jails are full of stoners… so much for overgrowing the government

  31. Anonymous on

    Morons. Morons. Morons.