A Letter From Eddy Lepp in Prison

Dear Ed and Angela,

Thank you so much for caring, I can’t express how much it means to us. Linda works and is home after 6-7 in the evening and is looking forward to speaking with you, she was thrilled just to get your message.

I have enclosed a series of books I have been reading, I love all the books you have sent and have read them all. I loved Indian Givers [by Jack Weatherford]as well as Nowhere Man [by Robert Rosen][We have purchased the next two books and sent them to Eddy, federal prisoners can only have two books sent to them at a time]

I am trying to get sent to Atwater Camp, it’s about 1 hour from here, my daughter has cancer so hopefully they will show some compassion and move me closer, if not I will be going back to Lompoc soon. [Eddy was originally in FCI Lompoc, CA before being moved to Oklahoma and then to FCI Dublin, CA, reason unknown]

Yes, as emabarrassing as it is to ask, I could use some money on my books.

Thanks, Love and Respect,

Eddy Lepp

PS: Can anybody hear me? I often wonder! Hope to be out soon.

Eddy was incredibly generous before his incarceration: he just gave away pounds to those in need. Now he needs you:

1) Repost this letter on your blog, facebook, myspace, or tweet the link on twitter.

2)Send him a letter (until he is moved again) to show your support:

Charles Edwards Lepp 90157-011
FCI Dublin
5701 8th Street – Camp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568


3) You can put money on Eddy’s books:
Western Union- Beureau of Prisons
Eddy’s # is 90157-011



  1. Dean DaCosta on

    The federal government is way out of control and has been for quite some time. Unfortunately, far too many conservatives have duped into believing that the fed has the authority to override state and local laws.

    Our best defense against the fed is to keep fighting, keep the socialists in check and study constitutional law. Hyper-vigilance is our duty if we want to retain our freedoms.

    There is a strong push to de-criminalize marijuana. However, as long as we allow the fed to run rough shod over our states laws and our personal rights the fight will need to continue.

  2. foam on

    Can’t admire this guy enough with the balls to have 37,000 plants and being generous soul too. Truly a giant in the world of cannabis..Get out soon Eddie!!

  3. josht45 on

    As much as I respect Marc, and am sorry he is in jail, I feel this site has become the MNN – Marc News Network, 24, all the time. Eddy is looking at a longer sentence, he gave away more medicine than Marc did, and he gets less than 1/100th the coverage that Marc does. I appreciate having tools to let Eddy know he is remembered and a concrete way to help him. I am rapidly losing interest in the nearly daily updates as to how difficult it is for Marc, how hard this is on Jodie. I’m sorry that Marc is in jail, and sorry that it is hard on Jodie. But as I have written in the comments section here in the past, I feel if Marc wants to compare himself to MLK/Ghandi, he could stand to be a little more stoic as they were. If you say you want to be a martyr for the cause, good for you, write a book and have at it, more power to you. But repeatedly asking for donations so your wife can fly to see you, asking for your “followers” to call and request your fave songs on the local radio station so you can hear them, well, that’s not very “leader” like. I have a hard time imagining MLK complaining to the degree that Marc does about every aspect of his incarceration. Prison is very, very hard. Again, it is a travesty that Marc is in jail, but he’s one of hundreds of thousands in jail for MJ “crimes”, and he’ll be out sooner than later. Eddy will not. Remember Eddy, who let his good work speak louder than anything.

  4. ray christl THC Ministry Asia on

    If Mr.Obama would pardon Mr.Lepp,FREE MARC and all drug war victims,then he could be a HERO too!!!.I’ll get some letters mailed from here in Phnom Penh,and mention Eddy’s plight is my Q&A this Sunday at Meta House Arts Center 6:30pm “Principle of Pot” screening. Flyers and media in Khmer language will counter the USA govt. propaganda that cannabis can no longer be considered medicine in Cambodia.Since antithetical thought is the crime in this ancient society its helpful to have a legion of young college scholars to ponder western ideas that oppose conventional wisdom.Sorry,we don’t blow smoke.or encourage youth usage.We suggest that traditional Khmer style of eaten in food ,or trans-dermal massage are the primary application modus.These gentle sweet people do get afraid of pot smoke,yet some long term residents have always smoked freely throughout this timeless culture.Mr.Lepp is another HERO machine of love,and let’s not forget his family sacrifice for global remedy.ONELOVE…DESTINY Mr.Rosenthal please tell Eddy that we love him.