G420 Summit at Yonge-Dundas Temporarily Stopped by Police

Pro-marijuana activists held their counter summit at the Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto called the G420 Summit but as soon as it begun it was temporarily stopped by police officers.

On Saturday, prior to the chaos that engulfed the downtown core of Toronto, activists that support the legalization of marijuana protested at the Yonge-Dundas Square, which they dubbed as the G420 Summit.

Under heavy rain, demonstrators carried signs supporting the use of marijuana and many danced to the music that was played from a truck that had a flag promoting the site: whyprohibition.ca

However, a few moments after the counter summit began, police officers started to give the organizers a hard time by telling them they cannot do this and that they must leave the premise right away.

One organizer started explaining to the one officer that he has sought the permission from the G20 Summit officials and city officials, which they approved, according to the organizer with a medical license.

After discussions and explanations, the protesters stayed and marched their way to Queen’s Park to join an even bigger rally.

– Article from Examiner.com.



  1. Anonymous on

    do you really belive half the shit you say or are you getting paid to try and make us look like were violant. i bet your stphen harper miself. go fuck yourself harper

  2. Sparkky on

    Anybody who thinks that cops assaulting peaceful protesters rather than talking to the protesters deserves to be beaten up themselVes! Since the beginning of protesting all the protesters want is to have a discussion! And to have their views validated! Not everyone can speak as eloquently as Marc emery or Stephen Harper! That takes years of practice talking to large groups! I know I always freeze when forced to converse with someone that I don’t know, or that I want to impress. I have though found the words through many conversations to actually change the minds on cannabis of two ofthe most vehemently anti pot people I have ever come across! My father AND even more anti pot, my girlfriend. I for one can now smoke freely, anytime and any place I want (except in front of her parents, but that’s more a respect thing) but it’s a giant step for me to not have to hide from them anymore! I know we can get cannabis fully accepted by everyone! Except maybe the hard core drug prohibitionists! (ie people making money of the discrimination prosecution incarceration of cannabis enjoyers)

    thank you for listening!

    Sparkky McPuff

  3. Adam on

    Well, regulars here recognize the psycho who sits at his computer all day collecting paychecks for yelling at stoners for who he is, the same goddamn person every fucking day.

    But we’re better off with him, every single time he comes off like a psycho. I’ve baited him into an argument that he tried to win by saying women who get beaten by alcoholics should “grow a pair” and deal with it.

    He makes us unrecognizable as anything but the fine upstanding persons we are.

  4. media asia educate on

    beaten/arrested.Obama acquiescence with that smile on Harper’s face, while fascism is announced/allowed to flourish.We have a much bigger battle ,yet legal cannabis will make a huge difference.Marc Emery PM “Green Party is the Golden Rule Party”.Ibogaine therapy for all Black Paramilitary.ONELOVE CHURCH pastor Rasta thc global anti-cancer brigade.

  5. Anonymous on

    I wonder if we can block Troll IPs, just a thought. I’m sure they are coming from 1 MAYBE 2 places.

    Creating the illusions of an argument.

  6. Dale allo on

    Well, after watching that guy sing i’ve decided to quit smoking marijuana and take up heavy drinking.

  7. jeremiah on

    Wow you are a quick Troll!

    But you are mistaken.

    Jacob is arguing with the police officer about smoking marijuana. The officer tells Jacob that only he is allowed to protest by smoking marijuana (because he is a medical patient). Jacob argues and tells him he already has approval from another officer, who just happens to be standing right there. They were given the green light and thousands of joints were thrown to the crowd for a huge session.

  8. Anonymous on

    The cop was telling stoner Jacob :

    1_ that he was not allowed to park in the central core of downtown Toronto..
    2_ on a Saturday-
    3- in rush hour-
    4_ while a riot was in progress a few blocks away..

    you would be better off deleting this video than keeping it up for all the world to see what an irrational chubby stoner wakie bakie Jakie actually is