Candi Arrested By Rangers For Odessa KopBuster Sting

Candi was arrested (and released) by the Texas Rangers for a misdemeanor, False Report To Peace Officer, stemming from the KopBuster sting in Odessa, Texas that successfully freed Yolanda Madden from prison. We performed the sting one year and seven months ago.

Early yesterday afternoon, A lady knocked on our door and claimed she accidentally backed into our truck in the parking lot. When Candi and my daughter walked to the parking lot, the Texas Rangers arrested her. My daughter ran inside, locked the door and awoke me with the news. The Rangers advised I also had a warrant for the same thing but I refused to go outside because during their investigation earlier this year, the Texas Rangers threatened to “kick my ass.” Unbeknown-st to the Rangers, I was recording the threat and just posted it on Youtube.

This is all very sad and upsetting because it magnifies the truth that our American police forces are corrupt and if exposed, they will retaliate with violence. However, we are not quiting and we will continue busting kops! Our fuel is courage, patriotism and compassion for our American brothers and sisters. has the full report here.

We have a new system on our website that allows you to purchase my videos for instant download. Purchasing our products from our online store or purchasing the download will help us fight this horrible injustice.

Candi will be grateful if you email us with your support. I’ll show her your email when we get her out of jail.

I’ll keep you posted.



  1. Anonymous on

    what someone does to their kids is noones business! if it wasnt for the parents the kids wouldnt even exist they have every right to do whatever they want with their property. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!

  2. Anonymous on

    Could you please be so kind and take your big nose out of other fathers bussiness.


  3. Iraq War Veteran on

    As an Oklahoma veteran who has risked his life for whatever this country is fighting for -Barry is a patriot and as we military men and women have long known: it was the cops who set Saddam and Hitler up into power by doing their bidding willingly. Remember when killing British Red Coats was considered the morally right thing to do as Americans seeking freedom and justice against the corrupt laws (tea taxes just one of many) without any real representation from the people (populist) as celebrated this July. What happened to our will to fight the bad guys, such as the cop earning just a paycheck to enforce outrageous and false laws when they have the power to ban together and just say no to whatever politicians or regime is telling them to do bad, being that they have the badges and guns to turn the American tables for the better without any real fear of loosing their job (law and right isn’t always on the same logical and moral table). Drug laws make cops look like bullies and the people are either too scared or unaware of the moral consequences of something so simple as drug related arrests harming the fabric of our freedoms (what –we going to use the precedents of the drug laws to dictate what religion or belief is prohibited and which isn’t?) Barry is doing the legal thing and he is fighting for his children to live free and free from fear (how many Jews would love to have that peace of mind back in the 1930’s-40’s). As someone who is not willing to go to war for opinion or die for it –what I say must be fact and is well defended by science, history and logic.

  4. Dale allo on

    when you have children you cant go around doing things like this you have responsibilites now and a father in jail is not a very good father. they already took the kid away that should be a wake up call to realize you have to grow up and set your priorities straight. This guy was a drug cop for years and now he wants the mercy of the cannabis community? hes done the same shit to hundreds of innocent people.

  5. Anonymous on

    They’ll eventually eliminate him, of course. You can only get away with exposing corrupt cops if you’re Steven Segal or Buford Pusser.

  6. Anonymous on

    Barry was looking for respect from someone he kept calling names? A police officers job is not to sit and take that over the phone. He should have just hung up and Booper should learn to treat people with respect if he wants to accomplish anything.

  7. Anonymous on

    Talking to an officer this way he should have been hung up on. Police officers are only human if enough people treat them this way they will become very power hungry and abusive you can count on that.

  8. Dale allo on

    american cops are known to be like this. if people really are as corrupt as people think they are then he should be scared shitless to piss them off like this. look what they’ve done to him already now he’s calling them son and different names hes asking for trouble and he’s going to find it. there are far better ways to go about things than this.

  9. Anonymous on

    The point is that a police officer is supposed to be professional enough that he doesn’t react to such provocations. He’s supposed to simply answer the questions asked him, not say he’s going to whoop your ass because he thinks you’re rude. Barry has skillfully exposed an FBI agent who is likely to snap and kill a member of the public over a perceived slight. Gotta weed out people like that who aren’t in control of their emotions.

  10. Anonymous on

    You who posted above me, are an idiot. People should be able to communicate in whatever way best suits them as long as they do not simply harass the officer. This is a CLEAR case of Barry trying to get the officer to explain something quite simple, and his angry speech is only an indicator of his frustration. You need to open your eyes and look beyond things you might find ‘disrespectful’ and move on to the REAL ISSUE that is behind all of this. You are ignorant to dismiss a serious point simply because you don’t like the way Barry spoke to a crooked, manipulating cop.

  11. Dale allo on

    I’m not sure who you’re trying to impress with this but the world sees you talking to the police this way and the only thing they come away with is thinking wow this guy deservers whatever bad shit thats coming to him.

  12. Anonymous on

    That boy’s gonna whoop your ass, is he? Is that before or after he finishes the chocolate sprinkled donut? I can tell from his voice that he’s a fatass.

  13. Okie Nate on

    Oklahoma Kops are just as bad or worse. They lie, cheat, intimidate, steal, violate civil rights, waste taxpayers monies, violently assault people,and murder at the drop of a hat. And the Kop would have beat the living crap out of you if he could. This case is so fucked up…we support Barry and Candi 100%.

  14. Indiana Jones on

    Things have a way of coming out in the grand jury… We know you can win this and were all cheering for you.

  15. Uncle Bob on

    I’m Canadian so I don’t know very much about the Texas Rangers except what I’ve heard on those old radio shows from the 50’s and 60’s. The Rangers used to be the go-to guys for law and order when local sheriffs went bad. Who do you turn to now…when the Rangers are just as rotten?