2 Marijuana Dispensary Workers Killed Hours Apart; LAPD Probes Possible Links

Los Angeles Police Department detectives Friday morning were trying to determine whether there was any connection between two robberies hours apart Thursday at two medical marijuana dispensaries that left two employees dead.

The first robbery occurred at 4:15 p.m. on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park. The second at 9:15 p.m. a few miles away on El Centro Avenue in Hollywood. The killings come as Los Angeles authorities are in the process of cracking down on pot businesses, resulting in the closure of dozens of the outlets.

LAPD sources told The Times that detectives were looking at all possibilities, but stressed they were not sure if the two crimes were linked. The victims at both locations were shot, they said, but a knife might have also been used in one of them.

At the marijuana dispensary in Echo Park, one worker was killed and another was wounded. Officials said the store was ransacked.


[Updated at 6:56 a.m.: The worker killed in the Echo Park shooting was identified Friday by the L.A. County coroner’s office as Matthew Benjamin Butcher, 27, of Los Angeles.]

An unknown number of suspects stormed into the Higher Patch Holistic Care store at 1302 Sunset Blvd. In Hollywood, the employee was discovered dead in that store when someone entered the establishment. The shootings are sure to increase debate about medical marijuana businesses around L.A.

Critics say there are far too many and claim the businesses generate crime.

– Article from The Los Angeles Times.



  1. Anonymous on

    I agree with a number of people who opined, because we were all waiting to see what the feds were going to do about the medical cannabis dispensaries, and now we have the answers, the CIA ships in the heroin, cocaine and all other drugs then the police and prison guards make the gangs sell it at street level, it is a real success for the corrupt politicians and oppressors.
    There is no doubt in my mind this was done as reprisal or punishment.
    the killer will do less time in jail than if you got caught with medical cannabis plants at home. by putting half the population in prison, the government is guaranteed slave labor and slaves who must worship the government to survive. prison planet dot com

  2. Anonymous on

    what really needs to happen is for people to stand up and rally against the DEA and corrupt officers and gangs. If you own a weapon then its time to use it. Sorry but vigilance is due in times of distress against all enemies foreign or domestic. They tell us America was set up for us to be free, not controlled by ruling elites and to be cast behind tv screens in fear. You know you want to make a difference, you bought that weapon on the black market but now its time to accept its responsibility and level the playing field. There are little to no hero’s anymore willing to take a stand. Yet we see countless movies based off the one man on a mission concept. If you dont think its that bad, you’re obviously blind.

  3. Anonymous on

    It wouldn’t surprise me to find out the government did this. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this happen again.

  4. Anonymous on

    You can’t tell me that the DEA and/or US Federal Government isn’t involved in this shooting. The marijuana movement in California is far too strong for the antis to fight using old fear tactics any longer because anyone with half a brain can see right through those old lies, so they invent new ones … such as assassinating innocent people with a fake robbery. You won’t change my mind on the subject. Create fear among the uneducated, and they (the DEA and anti-marijuana objective) gain a foothold again. And what a better way of doing this than creating the illusion that marijuana dispenceries are a target for criminals.
    PS My prayers are with the family of the victims.

  5. 1,000,000 People to shorten/release Marc Emery from prison on

    this is obviously gang related because the gangs still know how much the medicine is worth…is this not enough evidence to show that something needs to be done about this IMMEDIATELY. The prohibition is to blame for the innocent people lives being taken. So sad, my condolences to the families….FREE MARC EMERY AND LEGALIZE IT ALREADY!

  6. Dale allo on

    The herb just isnt worth the price they charge. You can produce top quality marijauna for the same price it costs to grow many grocery store vegetables. These dispensories should take this as a great warning to beef up security. bullet proof glass and a small window to slide money and paperwork and products through is not a bad idea at all. i really hope dope becomes legal. all drugs should be legal.i hope they catch these idiots.

  7. MOTFA on

    Looks like the MJ dispensaries have to be a bit more serious when it comes to their businesses. If i were them, i would have a top notch video surveillance system and be behind bullet proof glass, and only pass product through a drive through window type setup.

    Heck, the freaking gas station i go to does this after dark! No way you are robbing that joint let me tell ya.

  8. Anonymous on

    We should not be too quick to say these incidents were totally caused by the presence of dispensaries, and that dispensaries are to blame for an increase in crime (that explanation is far to shallow). If someone is this desperate to rob and kill in the process, they were going to commit these crimes regardless of whether there were any dispensaries in the area! It just happens on this day they were focused on dispensaries for whatever reason. I am alarmed by these incidents and hope all dispensary owners and employees review their security procedures and processes to ensure they are doing everything they can to protect themselves. Additionally, patients should be more considerate and patient if they experience increased protocols or delays when attempting to enter a dispensary.

  9. undrgrndgirl on

    you know it…the propaganda machine will be working overtime…

  10. undrgrndgirl on

    what with the tax and regulate measure coming up on the november ballot, the drug warriors will do everything in their power (legal or not) to keep their piece of the drug war pie…i also agree with “anonymous” above you – it is largely BECAUSE cannabis is illegal that these crimes happened…

  11. Anonymous on

    Good thing there has never been any violent liquor store robberies in LA.

  12. foam on

    The 400 Billion dollar industry of prohibition will go down kicking and screaming and killing..

    Maybe we should close down all banks since they attract crime?

  13. old vet on

    the robber /murders were involved in lawenforcement .they want medical marijuans shut down by proving a link between crime and medical marijuana even if they got to do the crime themselves .any way its thiere mo rob and kill marijuana users i would look at those crimnals first

  14. Anonymous on

    It looks like the LA clubs got robbed because they advertised that they were staying open even after the LA cops were ready to start shutting the places down. Somebody wanted to steal weed before they were shut down because the cops would have taken the weed soon enough. TOO BAD THE HERB BEING ILLEGAL IS WHAT BRINGS ON CRIME, NOT THESE BUSINESSES FOR MED PATIENTS. YOUR FAULT GOVERNMENT!

  15. Anonymous on

    Cannabis dispensaries are easy marks for robbery teams. Anybody in California can get an exemption card, then a bunch of them can go in at the same time and then take the place over. What resistance do they meet? None. Then they just kill the employees and take the video tape, if there even is one, and they’re home free. Just pray you aren’t one of the regular customers who happen to be in there at the time.