Conservative MP Dona Cadman Welcomes ‘Free Marc’ Protestors

Rob, a 'Free Marc' campaigner, shakes hands with Conservative MP Dona Cadman's assistant Wendy.Rob, a ‘Free Marc’ campaigner, shakes hands with Conservative MP Dona Cadman’s assistant Wendy.CANNABIS CULTURE – ‘Free Marc’ activists were welcomed by staff of Conservative MP Dona Cadman’s office for the second time in as many weeks. Cadman met with protestors last week to discuss the extradition to the US of cannabis activist Marc Emery and was surprisingly supportive.

Activists, including this reporter, visited to the office to follow up on last weeks meeting with the Conservative MP. Cadman was not in the office, but staff welcomed us and told us to make ourselves comfortable. Wendy, an assistant to Cadman, offered us cold pitchers of water and talked to us at length about politics and marijuana prohibition.

‘Free Marc’ campaigner William Austin met Cadman privately last week for a one-and-a-half hour conversation and discussed the details and consequences of Emery’s extradition.

“She gave the indication that Canadian citizens should not be serving time in the United States,” Austin said. “I think regardless of views on drug policy, that should be everyones view. […] Dona Cadman seemed to have her head on a lot straighter than a lot of Conservatives. She never said the words ‘gateway drug’ once”.

The welcoming atmosphere provided by the MP and staff is a departure from the majority of Conservative Office Occupations, some of which have ended with arrests and police brutality.

The vibe was so friendly that Wendy came out from around the counter to hug each of us as we left the office.

Plans are in the works to meet with Cadman again in the near future to seek further comment and support.



  1. Bob Burrill on

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  2. Anonymous on

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  4. Beatnuck on

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  5. Anonymous on

    Foolish woman! She’ll be facing trumped-up phony charges next!

    Doesn’t she know that the Americans are on an anti-Canadian campaign which involves kidnapping Canadian politicians and putting them in American jails? This is worse than the Muslim cartoons. The slightest criticism of America by Canadians (like Tommy Chong, Conrad Black, Marc Emery etc.) brings very harsh measures, indeed.

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  12. Anonymous on

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  14. Anonymous on

    oh well, at least there weren’t any
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  15. Anonymous on

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  16. Anonymous on

    Donna’s future in the Conservative Party is not looking bright. She must not have got the memo from Harper about locking the doors and calling the Gestapo. Harper will have her hung with piano wire for this.

  17. "Uncle Bob" Burrill on

    This is encouraging. This is the way MPs’ are supposed to greet and listen to the concerns of their constituents! Promote the heck out of this story and shame the rest of the cowardly Conservative MPs who try to bully and shove peaceful protesters and taxpayers out…using the kops as their gatekeepers.