Cuomo: I Smoked Pot, But No Cocaine

After having a governor and a president admit that they’ve done cocaine, Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo’s acknowledgment Monday that he “experimented” with marijuana when he “was a youth” seems just plain tame.

While discussing his new crack down on child pornography, Cuomo mentioned that his office used “hash values” to help create a database of illicit images.

Seizing on the word “hash”, NY1’s Josh Robin asked Cuomo if he had ever smoked hashish.

A laughing Cuomo responded that while he smoked pot when he was younger, “in no way do I suggest that any young people should do any experimentation whatsoever.”

When asked if that was the only illicit drug he’s tried, Cuomo responded, “Yes sir.”

– Article from The Huffington Post.



  1. Beatnuck on

    Notice that you never hear of politicians admitting to alcohol abuse or reporters asking pointed questions about their alcohol use. The reason: that would be an admission that the person has suffered alcohol-induced brain damage, not something most politicians – unless you’re Michael Ignatieff – would ever admit to!

  2. Tony Aroma on

    So Mr. Cuomo admits to committing a federal offense and avoiding arrest. In other words, he committed the perfect crime. I don’t know what the statute of limitation is, but it seems at the very least that his public confession should result in some sort of investigation. After all, a serious crime was committed. And regardless of his not being arrested or convicted, I think confessing to such a serious federal crime should exclude him from consideration for public office.

    We need to make up our minds. Is simple possession a serious crime, worthy of federal prosecution? Currently, it is. So we shouldn’t be taking it so lightly when our leaders confess to committing this crime. Either abolish the CSA, or stop publicly admitting to violating it. I don’t want my country to be run by criminals.