Why Californians Should Vote In Favor of Tax & Regulate

In Northern California there is a debate raging among commercial marijuana growers over whether they should vote in favor of the Tax & Regulate proposition that is on the November 2nd ballot in California. Some growers fear that legalization will bring in major corporations that will dominate the industry, reducing Humboldt into an Appalachian-type county once again They say, why should we vote for this? It might be putting us out of business.

Many Humboldt outdoor growers are already having a problem because most medicinal users expect the higher quality usually found in indoor marijuana growing. Only when the outdoor growers change to light deprivation techniques that shorten the season so that the plants flower in the high UVB light of the summer will they produce the higher quality pot that will keep them in business. Up to now, instead of trying to improve quality, they increase the quantity they produce. While they may think this solves their problem, the increased glut on the market results in even lower prices, so it is self-defeating. Growers who use light deprivation techniques will never have to worry about legalization.

There is a more important reason for legalization: it is to stop the violence. If marijuana is legal, marijuana gardens are legal, marijuana transactions are legal, and of course, possession and transportation are legal, what that means is that instead of the police busting you, they will protect you, your garden, or your store just as they would a jewelry store, or a diamond-cutting factory, or any other business and their employees.

It will also stop the type of police violence that took place in February in Columbia, Missouri when a SWAT team raided a home, manhandled a man, and shot the family dog in front of a 7-year-old child, all over a small amount of marijuana. The video of the bust is below, I would advise you with caution because it is very graphic.

The Video

I along with many other people filed a complaint with the Columbia, MO Police department. We then received letters from the Chief of Police Ken Burton saying that after an investigation he determined the officers were not out of line and he is exonerating them. So far, I am the only one to file a formal appeal of the exoneration of these psychotic police officers. These cops need either criminal justice or mental counseling! The reason I say this is if they are sane then they are criminally responsible. If they are not sane, they need treatment.

Insanity is defined by the courts as not knowing right from wrong in the instance the crime is committed. If these cops didn’t know right from wrong, they were insane and therefore should not be permitted to carry a gun. If they did know right from wrong they should be charged criminally.

[A typical, vicious Corgi is depicted here. As you can see, this dog could do a lot of damage to a police swat team wearing heavy boots]

Think of the psychological damage done to the child in the video. Think of the stress and devastation done to that family because of the police sadists who enjoy doing this. Did they make Columbia safer? Do you feel safer seeing this? If you don’t and you live in California, you must vote in favor of Tax & Regulate. This is what this is all about, stopping the police state.

I have been working for legalization for 35 years and this is the first chance that I will have to vote on it. I have waited all this time for the legislature or the federal government to change the laws, but they never did. The most we got was decriminalization. We can’t depend on the legislature. They have had their chance. Sorry about Obama, but you can’t count on him either. It was only Dennis Peron and the many people he inspired to work on Proposition 215 that made medical marijuana legal in California. Now we have to make all use legal.

Whether you like it or not, whether it is the best initiative or not, whether or not it meets your particular standard really doesn’t matter. Tax and regulate is about legalization. We cannot let this lose. We owe legalization to the world because after California legalizes many other states will follow. You know as a Californian that whatever happens here in California travels to the rest of the world. We have had good and bad things to offer. Reagan: that’s a bad thing. Legalizing medical marijuana: that’s a great thing. Now we have a chance to do another great thing. LEGALIZE IT. How can anybody think that they might vote no? Are these the American colonists who sided with the British? Can you imagine saying to a friend, “you know, I had a chance to vote for legal marijuana, but I voted no.” Would you vote yourself into slavery? That isn’t a light analogy, because we live in a police state, and one of the ways the police enforce their power is this noxious law, the law against marijuana. Every marijuana user owes it to themselves and their friends and to their fellow marijuana users to vote and convince everyone else around them to vote.

To appeal the Columbia, MO police department’s decision to exonerate the officers involved, appeals must be filed in writing and sent to:

Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB)
PO Box 6015
Columbia, MO 65205.

Send them now, because they can only take appeals that are filed by June 22nd (next Tuesday)

Read Marc Emery’s “Why You Should Vote YES on the California “Control & Tax Cannabis” Initiative” on Cannabis Culture



  1. Bruce T. on

    For all the effort you have put in to helping all of us to grow the best pot we can!

    Your growers guide, that I have on my desk right now, titled, “Indoor/Outdoor Highest Quality Marijuana Grower’s Guide” by Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal was the second one I ever bought right after Dr. Sumac’s, “Grow Your Own Stone”.

    I have some other of your books in my library, plus some authored by your competitors.

    Not to mention boxes of Cannabis Culture magazines and boxes more of other cannabis related mags.

    My point being that you should take heart that there are many more of your fans out here that you might think.

    Your books just taught us so well that we may be too ripped to remember who really gets credit for all the great bud we’re smoking.

    From all of us . . .

    THANK YOU! And all the pioneers like you that are still busting your asses to end this madness!


  2. moldy on

    You’re just another grower dealer that has money to lose while the cops still get to kick in doors and shoot whatever they fucking want. You’re a blind selfish bastard. You’ve never been through a bust and jail time so go ahead and vote no. Enjoy your freedom while you can.

  3. Anonymous on

    Jib head needs help

  4. Anonymous on

    I THINK WE SHOULD ALL CHANGE OUR MINDS AND KEEP MARIJUANA ILLEGAL…. IT IS SOMETHING THE GOVERNMENT WILL TRY TO OWN… THERE WILl BE MORE PROBLEMS, WELL, at least there might still be some problems, FOR IDIOTS. The rest of the folks really don’t want anybody in control of this plant. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT, screw this whole process, waste of time for the next 10 yrs EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous on

    The point wasn’t about consent, it is about starting off small and working towards full legalization. IE, in the 50’s Playboy was as bad as you could get, and over time you could see more and more, with pot it starts with magazines and bongs, then you move onto legalizing medical marijauna, then onto tax and regulate, and then onto full legalization. That was the point I was making.in

  6. Anonymous on

    That remind me of Avatar, hehe. Earth isn’t really alive, but has living organism on it which, along with inorganic things like mountains & oceans, make up the ecosystem… the ecosystem has a sort of balance which is being destroyed by global warming (98% of scientists agree), & that balance does sort of resemble the homeostasis of an actual organism.

  7. Anonymous on

    Speed addicts & religious people should keep to themselves.

  8. Anonymous on

    That donkey-sex scenario is different from cannabis legalisation because of consent.

    Donkeys can not consent to sex with a person anymore than children (of comparable consciousness to donkeys) can consent to sex with an adult: they can not give consent because they have such different levels of consciousness.

    Using pot, ‘on the other hand’, deals with the self & consent doesn’t come into it; so long as the user is informed of the effects & potential risks (virtually non-existent), the user doesn’t take anyone’s rights away, unlike what happens with non-human animals who are raped.

  9. Anonymous on

    Here in the US, we have these things called public services… they get paid for with taxes… things that save lives, like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, public housing… we have fire fighters, roads, libraries, we have public post offices & schools. Our taxes fund those services which make a country great.

    Oligarchs get tax-cuts… sure, in these apparently immoral cases of W. Bush’s Bank Bailout & Obama’s Wall St Bailout, oligarchs got funds, but those were historically-odd events. The tax system isn’t progressive enough, it should more closely resemble the system in democratic socialist countries like Finland & Sweden, but taxes are so completely necessary for a civilised & industrialised life.

    Sell ‘laced-garbage’? Riiiight… so, ‘if pot were made legal, we could only buy in in chemical-preservative soaked cigarettes’… not quite. As Rosenthal has correctly mentioned, it would be like the tomato industry: you grow your own or go the store. We don’t have to buy preserved-tomatoes… chemical laced cigarettes are sold instead of plain, bulk tobacco because the de-facto-suicidal smokers want that product more. The thing is ‘supply & demand’.

  10. Anonymous on

    No way would the UN freeze US drug exports to protest cannabis legalisation in CA. To answer your question, Pharma is worth multiple billions per year… the UN is too responsible to take-down the global economy by shutting off that huge chunk of the biggest economy on earth.

    Californians can certainly get between US Pharma & its profits by voting to legalise cannabis… they immorally outlawed gay marriage when churches ordered followers to go out to the polls, and they can get on the good side of ethics too and make pot legal. ‘What chance does a quote lowly unquote state have of cannabis legalisation?’… at the moment, the liklihood is going up the more people are educated about pot.

    What ‘stands in the way’ of drug legalisation is a lack of education; there is an effort to misinform (because of ignorance), an effort to stand back from the truth & say, “it’s too politically risky to mention” & then an effort which says, “sure cannabis is safe but my religion (probably Christianity in the US) says pot is bad”… education solves all of these problems.

  11. Anonymous on

    Sorry to troll, BUT, -I remember DJ Short listing the best places on earth for cannabis breeding. One was between northern CA & southern OR (around Humbolt), indeed, but there was no Appalachian region on list… I think perhaps it lacks the plateau DJ Short was after; it’s a swampy mountain range which ‘dips’ into the most Conservative regions of the US ‘Empire’ with temps over 100F… sure, it suits Willie Nelson & the Allman Brothers, but it doesn’t seem as ideal as these 10 or so places on that list. Plus, you might come across Mark Sanford ‘hiking’, haha, that man is a criminal. Anyway, the comparison had more to do with legality than topography & climate.

    So… we ‘shouldn’t be bothered about legalisation because pot can be grown in the shade but we should be concerned with charging high prices for pot’. Wow, Rosenthal is not my kind of ‘guru’ at all! I appreciate the botanical skills but, wow, recommending ways to increase black-market prices as if they aren’t already criminally high, -now that’s what I call ‘shady’, no disrespect!

  12. Anonymous on

    Californians can vote to be in noncompliance with the three international drug conventions if they want, but obviously the federal government isn’t going to allow it to actually happen. If the US violates those conventions, the UN can freeze all exports of drugs from the US. That would cost millions or billions of dollars to the big pharma companies. Do you really think a few Californians will be allowed to stand between big pharma and their profits? Look how much fuss and threats the feds made when Canada was simply considering decrim several years ago. What chance does a lowly state have of full legalization? Zero.

  13. Mr. Friedman on

    Yes legalize and tax it! What a fucking joke! As if the taxation system is not corrupt enough already, let’s tax another product and transfer more wealth to the oligarchs! What an ideal solution; big corporations will monopolize the industry and sell laced garbage, while the mom and pop growers have their livelihoods taken away. This is not the solution!!!

  14. Anonymous on


  15. Anonymous on

    Well if the vote is no, then you can expect all prohibitionist to say “I told you so.” They’ll say if Left Coast California doesn’t want to legalize it then why should anyone else. It will be there argument to not legalize anywhere else, and it will put the movement back. Now if the vote is yes, then you can say the people have spoken, and if America is truly a “Democratic” society they have to obey the people.

    Ill use porn as an example. Back in the 50’s we did not have midgets fucking donkeys on the internet. It all started with playboy. Then Hustler pushed the boundaries a bit more, then there was video. Now we have internet, and if you want to see a midget fucking a donkey, you can.

    The marijauna movement started first with being able to sell magazines like High Times, and Cannabis Culture, etc. Then it moved on to bongs, pipes, etc. Then it moved on to medical marijauna, the next step is to legalize. We wont get a complete legalization, but this is a first step, not only for california, but for the world. If california votes no, expect the marijauna movement to be pushed back, and all those shit-eating grinning, right wing no fun prohibitionist a-holes will all say, “I told you so” Mark my words

  16. one12alpha on

    Some days I cant help but think that same thing… If we lose, we all lose.

  17. Lygeia on

    It’s really simple. If we don’t vote for legalization of marijuana, the planet dies.

  18. ray christl maui med-cannabis on

    vote NO because “Filthy Lucre” will diminish profits,or 100% liberty not acheived?The turn a key personnel(union)cops(union)maintain SWAT HELL,and hemp miracle to save humanity is thwarted again!?.BUSH_DEA can continue anti-hemp posture?If our sacrament is illegal vs. only “sick” people can use only medical pot?How do we grow to manufacture HERO rick simpson cure-all???The NO voters are the mentally “SICK” and need med-pot after Pator Ray’s LOVE THERAPY PHNOM PENH.Ibogaine treatment (forced?)all police/politico starting with Kory little t weet. ,and sweet Nancy Show (Reagan democrats)–White House.When we elect an African/global Preez can we change the color to a rainbow of truth,instead of war and War metaphor groupthink.To be fair WarBAMAblob and his pro nuke, and drill baby drill neo-rhetoric is met with name calling from his right side? Socialist,commie ,muslim Leninist etc.. If reagan/nixon were DEMS they would be commie also??So, this dangerous self interest division continues.The duality of the dialectic process that allows voting is eating itself.This was predicted by Dr. Jacob Talmon a Hebrew University professor.His book “Totalitarian Democracy” 1952,talks about the eventual abuse of self interest intrinsic in VOTING partisanship.Ironic is his next book “Political Messianism” that predicts MARC EMERY cult of personality to counterculture the CULT of REAGAN or the CABAL of BUSH polyarcy.This political theory of “polyarcy” modern control by Dr.Robert Dahl emeritus Yale University. ONELOVE….destiny