Why Californians Should Vote In Favor of Tax & Regulate

In Northern California there is a debate raging among commercial marijuana growers over whether they should vote in favor of the Tax & Regulate proposition that is on the November 2nd ballot in California. Some growers fear that legalization will bring in major corporations that will dominate the industry, reducing Humboldt into an Appalachian-type county once again They say, why should we vote for this? It might be putting us out of business.

Many Humboldt outdoor growers are already having a problem because most medicinal users expect the higher quality usually found in indoor marijuana growing. Only when the outdoor growers change to light deprivation techniques that shorten the season so that the plants flower in the high UVB light of the summer will they produce the higher quality pot that will keep them in business. Up to now, instead of trying to improve quality, they increase the quantity they produce. While they may think this solves their problem, the increased glut on the market results in even lower prices, so it is self-defeating. Growers who use light deprivation techniques will never have to worry about legalization.

There is a more important reason for legalization: it is to stop the violence. If marijuana is legal, marijuana gardens are legal, marijuana transactions are legal, and of course, possession and transportation are legal, what that means is that instead of the police busting you, they will protect you, your garden, or your store just as they would a jewelry store, or a diamond-cutting factory, or any other business and their employees.

It will also stop the type of police violence that took place in February in Columbia, Missouri when a SWAT team raided a home, manhandled a man, and shot the family dog in front of a 7-year-old child, all over a small amount of marijuana. The video of the bust is below, I would advise you with caution because it is very graphic.

The Video

I along with many other people filed a complaint with the Columbia, MO Police department. We then received letters from the Chief of Police Ken Burton saying that after an investigation he determined the officers were not out of line and he is exonerating them. So far, I am the only one to file a formal appeal of the exoneration of these psychotic police officers. These cops need either criminal justice or mental counseling! The reason I say this is if they are sane then they are criminally responsible. If they are not sane, they need treatment.

Insanity is defined by the courts as not knowing right from wrong in the instance the crime is committed. If these cops didn’t know right from wrong, they were insane and therefore should not be permitted to carry a gun. If they did know right from wrong they should be charged criminally.

[A typical, vicious Corgi is depicted here. As you can see, this dog could do a lot of damage to a police swat team wearing heavy boots]

Think of the psychological damage done to the child in the video. Think of the stress and devastation done to that family because of the police sadists who enjoy doing this. Did they make Columbia safer? Do you feel safer seeing this? If you don’t and you live in California, you must vote in favor of Tax & Regulate. This is what this is all about, stopping the police state.

I have been working for legalization for 35 years and this is the first chance that I will have to vote on it. I have waited all this time for the legislature or the federal government to change the laws, but they never did. The most we got was decriminalization. We can’t depend on the legislature. They have had their chance. Sorry about Obama, but you can’t count on him either. It was only Dennis Peron and the many people he inspired to work on Proposition 215 that made medical marijuana legal in California. Now we have to make all use legal.

Whether you like it or not, whether it is the best initiative or not, whether or not it meets your particular standard really doesn’t matter. Tax and regulate is about legalization. We cannot let this lose. We owe legalization to the world because after California legalizes many other states will follow. You know as a Californian that whatever happens here in California travels to the rest of the world. We have had good and bad things to offer. Reagan: that’s a bad thing. Legalizing medical marijuana: that’s a great thing. Now we have a chance to do another great thing. LEGALIZE IT. How can anybody think that they might vote no? Are these the American colonists who sided with the British? Can you imagine saying to a friend, “you know, I had a chance to vote for legal marijuana, but I voted no.” Would you vote yourself into slavery? That isn’t a light analogy, because we live in a police state, and one of the ways the police enforce their power is this noxious law, the law against marijuana. Every marijuana user owes it to themselves and their friends and to their fellow marijuana users to vote and convince everyone else around them to vote.

To appeal the Columbia, MO police department’s decision to exonerate the officers involved, appeals must be filed in writing and sent to:

Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB)
PO Box 6015
Columbia, MO 65205.

Send them now, because they can only take appeals that are filed by June 22nd (next Tuesday)

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