Terence Young Caught Using MP Office for Conservative Party Fundraising

CANNABIS CULTURE – While protesting inside Conservative MP Terence Young’s Constituency office, a non-political office paid for by the taxpayer, we found these Conservative Party membership forms. They not only include a pre-filled name of the riding, but also encourage donations.

Why is Terence Young using Federal Government money to fundraise for the Conservative Party? Why is he using Federal Government resources to process membership applications for the Conservative Party? Was his taxpayer funded staff participating in this as well?

This is your government Canada, using your tax dollars for their own political gain.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the occupation of Conservative MP Terence Young and the resulting arrest of ‘Free Marc’ activist Nicole Seguin.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the ‘Free Marc’ Conservative Party Office Occupations.

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  1. weedsmyg on

    this is a taxpayer funded office it is supposed to be used for government buuisness not for the party itself to expand there membership numbers. i dont see how somone like you is even on this site after your last comment. tresspassing on public property ok well that sounds kinda dumb. i really think you should leave here because your doing nothing but making your side look alotmore dumb than i think you are but who knows you might actually be this dumb

  2. Don Weedle on

    A LOT of the dipstik losers making comments here should do just that!

  3. Billy Crystal THC Celebrity Media on

    Simple and efficient since it’s LOOK at this word play!That word talk is corrupt,and illegal use of property.Know the law and hold these folks accountable with it!? Yes excellent strategy to imply dubious worth of these do-gooder sumptuary/SIN MAN people who ruin our CC family life in a NewYork second.Not to digress,but the jury who convicted Rick Simpson!?Chritian folks see the facts of the case!?Didn’t see the walking CHRISTOS in the argument of master Simpson!?This is info war on a global level.Jacob the Hunter is working hard for liberty/vigilance.Bravo…HashExtractResinOil machine from Cannadian Rick Son of Simp le genius.

  4. Anonymous on

    Doesn’t belong on this site, end of story.

  5. Anonymous on

    freee Marc Emery

  6. rasta pastor ASIA on

    Jacob THE Hunter may have an idea that keeps ’em off balanced,so new bill S-10 can’t fly.The Halton protest less confident of result and method.It’s nice to know your rights etc…yet to build towards overall vote to 100% legalize ?? as many of the people in 0pposition have emotions that bristle,Stop thinking instead of promote,as my comments can do the same.Might make a short term point,yet lose the war?Don’t know cannada.Police and authority are always anal retentive with protest/citizen rights.I suggest forced IBOGA treatment starting with Kory T.down the line.As we get ASIAN kids off ice at pastor ray’s THC Ministry dispensary,the canadian embassy can send over Kory for a neo-mindal drug war addiction apotheosis.

  7. Daniel Johnson on

    Yes, it’s a crime. Well, not exactly, it’s an “ethics violation”, we pay for that office, it’s ours and it’s for us, they have riding association offices paid for by donations for this kind of thing. I encourage everyone to write to the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner about this:

  8. urnrg on

    This is good journalism – finding out potential conflicts of interest, namely a Parliamentary MP using their constituency office for party business, and reporting back to the public which needs to know.

    What has been the government’s response to this?

    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  9. MOTFA on

    The crime is that individuals are actually stupid enough to give a political party money.

    I support my dealer.

  10. Harpercide on

    The crime is that Harper is in power, a wannabe Republican….An Evangelist trying to put religion in politics to please US Republicans. Religion does not belong in politics.

  11. Anonymous on

    So the Conservative party is in power and their players are reaching out to strengthen their national position, thats a great idea. Whats wrong with that? How is that in any way a crime?

    perhaps you don;t agree but unless you can show this is a crime or fraud – all you have is a close up on a piece of paper sticking out of a photocopier and you are trespassing by snooping. So is there a crime being committed? No you are a drugged up fool and have no sence

    what exactly is wrong with making photo copies?
    there is nothing wrong wth making photo copies of legal documents
    they are authorized to do this this..
    you are the unwelcomed interloper Jacob,
    you are the joint rolling parasite