Marc Emery’s Wife Condemns Conservative Spokesman Kory Teneycke for Prison Rape Comments

Conservative Spokesman Kory Teneycke thinks prison rape is funny.Conservative Spokesman Kory Teneycke thinks prison rape is funny.CANNABIS CULTURE – The wife of Canadian cannabis activist and BC Marijuana Party Leader Marc Emery expressed disgust and shock upon finding Twitter comments from Prime Minister Harper’s ex-communications director Kory Teneycke implying her husband should be raped in US prison.

The first post, made on May 11th (the day after Justice Minister Rob Nicholson ordered Emery extradited to the US) reads: “Bon Voyage, Marc Emery. May your vacation at Club Fed be a lengthy one.”

The next one, which was re-published in the June 14th Canadian Press article “Tory insiders and behind-scenes lobbying pave path to new ‘Fox North’ launch”, was posted on May 14th and reads: “To the pot heads who keep sending me crazy, profane emails: I hope Marc Emery enjoys group showers as much as he enjoys pot. Three cheers for the DEA.”

Jodie Emery condemns these comments as grossly inappropriate and offensive.

“My husband has never hurt another human being, yet our Prime Minister’s ex-communications director openly hopes for Marc to be physically harmed while in US prison,” she said. “It’s a common perception that prison rape happens in ‘group showers’, so this suggestion that Marc should enjoy being subjected to sexual abuse and humiliation is absolutely disgusting and offensive, and should be condemned by any decent, civilized person. Teneycke should apologize to me and Marc for this horrendously cruel comment.”

Marc Emery was extradited to the US on May 20th for his marijuana seed selling business, which operated for over a decade in Canada as a tax-paying business recommended by Health Canada. Emery never left Canada, and was well known for running in elections and financing drug policy reform groups in North America and abroad.

In 2008 the US had offered Emery a 10-year sentence to be served in Canada, but the Conservative government refused to agree. Emery faced a life sentence for the three conspiracy charges against him, but agreed to a 5-year plea deal in September 2009 to ensure his two co-accused did not go to prison.

Emery’s sentencing is set for September 10th in Seattle Federal Court. He has been held in solitary confinement at SeaTac Federal Detention Centre since June 3rd because his wife recorded a phone call, which the prison insists violated their rules despite no such rule in the inmate guidelines.



  1. Don M on

    Kory Teneycke dares to tell the world exactly what he thinks. He must be very brave (or incredibly stupid…) speaking like that when millions of people around the world find him, and others like him to be completely disgusting! I would never condone killing some one for speaking their mind. But, if I were to learn that this nazi wannabe was murdered, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. I’d probably cheer!

  2. Anonymous on

    He looks like the type that Harper would do. Must spend alot of his time on his hands and knees asking harper for a raise

  3. Cannucky on

    Anybody know where this assclown lives ? I am not personally gay but know a couple of lonely gays who are looking for love and have the time and resources to travel to find some hot anal action

  4. Jim on

    This guy was obviously in tight with the conservatives. That he finds it appropriate to make a joke about prison rape in the american penal system will he doesn’t bat an eye at the fact that the yanks imprison more people for so called victimless crimes than anywhere on the planet, tells you all you need to know about the insane posse of sycophants known as the conservative party.

  5. Kronic71 on

    How ’bout you get your ass off of your shoulders,re-asses the comment and THINK about it you nova monkey…Get a life….Get a CLUE.

  6. Ross on

    that’s the way i interpreted it also, the guy was being a dick, but he never said anything about rape.

  7. Ross on

    there is a huge difference between what teneycke said and what the emery’s wife claims he said. if he said something about finding dates in the shower, or becoming someone’s girlfriend, then she’d be justified in complaining, but he didn’t. get a life.

  8. Kronic71 on

    PHA-Q!!! Kory you lil bitch!!!

  9. Kronic71 on

    Or how ’bout…”CAUTION:I make Frequent stops too grab my toes”.

  10. Kronic71 on

    Look at this ASS clown,
    He obviously wishes upon Marc what he wants for himself.
    Wouldn’t it be funny if he himself were too receive some forced upon anal group LOVE?

  11. Anonymous on

    Kory Teneycke ,isn’t he gay. I think this guy is gay. He really looks like he is gay. Maybe he is mad that he can’t protest with pot activist for his own cause. May he is wishing on Marc what he wants done to him self.
    Sorry but Man this guy ever look gay.If I was going to call some gay because they really look like it it would be this guy. I have nothing against it ,even though I think it is not right ,but that is his own choice and to each there own.
    I think he is mad because what pot protesters did in a couple of months for there cause it took gays almost a decade for there own. Here they call pot smokers lazy and sit back let things happen type of people, how they are so wrong.
    We all do realize that Marc is in solitary confinement so he can’t communicate to his follow activist. The broken law thing was an excuse. Notice the arrests were started right after he was in solitary confinement.
    People wake up just Imagen this was your kid that was put in jail for unjust reasons ,wouldn’t you want us as people,Country and believer of rights to stick up for him.
    Now that they got Marc silence they just going to sit back and wait for it to die off.
    If they don’t want people protesting in there offices may they should pay for these offices them selfs.

  12. MOTFA on

    …did i mention i am really high right now?

  13. MOTFA on

    that comment was directed at merlin yaga. sorry.

  14. MOTFA on

    Hello Mike Cattermole. Obviously you have never worked for Saskpower. I don’t about any other crown corporation, but the men’s showers there are completely open. You either shower with other guys, or you don’t shower. The single showers are only for women. So what about these men? Are they humiliated by showering with other men? I have talked to plenty of them, and none of them care. Showering alone for women is more of a self esteem issue as women tend to care more about what other women think of their naked bodies. So in a way, men showering together is more progressive than you may think!

    Yes i do believe the man meant “rape” or if he didn’t, he’s just never showered with another man before!

  15. Anonymous on

    “To the pot heads who keep sending me crazy, profane emails: I hope Marc Emery enjoys group showers as much as he enjoys pot. Three cheers for the DEA.” said Kory Teneycke for “Fox News North”.
    “My husband has never hurt another human being, yet our Prime Minister’s ex-communications director Kory Teneycke openly hopes for Marc to be physically harmed while in US prison,” she said. “It’s a common perception that prison rape happens in ‘group showers’, so this suggestion that Marc should enjoy being subjected to sexual abuse and humiliation is absolutely disgusting and offensive, and should be condemned by any decent, civilized person. Teneycke should apologize to me and Marc for this horrendously cruel comment.”
    The Lady Jodie Emery displays remarkable restraint in her response.
    Kory you are a big red neck blow hard, Progressive, positive, people out number your twisted theory, Marijuana is the least of your problems, you are making that choice by not legalizing it and taxing it for revenue. Hard drugs and alcohol abuse is where you need to put your resources.

  16. Anonymous on

    Kory Teneycke is a immature idiot who should be made to wear shirts that say Iam the PM’s bitch.

  17. Bob Burrill on

    Right on. I like the saying …. “Time wounds all heels”

  18. Buzz Killjoy on

    In case you missed this…
    Kory Teneycke has landed o his feet after leaving(?) the PM’s direct employ.
    Just another foot soldier hidden in the Trojan Horse.

    “However, Kory Teneycke, Quebecor VP of development and the man who will be running Sun TV News on a daily basis, rejected the tag of “Fox News North” that has been bandied about in other media.

    “Our competitors and our critics will throw all kinds of stones to try to label us, to try to have Canadians dismiss this,” Teneycke said. “We’re a Canadian company. We’re offering Canadian news, Canadian content, Canadian commentary on stories that are happening, so I just dismiss that as our competitors taking a shot.”

    But will Sun TV News generally have a right-of-centre slant?

    “There will be a range of opinion,” Teneycke said. “If you’re wondering what the presentation (will be), what kind of news stories we will be interested in, and the flavour of the commentary we’ll have, pick up the Sun newspaper and you probably have a pretty good indication. The Sun newspaper has many different voices there. So will this.

    “One of the features that causes many Canadians to tune out of political debate on current all-news channels is the play fighting. It’s not real. It avoids controversy. It is too often political spokespeople on talking points, and commentators who file all the edge off the discussion, being agreeable for the sake of being agreeable.

    “Our aim is not to bore people to death. We’ll leave that to the CBC.”

    Above all, Teneycke wants Sun TV News to avoid the self-imposed strait-jacket of political correctness.

    “Newspapers have understood for a long time that a good newspaper has a good, solid news section, and it also has a good commentary and opinion section,” he said. “Television is no different.

    “Viewers are smart enough to distinguish between an opinion show with an opinion host and a news show with a news anchor.” “

  19. lb on

    he looks like the type who would get off on that type of thing ….noob

  20. Anonymous on

    My uncle Don Teneycke was killed yesterday in a tragic farm accident. A sad day.This was on Kory Teneycke Twitter page I guess when you wish bad things on other people you get it back in buckets.

  21. Mike Cattermole on

    Actually, even if someone totally hates another person there is no reason to reference the shower in prison. This provides no deterrent effect and it gives a bad name to conservatives. Just because someone may be conservative does not mean that they do not support marijuana legalization. This causes problems for conservative parties regarding other issues and actually makes liberals and socialists look a lot better. Use common sense, marijuana is here to stay and thank goodness. Now, let’s look at this from a common sense perspective and value the economic implications. This is a peaceful culture….

    Illegality makes the underground market, not lack of policy to prohibit the drug. Can you not see this? If you are a true fiscal conservative then you would realize the positive economic implications that the drug provides. The rest is just nonsense. No wonder so many hate America. To my Canadian neighbors, you are our friends and I do not want anyone to think that all conservatives feel the same way.


  22. Beatnuck on

    This man obviously needs to experience his own brand of justice. I hope, after he has been gang raped with a broom handle, that he makes a public statement how this form of punishment is acceptable in a civil society.

  23. Pedro on

    Another example of the the Mean-spirited Mentality of Anti-pot Prohibitionists

  24. Anonymous on

    dude looks like a rapist

  25. ray christl thc global rasta vibe on

    Cannabis can punish people in the “hole”,sure it will help 99% of the time.Hear me out here!Remember in Jack Herer’s RIP tomb/book ,that penal use in forced smoking until comatose seems to work as rehabilitation.Go figure…this plant with a brain larger than people.Make people smoke ’til dead.Effective ,yet this rape problem needs ibogaine therapy.Mr.Stoner is cutting deep on this post. War paradigm feeds/fodder for rape.Capitalism of amerikkka is rape the world.Jesus war machine bullshit …VOTE HEMP

  26. Anonymous on

    At this very moment Rahim Jaffer is being raped in a prison group shower…….oh no wait.
    Hypocrisy anyone?

  27. Stoner on

    Tho I agree with you that it should be taken seriously either way
    I just have to correct you anyways
    those stats are wrong
    because most women who get raped
    never report it
    like a shocking amount
    every second girl I’ve ever met was raped at some point in their life
    it’s makes me furious
    like I think about it all the time
    rapists should go to prison for the rest of their lives and never get out

  28. Tyler Aikens on

    Kory Teneycke is on Power & Politics on CBC here in Canada all the time; a show that is a weak replacement for Don Newman’s old political talk program. Don’t take this Kory guy too seriously… He worked under one of the most ignorant PM’s we’ve had in a number of years, and now he is a lowly television pundit who takes his 15 minutes of airtime to bitch and complain; hardly a progressive or important human being. Not professional. But you can bet your ass he will be the first to cry wolf when someone makes a joke about his uncle biting the big bazooka today.

  29. Norman Lepoff, M.D. on

    Kory Teneycke is the one who really belongs in prison, along with his boss.
    These people are the lowest forms of human life on Earth, and they prove it over and over and over!

  30. ray christl THC ministry ASIA on

    nationwide one issue vote is best opportunity for Canuck unity.A truthful secret yes/no DECISION for legal that cc family can sign off,and work towards???Jean Jacques Rousseau was pro single issue vote to maintain the social contract balance, and severely distrusted representative democracry.

  31. Anonymous on

    If he had made a joke about how funny it is that a woman got raped he’d be out of a job now. Sadly the stats are that men get raped more than women do.

  32. Cindy Lee on

    With PR or the STV we would have Green Party MPs today. We need electoral reorm to release the noose the fascists have on Canada.

  33. urnrg on

    Kory Teneycke is a hate monger.

  34. Merlon Yega on

    While no Canadian should be supporting Marc’s extradition I believe you’re taking Teneycke’s second tweet out of context. In my opinion he’s commenting on the humility of group showers. Prison rape does not happen in most showers, that is the common misconception by people who have never been to prison. While it can happen, it probably won’t. It’s a low-blow in my opinion but I wouldn’t expect more from a person of his political alignment.

    Honestly, Jodie, you are going to hear a lot of criticism. Your husband’s the prince of pot. Haters gonna hate, as they say. You can’t get your feathers up about everything though, especially tweets.

  35. Brian Kerr on

    All Canadian political parties are prohibitionist except the Green Party of Canada.

    The Green party of Canada has legalization of Cannabis as a party platform.

    The other parties will put you in Jail.

    One choice in voting and that is Green.

  36. Cindy Lee on

    The only way to defeat the HarperCons & the fanatic right wing agenda is to vote strategically in the next election, then demand electoral reform… and remember… it was Jack Layton who formed a deal with Stephen Harper which brought down the Martin Government & killed the bill which would have decriminalized possession of Marijuana for personal use. Vote smart… and demand the return of political prisoner Marc Emery!!

  37. Anonymous on

    “The wife of Canadian cannabis activist and BC Marijuana Party Leader Marc Emery expressed disgust and shock upon finding Twitter comments from Prime Minister Harper’s ex-communications director Kory Teneycke implying her husband should be raped in US prison.”

    Should read.

    Jodie Emery, well known Green Party of Canada candidate and Director at Large of the Greens, expressed disgust and shock upon finding twitter comments….

  38. Anonymous on

    btw- Google Joseph Goebbels. The theory or reincarnation will be proven to you.

  39. Paul Goodman on

    This man is obviously an asshole and should be forced to resign over those comments.

  40. Steven Campbell on

    I am a largish dark gentleman who would intends , with your permission , to take you to the showers anytime I find you wandering the street, cutie pie. Don’t go to prison for any reason until I find time to accompany you, please. The Marc Emery statement reveals your inexpressible love and deeper feelings towards these matters and I and many others feel that we can accommodate you. Stand tall as you leave the confines of your closet and bring Vaseline for a smooth ride , my love. See how simple it is to make funny remarks that send ripples up the spine?

  41. Anonymous on

    What other than a beast with a human face would come up with comments like that? If there is somebody here who doesn’t understand karma, then as the saying goes, what comes around goes around. Bon voyage, eh!

  42. Ken on

    I think it’s time we voted with our taxes and just stopped paying for these idiots. Kory can lick my sweet sweaty scrotum.

  43. ray christl THC Ministry ASIA on

    since even soccer Mom’s don’t want their child sodomized in jail etc..Jodie and posse build pathos that is positive,and media friendly “system two” logic that settles the mind.Peace of mind is good for our deduction (sound argument),since we have the truth and science.Fear mindal(Brain chemical logos) hurts our effort,and is twisted in the propaganda apparatus.Since Harper is under the BUSH_DEA_CIA_MAFIA vortex all the techniques of psychological war will now be used.Roger Christie has ideas to negotiate in love.Steve Hager can write three books on this subject of DEA fuckryness.Jodie with this revelation was an open invitation to make their mentally look warped,which we know is true. This is conventional wisdom for Harperites. Atheistic anarchists should be able to get everyone esp.Clergy to review such rhetoric for evil intent.Jail rape implication tends to make people who pray interested because they are anal retentive.Anal sex is the Devil,so your pure ideas of medicine and healing.Food ,cinder blocks and many find JESUS on recreational smoking.Let me wash your feet with magnesium rich annointing oil.A humble voice which is calm.Loud ,angry is what i like with fear and outrage.Makes me feel good and right.Does not change votes???Don’t know Canada very well.

  44. The BallyHoo on

    This guy is an idiot. These comments are from a man who is most obviously very ignorant.
    Karma has a way of dealing with evil like this.

    Marc will be fine. Perhaps this Kory-mamas’-boy should try a little time for being a complete low-life bastard.


  45. TATTZ on

    Mr Teneycke is a starling example of “fine conservative ethics”.
    His statements however lack the intellect which one would assume one would attribute to a person whom is personally responsible and liable for the statements made by the governing party of Canada.
    The “pot heads” as Mr Teneycke states, should not be viewed as Pot-Heads, because they are CONSTITUENTS, yes, people that Mr Teneycke and his party are supposed to be representing.Whether Mr Teneycke likes it or NOT.
    Mr Teneycke doesn’t get a choice here, after all he is just another ” public servant” who gets paid way too much money and gets his jollies making fun of the individuals who actually are willing to stand up and do battle for our rights and freedoms no matter what the cost to them personally…
    So I ask you, whom is the true Canadian patriot in this case?
    Marc Emery or Mr Teneycke?

  46. Proud to be Canadian on

    Its clear that since Mr Teneycke was the chief spokesman for PM Harper that PM Harper thinks this way too and that leads to the conclusion that the decision was made in the PMO to send Marc Emery to the USA.

    This is outrageous.

    Years ago I believe Canada refused to send/extradite a person to the USA when the US DA made the same type of comment. NOW its right in our PMO, we extradite people for that purpose.

    This is unbelievable.

    I bet they all had a good laugh …

  47. Paul on

    As are most neo-cons and their boot-licking wannabe friends, Teneycke is a totally disgusting excuse for a human being. They’re always willing to send military forces around the world, murdering and maiming but, “oh no, don’t you dare sell seeds we don’t approve of!”

  48. Anonymous on

    we the people the majority the 51 % of Canadians need to fucking stand up and not get fucked in the ass by these big dicks anymore like what are they going to do throw 15 million ppl in jail, first off we need too get rid of our current gov’t and we all know thats not hard in canada. Then we need to stop just wasting votes on the one person that is popular in that party. And look ahead to the future.

  49. Joshua Christopher on

    Tisk tisk. What a very rude thing for a political person to say. And when Is my “Land of the Free” country going to leave Canada alone. If the people who run Canada believed in the way America is run, they wouldn’t be two separate countries. AMERICA LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE. We are already completely corrupt, the last thing we need is to make every other country on mother earth equally as fucked up.