Another Activist Arrested in Crackdown on ‘Free Marc’ Protests

Police crowd into the office of Conservative MP Terence Young's Oakville office before arresting a 'Free Marc' protestor for trespassing. (Photos by Leah Gair)Police crowd into the office of Conservative MP Terence Young’s Oakville office before arresting a ‘Free Marc’ protestor for trespassing. (Photos by Leah Gair)CANNABIS CULTURE – Another ‘Free Marc Emery’ campaign activist was arrested during a Conservative MP office occupation in an apparent attempt by Canadian officials to subvert the rights of peaceful protestors. The arrest is the third in days for members of the campaign, who say authorities are using brute force and shady tactics to keep them quiet.

Nicole Seguin, a Vancouver drug policy reform activist and member of the ‘Free Marc Emery’ campaign, was arrested on Tuesday, June 15 for protesting at the Oakville, Ontario constituency office of Conservative MP Terence Young.

“We’re having our freedom of expression chilled and we’re in constant danger, it seems, of police arrest for legal, peaceful protest,” Seguin told Cannabis Culture shortly after she was released from jail.

About 15 activists entered the Member of Parliament’s office as part of the ongoing ‘Free Marc’ Conservative Office Occupation Campaign, in which protestors have successfully ‘taken over’ over a dozen offices of members of the Conservative government of Canada, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to demand the return to Canada of imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery and an end to Canada’s draconian Drug War.

Video posted on YouTube of the Oakville occupation shows police entering the MP’s office and confronting protestors, who inform the officers of their legal right to protest inside the government office. [Click here for more video.]

Moments after the video camera stopped rolling, police moved in to force protestors to vacate the office. In a display of civil disobedience, Seguin refused to leave and was arrested for trespassing and taken into custody by authorities. She was released an hour later and given a $65 fine.

“We were the ones keeping it in control,” Seguin said. “We were completely non-violent and within our rights, and yet, almost 10 police officers were sent down, including two vans. All the officers were wearing high-security bullet proof vests and putting on gloves; a complete show of force in response to peaceful protestors armed only with camera’s and signs. Apparently this threatens the Conservative Party to the point where they want to bring down the police and use taxpayer resources to suppress political expression in Canada.”

Activist Nicole Seguin inside the Minister's office before being arrested by police.Activist Nicole Seguin inside the Minister’s office before being arrested by police.Last week, ‘Free Marc’ campaign organizer Jacob Hunter was attacked by a Niagara Falls police officer while attempting to enter Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s office in what activists are calling “assault”.

Online video shows activists arriving at the Minister’s office to find the front doors locked during open business hours – a tactic Conservative MP offices across the country have been using to deny protestors their legal right to demonstrate inside government offices. Constable Chris Stewart was on the scene within minutes and spoke briefly to activists, instructing them to turn off their cameras or they would be considered “a weapon”.

When Hunter attempted to follow Constable Stewart inside the Minister’s office, claiming his right to enter public property, the officer shoved him backwards violently and took a swing at him with his ticket booklet, knocking the camera out of the activist’s hands.

“Constable Stewart turned, closed the door, then attacked, first my camera phone, and then my person,” Hunter said. “Stewart, holding on to me, shoved me violently backwards several steps onto my bad knee, which I recently had reconstructive surgery on. I twisted in intense pain, and lost my balance. Constable Stewart, highly agitated, began demanding I drop my laptop bag. After Stewart declared I was under arrest, I complied.”

Hunter was, ironically, arrested and charged with “Assaulting a Peace Officer”. Activist Eric Compton was arrested at the scene while attempting to use the “Hug Power” technique to stop Hunter’s arrest and was charged with “Obstructing a Peace Officer”. The incident was reported on by CBC News and other media. Watch the full video of the protest on YouTube.

Seguin and Hunter are planning to contest charges and are considering further legal action.

“We will be in Court August 5 to fight these obscene charges, and once we’ve won, we’ll be filing a civil suit for breach of civil rights,” Hunter said about his case.

In a related incident, Cannabis Culture has learned that a Marc Emery supporter from Stoney Creek, Ontario was visited by two plainclothes RCMP officers from the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team after making a phone call to the home of Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. The supporter found the Minister’s number posted online and wanted to voice his concerns about Emery’s extradition to the US for selling marijuana seeds on the Internet.

“They told me that the minister’s house has been receiving hundreds if not thousands of calls from Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between,” the supporter, Steve Shakeshaft, told Cannabis Culture, “and apparently some of them were threatening. I told them I had nothing to do with any threats, as the only communication I ever had with the minister was the one time he answered my call, asked my name, then claimed I had the wrong number. They agreed that I had not made any threats or taken part in any illegal activity, told me I was pointed at because of the sheer number of calls I had made, and ‘warned’ me that any phone calls made, now that I had been asked to stop, could be considered harassment.”

Read the “Threat to National Security?: Man Visited at Home by RCMP For Phone Call To Justice Minister” on Cannabis Culture.

Marc Emery is currently in solitary confinement in a US prison awaiting sentencing after being extradited by the Conservative government of Canada. Emery was raided and arrested by the US DEA and Vancouver police in 2005 for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet and using the money to fund activism. He agreed to a 5-year plea deal in exchange for his two co-accused receiving probation in Canada.

Emery was put in solitary confinement for unknowingly breaking an apparently unwritten rule by allowing his wife, Green Party Director-at-Large Jodie Emery, to record a phone conversation for publication as an online podcast.

After sentencing, Emery will apply for transfer to Canada for the remainder of his sentence. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews will decide if Emery will be allowed to come home.

As well as rallying for the return of Emery, protestors are in strong opposition to Conservative crime bill S-10, which would bring mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana offenses to Canada, including six months in jail for as little as six plants, and 18 months in jail for making hash or pot cookies.



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  2. Blue J on

    That makes no sence, Please educate your self and read the emperor wears no cloths 11th addition by (Jack Herer). Peace and non violence should not be met with violence. Medical cannabis saved my life, It is legal in califorina and soon will be legal throughout the world. So you better realize that Marc Emery has alot of supporters right here in the USA!

  3. Anonymous on

    Where’s James Roszko when you need him!!!!!

  4. Anonymous on

    Where’s James Roszko when you need him!

  5. Tim Gray on

    Jack Pot (Like Im sure thats your real name, coward), everone knows Canada is Americas Bitch. So, that must make you MY little Canadian Bitch too. So get over it.

    You are so brave to mouth off to a trained US Governement killer thru a computer screen. Your such a MAN! Mouth off to this combat vet on MY side of the border, and see what happens, my little bitch.

  6. Kris Eyvindson on

    Although the opinion of an Anonymous person living in fear and not willing to stand up for himself or fellow people isn’t even worth a penny.

  7. Anonymous on

    Why are you on this site? You are obviously a paid troll, with no other reason to be using this site. A person with your views has no other reason to spend your time here.

  8. D on

    first off ur on a website called “cannabis culture” yet you call people who r trying to get a CANADIAN citizen out of an American jail stoners? Im sorry, but if u haven’t smoked weed before what the fuck are you doing on this forum? Im not saying your not aloud but comon man. second, Im not sure how well you know Canada but last time i checked when a Canadian breaks the law in another country and are facing jail time when no legal action would be taken in Canada (the woman the was sexting in Dubai, or a woman being tortured in Africa for wearing a pants suit)our government busts its balls getting them back home, they don hand them over, if America truly wanted pot gone they wouldn’t be letting California legalize it and would have gone after the buyers.

  9. Medicinal Mike on

    Did I spell elitist correctly? My spelling may be off, but my thoughts or on target. Avoiding confrontation is a smart move for Rob. I do not know if he would have the balls to face Jodie and explain why he sold out our sovereignty and send Marc to a gulag in the States to punish him.This is all this is about, the governments are punishing Marc for his beliefs. This is a blatant political act, callas and cruel to the extreme. So if you are a cop you are allowed to rough up anyone you feel like. I hope that makes you feel like a big man.You get to pick on disabled people, people in pain to start with, and you could be seen getting your jollies from causing him more pain. To rob, the minister of injustice, you are a coward and just harper’s mouthpiece. Shame on you. To the suit in the video that refused to shake Jodie’s hand- you sir are an ass. Didn’t your mother teach you better manners?

  10. Anonymous on

    Yep — the protests in Canada and the continuing public complaints by Marc thru his wife may well backfire.

    The problem is that the protests are just not big enough because in a US Fed pen Marc just doesn’t matter — except that they are not going to let him complain on his site forever. One way to fix the problem would be to send him to a Fed pen far away from BC. I don’t think the lame protests in offices in Canada will work — and one way to slow them down is to not bring Emery back to Canada for 5 years. People will move on — it’s human nature.

  11. Jack Pot on

    ah Tim, you must have hurt your brain while in the marines defending the American Empire’s global search and take… Amerkia jails its population at a rate of about 800% per capita more than Canada does, with 5% of the World’s population, the USA has 25% of the world’s prisoners, leading the world as the Prison State. Marc’s case is just more of Amerika’s Imperial search and take that Marines like you have ensured…..

    Do you have the Balls to stand up to your country Tim? the greediest, most polluting, most aggressive, and most perecuting Government in the world? Canada would have decriminalised in 2004 if it wasn’t for US pressures and coward like you that let your out of control government run rampant around the world. Those are tiny balls you have there Timbalina.

  12. Jose Melendez on

    I think I make my opinions clear. Infighting benefits the opponent.

  13. Anonymous on

    All this crap about how Marc never went to America to do his offenses so he should be be sentenced in Canada –He basically stood on his property and threw stones at the neighbors’ Big House windows.. he is not in ” magic land” because he wasn;t standing on their property–he imagined he would be safe in Canada offending the USA, but surprise! they knocked on the equivalent of his dads front door, complained to Marcs Dad and between them- they caught him – after bad boy Marc sneered ” what are you gonna do? ” & his friends ratted him out , even marc woke up to his karma & confessed to it all That’s called game over.. there is no punishment free zone ” magic land” in a free sane world- if you are a law breaker,, the offended party gets to come get you and slap your ass..
    Well Marc found out as his Dad handed him over to the angry neibours to get his ass spanked for the next five years ..

    this is neibourhood watch– that was Marc Emery..
    you can ask him all about it mid decade when he comes is released from Prison

  14. Anonymous on

    We knew you had balls, because you’re such a _dick

    when did you tell Marc Emery anything?
    Thats not true- he never listened to anybody!
    -Especially someone who worked at Marineland

  15. Anonymous on

    One whiny dope apologist web article does not an effective resistance make
    You don’t even have an opinion- just a desktop collection of links, big deal

  16. Anonymous on

    I guess you don’t actually have a “right to protest” enshrined in the Charter, just freedom of assembly.

    “The right to protest is a perceived human right arising out of a number of recognized human rights. The right to freedom of assembly can include the right to protest. No human rights instrument or national constitution grants the absolute right to protest. However, protest may be a manifestation of the right to freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of association, and the right to freedom of speech.[1]

    Freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of association, and the right to freedom of speech are commonly subject to limitations, for example, the European Convention on Human Rights only grants the right to “peaceful assembly” (Article 11), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights allows the restriction of the freedom to assembly if it is necessary “in a democratic society in the interests of national security or public safety, public order, the protection of public health or morals or the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.” (Article 11)”

    You do have a right to go into an MP’s office and read some Conservative Party propaganda pamphlets, while coincidentally holding a big sign saying “Canada is a dictatorship and Stephen Harper is a dictator”. You can’t smoke weed in there, though, because government offices are smoke free. That would give the police a reason to kick you out.

  17. Anonymous on

    I suggest not even mentioning Cannabis or smoking it or whatever. That will just make you look like a bunch of druggies. Now it’s about the Conservatives violating the civil rights of numerous recent protesters. Doesn’t matter what they were protesting, they should not have even been asked to leave those offices, much less taken out by the police. If they ask why the cameras just say you want to make sure that you can record any Conservative acts of oppression because you’ve heard that they are rampant and you fully expect Harper to send his stormtroopers into the office any minute now.

  18. Anonymous on

    You could park in full view of Nicholson’s office, with Jodie standing there, and start off by saying to the camera “The nation of Canada has come under the control of an evil dictator. Let’s see what happens when a Canadian citizen known to be member of a rival political party approaches the Justice Minister’s office”. Hilarity will ensue when Jodie walks toward the door with the cameras. Then send the the tape to the Secretary General of the UN.

  19. Anonymous on

    Don’t approach the office from the front. Sneak in from the side so they can’t see you coming, especially the camera guy. Once you’re in, refuse to leave until you are given a valid reason to do so. Trespassing is not a valid reason because an MP’s office is just like a public park, unless he wants to start paying for it himself, and not one of them will ever do that. When you’re inside tell them you are protesting the suspension of civil rights in Canada by Stephen Harper and Rob Nicholson. When the cops show up say “see what I mean”?

  20. Anonymous on

    Civil liberties have now been suspended by Harper and his Lieutenant, Nicholson. Any citizens seen approaching a Conservative MP’s officer will be asked for ID before entry is granted. If you’re not on their list of 5 or 6 acceptable people you will be locked out before you have even entered and explained why you are there and then the SS will be called in to rough you up, bind you and kidnap you. They will make up a completely false pretext to arrest you, known as “false arrest” and attempt to destroy any video recording equipment you may have in your hand to avoid the truth being disseminated. Whenever they ask you why you are at an MP’s office just say you want to peruse some Conservative propaganda pamphlets because you are considering voting for them. They’ll let you right in, then you can reveal your true purpose. Don’t send Jodie, though. They all know what she looks like and will bar the door before she even gets to it. If any police attempt to assault you, use your legal right to self defense and put him in a choke hold until he passes out. If that fails, just kick him in the nuts. If he says you’re under arrest say “what, I am hard of hearing”. You’re not really under arrest until he actually touches you, so don’t let him touch you. Run around the office and make them chase you. All you did was run away from a crazy person in a police costume who seemed to be muttering something or other.

  21. Jose Melendez on

    In an article by Kevin Fagan in the SF Chronicle, Oaksterdam founder Richard Lee’s mother Ann Lee is quoted:

    “The older I get, and the more I look back and think how I grew up in Louisiana with Jim Crow, and didn’t really understand it as a white person,” she said, “the more I realize that we should be talking against an unjust drug war against marijuana just the way we did against Jim Crow.”


    Note the parallels: cannabis users’ lives are expendable, we can be arrested, jailed or even killed at the whim of well armed thugs that never actually read the documents they swore to uphold and defend. Meanwhile, those in power and in the press who share such biases fabricate justifications to further demonize the target minority group:

    For perspective:

    “According to The Murder of Emmett Till, a European newspaper commented that, “the life of a Negro in Mississippi is not worth a whistle.” The program continued that African-Americans packed meeting rooms to hear Mamie Till’s story. The grieving mother told an assembled crowd: “What I saw was a shame before God and man and the way the jury chose to believe the ridiculous stories of the defense attorneys. I just can’t go into detail to tell you the silly things, the stupid things that were brought up as probabilities and they swallowed it like a fish swallows a hook, just anything, any excuse to acquit these two men.”

    “The injustice (the acquittal of Emmet Till’s murderers) galvanized the civil rights movement. Crowe notes that Mamie Till and Moses Wright had spoken to more than 250,000 people by the end of 1955.

    Just over three months after Emmett Till’s death, seamstress Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white passenger, leading to Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous Montgomery bus boycott . . . Parks (later) “acknowledged the impact of the Till case in arousing blacks to indignation.” The success of the Montgomery bus boycott led to similar and similarly successful protests in other major cities.”


    see also:

    Justice? Right. Google Marc Emery.

  22. D on

    I don’t understand why you two are fighting, anonomys’ point is the fact that our governent is starting to look wayyy to much like yours, we r not fighting for him to fight for our freedom, we our fighting to get our governent to do thier fucking job and get a Canadian who broke no candaian law back home. Yes, he broke an americian law but tell me how he did that from another country? And FYI if u rly did pay attetion to BCs bossiness climite ud see the hst is being fought and will probably be scrapped.As Canadian although we should be emailing our opposition parties to bring it the fuck up, Before summer recess.

  23. Anonymous on

    does anyone realise that the conservatives are breaking the right of people to protest by calling the police?
    if they are calling the police and saying there is another protest here come down…
    so who is it breaking the law, the police by stopping a protest or the conservatives by calling them and expecting them to stop it.

    you can protest on the street or in their offices. it might be fair for them to call the police if the protestors are breaking laws but if not, they should never be arrested. trespassing is a total joke. you can not ask someone to leave because they are protesting. unless they have something else on this girl they are breaking the law.
    its business hours and you have a complaint. these conservatives are going to erode away your rights.
    justice minister my arse.

  24. Anonymous on

    Canadian Government looks and sounds like Natzi Germany and Texas GOPS. We have the same kind of Dickheads like you running our state. Gov.Perry aka KKK/Hitler. At least you guys have the balls to stand up for your rights down here in Texas we get hung or shot or both. I hate conservatives their evil and only out for themselves. My fellow pot heads you’ve got my support and I’m thinking about you and praying for you to.

  25. Anonymous on

    Fuck you you stuck up moron

  26. persecutedinalberni on

    Like I keep saying folks,just beleive in me and do as I ask, it really is easy.

    I came to the police because I can solve the murders of children and bring closure to peoples lives who to this day still do not know where their child went but they all screwed me over.

    I am in a situation where I have no one tro turn to,the media is all part of the sick plot so they will not cover any of my story because they too like to play stupid and pretend this is all just in my head.

    All you need to do is phone the ministry for children and ask for Judy and ask her when is she going to answer my questions like,did the rcmp suspect me of anything?

    Ask her why she refuses to answer my simple questions which she should not be able to avoid as she had no reason not to answer my questions because my wife and I did a fine job with these foster children.

    It is they thay caused the children and my wife and I to suffer because of the corruption.

    The fact is it is called wrongfull suspetion and wrongfull accusal.character assasination and persecution.

    You can phone sandy and her supervisor and my local EIC and ask if they to are going to answer to the same questions.

    Ask them if they were told I am also the genius who is going to be the hero and pull remains of dead children of his ass did they tell her that every other law enforcement around the world is going to use my proceedure to also help them find remains.

    Did they tell these government workers that they hide behind that my name will be known around the world because of what I have to share to law enforcement.

    Did they tell them I desreve a fucking nobel peace prize for my work,did they ? cause I don’t think they did when they came to bullshit these people into going along with this.

    I wonder if me leaving the lower jaw bone of a missing girl on the hood of her car would get the media running ? I bet it would.

    Or do you think handing it over to law enforcement would be the sane thing to do? well I tried and THEY FUCKED ME so wake the fuck up Canada.

    You see people when I made that call to police about the serial killers suddenly there was a fat bastard in a helicopter with a camera hovering over my home invading my privacy.

    I called the RCMP and members of parliment and they all played stupid and pretended they didn’t know who it was.

    So what it means to a man that is looking to speak to the authorities so he could do the right thing and solve child murders only he can solve is that the one who is of authority is flying around in a helicopter but no one knows who he is.

    If the mp’s and the police don’t know who it is then it is the fat bastard that is in charge of this country which is fine I just need him to land his little heli so I can knock that fuckin grin of his face and finaly we can solve child murders.

    This is the reason they deny it all,because then Mr Harper has to explain to the people that the fat bastard is all American and does not answer to us because they have silently invaded and taken over our country.

    They do not want the Canadian tax payer to know that a fat bastard has destroyed any chances of serious crimes from being solve as I say nothing untill fatty and the rest of them admitt.

    I am very angry at all the things they have destroyed and taken from me most of all I hate how they have made my wife and family and community into nothing but fools for falling for this character assasination.

    All a bunch of dumb ass stupid fools is what they all are and untill they come to their sences and beleive in me there will be no solving child murders.

    Like I keep saying know one cares about the children no one cares that many many children go missing every year and no one gives a shit.

    It’s all about Greed isn’t it and nothing else matters.

    Like I said in a letter to Marc go ahead and try to keep track of how many children will vanish never to be seen again in the time Marc is in prison.

    Go ahead and just try to keep track of the numbers,how many go missing and how many politician are going to declare WAR ON CHILD ABDUCTORS?

    Thousands of children will be taken and many will be tortured and molested and killed for devil worshipping and the government/law know and keep it silent.

    I am really curious what the number will be,I mean if we add up all the number of children that go missing from the day America took him away and the day he returns,how many?

    Do you care NO I don’t think anyone does,when they persecute me because I can solve things they cannot.

    It was god who first said ” the children are our future” and so how does our future look?,pretty fucked just like the children.

    So untill my wife and family muster up the strength to beleive in me I guess I am just sitting there on highwqy #4 waiting for Marc to come home hoping it will be Marc who orders an investigation into my accusations.

    This saturday will be my 6th saturday I have sat with my FREE MARC EMERY sign along highway #4 in Port Alberni for two hours at a time to show support for my freedom.

    Do these people piss you off? then let me be your pittbull you can release on them and Mr Harper because after all if what I say is true(it is)I assure you I will attack them like you have never seen.

    Geniuses know violence is wrong and since they have a bg brain they see violence as a form of wasting that brain of it’s worth.
    They also know violence is a wonderfull tool that can be used and does infact work sometimes.
    It realy takes alot to get them to get real mad and snap, others who are not geniuses under the same stain go off on killing sprees or off themselves due to the mental strain.

    This is the purpose of the constant harrassment the police do on me becausae they think I am going to snap so they really have something on me to put me in prison or nut house.

    This spring/summer I could not even grow a garden or get a new dog or even make plans for the future with my wife because of the constand harassment for the things I say online as they try to silence what they did to me.

    Even the mayor of this corrupt town sits on his ass and allows these corrupt cops to harass me and he does nothing aswell, he too is one of the pretrenders.

    So when ever you are ready for me to rock your world Canada with the things I can pull out of my ass then just demand I get my answers.

    Untill then I am just sitting there on highway 4 being nice and peacefull with my signs waiting for you to all wake the fuck up and realize who I am.

    please hurry because there are so many little devilworshipping child molesting tyrannts that live in my town that I am going to send far into exile,Judy ,Sandy are you and your spouses listening to this.?

    You will allways be pushed around by cops untill you allow me to show you how to teach cops like this what fear is.

  27. Anonymous on

    Da Trrrue Norrrth Strrrong and Frrree has come a long way, Komrrrades. Iss a Totalitarrrian Poleets State like prrree-Glasnost Rrrussia.

  28. Anonymous on

    All these people who were arrested will never ever be allowed into the US to visit Marc.. Too bad. And because they showed bad judgment they will forever be heat magnets for the legalization movement. Too bad they wanted to be stars and it didn’t work out that way..and now other stoners want to dress up as dope Jews and play the holocaust card.. thats really really stupid, unless its the DEA suggesting that to start a religious war. They watch this blog hard now that marc is in prison to see what new outrages the stoners are planning.

  29. Tim Gray on

    At least I have the balls to list name, here. What are YOU afraid of? I’m a former US Marine who has been in the line of fire in more ways than one. Just because I dont want to pay Canadian taxes on my overseas income doesnt mean I have given up the fight to free Marc. How many letters have YOU written on Marcs behalf, Mr. Anonymous?

    I told Marc, personally, that his then pending extradition was just ONE of the reasons we were divesting (not fleeing)from Canada. The others had to do with B.C’s business climate and tax stucture. HST for me and other American business men who have left was the last straw. But that’s not my fight, little doggie… it’s yours, Mr. Anonymous.

    Meanwhile, why don’t you just chill the fuck out,and get back to work helping us free Marc…

  30. Okie Nate on

    As an American, the Canadian Kops are more restrained then American Kops. American Kops would just as shoot you or beat you up real bad. American Kops break our Constitutional law everyday, and it looks like Canada is going in that direction under the dictator Harper. However, keep it up Canadians with the protests…ya’ll are doing a fine job. Marc’s time will not be in vain! The authority will know who we are.

  31. persecutedinalberni on

    It is because of people like me not protesters that is what they fear,people like me can read pweoplew alittle better trhan others and it scares them since they are all corrupt.

    Look at my story of persecution, they all know it is true but pretend it ain’t so now they can all avoid my questioning.

    Honestly that is why laws like that are put in place,it is so when the MAN/elite persecute me(or others) the politicians can all play stupid like as if it wasn’t all going on.

  32. Anonymous on

    The most galling thing about this is that it happened right in front of the Justice Minister’s own office. Does anybody see how bad this really is? If such an atrocious violation of civil liberties AND criminal law can take place at the Justice Minister’s office then the corruption and lawlessness reaches right to the highest legal office in the country. Unless the Prime Minister publicly condemns Nicholson and his skinhead henchman and throws him out of office, the country has no choice but to accept the fact that they are all helpless victims of an evil madman bent on enslaving us all, and there’s nothing we can do about it because the Justice Department and police forces have clearly been compromised. They know Harper is all powerful so they do as he commands, without question. He can have his puppet police force and judicial system imprison anyone’s entire family if he wants. Now would be a really good time to start panicking. Excuse me, I have a raft to catch TO Cuba. Ahhh, sweet free Cuba, oh yeah.

  33. Layton Gabriel on

    who are you trying to kid buddy some of the most famous succussful people smoke weed, for example CNN something you might watch very commonly was developed by ted turner, while he was smoking weed, and still smokes almost everyday. Steve jobs developed apple computers smoking pot. willie Nelson, the Beatles, the rolling stones, led zepplin, snoop dogg, Bill Clinton for fuck sakes, and virtually every presidential candidate has now copped to smoking marijuana….do i really need to keep going? Oh ya and Obama has admitted to smoke weed 🙂 you know the man that brought more health care reform in his presidency than any other president was able to do…..

  34. Beatnuck on

    Alcoholics outnumber stoners by the millions. That’s why alcohol costs Canadians $14.8 billion per year. But only alcohol causes brain damage. Only alcohol causes violence. Check the posters — it’s not hard to tell who the brain damaged alcoholics are!

  35. Jesse B on

    Democracy? YA RIGHT, Freedom of speech, BULL SHIT!
    How come in calgary we have people protest white supremacy, and assholes like that can stand and protest without going to jail… But say the words free marc emery in a mp office, Get ready for jail..
    WTF is wrong with this country? i thought we lived in canada, Not the dictatorship of Harper and Obama !

  36. Anonymous on

    …or one of the brainwashed masses.

    we outnumber stoners by many millions. Any one of us straights is better positioned, more disciplined and more aware than 100 stoners /& you know it

  37. Anonymous on

    Personally, I think it’s almost ineffective to practice any activism until the G8 and G20 summits are concluded. The media won’t even notice any of your/our actions while the police and military occupations of Muskoka and Toronto are in place.

    We should time our actions to NOT co-incide with things like the G20 or the world cup, when the media and sheeple in general have less distractions.

    Marc (or ANY Canadian) being imprisoned in teh U.S. is NOT about cannabis. Don’t make it about cannabis. That won’t win support. In a lot of cases it will DIMINISH support! Most people I’ve discusses this with agree it is a travesty UNTIL they hear the charge. Then many just say ‘oh well it’s about drugs, people shouldn’t do drugs anyways.’

    This is about Canadian sovereignty, and the violation of International Law laid down in the UN Charter of Human Rights!!!

  38. Anonymous on

    Obvious troll, just like on all the other posts. I can’t believe we pay for this shit.

  39. Blossom Green on

    What you have now in Canada is very similar to what we have here in the U.S. Here, the cops can do whatever they want to you and get away with it unless you have it on tape (Rodney King) The only difference now is that they are knocking the tape recorder out of your hand and thereby destroying the evidence against them.

    Marc Emery being in a U.S. prison highlights the fact that citizens of the world have become slaves of the state. Jail was intended for people who robbed, steal and murdered. Now it is used as a way to keep people in line with the government’s agenda. People are too scared to speak up and stand up for their rights because they will end up in jail. The only way to solve this problem is for EVERYONE TO UNITE! Organizing protests, sit-ins and share your views with the world. We want to live free or die!

    Keep up the good work people. Here in the U.S. we need to step up to the plate and do our part to protest and have Marc pardoned by Obama. If they want to prosecute someone, then prosecute God. Afterall, Marc just handled the seeds he didn’t create them.

    Love ya!


  40. erb on

    If this were in the US, I would simply call the state police. They can and have put county cops in cuffs. You can’t call other cops from the same county/department and expect the attitude to change.
    Don’t you Canadians have a higher power to call on when the local cops obviously trash your civil liberties?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  41. Blossom on

    You must be a member of parliament or one of the brainwashed masses. Get your head out of darkness and into the light of the spliff. Love ya!

  42. Anonymous on

    Yup, the peaceful protesters have a hit a new level of stupid..
    and they are failing in their goals and annoying everybody. If you idiots want your favourite felon handed back you will have to go to the USA and protest. If you want the new drug laws rolled back so you can participate in the black market, you will have to show some powerful convincing reasonsthat yopu have yo date, failed to show
    Try your luck with Mr Obama,hes a toker. You are not getting anywhere here except adding to the 420 legacy of brats. Let us know when you are ready to go home to your BC dope ghetto so we can wave.

    Beat it, stoner drunks.

  43. The BallyHoo on

    That cop is a perfect example of how police treat EVERYONE like a criminal. He was so obviously the one doing the assaulting and pushing. These pigs need to be put in cages, where they belong, along with their incredibly small penises.

    All cops are losers and misfits who never fit in @ school, now they get back @ all those kids @ school by beating-up and assaulting members of the public.

  44. Anonymous on

    I grew up in that town and, in general, policing is very heavy handed and authoritarian. There’s a real thread of feeling in a section of its inhabitants (Oakvillains) that they are somehow better than others and need an authoritarian policing regime to keep the “unwashed off their property.”

    Having said that, there are some really cool people if you can find the right social groups.

  45. Anonymous on

    Who is to say we are all depending on Marc and Jodie to fix anything? they have there own problems and seem to be more focused on getting Marc out of jail while there are laws being put in place that are going to put the majority of potheads in there with him. Definately can’t rely on people like you to help, I don’t see you personally changing anything or helping at all, you just moved away and avoided the whole problem, so SHAME ON YOU for fleeing and not worrying about others freedom, no matter what country you are from originally. When in doubt, move away?….great job helping things, keep your negative bullshit to yourself.

  46. Tim Gray on

    Great idea! Better yet, ask your loacal Rabbi to assist in the protest.

  47. Tim Gray on

    Why don’t all you Canadians just bend the fuck over, lube yourselfs up, and say PLEASE FUCK ME to your federal and local governments. At the very least you would get more press attention. I can’t believe the shit you people eat from your own elected officials and police.

    My wife and I used to own property in Vancouver, and pay Canadian taxes. After several years of seing the kind of shit you people dish out to each other and eat, we had simply had enough. Your nation is even less free than the United States. Talk about a disapointment! At least we, in the United States, have redress, and aren’t ruled by an omninpotent crown.

    Shame on you, Canada, for depending on Marc, Jodie, and a few well intended hippies to protect your freedom. How pathetic!

  48. Paul Goodman on

    It isn’t what it used to be and this bullshit makes Canada part of the NEW WORLD ORDER where even your rights of peaceful protest are being undermined by government! Revolt!

  49. Anonymous on

    Everyone who plans to protest in an MP’s office should now wear a yellow Star of David armband to highlight the Nazi-like attitude of Conservative MP’s who try to keep them out of their offices. This will look great on YouTube when the next cop assaults such a protester. Put a little tiny Cannabis leaf in the center of the star to distinguish it from the real Jew symbol. This will be the symbol of Cannabis oppression.

  50. Anonymous on

    So now Canada has decided that public offices are private property and that anyone attempting to enter an MP’s office can be attacked by a law enforcement official who looks like your average skinhead, but with more of an attitude problem. This is your Conservative Party in action. Soon they’ll start rounding up the Jews.

    Here’s how the law works in Canada, if a cop whacks your cellphone out of your hand then shoves you in the chest a few times, that’s assaulting a police officer. Good thing the cop didn’t shoot him because then he would have been charged with stealing a bullet from a police officer. What I get from this video is that anybody can smack a cellphone out of anybody’s hand and then shove them around and it’s perfectly legal and acceptable in Canada. Or are there two versions of the law in Canada, one for cops and one for everybody else?

    There’s apparently also a new law now that any Canadian citizen who an MP doesn’t want to face eye to eye can simply be locked out of their office. Rob Nicholson has now announced to the whole country that he has declared independent sovereign power over his publicly funded office. No Canadian citizen may enter unless he deigns to grant permission and anyone who does enter an MP’s office can now be charged with trespassing. That’s right, Canadian citizens are now trespassing when they enter any public office and express an opinion which is contrary to Conservative Party dictates. Soon it will be illegal to check any box on a ballot that doesn’t say Conservative. They will have cops stationed at all ballot boxes to smack you and shove you around if you don’t comply with the dictates of Stephen Himler and simply lock you out if you persist in your inappropriate endeavor to vote for somebody else. Then Parliament will be locked down so that no non-Conservatives can get in.