I finally got mail from Marc in solitary!

It’s Monday night, June 14th, and I still haven’t heard Marc’s voice since June 3rd. However, I did get mail from him today! Four letters (out of 6; he’s numbered them) arrived and I was so thrilled to hear from him. Here’s what he had to say.

He was put into “SHU” (Segregated Housing Unit) on Friday morning, June 4th, at 6:30am. He was not allowed to bring any personal belongings except for 10 photos from his collection of pictures, his radio headset, a pen, paper, envelopes, and a few stamps (so he won’t be able to respond to everyone’s letters while in SHU because he’s sending me a letter every day, and I write to him every night). He has been given deodorant, shampoo, soap, shaving cream, two towels, an orange jumpsuit, socks, a t-shirt, and underwear. There is no pillow, so he made one from rolling up a blanket.

Marc is wondering if Americans and Canadians are doing enough, but only because he has no way of seeing or hearing about your efforts, so WRITE HIM A LETTER and let him know you’re being active! He hopes that his American supporters are picking up their activism now that he’s been put into solitary confinement. It’s important that supporters organize days of protest, have a street-corner rally with signs that say “FREE MARC EMERY”, “AMERICA MUST FREE MARC EMERY”, and “GOOGLE MARC EMERY”. It’s simple and easy to do! And it means something, it shows you give a damn. That’s so important.

While in “the hole”, Marc said he’s going to plan out the 100 chapters of the book he’s going to write. Anyone who has spent even 15 minutes with Marc knows that he has endless fascinating, funny, witty, touching and insightful real-life stories and experiences, so his book will be an excellent collection of his best writings!

The worst part of being in SHU is that “the other inmates are always yelling like hyenas, all day, to others in other cells. They are allowed to yowl all day, which is headache-inducing. They do it for hours.”

Marc is frustrated by the fact he’s being punished for the “pot-cast” we never even shared. “In my rule book, it never says podcasts or recordings are forbidden, and the rules here are written exactly the same as the North Fraser remand in BC, and I did podcasts form there… Also in my rulebook it says that all inmates can communicate with media. Well, podcasts are considered social media, certainly media, so that’s a lie.”

Mail and photos are VERY welcome right now! Marc is grateful for the letters he has received (11 on one day, 7 on the other, but that was a week ago – I hope mail keeps coming!). One thing about mail is that he really wants to hear people explaining what they’ve done for the FREE MARC campaign, what kind of activism you’ve been doing. Marc doesn’t get to have any of the books from his previous cell, so he has very little reading material.

He does get the New York Times every day (I subscribed him to it; though Saturday and Sunday’s editions come on Mondays) and the Seattle Times a day or two late. “I have read every single article in the blessed NY Times of Friday while positioning my body to get every bit of the strong rays of the sun coming in”. That’s one positive change: Marc’s cell now gets a tiny bit of sunlight in it, which he never saw while in general population. “I have a little 6-inch by 4-foot window that the sun shines through from 8:00am to, so far, 10:25am.”

“When the yowling and yelling in the other cells gets to be just to annoying (I can effectively ignore it most of the day) I put on my earphones (without music) and it muffles them. If it’s really annoying, I put on classic rock 102.5 KZOK or the all-news station.” He would love to hear songs requested for him! Here’s a song request list:

– Hold Your Head Up, by Argent
– Limelight, by Rush
– Tom Sawyer, by Rush
– Something for Nothing, by Rush
– I don’t need no doctor, by Humble Pie
– One toke over the line, by Brewer and Shipley
– Ohio, by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
– Revolution, by the Beatles
– Operator, bu Jim Croce
– In a godda da vida, by Iron Butterfly
– When the levee breaks, by Led Zeppelin
– Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor

His routine is very uneventful. He wakes up to breakfast at 7:30am (delivered to his cell), such as cornflakes, milk, and an orange. Then he showers and uses the bathroom. Lunch comes at 11am. He writes that it’s spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce, and two big blobs of boiled spinach, which “has a texture and is what I imagine seaweed would taste like”. He has a “spork”, which is a spoon-fork, and no knife.

He writes to me every day, usually throughout that day, and listens to classic rock (The Led Zeppelin hour, and Beatles hour, are particular favorites). Dinner arrives around 4:30pm. The sun doesn’t shine into his cell after noon passes, but he can still see outside, where hundreds and hundreds of cars are parked, vehicles of all the staff used by the prison to oversee the punishment (and basic survival) of mostly drug offenders. Prisons create so much work in the USA, it’s madness.

Marc tries to keep his teeth in good shape, but there’s no floss in the SHU, so he wrote “I thought I was being brilliant when I used some loose strands of cotton from my towel to use as dental floss, but now some of it is stuck in my teeth. Not so brilliant. Now to try and dislodge it. Live and learn.”

He does some push-ups, and walks back and forth for an hour a day for exercise. He sleeps a lot because there’s nothing else to do! The only advantage is the privacy, and the little bit of sunlight, but everything else is pretty bad. He writes that it’s difficult not knowing anything; does anyone know he’s in solitary? Have I contacted our lawyer and the media? Are people still being active and campaigning for his return to Canada? He wonders all that because there’s no way of knowing…

He gets mail from me a week after I send it, and I get his mail almost 2 weeks after he sends letters, so it’s always a delayed update between us. But any news is good news, because at least I get to see his hand-written words, and read about how he’s feeling and what he’s doing, and that is so much better than not knowing anything at all.

It’s incredibly difficult to not know anything about your loved one while locked up in solitary confinement. I cried more over the last few days than I have since he was extradited, because it was so painful missing him and worrying about him, not knowing anything at all about his condition and welfare. But as long as I keep busy and everyone else keeps busy and we all keep safe, then he’ll be okay. He’ll take care of himself, we just need to take care of the movement…

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Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. La Belle Provence on

    .. on the CTV coverage Saturday, a “Free Marc Emery” sign was in clear viedw by a peaceful protester in the streets quite a few time. CP24 as a consolation, also managed to cover the cops arresting 150 peaceful protesters at Queen and Spadina in what turned out to be a humiliating embarrassment, with arresting passive harmless innocent by-standards en masse, unlike the window smashers of the day earlier where protesters rioted unchecked, all of which resulted in hastily assembled press conference with a shaken and trembling police spokesman trying to explain their ludicrous actions… seeming in fear of losing the public’s support… There’s nothing like watching a bunch of bullies being caught red handed… Hang in there Marc, the time are a changing out here … Harper is gone soon…!

  2. polar-bill from the states on

    His severe addiction?Sounds like you’re the addicted one:addicted to the Bullshit you’ve been fed all your life.Get educated loser.

  3. josht45 on

    I really and truly am sorry Marc is doing time. It sucks, the laws suck, I wish they would change, I donate to NORML and other groups working to change it, I sign petitions, I talk to friends about unjust MJ laws here in the States. Jail is no fun, and I truly hope Marc gets out sooner rather than later.
    That said…
    It seems to me, a long time CC reader, visitor to this website, attendee of the 2nd Tokers Bowl, and as someone who dated one of Marc’s ex wives for a period, that an undue amount of space on this site, time, energy and money is going towards this matter.
    There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people in prison for MJ “crimes” in the U.S. Granted, some of those folks made some bad choices ie had guns, had hard drugs with them, used violence etc. But there are MORE who did not, and were doing good work that helped 100’s of folks ie Eddy Lepp, and they are doing MUCH longer sentences than Marc, and I don’t see anywhere near the number of articles, attention, pleas for financial assistance, cards, letters, gifts, letters for them as I do for Marc.
    And I understand that this is Marc’s website, and Jodi has been left alone to handle a great deal, and again, that really sucks. It does, and I’m sorry for Jodi.
    But it sounds like Marc is going to write a 100 chapter book from this experience, and emerge stronger from this. And he has compared his plight to MLK and other leaders, which is his choice, but if you are going to make that sort of connection, it seems like a little stoicism might be in order. No one is beating Marc, or turning firehoses on him. I have a hard time believing the best use of this website is to encourage readers to phone radio stations so Marc can listen to his favorite songs on the radio. Music is great, everyone deserves music, inc. Marc, but there are people in prison right now for MJ crimes who are being grossly overlooked b/c so, so SO much of the energy, time, money etc is going towards Marc. I don’t think anyone here is going to forget Marc while he is away. I DO think people are going to forget people such as Eddy Lepp b/c for every 100 stories I read about Marc, there is 1 for Eddy.
    I’m not going to get on the “Marc made money, Marc knew the risks, Marc made this choice” wagon. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about how it might be worth considering spreading the attention being paid to Marc to other activists. I know Marc has a self confessed huge ego, and that does not really bother me. It bothers me that I used to click on this site to get an idea of what was going on around the world on various MJ issues. Now, I feel like an inordinate amount of space. energy etc is being focused on ONE man. And this issue is bigger than ANY one person, no matter how big their ego, how many seeds they sold, etc. I guess I wish that for every 3 articles I see about Marc, I would see 1 about another prisoner of this insane war, or a list of recommendations to work towards legalization, or the like.
    It feels, to me at least, as though this is turning into MNN – Marc news Network. Again, I’m sorry hes in jail, and it’s unfair, but he is there, and most likely will be for at least 3 years. I hope not, I’d love to hear that he is walking out tomorrow, but I doubt he will. And I would like to think that MLK or Ghandi or any of the leaders Marc compares himself to so often would use their influence to focus people more on the issue and less on the man. MLK spoke of not making it to the promised land with his supporters, yet he urged them to get there. It seems as though an awful lot of energy is being focused on Marc, and not the “promised land.”
    I respect the work you do here Jodi, and I respect Marc. I’ll be curious to see if I am torn apart here by regular followers of this website, or maybe, just maybe, people are willing to concede that this is bigger than one man, ANY one man, and to start bringing some of the requests for assistance to others doing longer terms in prison for MJ based crimes.
    Peace yall.

  4. Political-inrage on

    “severe addiction”?! Perhaps you would like to research your facts alittle more before posting your poison here, as we are alot less ignorant than the stereotypes suggest. And besides, no one with an actual addiction gets better by going to prison, hell half the time it’s a guard with truck payments who is dealing to them. Save your piety, we get enough of it from Harper

  5. A Blessing on

    I hope he uses time to reflect on his severe addiction and that when he leaves he can stay clean. God Bless Him…

  6. Anonymous on

    Boll Weevil.

    Presidents of the United State of America.

    Google it.

    Cool tune for Marc.

  7. 53441f on

    i saw marc at head to head novelties in regina,sk. i believe that our government is completely corrupt and even more so the states. more politicians have there hands covered in dirty money than we as stoners have our hands in a cookie jar. it sickens me to see that our judicial systems is so willing to put good decent men and women behind bars for loving nature.

  8. Anonymous on

    He wrote the lyrics. All four members rehearsed the song prior to recording.

  9. Anonymous on

    Like lemon juice, or an algorithm of letters? What happens if we write a letter but throw a zigzag or vogue in there as well? Do they toss the whole letter?

    I think most American prison guards just want to make it home at the end of the day and don’t really give a fuck. I mean look where they work. With all the deadbeats and losers of society. Unfortunately Marc is now a member of that group.

  10. Anonymous on

    I just requested Merle Haggard for Marc.

    Okie from Muskogie.


  11. Jodie on

    That’s my error, not Marc’s – he knows everything about music! I didn’t type it all in.

  12. Anonymous on

    Ohio, is by Crosby Stills Nash , and YOUNG!!!!! Neil wrote that song, and hes the only canadian out of the group. You should know that!!

  13. ray christl THC ministry asia on

    says we are sound.Scientific deduction will prevail.Genius is seeing obvious truth in a neo-way.Excellent world we create would not have a hole.If i’m in the “hole” and i don’t have Jodie,well LOVE is next in sacrament.

  14. James Edwards on

    If only cannabis was allowed, I bet it would be a life-saver in solitary confinement…

  15. Ian from CALGARY on

    I come on here 2 times a day, morning and night to check to see if anything has changed on the status of Marc and look through all the activism going on all over the country. Jodie you rock on keeping us up to date on everything. A huge Thanks goes out to you. Come back to CALGARY… love – peace – freedom

  16. Covey69 on

    I can only imagine the difficulty you must be going through Jodie.
    Not to be able to see Marc and yet stand and continue to hold the torch with Jacob.
    You’re a brave strong woman and you and Marc seem obvious as soul mates, if you will.
    I love watching Jacob he also is doing a great job.
    A lot of Officers have shown that all the other protest were stood by and held up your rights with you but sometimes their is a bad apple.
    I hope everyone in the protest don’t allow one overbearing something to prove Officer against the ones that are hounarable.
    I hope I don’t get flammed but when you look at the stats; you find some of these men/women break down over shear stress.
    150 Officers patrol Edmonton with 700,000, that’s 1 Officer per almost 5000 people.
    Just playing devils advocate, these people are over worked and under paid at times becasue of a broken system. We have to see them as human and I am in no way saying you weren’t becasue you’re awesome, I’m only speaking out for those who may think about it.
    I miss Marc Emery to, a lot of us do. He is a very Great Leader who inspired me and many more to step out of the crowd and not be afraid with knowledge and truth.
    We as teenagers experimenting in the 80’s went on having been told from one of us to another and that belief was Hemp Seeds were very bad and not to eat them but throw them away and I carried that truth believing it for years..
    Ask anyone if Hemp seeds are bad for you now.
    So easy to be led with ignorance and Marc helped me see otherwise..
    just some background hick Newfie following all the same cattle minded beliefs that we were taught from our parents, only problem was, they were all lied to.
    Keep up the great work and I’m glad to have met you and Marc her in Edmonton, he kinda is my hero.
    sorry for the pedestal, I know he’s a simple man but mostly good and reflects truth.

    Covey WhiteGold

  17. Anonymous on

    it is jail what do you expect.
    he will be out sooner than later so don’t even trip.
    haven’t you known anyone to do a stint. he can handle it.

  18. persecutedinalberni on

    Nice to see you got his mail,hang in there jodie I understand your lonelyness and your fears when seperated wrongfully from your spouse.

    I have sent a letter to him and pictures over a week ago and I have written another just getting some more pics together and will mail them out this week sometime.

    In my letters I speak of some of the sick things mr Harpers government has done to me and the many cover ups the government has done in order to allow these elites and their secret societies to perswecute me.

    I explain things like how the elite punished me as the whistle blower for exposing the truth about what realy went on between Clifford Robert Olson and John Robin Sharpe and the devil worshipping it was really all about.

    They can punish by doing things like slam suv’s into your freinds car trying to kill him while making it look like an accident and then trying to do it again to your brother if it were not for that blue truck that shot out and was hit instead or they can induce cancer to you or your loved ones.

    They do it and know that only I am genius enough to know that these are indeed NOT just accidents.
    Like knowing the guy in my neighbourhood who was tboned in an accident and yes I do believe he was the one that called the multistalkers/watchers everytime I left home in my vehicle.
    A very common way for criminals to scare people into cooperating with their sick plan.

    Well blah blah blah the fact is Jodie I am explaining things the man doesn’t want marc to talk about or even read so you know aswell so please make sure Marc gets the letters.

    Make sure he gets them please Jodie I am affraid they won’t let him read my letters.

    I have many things I wish I could explain to Marc and even you jodie but as we all know they read all of his mail in which case I might aswell just write letters to the gaurds lol.

    And yes you are right Jodie we need to take care of the movement just like I need to take care of some sick devil worshipping child molesters that live in my town that persecuted me.

    The fact is Jodie people need to get more active with the movement and realize they don’t have to be an insane nut like me to stand out on a street corner or highway with signs saying you give a shit about your freedom in your country.

    People need to know that there is a certain pride and good feeling I have when I walk away from doing my two hour protests every saturday on highway #4.

    They too can have this feeling by making up a AMERICA MUST FREE MARC EMERY sign and doing the same as I and be proud to show you will stand up for your rights and freedoms.

    After all Marc is gonna be primeminister one day isn’t he? so get off your stonner asses everyone and demand our future primeminister be returned to us at once.

    Again Jodie hang in there and be strong.

  19. ray christl thc ministry cambodia on

    mery#40252-086 unit db.It will be mostly simple english questions and comments of sympathy.Good luck,or how could you be in jail for selling seeds,??Are the seeds you sold the same that he Buddha ate ONE a day for six years? Why is hemp illegal in Cambodia ,but not Canada?Hope these words will give HERO Marc solace.Stay alive because freedom is coming and your martyrdom is jail sacrifice ,and not the cross.

  20. Tiffany on

    Marc. Stay strong and know that one day you will be back in Jodie’s arms looking back on all of your current suffering.
    I guarantee it.

  21. Jodie on

    The link is posted right there in the blog post. Or go to http://www.FreeMarc.ca and click the “Send Marc Mail” top story.

    …but just because I really want you to send mail, here’s the info again:


    To be safe, please send only hand-written or hand-typed letters. Photos are permitted, but PLEASE don’t send pictures of bongs, marijuana, plants, nudity, or anything illegal or inappropriate because it will be refused.

    The only books that Marc wants right now will be sent by Jodie. Otherwise, when new books arrive, Marc has to give up the ones he is reading. In the next few months, an Amazon.com “wish list” for Marc will be set up.

    ALL MAIL IS THOROUGHLY READ BY PRISON OFFICIALS. Do not write about illegal activities or anything that you want to keep private. The official guidelines are listed below.

    Please write to Marc about what you’re doing in your life, the activism you’ve done, the silly little pleasures and joys of your day, the news about what’s happening in the world and your area, etc. Prison life is just endless boring repetition, cut off from the outside. Nothing ever changes and nothing new ever happens, so Marc would really appreciate getting reports from the outside world!

    Mailing address:
    Marc Scott Emery #40252-086 Unit DB
    PO Box 13900
    FDC SeaTac
    Seattle, Washington

  22. AnonymousRob on

    Please post address or send to my email where we can email marc

  23. AnonymousRob on

    Please post address or send to my email where we can email marc


    FREE MARC my filthy american government!!!!!!!!

  25. ray christl THC Ministry ASIA on

    Dear Jodie;Very happy your upbeat, and hearing from your LOVE MAN is joyous for all.What a savior for our global nexus.Please add a sympathetic poster of YOU or the one above that you both hug and the separation is hurting YOU.Pathos for christ was about the suffering of his mother -sisters and brothers who are victims of the leviathan policy.Not saying that a postor of smoking is counter-productive,yet your suffering is paramount to show voting soccer/hockey Moms that woman suffer from this more ,because women LOVE.This opens the mind to “system two” and removes the blockage that SMOKE represents in media.Love you all Pastor Ray thc locomotive asia. ONELOVE at Embassy Phnom Penh,Cambodia,,,July,4th 6am prayer vigil-LIGHT-6pm MARC EMERY film fest and med-pot sign-up.

  26. Jodie on

    Dustin, the blog entry had a link to the article about Marc and why he’s in solitary. My last blog post was all about it. The front page of CannabisCulture.com has the big article about it. You can find out more simply by looking!

  27. Anonymous on

    He didn’t break any rules. He doesn’t want to be there. The Americans there are just being dicks, making up the rules as they go along.

  28. Yukonlass on

    I’ve got it streaming and am enjoying the good tunes!

  29. Yukonlass on

    Marc is in solitary for unknowingly breaking a prison rule. Jodie recorded a portion of a phone conversation with Marc and then later posted it on CC as a podcast. Apparently, it’s an unwritten rule.
    And, while it is hard on Marc to be in solitary, at least we know he’s safe there.
    In the meantime, keep working to have him brought home. Don’t stop with one letter, pressure your representatives to send him home.

  30. Free Marc on

    I don’t understand how people can be treated this way. It saddens me to think that such a good man could be bared up for such injustices. DEA you’ll reap what you sew someday, how do you people sleep at night…

    Free Speech, Free World, someday will see it…

  31. Anonymous on

    Thanks for the info! This is sad to hear 🙁

  32. Karen from Virginia on

    I just wanted you to know that I called, emailed, and sent a facebook request to the radio station about playing any and all songs they could for Marc!! I asked them to PLEASE say is name as often as possible!! I let them know that the more they played his favorites the more fans they would get AND the more we would listen to their station…it’s available online LIVE so…it’s like we are listening to music WITH MARC!! I will be sending letters by the end of the week! We are WITH U MARC!!!



    *ONE LOVE*

  33. Mo Chalifoux on

    Marc is in Solitary for breaking an unwritten rule pertaining to the recording of phone calls in prison. Marc had his wife record a “pot cast” from inside SeaTac. The Pot Cast was never aired, however Marc is still being punished for breaking this unwritten rule. He is in Solitary awaiting his internal disciplinary hearing.
    Yes you read right, in solitary for over a week AWAITING PUNISHMENT. Since this is internal prison discipline there little in the way of legal recourse to assist Marc, he is merely at the mercy of his jailers.

  34. Ganja Santa on

    Wouldn’t it be GREAT if they needed to give Marc his own MAILBAG!!!
    Oh yeah….and its the simplest and cheapest way to show your support not only for Mark but more so for the MOVEMENT in general. Just a simple phrase is all it takes. “Keep a stiff upper lip Marc”, “You go man” any bit of keeping a good positive attitude….anything!!….Lets overwhelm their postal system….LOL!!!!….YEAHH!!!!! HO HO HO!!! Puf Puff>>>>>>>passssss

  35. Dustin on

    Surely they can’t place him in solitary confinement without him either requesting it or breaking rules in general population.

    Please don’t tell me the prison authorities just popped him in there because they especially hate him :/ Doesn’t seem like they’d be able to get away with that.

  36. UncleBob100 on

    It’s simple why Marc is being punished. This is retribution from buddies of John Walters – past DEA chief.

  37. Dustin on

    Why is Marc in solitary? From what I’ve read, solitary is the most maddening punishment of all — far worse than being in the prison’s general population.

    Did he request to be placed in solitary? I thought they only placed people in there who need protective custody in prison, or people who break the rules in prison.

  38. Anonymous on

    I remember you used to have a download link to the free marc emery poster, but does Cannabis Culture sell them, please?

  39. Anonymous on

    Excellent, Jodie. Thanks for the direction!

    Here’s KZOK’s request line and email info:

    (206) 421-1025


  40. MOTFA on

    Thank you for the update, maybe i shall send Marc another letter…