Prince of Pot, in Solitary, Launches New Movement for Freedom, Obama Pardon

“I sold millions of seeds,” Marc Emery told Seattle Weekly in 2007, “and sometimes made $2 million a year.” U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan essentially repeated those words last month as justification for pressing charges against the Canadian marijuana seed mogul, who sits in the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac (apparently in solitary for a telephone podcast), awaiting sentencing Sept. 10 to a plea-bargained 5-year term. Now there is a move afoot to free the Prince of Pot before he is sent off to prison.

Aside from the “Free Marc” T-shirts, hoodies, buttons and posters now on sale in Vancouver, supporters can download a “Free Marc Emery” informational paper from his web site, giving tips on what to say and who to say it to, among them:

1) Contact your Member of Parliament in Canada or your Representative in the US Congress. Let them know about Marc Emery’s situation, and why you and thousands of other voters want Marc to be free in his home country Canada.2) Contact the Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews (pronounced “Taves”), and tell him that if Marc Emery applies for a prison transfer from the USA to Canada, the Minister should approve it right away.

3) Contact President Barack Obama and tell him that he should pardon Canadian citizen Marc Emery and let him return home to Canada.

As Emery told SW three years ago, he was backing Ron Paul for the White House, in part because he thought he’d have a better chance in federal court if Paul, who opposes the war on drugs, ran the U.S.

It’s my belief that if Ron were elected, he’d rescind the indictment against me immediately. Or at least he’d appoint an attorney general who would pardon any nonviolent drug offender, clear out the jails, and end the drug war.

Could Obama come through for him? Unlikely. Reflecting presidential policy, drug czar and former Seattle police chief Gil Kerlikowske has stopped using the reference “war on drugs” but has not necessarily stopped the war.

And though Emery ran his seed seed business entirely in Canada where he was never charged with a crime, American prosecutors don’t like being out-gamed.

“Mr. Emery made millions of dollars promoting and facilitating marijuana grows in the U.S. with no regard for the age or criminal activities of his customers,” said Durkan. “The rule of law requires accountability. A five-year prison term will hold Emery accountable for his choice to ignore the law.”

To some, that was another way of saying what the DEA blurted out a few years earlier in a press release about why it was pursing Emery, who gave away his millions to groups pushing for legalization:

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery’s illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.”

And the DEA has one less political opponent pushing to cut its funding.

– Article from Seattle Weekly.



  1. John Thacker on

    President Obama has pardoned exactly *zero* people so far. Only Clinton and GWB started out as many days without pardons or commutations since George Washington, who had special circumstances obviously. (Clinton had the last minute pardons of rich people and politicians and campaign contributors that gave people a bad taste in their mouth too. Bush pardoned very few.)

    Yet some people still have hope?

  2. BG on

    Don’t forget tobacco… and *GASP* coffee… How about Coffee prohibition… look up coffee health statistics… let’s ban this wretched substance for the safety of the children!! The Children!!!! AAAHHHH!!!!
    Makes cannabis look pretty inocent and unworthy of issue in comparison.

    I still believe ” No Mercy!” should be our battle cry. Let science, sense, and reasoning be our weapons… and bludgeon the hell out of the opposition with said weapons. Take no prisoners.

  3. Beatnuck on

    I agree 100 %that “it’s time to start fighting back.” But there needs to be a paradigm shift. The whole problem stems from the pro-marijuana movement being in a defensive position. The answer is for the movement to morph into the anti-alcohol movement. In other words, we need to launch a war against alcohol, and apply all the same tactics the anti-marijuana movement (the pro-alcohol movement) uses. Prohibition should be the buzzword — lots of support there. The wonderful thing is that it is not necessary to make things up and lie in inciting moral panic about alcohol. It’s all true and can be backed up by science, statistics, and real stories from real victims.

    For example, even low to moderate drinking over time causes brain damage that can be seen on fMRIs. How many politicians, judges, prosecutors, and senior law enforcement officials have suffered brain damage from long-term low or moderate drinking?

    First line of attack: we need legislation ordering all judges, prosecutors, and police officers to be drug tested for alcohol and to receive fMRIs to check for brain damage. There will be a lot of opposition because the brain-damaged imbeciles won’t want the truth to come out!

    The other thing we need is a whistle-blower campaign in which those who work with the brain-damaged alcoholics come forward with the truth and out them.

    Lastly, there is a strong contingent in Canada and the USA of those who are rabidly in favour of mandatory sentencing for drugs. Well, alcohol is a drug. If you drive drunk and kill somebody, shouldn’t you get an automatic 10 years in jail? IF you commit an act of violence while drunk, shouldn’t the alcohol intoxication be an aggravating circumstance that brings on a mandatory jail sentence? (Currently, many drunks who kill serve their sentences in the community while small-time marijuana dealers get sent to jail.)

    While outright prohibition might be too much to hope for, there are many, many other ways to hurt alcoholics who hurt others and get off with a slap on the wrist. As a victim of alcohol-induced violence, I would be only too happy to join a vigilante group dedicated to meting out the justice that our “justice” system refuses to impose on violent criminals. We sure as hell are not being protected by the police and courts, who always side with the violent alcoholic and go against the victim of violence. Then the next accused gets sent to jail for a few joints….

    Time to adopt the tactics of the enemy. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Being reasonable, peaceful, and complacent just doesn’t cut it anymore. Attack and cause harm. That’s how the anti-marijuana movement acts, and now it’s their turn to see how it feels.

  4. Troy Campbell on

    The second last line of this post that states that Marc emery channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars of illicit money to cannabis legalization movements should be corrected to read that He channeld hundreds of thousands of allegedly illicit funds !!! By stating they are illicit before he has even been convicted of the charges against him this is just wrong in every way as until he has been convicted he has only been accused of wrong doing even if he has confessed to doing these things until a judge finds him guilty of a crime he has only admited he did sell seeds and that he gave is profits to political activists he hasnt said I knew it was a crime and did it anyways he only said he sold the seeds I actually dont think there was any malice in his actions and I Also wonder exactly how many orders that were sent to the united states went to licenced medical patients in the US ?? Who knows it could be possible that the seeds they can track directly to Emery seeds could have all be found in medical marijuana states and if that was so Was any crime actually commited?

  5. persecutedinalberni on

    Obama is nothing but a puppet,no matter what he does or says he is just the puppet who does what the elite tell him to do.

    It is the elite who put Marc away because he and the movement destroy satans industries like oil/plastics/chemical/cotton/lumber/medical industies.

    Know thy true enemy,it ain’t Obama

  6. HiddenHand on

    As with all illustrious leaders, Obama is a paid actor sponsored by satanic, pedophile elites.

    Viewer, please awaken to the Bilderberg Group and realize that there is something much bigger happening here…

    We are the Gods we cry for.


  7. Notsohappy on

    President O’bummer isn’t going to do a damn thing for Marc. All he cares about is his own reputation and keeping his image shiney. He doesn’t even care about the 47 million non-working americans that voted for him, and he only wishes to tax the fuck out of those that do work. We pray for Mr. Obama to pardon Marc. End marijuana prohibition now. President Obama be the man you say you are, and end prohibition like FDR.

  8. ray christl THC MINISTRY GLOBAL on

    Gandhi and MLK spoke the truth and employed methods that showed a path towards enlightenment,and righteousness.If the global CC family adhere to these modalities all will end well.Means to an END.The devil or not is in the TACTICS.Trolling CIA-MAFIA want WAR fight WAR gets HYPERWAR.If your an ATHEIST and you PRAY with the christian enemy wih sincerity for peace,than this is a better tactic in my BOOK.They must have FEAR erased to think in SYSTEM TWO brain of LOGOS.Cannabis truth will shine without FEAR. ONELOVE CHURCH.

  9. ray christl THC LOCOMOTIVE on

    WARbamablob is a do nothing DEMOCRAT from SWAT HELL.Great role model for the most corrupt republic on EARTH.The DEM-REPS paradigm is a RUSE on our CC global family.The CIA-MAFIA seem to RULE…everywhere.ETHOS,LOGOS…??? Pathos will CHANGE the hearts of the people to VOTE YES for HERO MACHINE,and using our sacrament for healing of all.

  10. Sharki on

    Since Pink Floyd did re-unite, I wont say when Pigs Fly.
    I think Realistically, Marc will do 3 and a half, go back to Canada, and will be 10 times as effective and focused than ever.
    After the 2nd Honeymoon of course.
    I hope for early release for all Cannabis crimes, but I fear that’s not gonna happen until the “Other” “Cultures” get tired of being slaves and Revolt.
    When will people “GET” the fact that Cannabis is tied into the “MAN” Removing our Personal Liberties, while Taxing us all to Death.It all amounts Slavery….
    If Anyone can figure out a way to have a Non Violent Revolution, they better step up fast.
    Even sheeple might start waking up when Food, Gas, and all those comforts are stripped away.
    I am the most Peaceful Person, and I hate that this is happening.
    But as a Jew, my Granny taught me not to wait till they are knocking at my door to protect my loved ones.
    Over Grow and Fuck the “Man”

  11. pZ on

    …in rhetoric, and personal style.

  12. THC ?LLIANCE on

    Traditional political methods have become obsolete.

    If it’s war they want, well, then it’s time to start fighting back!

    It’s time to employ other tactics.

  13. Harry on

    Just had to pick myself up off the floor after falling down laughing after reading this hilarious idea to get Obama to pardon Marc Emery. Obama and his cabal of corrupt Democrats are right-wing conservatives opposed to any civil liberties or justice for ordinary people. The ignorant masses that believe Obama is some sort of populist hero need to get over it. An easy way to do this is to never, ever listen to anything he has to say in any speech, press conference, interview, statement, etc. Only look at what has been done in the last 16 months to get the true picture of what Obama really stands for. When you’re done you won’t be wasting any time asking him to do anything that, you know, might be the right thing to do.