Men Arrested For Craigslist Ad Offering Pot for iPad

A 20-year-old man who posted an ad on Craigslist offering to trade marijuana and an iPod for an iPad and his friend got a little more than what he bargained for on Tuesday, according to police.

Jacob Walker and his friend, Joseph Velarde, also 20, of Gilbert, were arrested on suspicion of marijuana posession at 1515 E. Warner Road after officers followed up on the ad Walker allegedly posted on the online classified ad service In his ad, Walker indicated that he wanted to trade marijuana and an iPod for an Apple i-Pad, according to poilce.

Detectives replied to Walker’s posting and scheduled to meet him at Val Vista and Warner Roads. Walker arrived at the location with the marijuana and iPod and presented them to an undercover detective. Walker and Velarde then were arrested.

The Craigslist ad read: Wanted iPad 32GB READ THIS!!! (Gilbert):

“I am willing to trade my 32 gb ipod touch 3rd generation and a quarter of DANK. Blue dream straight outta Cali. The ipod is in PERFECT condition. Not one scratch it. Has been in the case the whole time and has never had screen cover removed!!!! Let me know!!!!”

– Article from East Valley Tribune.

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  1. Anonymous on

    What idiot would place an ad to exchange pot for anything? Either one or both of these guys have already killed too many neurons (due to too much pot use) to be able to grasp the degree of stupidity of this action, or one or both of them wanted to be caught. MORONS!


    Deserved to go to jail …no. The sad thing is the police bought an ipad to make the bust! WASTE WASTE and more WASTE.I BET SOMEONE DIED IN THAT TOWN THE NIGHT THEY BUSTED THIS KID

  3. Anonymous on

    this kid was an idiot he deserved to be caught

  4. Anonymous on

    These pathetic pigs are monsters, plain and simple. I hope every pig involved in this operation loses their jobs and their life savings.

  5. Anonymous on

    What a waste of tax payer dollars. This is stupid. The police need something productive to do like catching some murders, sex offenders or violent offenders. How would they even be able to charge 2 people in this incident?

  6. Anonymous on

    People just don’t know how to grind

  7. Jordan E. on

    All those guys wanted was an ipad