LA Times Cuts Truth About Political Motivations in Emery Case

On my latest trip to Seattle to see Marc Emery plead guilty in a US Federal Court, I bumped into LA Times writer Kim Murphy, who told me she was writing a story about the embattled marijuana activist and his troubles with the law.

We had a great conversation over lunch, paid for by the LA Times! Kim said she had been given the assignment by the senior editor of the paper and didn’t know much about Marc or the case, so CC‘s advertising manager Britney and I told her everything we could.

She listened intently for about an hour, and seemed especially interested in the DEA press release that was issued just after Marc’s 2005 arrest, where administrator Karen Tandy admits that Marc’s arrest was politically motivated.

Here’s the release in full (click here for a photo of the original):

Statement from DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy

Major North American Marijuana Trafficker Self-Proclaimed “Prince of Pot” aka Marc Scott Emery Arrested Today

“Today’s DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, and the founder of a marijuana legalization group — is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement.

His marijuana trade and propagandist marijuana magazine have generated nearly $5 million a year in profits that bolstered his trafficking efforts, but those have gone up in smoke today.”

Emery and his organization had been designated as one of the Attorney General’s most wanted international drug trafficking organizational targets — one of only 46 in the world and the only one from Canada.”

“Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery’s illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.

Yes, it is a shocking admission of the government’s political motivations in targeting Marc Emery.

Kim, the LA Times writer, was indeed very interested in this statement, and the fact that it has been unusually removed from the DEA’s website. Kim was also interested in the fact that Marc had reported his earnings and paid taxes to the Canadian government each year while explicitly stating the money was from the sales of marijuana seeds, and that Health Canada actually sent medical marijuana patients to Marc to buy seeds.

Kim came up to Vancouver to interview Marc’s wife Jodie Emery and to check out the Pot Block and CCHQ. When she was here, she brought up the DEA press release again, and was amazed that it hadn’t received more press considering its significance. I told her I though there was a concerted effort by the press to ignore the facts in press release. She was skeptical, and told me that in her many years as a journalist at the LA Times, she had never been edited in a way that would remove key facts or change the meaning of her stories.

I guess when it comes to Marc Emery, there’s a first time for everything.

The LA Times’ story about Marc, “‘Prince of Pot’ is at a low” published on Friday, June 11, 2010, though it is very well written and sympathetic to Marc’s situation, contains NO references to the DEA press release, the fact that Marc paid taxes, or the fact that Health Canada passed Marc’s info on to medical patients. All these important facts are missing.

Turns out, the facts were in Kim’s original draft, but were removed by LA Times editors, who told the writer the details ‘weren’t important enough’.

What do you think? Do you think these details were really removed because they weren’t important enough to the story? To me, it seems like the DEA’s press release may be THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of evidence in the case, because it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marc was arrested for his political activism.

I encourage you to contact the editors of the Los Angeles Times to let them know how important these facts really are. [email protected]

UPDATE: I just had a telephone conversation with the very courteous and friendly Kim Murphy about what exactly transpired with her editors. She told me she doubted the edits were made for political reasons, but probably due to space constraints. Her original story was quite lengthy, so some parts had to be cut. When it came back with the cuts, she asked them specifically about including the DEA press release info. Her editor told her that part “wasn’t as interesting” as the parts they left in. She said she didn’t think about it much at the time, and just agreed and went along with it. “I probably should have fought harder for those points to remain in,” she said. I told Kim I felt like those might be the most important facts about the whole case, and she agreed and said I should forward my comments to the Los Angeles Times (email address above).

Jeremiah Vandermeer
Jeremiah Vandermeer

Jeremiah Vandermeer is Cannabis Culture Chief of Operations and Editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine & Pot TV.



  1. Libertarian on

    To what democracy are you refering? The United States of Americ are on the paper a ‘Republic’, something far superiour to a ‘democracy’.

    Why is that? Because a ‘democracy’ is a dictatorship of the majority rule – the majority as the right to vote away the rights of minorities.
    In a ‘Republic’ there isn’t such a problem as your rights are protected by an constition – here it only matters that the rights are granted thru god (a being superiour to humans, so no human being can change it later on) and not Gov/State (as they are humans that deprive those rights again). The main focus has to be on limiting the powers of government – where the road of limiting citizens powers lead to we all know – serfdom.

    And you are right, the US press isn’t forfilling it constitutional task of keeping us well informed. Media owned today by a small groupe of people that want to control the majority for their own greater benefit, and we as the consumers of these products neither do our part as we don’t punish these folks by not stopping to consume their cheap propaganda.

    If we would stop buying a crapy product and rather spend money on quality again there would be a swift change of minds in the media – just take a look on how the neocon home channel FOX is changing it’s programm slowly to the demand of ‘tea party’ consumers.

  2. cali guy on

    canada would be nothing but a ice cube if it wasnt for united stated, u think u are free in canada? then explain the 60% tax

  3. ray christl RASTA LOVE ASIA on

    papers.The pulp-tree rags of disinformation are all going out of business of lies/propaganda ,so hit(in love of truth) and complain(ant)( a true honest victim) wanting just laws.Harp in love on that fact as you CANCEL.(WORDS are action on phone or email)…Anarchist would cancel a non membership having them waste many hours looking for the MISSING INFORMATION about FREE HEMP and the Emery family.Free Rick Simpson and broaden the shame and sympathy.All med-pot dispensaries out EAST closed???BUSH-DEA in LORD STANLEY NATION.If DEA shoot LOVE in the FACE then voters will wake-up??????

  4. slasharoo bonzai on

    As I live in L A County, and I am a regular reader of the times news rag…
    I call it the daily mullet rapper…I am not suprised abt the poor reporting …there is a campaign by these people to cloud the facts and omit the important info…it is a way to taylor the responce to create a zone of fear and oppression. the L A Times is bought out.. lock, stock, and barrel..
    very lillte gets done by them to forward the conversation but every thing gets done to paint it in a bad light ..this marijuana thing… as of now neerly all my places to get my meds are closing and the profits at the remaining ones will force the govt. to step in and call it profiteering ..its a calculated move to remove all co op’s by 2012.. its gonna take a couple of years to shut down the rest…Now this bum Trutanich wants to be our attny. general…thank gawd I vote …Free Marc ..Free the Weed…stop the oppressions of freedoms and exploitations of big Govt…We The People elected these bums…vote em out

  5. Anonymous on

    The full story as ran in the paper closed with the observation that Marc had been placed in soilitary when an attempt to record his outgoing call by his associates. The online article posted made no referance to this. This was rather disturbing having read the full article in the paper and then seeing the online version. If I need to cancel my subscription because of unfair editing please let me know. I can get my fairy tales from some other sources. Sure hopes the LA Times runs the complete unedited version in all news settings.

  6. ray christl THC Ministry GLOBAL on

    Thanks Moe for a logical progression to the ideal value INFINITE LOVE.Loving technique leads to more MOEtivation to be even more loving. The first post that quoted Hitler proves that an evil man can have a sound-cogent argument.`The scholar Walter Lippmann started sharing with the ruling class his ideas of manufacturing consent in the 1922 book “Public Opinion” which set a preCIA propaganda apparatus in motion. Logical fallacy to think Pol Pot,Stalin or Hitler couldn’t have valid theses.It’s the argument not the reputation.Also,if you call a person a Hitler or Pol Pot because you think their bad.This is a fallacy of ad Hitlerum and ad Hominem.Name calling always reflects back at the speaker,and not the intended victim.Unless you can link evil action equally similar.

  7. Moe Paine on

    Ours is not a fight that can be won with weapons. That could only intensify the conflict, the backlash would grow and grow. Like trying to fight against quicksand.

    If we wish to prevail in this struggle for freedom, we can be guided by the simple advice of Ghandi, MLK, and Luke Skywalker- let go of your hatred for your enemies.

    Then there is the advice of Hakim Bey- a proper target for your hatred is the rotten ideas and institutions which do you harm. Let those ideas and instutitions be Destroyed; Annihilated, forthwith and by all proper means.

    Aldous Huxley informs that only by proper means can proper ends be achieved; because the means employed necessarily determine the ends produced.

    MY philosophy is that Freedom is the root of all good things. Through the spread of Freedom, Truth may be attained. Through the spread of Truth, Justice may be attained. Through the spread of Justice, Peace may be attained. And with the spread of Peace, I think we will all find ourselves sourrounded by, infinite Love…

    So to those who are frightened by the concept of reasonable Freedom for adults, I ask- “Can’t you have a little more heart…?”

    If you are standing next to the highway waving Our Flag and demanding Justice 2 hours a day, Brother I wish the rest had heart like you… Keep on, the darkness will yield I swear it!

    -Moe Paine

  8. persecutedinalberni on

    Well I thought we all knew it was about “WHO” Marc is and not anout his seeds.

    We Canadians who are born and raised to be free take our freedoms for granted,we forget that we KNOW we are free where America only THINKS they are free.

    And so when a free Canadian comes along and shows and teaches and educates the suppressed how to stand up for themselves and be free it does not make them look good.

    They come for Marc so that when they play the brain fart game on me and I turn to every politician and media I can and they play stupid I have no one else to turn to.

    I even sent a letter to the pope and he played stupid too but if Marc was a politician I could turn to for help he might order an investigation and demand judy the social worker for ministry for children answer my questions instead of getting up and running away like her skirt was on fire.

    My wife and I did nothing to harm these foster children we had in out home and so when I was concerned for our foster boys safety I asked Judy if the RCMP ever came into her office to talk about me.?

    I asked if they suspected me of anything or accused me of anything and she got up and ran away yelling “no no no I am not going to answer your questions when you are in that state of mind”.

    In what a concerned state of mind ? but even to this day still avoids the questioning and sat back and watched and laughed as they took me away for two weeks and made everyone in my life think this is all in my head.

    When I make accusations against the authorities they take me away to silence and discredit me and perform character asasination on me.

    Same with the ladies at EIC, they too owe me an explanation since our government is so gutless and cowardly they hide behind the skirts of a few government employee who are equally corrupt.

    As I have said before folks it ain’t just about the weed,with Marc as primeminister I wonder what and who he would also stand up for should it come to his attention.

    Look what’s happening now, one second he is telling the world about this nice guy named robert that the American government also shit on and the next second he is being silenced.?

    What’s up with that? I mean just think about it for a second did you know 58 000 soldiers were killed in veitnam but even more were killed when they got home.

    109 000 took their own life in the 35 yrs since the veitnam war ended,ok it ain’t earth shattering news we will get over it but with guys like Marc around we might talk about it alittle more openly.

    Quick someone call ophra lol but anyway you know what I am saying Marc is a voice for the people and the elite who run things don’t like it.

    I have only one person who I would ask help from or explain how I was wronged and by whom but I cannot because he has been taken away.

    The politician I need is taken away and resently silence because they don’t want him commenting about people like Robert or people who write letters explaining how they were persecuted.

    Oh that reminds me I should write to him and explain alittle more about how they persecuted me while he is still in solitary,I hope it gets to him.

    So untill the leader I choose to beleive in is returned all I can do is be a constant reminder to my fellow Canadian we have been invaded by America.

    As I have said before folks I will be out on highway #4 in Port Alberni with my FREE MARC signs every weekend for two hours at a time to show my support untill Marc is home with wife and country.

    Then maybe Marc gives a shit enough about the children that he will help so I can solve murders of children and bring closure to loved ones but cannot because they are all corrupt and will not answer me questions.

    I have been there for 5 saturdays in a row with my signs and look forword to the next and each one after that.

    I need my wife and family to beleive in me again so I can solve murders but need your help and Marc to help them beleive it is indeed true I was persecuted by the law and the ministry for children and EIC.

    so yes you can bet your ass he was arrested for his political activism,his willingness to speak out is what he is taken away for.

    What is next america , are we all going to hear how he suddenly dies or something sinister,are we to believe this bullshit too America?.

    I cannot believe how much we are so weak and allow America to come in and take away our citizens who speak out and fight for freedom.

    I know I should be fighting with a weapon but instead I am weak and fight with my FREE MARC signs instead.

  9. ray christl THC LOCOMOTIVE on

    CIA-MAFIA RAG of trash tree pulp lies.My whole life manufacturing consent.The wet noodle PREEZ and sold-out slaves… GOD LOVE ‘EM.I can’t love them anymore,they ‘re evil.Can’t pray to a DEAD or UNCARE GOD.The TREE of LIFE is the LOVE we CC family can BELIEVE ONELOVE…destiny HERO machine must be legal to SAVE HUMANITY from itself.Vegetables have bigger BRAINS.

  10. Dirty Harry on

    She won’t say anything if she wants to continue having a job there.

  11. UncleBob100 on

    I’d be interested to hear what Kim Murphy has to say now, after the story has been published without the pertinent facts.

  12. O. B. Server on

    The most important, salient facts “just happen” to get left out of the U.S mainstream media? No way! And here I was, thinking that the U.S. watchdog media was the very cornerstone of democracy (etc.)!

    “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” — Adolph Hitler