KopBusters Interview on KVUE News

I thought you would enjoy this KVUE news piece that aired in May. It’s local coverage (Austin, Texas) of the police reacting to KopBusters.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I seem to recall Cooper crying on NPR… maybe it wasn’t him, but I think he was distraught over damaging his relationship with his family as a result of these illegal police-set-ups.

    I support ‘whistle-blowing’, I support drug-education in conjunction with cannabis (and even hard-drug) legalisation, but I don’t support dishonesty so much… like Cooper said, he can catch police officers breaking the law in legal ways… ways like secret videos, but lying for the sake of ‘blowing the whistle’ is crossing an ethical-line in wrong direction.

    There should be more/better regulation of police practices in the US in particular.

  2. Bob Burrill on

    Barry has done an important service in his work. In the 2008 Sting on the grow-op team…he showed that anybody growing anything indoors is in danger of being swat-teamed, potentially assaulted or killed. In this case the grow was pine trees. What about those who grow orchids indoors? Or Goji berries? Or natural tobacco?
    My Legal grow here in Edmonton, Alberta was illegally invaded by kops a few years ago.(liscenced medical patient)The green team looked at my designated growers’ power bill…and rammed the door in based on that. Then they had to pay the costly damages to the security door….which took them almost a year to fix. Also all the neighbours down the street then knew there was a medically liscenced grow present. This put my DG is severe danger and he had to relocate at great expense. If I wasn’t so damn sick I’d have sued the kops.

  3. Blossom Green on

    Cops, modern day gangsters! Who’s gonna put an end to their reign? Everyone needs to be armed with cameras, recording their behavior.


    This is some of the best police work I have ever witnessed. Thank you Barry. I have a GREAT idea. Why dont you start training other citizens how to do this? If more people did this to more police departments, it could curtail, at least, some of the corruption that is festering in ALL police departments across the continent!

    Thanks again Barry and keep up the GOOD work!!!

  5. Anonymous on

    Don’t that just take the cake? They arrest Mr. Cooper for doing the same thing that they do to us and then they call it illegal. Give me a F*@king Break! They are saying this is illegal because they are getting caught, Nothing more.

  6. ray christl friend of bob marley on

    Again only the POLICE are the complainer,and so unjust SIN laws from the STATE from some HOLIBOOK is forced on the KING?No sumptuary prohibition was to protect the KING from the RABBLE.Patently unjust and jerry- rigged.Build sympathy for Jodie and Marc with separation of church and state argument.Christians don’t want govt. control over their “LEAP OF FAITH”.Sumptuary laws to protect morality are archaic as modern polity in constitution liberty says we’re the KING of our castle.FREEDOM OF SPEECH and/or FREEDOM OF RELIGION trump all sumptuary babble.Calmly VOTE YES !

  7. Dirty Harry on

    The US post office does stings to catch thief’s in their ranks. Walmart does the same to be sure cashiers are not letting non scanned merchandise out the door. Hell, cops try and trick 7-11 stores to sell beer and smokes to minors.
    The police are the so called “watchers” over us…Who watches the watchers? Who polices the police? Themselves?? That’s a fooking joke.

  8. Travis Erbacher on

    Barry, from one political candidate and CC blogger to another, I truly appreciate your role in protecting the rights of the public. I look forward to meeting you next time you visit Vancouver. Keep up the good work my friend.

  9. UncleBob100 on

    Keep up the good work Barry and Candi.

  10. jomila on

    Keep fighting to expose these corrupt cops Barry. It’s plain as day they are trying to cover their tracks, and they look like FOOLS! Keep your head up, we all got your back.

  11. old vet on

    on there toes this is why america hates its cops they dont follow the law they act like the law is only for everyone else .the drugwar has made already corrupt police departments worse crimnals than before .lets fire these heathans and start over