Activist Assaulted by Police at ‘Free Marc’ Protest : VIDEO

The FREE MARC EMERY campaign visited Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s office in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Thursday, June 10th. Head organizer and BC Civil Liberties director Jacob Hunter was immediately assaulted and arrested by a Niagara Falls Policeman.

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The FREE MARC campaign was at Conservative MP Rob Nicholson’s constituency office to stage an “occupation” sit-in protest, similar to dozens that have taken place across Canada. The protests are a response to the extradition and imprisonment of Canadian activist, businessman, and BC Marijuana Party leader Marc Emery.

The video shows a police officer knock the camera out of Hunter’s hands, grab him by the jacket and push toward his throat, then slapping him with a ticket booklet as the activist attempted to follow the officer into the Nicholson’s office. The officer then claimed that Hunter was pushing him around and arrested him for assault.

Several other activists gathered around Hunter as officers prepared to put him in a police vehicle. Activist Eric Compton attempted to use the “hug power” technique by wrapping his arms around Hunter, but police aggressively grabbed him and slammed him on the hood of one of their cars.

The police officer slaps Hunter's phone out of his hand and then puts his hands on the activist's chest before grabbing his lapels and shoving violently.The police officer slaps Hunter’s phone out of his hand and then puts his hands on the activist’s chest before grabbing his lapels and shoving violently.Marc Emery was extradited to the US for a 5-year federal prison sentence for selling seeds, even though he never left Canada. Vancouver police failed to have him charged here in 2003, then worked with US law enforcement to have him charged down there in 2005. Rob Nichsolson signed the extradition order himself on May 10th, 2010, which is the reason he was targeted by the FREE MARC campaign.

The FREE MARC campaign has staged more than a dozen occupations at MP offices across Canada. Campaign organizers Jodie Emery and Jacob Hunter had done the same in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office in Calgary on May 19th. Arrests have been attempted by police at almost all occupation/sit-ins, but the Constitutional Right to protest, and the fact that MP offices are public space paid for by public tax dollars, allowed for every occupation to proceed. However, this one was violently stopped before it even began.

Jacob and Eric are required to appear in Niagara Falls court on August 5th for unjustified charges that should be thrown out. Conservative MP office occupations will continue. There is no reason for any protesters to be arrested. The aggressive officer should be punished.

The Justice Minister is a COWARD, afraid of the PUBLIC he is paid by. We are his BOSS. It’s wrong to keep his public office doors locked.

SHAME ON THE JUSTICE MINISTER! Rob Nicholson is an arrogant coward!

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The cop slapping at Hunter.