Marc Emery Creates a Public-Relations Problem for the Obama Administration

Today, Marc Emery’s wife Jodie sent out a tweet saying the Prince of Pot has been in solitary confinement for a week.

His crime? According to Jodie, he unknowingly broke a rule by having a phone call recorded in Canada for a prison podcast.

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This meanspirited action on the part of U.S. correctional officials deserves to be condemned by all reasonable-thinking Canadians.

It’s bad enough that the Obama administration has decided to put a peaceful Vancouver resident in a cage like an animal for five years for selling marijuana seeds.

It’s worth noting that Emery received this punishment for doing something that was deemed perfectly legal in Canada and for which he paid taxes.

What’s more appalling is that Emery has been tossed into solitary confinement. Do they want him to die in prison? Will that give them pleasure?

I say enough of pointing the finger at some prosecutor or the Drug Enforcement Administration or low-level prison guards for this outrage.

Ultimately, President Barack Obama and his cold-hearted attorney general, Eric Holder, should be held accountable by the public.

They can send Emery home to serve his sentence in Canada, where he will be closer to his wife and friends.

The next demonstrations on Emery’s behalf should take place outside U.S. consulates across the country. Put Obama’s picture on all the signs.

Emery’s numerous supporters should make Obama the focus of their wrath because that’s the only way this travesty will be noticed south of the border.

The decision to toss Emery in the hole makes it pretty obvious that the U.S. president, a so-called former professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago and a former president of the Harvard Law Review, really doesn’t give a damn about civil liberties.

Every day that Emery sits in solitary confinement offers more evidence to Canadians that Obama is a hypocrite.

– Article from The Georgia Straight.



  1. Anonymous on

    It’s a waste of taxpayers dollars, and it’s a waste of space in a jail cell for a real criminal. Marc Emery is not a criminal, and shouldn’t be where he is now.

  2. Patrick Jones USA on

    For sure he’s in jail…If I got one of those seeds I could make an affordable tincture and get off Oboma’s vicodin.

    Politician:”The problem is the drug companys (and oil co.) would go out of business costing many jobs and effectively destroy the American way of life. Mark Emery therefore must be a terrorist! Herumphherumph…Thank you Canada for you time -n lumber. We cant just grow hemp, F-the tree’s ect…”
    For real though…Please don’t blame American’s when you blame america”

  3. JohnDillinger on

    Obama is a hypocrite. How do you know when Obama is lying? He moves his lips.

  4. Jim on

    It’s not all Democrats that are criminals. Here’s an email response from my congressman Burgus, a Republican, about Marc.

    Dear Mr. Mitchell:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding the criminal proceedings of Marc Emery. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue.

    As you are aware, Mr. Emery was taken into custody by the Canadian government on September 18, 2009 at the request of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). On May 20, 2010, after appearing in a U.S. Court, Mr. Emery pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana. While I understand the concerns you have that Mr. Emery is a Canadian citizen, the fact of the matter is that he broke U.S. law and clearly admitted doing such.

    The United States is fighting a costly war against drugs, in terms of dollars and lives that are irrevocably changed by this modern day scourge. It is my opinion that any legalization of substances such as marijuana will undermine the ongoing efforts by the drug enforcement community to curb this epidemic that has consumed so many Americans. Marijuana is a controlled substance and legalizing or relaxing criminal penalties will only open the doors for further illegal activities.

    I will continue to support efforts on the part of the federal government to interdict drug shipments into the United States, pursue individuals that violate U.S. drug laws, provide adequate treatment to individuals addicted to drugs, and support public education campaigns that warn against the perils of illegal drug use. The federal, state, and local governments must work together on all these fronts to slow the flow of drugs into the U.S. and to lower the demand in this country for illegal substances.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. I appreciate having the opportunity to represent you in the U.S. House of Representatives. Please feel free to visit my website ( or contact me with any future concerns.


    Michael C. Burgess, M.D.
    Member of Congress

  5. Anonymous on

    Fuck you Barry Sortoro

  6. The BallyHoo on

    Once you are in jail, there is nothing that can be done by the President or anyone else! Actually it IS the guards @ the
    SeaTac that are the arseholes. Nothing to do with O’bama actually. It ALL boils down to the guards. Some are alright, most are complete monsters.Marc will survive all of this,jail IS jail though, for everyone……………that’s just the way it is. NO RIGHTS ONCE INCARCERATED, JUST TIME AND INJUSTICE.


  7. Kristiaan on

    ….is that we keep asking….ALL they really understand is TELLING….once everyone figures this out, things WILL CHANGE….but people, we gotta grow a set

  8. Anonymous on

    Seems the world is run on oil, wars are fought over the shit, lol and that’s why we will always have gas, to much money and power in the oil industry to wipe out gas cars

  9. Fred S on

    IF it was not for Marc Emery and the millions Dollars he has put into fighting this marijuana drug war,

  10. Fred S on

    No one Dies going to jail ????????
    I assume you have never been???
    I seen a man murdered my first week in a B.C Pen(Canadian)
    And American jail are 80% more violent, i think you need to find a better source for our information

  11. Adam on

    You know what’s four times as toxic as that oil?
    The dispersant BP chose, Corexit. Made by one of their sister companies. Same board members.

    The corexit is undergoing phase shift in the warm gulf waters, changing into a gas. Russian scientists have done work recently that proves this stuff may be about to enter the water table and come down as rain onto land.

    The benzene from the gusher site is over a thousand times the lethal limit – near 3,300 parts per billion. Limit set by EPA: 0-4 PPB.

    Same with the methane, and the hydrogen sulfide. There are also poisons coming up that we previously thought were TRACE elements, as in, traces of these on Earth. This is stuff I’VE never heard of before – wtf is “Vanadium?” All I know is that it will kill us. Do I need to know anything else? Only that it is coming from the Gulf.

    That’s how this part of Revelations begins. I always hated people who quoted it, until it started happening. It said that “a great mountain of smoke and fire was cast into the sea” and that 1/3 of the water turned to blood, 1/3 of the sea creatures died, and 1/3 of the ships were sunk.”

    Methane turns water red (as well as the sky in concentrations slightly higher than what is currently reaching land), methane kills fish, and it turns water into quicksand, sinking ships instantly. In 2005 the USGS found the Caribbean sea floor was almost nothing but methane under the crust. Yet they drilled. And then Deepwater Horizon exploded.

    Luckily, they were able to fix it within a few hours. But that was last August, before they had their drilling permit.


  12. Adam on

    After 16 mos. you still see colour?
    The guy is just another politician. I was telling his voters who assumed he was different from the start, “you are racist.” Not that I hated them for it, just for a reaction. They’d always tell me “im not racist, black ppl r great!” LOL

    People have racism confused with Bigotry. Which is sad, because you have to be prejudiced to become racist, and you have to be a racist to become bigoted. But most people in America are prejudiced racists who are hung up on whether on the role of bigotry in their society.

    In fact, this is what allows racism and prejudice to take your country in such directions, being ignored in the name of bigotry, which is usually so painful and obvious that it changes a lot less around you than your prejudices do. If you want proof, just look who is president. Barack has nothing good to say to bigots, but she should thank the racists, they voted for him.

  13. Adam on

    but Ron Paul is a republican you should definitely look into voting for. He’s NOT looking for herd-minded voters, that much is for sure.

  14. Adam on

    Hey loser,

    donate $4 million (or almost everything you have ever earned: whichever comes first) to fund your local activists, to get innocent people lawyers, to make people’s lives easier when they need it most, to fund events for people you love,

    and when you are arrested for shaking things up too much and sent to another country, you will get treated the same way.

  15. Adam on

    You are very right by saying, “all” of them. It was originally the Canadian Liberals working together with Bush, and our Justice Minister who signed the orders was a so-called “Champion of Human Rights” Irwin Cotler. Pathetic. It makes my skin crawl, hearing all of those words together.

    They were working with Bush. Now, it is the Tories working with Obama. All parties have been involved; both countries, “left and right” sides in EACH, have had the chance to end this on a day’s notice.

  16. Adam on

    That’s actually not the first time the cartels have gone into a rehab center in Chihuahua and murdered everyone. We get a different story from our media each time as to why; the truth is that it’s just punishment for trying to get away from their product. They force people to use.

    Hey, Nixon, you wanted a Drug War. Now we are finally seeing this turn into a war. Mexico is actually the most dangerous place in the world now, including Afghanistan and Iraq. The War on Drugs has become more deadly than the so-called “War on Terror,” or as Mr. Soetoro calls it, “Overseas Contingency Operations.”

    The Drug Warriors have been fighting smoke with fire. Now the cartels are responding in kind; fighting fire with fire, now that the Drug Warriors have finally found enemies willing to wage war, Mexico is not going to come out of this until the War on Drugs is over. Sadly, Vicente Fox came very, very, very close to this. But Washington didn’t like it, and now we have Calderon. And death.

  17. Adam on

    Unilaterally housed? That’s amazing, actually. They are usually so random. This time I get “year/shame.” Indeed this is a year of shame.

  18. urnrg on

    Fighting for Marc Emery’s freedom is one front of the whole struggle for marijuana’s freedom. Putting the pressure on the Conservatives is another front. It’s not enough to fight for the legalization of marijuana anymore, it’s also for the amnesty of those who have done nothing more than practice cannabis.

  19. Medicinal Mike on

    If I thought there was no hope of getting Marc out then your thinking may be sound, BUT I prefer to think that as I fight for Marc’s freedom, that is going to ensure my own in the future. If it does nothing else but put a huge burden on the Harper Dictatorship, then it is worth it. I truely believe that no jail can hold a free man for long. I very much expect the Canadian Government to allow him to do his stint at home once enough pressure has been put on Dictator Harper. At some point keeping Marc locked up will be worth much more hassle than letting him go. The Cons must suffer over this. Cowards like the Injustice Minister will be tossed out of power. When Marc makes his way back, he will get voted into office where he can do some real good.

    So, back to my point. Marc will be released and even if he is not, the fight for his freedom will have Changed millions in both countries. That is what Marc wants. His freedom = Our freedom

  20. Medicinal Mike on

    Marc had worked out a deal with the U.S. to do his time in Canada. It was refused on the Canadian side. The Injustice Minister signed over Marc illegally as far as I can tell. There are several good reasons why Rob should not have signed. 1) Marc did all his activities in Canada. 2) The Canadian government refused to charge him with a crime because Canadians think selling seeds is a crime worth a $200.00 fine. Just an expensive parking ticket! The U.s. WANTED TO PUT HIM AWAY FOR LIFE! The vast difference in punishments are another reason why coward was not supposed to sign. That would not be a just punishment for his “crime”. 3) The Canadian Government is involved as well since he sold his seeds openly and paid taxes as a seed seller. The Canadian Government even refered Medical Marijuanna patients to him to get seeds for their medicine. Our government up here is just as fucked up as the States. I hope that answers that question…

  21. Anonymous on

    Marc is going to spend 5 years in the US prison system. Theres no sense in bitching and complaining about his rights. he chose to make himself the martyr. Marc is not going to be let go! Give up trying to free marc blah blah blah. When he gets out of jail cannabis will be completely legal on the west coast of the US ie California, Oregon, Nevada, and maybe Colorado. His sacrifice of doing time has caused a revolution here that couldnt have been done without him. Stop wasting money trying to free marc when you can be putting it directly into legalizing in the great state of California. That is what he would want. I have great respect for Marc Emery and energy should be directed towards the movement he started and not freeing the martyr.

  22. Anonymous on

    I wouldn’t be surprised to be disappointed by the next president here Obama, none of them have been what we like to represent us. I still don’t know how the FFFF this goof got voted for when his name rhymes with Osama!!!??? Like there is so much brainwashed fear of this era and they want a muslim black folk to take over, this looks like a scam to try and relieve the USA and most of the world of racism!!!! Next president will be a Jewish Woman!!!!!

  23. Anonymous on

    Marijuana is illegal and petroleum is a legal product
    Have you ever seen a pelican high on marijuana ?
    No,but I have seen pictures of pelicans high on petroleum and believe me the high is much stronger than heroin. You want to die my friends…

  24. persecutedinalberni on

    I agree we should be attacking Obama on this,I have been thinking of a sign to make up just for him.

    A picture of Obama hopefully with his hand up in the air in front of him as he waved to someone,you know like the hitler

    Put a little Hitler mustache on him and with the words “OBAMA, the other hitler” would work nicely.

    Just something I thought up while in protest sign making 101 LOL.

  25. Anonymous on

    Obama asshole is knee deep in BP petroleum.Marc Emery sadly is the least of his problems right now.

  26. Anonymous on

    The words Marc Emery and “international terrorist” could not be combined by anyone other than a spineless DEA troll. Kindly go fuck yourself, as you clearly know nothing, and are paid by the corrupted American government to spew your nonsensical bullshit into any venue that will allow it. (sadly CC can’t filter out these FUCKWAD DEA SCUMBAGS from posting their insanity laden hypocrisy)

    I sincerely hope every single one of you DEA demons has your liberties robbed from you just as you have set out to rob the liberties of INNOCENTS. I pray that you are tortured and your lives are destroyed so that you think back on the moments in which YOU were the one who was causing suffering to others and DESTROYING others’ lives. Karma is very real, and one day you will all rot in hell for your sins against humanity.

  27. Anonymous on

    all the lies he told to us..and this is coming from a black guy..all this talk about change but yet your still doing the same shit the presidents before you did….lets get this mofo outta office this up coming election

  28. Anonymous on

    Amen to that brother. Prohibition kills well put. Look what happened in a rehab center in Mexico. Drug cartel open fire on patients killing 30 innocent lives. The Free World is speaking up and taking action. Our US Government is a piece of work not to mention behind time. The Bush days left a mess to clean up. Because of Marc Emorey the Marijuana movement is getting bigger and stronger. Marc’s imprisonment is wrong its not justice its right wing politics Because of people like Marc the day is coming when prohibition will end.

  29. one12alpha on

    I get in debates often with anti-pot people. And you are so right, they cannot win with logic or facts, and end up with insult and violent behavior.

    It’s never my goal to make them smoke weed, but just to accept that there is nothing wrong with using it… or at the very least, realize that the harshest penalties will not deter its use, and that more is gained by its acceptance than by its prohibition.

  30. ray christl THC Ministry machine on

    WarBAMAblob is told to do what CIA-MAFIA want.All the BUSH-DEA still in office and SWAT HELL 50,000 warrants now in Hockey Heaven (LORD STANLEY Blackhawk fan),and they feed on fear and anonymity.This is now global SWAT HELL WORLD and for years your greedy fear grow-closet money has you so PROUD.NOW WHAT??????Get A National REFERENDUM and a winning strategy.Hire THOMAS JAMES at hemp

  31. Anonymous on

    Shame on you Obama, I thought you were better than that!

  32. Blazemonkey on

    This couldn’t be more true.

  33. Anonymous on

    Yeah dude this is Marc’s house. If you’ve been here often enough to get “tired” of anything you should at least know that. You’re right about the “rights” of prisoners though. I will never vote republican but I’ll never vote for Obama again. He could end this.

  34. Dale allo on

    What the hell do you expect this is his site!! If he can’t get all the love in the world here then where else?! WE LOVE YOU MARC!!

  35. Anonymous on

    You are correct in only one regards, and that is that no one has died due to the use of Cannabis S. BUT MANY have died due to being incarcerated, largely in part of the activities that may take place, or the disregard and turned “blind-eyes” of the prison staff. Let us be clear, prisons are not correction facilities as the double speak people would have us believe, they are punishment facilities for those who disagree with those who are in power…

    “unilaterally housed.” The CAPTCHA word. how appropriate…

  36. Anonymous on

    nobody ever died from going to jail???

  37. Anonymous on

    Man I’m ok with Marc Emery but I’m getting tired of this site holding this guy up like a saint… He’s just a freaking weed activist like thousands of others…

    He broke a rule unknowingly or not… he’s in prison, he has very few rights…

    All I read is poor poor marc, “do they want him to die”

    Get over it…

  38. ToxicSludge on

    I am appalled that my govt,the American govt has pursued Marc and browbeat him into accepting a “deal”.I am appalled that my govt wants so badly to keep Marc in prison for 5 damn years for selling seeds.

    I am equally appalled that the Canadian govt would turn him over to serve hard prison time for something that isn’t a crime in Canada,and……he paid canadian taxes for selling those same seeds.

    To be fair,BOTH countries leaders need to be brought before the people on this,not just obama and his ilk.ALL political parties on both sides of the border need to readdress this “political highjacking” of a Canadian citizen.

  39. Anonymous on

    Nobody ever died from marijuana
    and nobody ever died from going to jail
    Marc will be out in 2015 or 2020
    unless he fucks up again behind bars
    5-10 years not forever
    it just seems like forever

  40. Pedro on

    “This meanspirited action on the part of U.S. correctional officials…” Has anyone else noticed that almost all anti-pot Prohibitionists are Meanspirited… they can’t win an argument with logic, so they resort to insults etc.

  41. Anonymous on

    Mr. Obama,

    I read your autobiography, “Dreams From My Father”. You admit to having partaken of the wacky tobacky in your time. Free Marc Emery.

  42. pZ on

    It administration pardons only police action criminals working for it, not international drug seed barons supporting international terrorism with the drug money.


    More wastfull spending of OUR money for some bullshit.

    TO ALL AMERICANS… PLEASE vote in the fall and for real freedom loving people, if you can, Please consider voting for independents and green party canidates. Either one would be better that the republicrats we have now.

  44. Sii-am Hamilton on

    Marce Emerys Imprisonment IS A BIG FAT WAISTE OF TAX DOLLARS! He’s an actavist, not a bloody drug lord. FUCKING TITTY, the United States are an embaressment to the so called “Free world”. Acceptance is life, and prohibition is death.

  45. Anonymous on

    Obama has the power to pardon Marc

  46. countryskunk on

    I thought the US was willing to let Marc do his time in Canada and Canada said no to that. don’t get me wrong I think Obama is full of shit, I was just wondering what the facts are

  47. Harry on

    “…the U.S. president, a so-called former professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago and a former president of the Harvard Law Review, really doesn’t give a damn about civil liberties.”

    You’re just figuring this out now after 16 months of right-wing, conservative, constitution bashing, anti-civil liberty rule from Obama and his criminal cartel of Democrats?