‘Free Marc’ Activists Arrested at Justice Minister’s Office

Still video shot of a police officer outside the office of Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson's MP office in Niagara Falls.Still video shot of a police officer outside the office of Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s MP office in Niagara Falls.CANNABIS CULTURE – A “Free Marc” campaign organizer was arrested Thursday, June 10th at the Niagara Falls office of Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson in what activists are calling “assault and police intimidation.”

Jacob Hunter, Policy Director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation and organizer of recent Conservative MP office occupation protests, was accosted by a police officer while attempting to walk through the front door of the Member of Parliament’s constituency office in Ontario. Hunter was there as part of a continuing series of protests being held at the offices of Conservative Members of Parliament by supporters of Marc Emery, and was joined by a group of activists including Jodie Emery.

Hunter was reportedly arrested for “assaulting a police officer”. Activists said another individual was also arrested at the scene.

MORE VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE EVENT WILL BE POSTED SOON at www.YouTube.com/JodieEmery! – Jodie, Friday update

Jodie Emery, wife of imprisoned activist and former seed-seller Marc Emery, said an officer arrived at the scene and told protestors to stop filming, and claimed the video camera was “a weapon”. Shortly thereafter he grabbed, shoved and arrested Hunter when he tried to follow the officer into Mr. Nicholson’s office. The entire incident was caught on video (VIDEO COMING SOON) despite the officer’s attempt to prevent the events from being recorded.

Reports from people at the location suggest Hunter did not engage in any unlawful conduct.

“The right to peacefully protest government action is basic and fundamental to our democracy,” said Kirk Tousaw, the Executive Director of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation. “Mr. Hunter should not be subject to arrest and possible prosecution for engaging in political activity protected by the Charter and central to the workings of every democracy on Earth.”

The Foundation is calling upon the Justice Minster to intervene and ensure that no charges are brought against either of the men arrested.

“Mr. Nicholson makes much of his government standing up for the rule of law,” said Tousaw. “The Charter is the supreme law of the land. Being arrested for peaceful protest strikes at the very core of our democracy and is an utter rejection of the rule of law. It is time for this government to make clear that the exercise of basic democratic rights will be protected, not prosecuted, in Canada.”

More as the story develops…

‘Free Marc Emery’ protest goes awry


What was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration outside MP Rob Nicholson’s office on Thursday afternoon resulted in the arrest of two men.

Jacob Hunter of Vancouver and Eric Compton from Toronto were both arrested by officers from the Niagara Regional Police Services outside Nicholson’s Niagara Falls office.

The protest, organized by the Free Marc Emery Campaign, was targeted at Nicholson, Niagara Falls MP, because in his role as Canadian Minister of Justice, Nicholson was the person who signed the extradition order for Emery.

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist and former cannabis seeds seller who was sentenced to five years in a United States prison on drug charges stemming from his cannabis seed selling business.

Thursday’s planned protest was the latest in a series of similar demonstrations that have taken place across the country over the last few months. On May 19, Emery supporters successfully staged a sit-in at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office in Calgary. The Niagara Falls demonstration, however, is the first time someone has been arrested at such a protest.

“We’ve had seven demonstrations in British Columbia, around the Vancouver area, and we’ve occupied four other offices across the country. The police have been called every time, but we’ve been able to have peaceful negotiations with them in each instance,” said Davin Christensen, founder of the Toronto Hash Mob, one of the groups involved in the protest. “In (Nicholson’s) office hangs the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and under Section 20 of that Charter, we have the right to enter and set up a meeting with any member of Parliament.”

The protesters arrived in two waves: one small contingent in a car and a larger group in a bus. Hunter, the first man arrested, was among the passengers in the car, which arrived at the demonstration site first. Jodie Emery, wife of Marc, was also in the car. She said that when they arrived, they tried to enter Nicholson’s office, but it was locked. After knocking on the door, a female office worker asked for identification. Jodie pressed her identification against the glass but was told the office staff wasn’t available at that time.

Moments later, according to Jodie, an police officer arrived on motorcycle.
At this point, the protesters began videotaping what was happening. The video shows a police officer telling the protesters to put the cameras away because they are “considered weapons.” The officer was about to enter Nicholson’s office, but instead turned around and arrested Hunter for assaulting a peace officer. The bus arrived as the arrest was happening and Compton, who was on the bus, was arrested shortly after for obstructing a peace officer while he was employing what Jodie referred to as the “Hug Power” technique, which is when a protester hugs someone who is being arrested.

The protest carried on as planned, but outside of the building instead of inside the office, while several NRPS officers looked on.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Pat Simpson was also on the scene.

“I’m just here to oversee the peaceful demonstration,” he said. “Nothing seems to be out of hand here.”

There were about 15 people demonstrating outside Nicholson’s office, waving flags and shouting into bullhorns. People came from Vancouver, Toronto, Hamilton and Waterloo to participate in the protest.

“We need to get straight to politicians, who usually get to hide from the public in their private jets and in Parliament,” said Jodie. “The only place to get close to them is to go to their offices, which are our offices, and we were locked out. There’s no reason to not let us in.”

Hunter and Compton were released from police custody on Thursday afternoon and are scheduled to appear in St. Catharines court on Thursday, August 15 at 9 a.m.

– Article from NiagaraThisWeek.



  1. Bob Dole on

    to “maddchronic is a blister blah blah…”

    Your spelling is atrocious. How old are you; 5? You spelling is worse than a 5-year-old. LOL Go back to the barn you were brought up in!

  2. Bob Highgate on

    Yea LOL. That’s why they dont generally respond to other replies to their BS comments. Their “work here is done”

  3. Anonymous on

    Why cant people just ignore these schizo-psycho trolls? They’re comments are worth about as much as a boil on your ass. Ignore them and the children will eventually give up and go away… just like the boil.

  4. Anonymous on

    that damn kid with the microphone does not even know what he is talking about you cant just have a bunch of pissed off kids go to the streets and yell


    All of this comming from a person with an education level of a 10 yr old.

    I mean, DAMN , you would think that someone “in reality” would be able to phrase a sentence.

    I guess that you think everything in Government is done as long as you stand in line and wait your turn. Go ahead and stick your head back in the sand cuz no one wants to hear your mouth anyway.

    Jodie, grab the bullhorn girl…

  6. Anonymous on

    Every time me… and other’s see these video’s, we stop and think… wow.. what a bunch of loozers…. I don’t mean to negative.. but you need to stop pissing of the wrong ppl. and the protest thing has turned on you. The only real face the movement has in JODIE. She need’s to shut up… take note’s from real politicians… and like I heard before… Make friends. Political friends. Thats the only way. 15 ppl holding up offices is just making it worse. and if you people cant notice that…. your ignorant as hell…..! How do u think anything is done in politics. I sure dont see hippy elected officals in parlament. and if there is…. nobody knows. Now come on…. come back to reality…

  7. David Malmo-Levine on

    To those who say we are protesting ineffectively:

    Show us how to protest more effectively. We’re waiting.

    To those who say there’s no need to protest:

    We’re not like European Jews in the 1930’s. We’re not going to just go along with the “harmless scapegoats getting extradited” plan quietly this time. If you think harmless people should be shipped off to slave labor in a work camp in another country, go follow another of Hitler’s examples and put a bullet in your own head – we all tried that genocide thing back in WW2 but it’s getting old … really.

  8. Anonymous on

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  9. Jakob Folmar on

    Grow some balls already and use your name, have you no dignity? At least were not in the closet typing tough. My 4 year old is more of a man than you! On the other hand I feel truly sorry for you being so misinformed. However if you hate people that smoke cannabis so much because of some stoner high school kids that called you a nerd that never got laid well then I’m sorry but most of us are not like that. I agree not having a job and sitting around all day smoking joints on your ass isn’t very healthy or productive. But you have to realize that’s their choice not yours, however if your tax dollars are paying for that well then that is wrong, but take it up with your perfect conservative gov’t. I’ll pray that one day you get out of your 2×2 box and begin to actually live a progressive life that allows you to let people live for them selves and not for your govt’s hidden money agenda. It’s truly sad that some people have very little sense. Try taking some college courses that might help you learn to think. Good luck anonymous have a beer for me.

  10. Anonymous on

    Voltaire is dead and he never defended anyone..
    he was as full of shit then as Emery is full of it now
    we tell the observable truth stoners fear most
    if you call that hating,
    then you, Emery and Voltarie have a lot of work to do

    we don;t need your flammable assholes defending our right to speak
    we can do that ourselves

  11. Jakob Folmar! on

    As you can see Ive included my name. That’s because I’m not a scared little Bitch. Its quite obvious you are the same guy that posted all the hate speech of were free people and were not having your weed forced on us…. lol you must have an IQ of 40. That’s exactly whats happening to normal law abiding citizens who wish to not get drunk and beat their wife and kids (probably like you) and would rather enjoy a flower that doesn’t make them violent or think they can drive a car 90 mph safely. You are the one forcing your out dated ideology on us! you talk to one kid about riding here on a horse lol. like you think progressively that’s fucking hilarious. You say were loosing and your winning, if that was the case you would see no need to come here and waste tons of your time writing countless messages and checking our comments while your fuming with anger. I would think if your winning you would come here laughing not ready to shit your self in despair knowing the time of freedom of choice is right around the corner!
    P.S. I’m A 29 year old working American citizen and live in a paid off $150,000 home not a ghetto.

  12. Greg on

    To the haters…

    I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.


  13. Anonymus on

    “the application of handcuffs strongly imply you are fucking up bigtime – whether you think so or not you are fucking up bigtime.”

    Look, I know that seeing as you’re an Ontarian you probably think that repeating the same thing over and over makes it true, but I am going to repeat that the application of handcuffs strongly implies that the thug applying the handcuffs believes he is justified in doing so, and it means very little more.

    Drug Prohibition is a threat to national security because it causes people to disrespect the authority of the Crown. There is no reason, really, to respect a Thing that steals your crops. Indeed, the Crown was constituted anciently to do justice (constant mind), give judgment (decisions between adverse parties) and preserve the peace (which implies peace is antecedent to the creation of the Crown, as the Crown preserves peace, it does not constitute it; rather, peace is part of the Crown’s constitution.)

    I glossed the difference above, but there is a large difference between peace officer and police officer. Peace Officers are ancient parts of the Crown. Police Officers, as stated above, came about right in time for UK mass enfranchisement. There are ancient English statutes of Parliament mandating the growing of hemp, which is simply another word for marihuana, albeit different phenotypes, and therefore it is impossible that the cultivation of hemp is unlawful; it is not tort to grow hemp. It is merely illegal in the context of modern Canadian public-school inculcated insanity.

    Drug prohibition alienates intelligent people from the system at a very early age; indeed, the brightest people are acutely aware, even in Grade 1, 2, 3, when the Police Officer comes in to lecture about drugs, that it’s poppycock. Even if the cop is right, he’s not a trained teacher, and he’s not a trained pharmacologist. Would he respect a Chemist going to the Police Academy to lecture about arrest procedures? Probably not. For some reason, though, it is OK to allow Police Officers to teach out of their depth to children.

    “stay away from normal people till you smarten up.”

    Again, ignoring the vitriol, you’ve got it backwards. It’s the normal people who won’t leave the drug people alone, presuming that they exist. And what’s funny is it’s not normal to steal hemp in the context of English Law; Police aren’t even normal when you consider how old England is. Pot prohibition and Police Forces are blips on the radar, byproducts of fear of mass-enfranchisement. And obviously the fear was appropriate—the masses basically use the franchise to vote for national socialist employment strategies. Is it all that different in abstract from how the third Reich employed its “normals” arresting, processing, interning, etc. etc. “jews”? Is it oh-so-much-more-enlightened when a “democracy” votes to use Pot growers/smokers as grist for a national socialist employment strategy? We are not amused.

    It’s time for the mainstream to smarten up. Corporal punishment of peacekeeping men and women is unlawful. It is tort to breach the peace to steal someone’s flowers.

  14. persecutedinalberni on

    Well actually the squad cars will go away,I have protested with my signs on highway #4 for two hours every saturday for four saturdays in a row and I ain’t seen one single squad car.

    I figure that since it is the #4 highway you would think that at least one cop would drive pass now and then if not at least once in the times I been there.

    You can’t miss me I have a big 8ft by 12 foot banner that reads “AMERICA MUST FREE MARC EMERY” plus I have other wooden signs I post up alone the highway.

    I will be there every weekend till Marc is home with wife and country so cops can come by anytime,I might even get radical and wave to them as they drive by or move in for a big arrest of some sort what ever they wanna do lol.

    I am alittle dissapointed to see our highways around Port Alberni are not safe like the streets of Port Alberni are not safe.

    I mean I would think there would be more cops out on the highways but according to my records I have seen no “SQUAD CARS” you speak of.

    Mind you 1 or two maybe three stoners sitting on the side of the highway silently with big signs can’t be too much of a threat.

    I have been trying like mad to convince my wife and family and freinds that the police and government are stalking/harassing/persecuting me and they all deny it so it would be obvious it is all true if they come to harass me since it is a peaceful protest.

    Or have I been tricked by the movement? I mean have I been fooled to beleive that we are allowed to peacefull protesting but actually aren’t.

    Should I quickly take down my signs and banner and run and hide when I see a cop coming lol wouldn’t they like that.

    So no I am sorry but at least in my case the protester will not go away but the “one squad car” might, maybe now that I wrote about it one will finaly drive past this weekend when I am out there with my signs.

  15. Brian Kerr on

    “hearing from these assholes from ontario they sure do show their ignorant,backwoods thinking.”

    There are no issues with BC or Ontario. The people you are reading are not from a place they come from a position.

    That protest was a group of people form BC and Ontario together.

  16. Anonymous on

    “Jodie and her pals are assholes, ineffective as they are annoying”

    Well sure are effective enough to bring you here. 🙂

    Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  17. kookie on

    after reading all these comments in response to the video of jacobs arrest and the peaceful protest.As a american I thought the government including the prime minister of canada was a complete A_ hole,but hearing from these assholes from ontario they sure do show their ignorant,backwoods thinking.Jodie keep up the good work you are doing we are proud of you and the strenght you are showing,considering what you are going through with mark in jail.As a american,I personally would like to say to you and mark I am ashamed what the DEA has done to you and Mark and as a American we are so sorry you and mark have to go through this. I believe the only reason they extradited Mark is they are scared of him because he speaks what the canadien government doesn,t want the people to hear which is the truth about the drug war.Its obvious the canadien government is in bed with the prison construction industry thats why they won,t do anything positive about drug prohibition thats why Bills like S-15 are trying to be pushed so hard through parliment, thats why the Torries made sure they got enough of their party elected to parliment to push s-15 thru with little to no trouble.May god bless you and Marc keep you always in his heart,he will endure while in prison for it is path that god put him on,remember if god takes you there he will get you through it,Please tell Marc I said god bless and some day we will meet excuse the spelling and puctuations I am a very sick person and its very hard to put this letter together with a foggy mind and poor health

  18. Brian Kerr on

    Well UncleBob100 Is that your real name 🙂

    A forum name is not exactly coming out. Just want to point that out.

    I hardly answer anonymous posts too. So I know what you are talking about.

    I do use my real name. I am sick and tired of hiding. I don’t do it any more.

  19. Brian Kerr on

    I haven’t had so much fun in a long time reading all this total hate coming from the losing side of the war on plant users. Plants and the people who love them are winning. We are winning in the Science, we are winning in public opinion, we are winning with groups like LEAP (www.leap.cc) we are winning winning winning.

    MDMA is being studied for use in psychiatry to help PTSD and The chemical in magic mushrooms is finding use in end of life stress/fear.

    You cant believe how joyful I feel, reading all the hateful desperation coming form the evil, that are prohibitionists.

  20. Brian Kerr on

    He She it ? has the name taxpayer.

    He She it ? must like to pay taxes to put , He She it’s friends, family, co-workers in jail for weed.

    Must give He She it a willy thrill.

    WOW Taxpayer you can rant very well.

    We are all Canadians, Cannabis Canadians even ! form toasted sea to toasted sea and roasted in between. Ha Ha Ha. You make me laugh silly little Taxpayer.

    I am overjoyed to have my BC friends come visit us here in Ontario.

  21. Nes on

    Nice way to show your ignorance. Next time why don’t you use your name…oh no you can’t voice your oinion when we know who you are? Goof.

  22. Anonymous on

    I’m not sure what part of the country you’re from, but last I checked the majority of Canadians support legalizing cannabis and the VAST majority didn’t vote for Stephen Harper’s evangelicals.

    “… voter confidence in the direction of the federal government has eroded to the point where it has tied a recorded low for government,” says Mr. Graves.

    And he notes that fewer than four in 10 Canadians think the government is moving in the right direction — 38.4 per cent of respondents believe the government is moving in the right direction compared to 48.6 per cent who say it is moving in the wrong direction.


  23. UncleBob100 on

    I don’t read comments that aren’t signed. I figure if the writer can’t be bothered to own up to his/her statements…there’s no need to waste the time reading their trash.

  24. Ryan on

    These videos show exactly what is wrong with cannabis prohibition.

    We fill the jails with peaceful, non-violent people and we fill our police forces with ‘C’ students who like to power-trip against those people.

    Without these silly and oppressive drug laws there will only be jobs for police that want to “serve and protect”, not “harass and oppress”. The clowns in this video can go flip burgers for $8/hr.

    But as gang-related violence inevitably increases under the Reform/PC ‘tough on crime’ agenda, cops like this will learn what real criminals look like and long for days they had nothing better to do than harass medical marijuana users…

  25. Anonymous on

    The protests will go away when one squad car drives past

  26. Anonymous on

    you are the wisest stoner of them all
    because of your advanced intelligence
    prohibition is now lifted // pot is legal
    and it’s thanks to you !
    and to celebrate why not invite the boys
    from ” Operation Green merchant ” over for a beer
    so you can show them your grow room
    they’ll be _very impressed
    good work sir
    thanks for saving the Pot people from Dr Doom
    and as your reward
    you will get an all expenses paid trip
    to meet Marc Emery, in person

  27. Chris Bennett on

    Wow, it must be a drag being wrong so much. Jacob was out later that same day, and business is booming for Jodie who is doing a great job at the helm. And you, what about you mr. anonymous? your total lack of success and recognition is so bad, even you don’t want to own up to being you.

  28. Beatnuck on

    The anti-marijuana side should not be viewed as “right-wing.” In fact, the anti-marijuana side is the pro-alcohol camp, while Emery represents the anti-alcohol camp.

    The posters who make negative comments on Cannabis Culture are not “right-wing” but brain damaged alcoholics who fear the truth about alcohol and about their addiction will be exposed. The latest polls show that more than 40 per cent of REPUBLICANS support the legalization of marijuana in the USA. Get it?

    And there’s lots of left wing alcoholics. Alcohol-induced brain damage does not distinguish between right and left wing. If you drink low to moderate amounts of alcohol for 15 to 20 years, you will be brain damaged. However, recent research shows that you can grow some brain cells back once you quit alcohol. It takes a few years.

    There is no evidence that marijuana causes brain damage. This is one of the main reasons I switched to marijuana from alcohol, 12 years ago.

  29. Anonymous on

    yeah cause the US has such a conservative government.
    stfu and go back to the welfare line.

  30. Anonymous on

    What is your retarded game you stupid fucking BC dope fiend activist jerks
    Are you all trying to get arrested so you can join Marc Emery in prison?
    You are failing at forcing your dope policy on the rest of us and making pests of yourselves and becoming gigantic heat scores. Dope has made you into complete morons, Your freedom you screech about you are throwing away – the application of handcuffs strongly imply you are fucking up bigtime – whether you think so or not you are fucking up bigtime.
    One activist asshole was charged with assaulting a police officer – and whether they meant to or not means nothing- their ass is now owned by the feds, That’s called stupid here in Ontario

    Pot Activists no longer register in the public imagination as thoughtful peaceful people working to make change – they now represent trouble, pushy confrontation and full time drugged up unreasonableness..the party is over-
    garbage day is here, how about we measure you up for a Green plastic bag and reserve a place on the curb for you ? You’ll love the landfill site: if you dig down deep enough you will find the 1960s where you seem to be most comfortable.

    Go back to BC and don;t come back to Ontario until you sober up and can act like respectful visitors .. otherwise fuck off and stay fucked off in your Vancouver slum
    till you shape up. If you won;t smarten up and fast, then sane peaceful citizens will just call the cops on you and they will bust your sorry asses again..Your little doped up revolution is not welcome outside of your drug ghetto.
    peace now please fuck off, fly away onto the sunset on bail and stay away from normal people till you smarten up.

  31. Anonymous on

    The protests will go away when cannabis becomes legalized for personal, private use.

  32. Beatbuck on

    Marc’s supporters are doing Ontario a big favour by encouraging people to smoke marijuana in place of drinking alcohol. Marijuana smokers are intelligent, reasonable, and non-violent, while alcoholics are loud-mouthed, confrontational, and violent. These protesters could only make Ontario a more peaceful, civil place.

    But if you’re not inclined to have compassion for those whose views are slightly different from your own, an even more compelling argument is the fiscal one. The latest estimate of the total cost of alcohol per year to all Canadians is $14.8 billion dollars. If half the alcoholics would switch to marijuana, Canadian taxpayers would save about $7.5 billion per year. And that doesn’t include the savings to taxpayers of law enforcement costs should marijuana be legalized.

    Pro-alcohol politics are costing Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars every year. Can Canadian taxpayers afford to continue to promote alcohol as Canada’s number one recreational drug?

  33. David on

    Don’t worry about the bad comments, people get paid by the conservative government to leave those comments on internet. They are practically useless stupid zombies that repeat what they are told to say.

  34. Anonymous on

    tell it to the judge
    Im sure he/she will be glad to hear you
    as glad as bust your sorry asses for
    forcing your way on past a cop
    to enter a civil servants office
    so you can swing bags of pot around
    roll joints on his desk’
    frighten his staff
    attempt to commandeer his time – you jerks

    This how you will learn what a ” C L O S E D ” sign means


    Man, there are so many delusional assholes on this usually frindly site today!
    I say to you all to FUCK OFF! You will all get what you deserve. The sad thing is that its probably 1 or 2 asshole cops with nothing better to do with their time but to sit at there desk and type the script they was told to type.

    What a bunch of pussies, You cant even have the balls to post a name. The Government, U.S OR CAN, are the taxpayers servents (along with the police) and they will do what we allow them to do. All of these protest are for everyone, not just for pot. If people didnt protest you would be out of a job ,stupid PIG. Taxes would be 50%, England would still own America. Why dont you get a sign and take the chance(have the balls) to stand up for somthing you beleive in? Why? Your a pussy and you would be standing alone, thats why. Pot will be legal, its only a matter of time.

  36. Anonymous on

    Jodie and her pals are assholes, ineffective as they are annoying
    if you want a meeting with your political rep make an appointment asshole
    The federal Justice Minister Rt Hon Rob Nicholson is working for all of us- he’s not there to act as drop in grief councilor to a bunch of stupid drug addicts on vacation

    The government listens to you and so does the public: for fuck sakes you have bullhorns, a website and never shut up about your boring drug habits .. how can we avoid i hearing every detail ? We will always refuse to obey you – afterall we are free people who don;t take kindly to mobs like YOU GUYS- being hered over cliffs by drugged up tyrants like THE EMERYS- because stoners are inarticulate self indulgent assholes who won;t grow up = or go away. OK? That’s why we are tired of hearing you moan for decades on end about your drugs- your drugs- your fucking drugs. Like flies on shit

    You gamboled and you lost, now beat it stoners .. If you push your fucking luck and occupy public property and disrupt the peaceful flow of public services we will spank your sorry asses as scarlet as your Che Gueverra posters

    You don’t like the government- so what? I am sure the feeling is mutual, they don’t like you either. So next election put your one vote to best use, and have all of your dopefiend friends do the same. But get ready to be swamped, because millions of sane normal people are not the least bit interested in propping up your stoner lifestyle- its UNDESIRABLE..its called chemical dependency – its fucking up bigtime- now smarten up and fuck off MaddChronic, don;t block our view of paradise with your dope soaked entitlement whining headstands

    next time you idiots fuck with us will the the last time you see sunshine for a long timem and that goes for all you weed wacking assholes.. grow up boy men // girl// women how old are you? 40? you look 60 yr old career criminals from old Americas most Wanted shows..

    ……………………. p a t h e t i c

    If you don;t believe us that state induced detox in jail is a real possibility
    — ASK MARC EMERY – he didn;t believe us either

    “Another Conservative message from Harper’s troll army paid for by your tax dollars”

  37. Kiddalee on

    In the first video of these protests, Jacob expressly stated that as long as the door to a government property is unlocked, anybody is allowed to protest there. So Rob’s staff locked the door. But in attempt to keep this one issue out of his office, he has to lock the door to everybody. Rob, you cannot pick and choose which Canadians you will listen to in a democracy. You are obviously trying to restructure the society we have built until it only caters to one demographic group.


    More anonymous pussies spewing there garbage. Your just all pissed because you never had and never will have the BALLS to stand up and be heard for somthing you beleive in and that makes you feel inferior, so, you HAVE to spew your shit online anonymously so no one finds out that your a little pussyboy that cant do nothing but type. GET A FUCKING LIFE AND GROW A PAIR!!

  39. Anonymous on

    .. you the lunch wagon

    while the 420 Fuctktards tour Canadas’ jails from the inside

    ………………..p a t h e t i c

  40. Anonymous on

    If all you can do is bitch here
    we guess you have no administration authority
    at CC HQ anymore
    we though as much
    now we know
    maybe you never did

    We guess you will just have to wait
    till the real bosses get back into the office

    You might as well drink their coffee
    because they will be gone
    for longer than they expected
    that is the reality of you winning, huh?
    Voila!- dog shit all over the streets of Vancouver
    do you call that popular support for dogs?
    you probably would
    you probably _should

    Honestly Chris,
    you were more mysterious
    as a night watchman at a fish cannery..
    at least we didn;t have to hear you babble crap
    from a sunday school book you have been
    holding upside down for the last 20 years.
    Maybe the Supreme Court will believe you
    ‘ the rest of us don’t

    So Rev B. when’s the next ” Free Marc Emery ” protest?
    the one that will win over 30,000,000 people in Canada
    and 300,000,000 in the US who so far, don’t give a shit ?

    We all have bullhorns – and the other side
    will be bringing them out
    to Overblow the Enemies of the Government
    = in our spare time

    “This has been a public service announcement from a Conservative Troll…”
    (…although the text does kinda of run on like something that disgruntled nutter John Shavluk would right, but that could possible due to similar pea sized brains!)

  41. MaddChronic on

    Your comments are so wrong. Jodie and her supporters are applying Political pressure. Making meetings with MP’s is our Constitutional right. The only reason these Office Occupations become protests is because they refuse to listen to us. There will be an election in the Fall and the more negative attention we bring to the Conservative Party the better our chances are of having those Neo Con bastards out of office.

  42. Covey69 on

    Well I’m sure glad none of the people in the world who did create change through overwhelming odds ever listened to idiots like you my freind.
    Their would be no Gandhi and no Jesus.
    You are so sad that you cannot even depict that these people also went to jail for their beliefs.
    Stupid fuckin sad pathetic little shit.
    I am non violent but that doesn’t stop me from envisioning your little twerp neck being snapped like a chicken.
    You should be thankful Cannabis makes us less violent and no one knows you.
    You are so brave behind typing fingers with word miles from anyone, little boy.
    Is it your balls have yet to drop that makes you this way.
    I would slap you upside the head showing how tired people get from listening to closed minded idiots such as yourself, if you would step from your keyboard in your mommas basement.
    You keep showing up with different names typing your Propaganda beliefs and why because your penis is so small this is the only thing to fulfill you; you sad fuck of a troll.
    Stop masturbating while your reading this troll, gets you sticky.
    I can hear you know,” Oh God the Words, the hate it’s so fulfilling, my life is so empty this is what I have become for to find happiness, Keep everyone around me under my foot and then I will be a man; So Empty.”
    sad fuck…
    you’re still a virgin, aren’t you and I bet you got the needle to..
    sad fuck..

  43. Anonymous on

    The fat little pot boy Jakie Hunter hog tied like a sausage
    about to be rolled into a hot frying pan as
    Kindergarten teacher gone bad Mrs Jodie Emery, fighting back tears
    yabbers TV cop show crap through her nose
    to the other dazed out parking lot markers freshly disboarded
    from the school bus on the background- Some field trip this turned out to be!

    The Chubby one is in the drunk tank with all the other second place winners
    flashing his free Marc Emery T shirt to his indifferent cell mates waiting for his freedom to be restored at the pleasure of her majesty the Queen.

    Maybe a friendly cop will bring you a donut- as you endure reality without the fog of your magic medicine , You can bet your last joint that the Justice Minister whos office you attempted to swarm is on the Phone to the Health Minister getting your pot permit pulled, You fat asshole, you are in an Ontario jail at _his pleasure. Thats what you get for singing ” All we saying, is set Marc Emery free” in the wrong country- he’s not even in _Canada_ anymore you brain dead morons

    Well it’s a lovely Friday in Southern Ontario
    – that means you will be behind bars all weekend, you dumb fuck
    till a judge can have a look at your arrest file and wonder if _you,
    a notorious law scoffer anarchist dope fiend bully from out of towm
    deserves bail or not..You bet the cops are watching these video clips
    and high fiving each other for catching a toad in a paper bag.
    — yay us! sucks to be you

    Thats Ok – a visit to a modern Ontario jail gives you plenty of time to channel
    the ghost of Marc Emery and think a imagine a hole in the concrete
    wall so you can escape and run for Prime Minister.

    Have a donut on Jakie, courtesy of the tax payers of Ontario
    eat up, now get out of here and don;t come back
    unless you have a court order
    and that goes double for your idiot friends

    School’s out Jodie
    class dismissed
    The Princess of Pot
    has a summer job
    in a head shop
    that is…
    if she doesn’t get her
    business license pulled
    for running a dope den

    Just wait till Marc hears
    how badly you fucked up
    You say he wants mail?
    we will send him press clippings

  44. Covey69 on

    I love this Young Man.
    Wow I guess they want us more like England where they put up a fence and arrest you if you step out of your cage while protesting.
    I hope you guys come to Edmonton becasue I will be their.
    Maybe if some of you know people in Edmonton who wish to duplicate this, I would love to be a part of it.
    I’ll bring sandwiches and drinks while we wait at the offices.
    Now they are trying more then ever to put fear in front to stop this they cannot control through our own laws.
    Now they show the bully tactic that is used when they have no recourse of legal action against.
    This angers me greatly and I wish I was their.
    Bless you all for doing this for us, The People.

  45. Tribute to Alex Trebec on

    SNIP “,,,the more ignorant the laws outlook is, the more intense the protests will be, and, there are going to be a few who just already don’t like politics and the media so ….., so…… take a wild guess!!!!!!…”

    my guess is you have smoked weed heavily
    for 20 years & you suffer from drug psychosis
    and may have anger & hygiene issues

    I suppose that’s not very wild guess afterall

  46. Stephen Harpers Bastard Son on

    Why is it that Stoners,
    when they have been defeated
    thwarted ignored &/or arrested
    always imagine its the work of
    some well funded conspiracy
    directed at them ?

    Can’t you read the hand writing on the floor ?
    your leaky old protest barge is going down
    in the cesspool of yesterday :
    your leader surrendered to the Americans
    & is a captive in their dungeon
    for a minor rule infraction,
    his in his absence, his weepy dope bride
    is fucking everything up
    while globally all momentum

    for legalization of pot i
    s rolling backwards
    at full speed into
    your pointed little heads ?

    You have to admit, Dope dope dope and More dope was a bad idea championed by the wrong people at a point in history where it didn;t have a chance of success’ Its too bad you devoted so much of your life betting on zebras to win at a horse race
    Thats not a conspiracy dude-
    that’s your own redundancy overtaking you

  47. Anonymous on

    Its a good thing there is an entire mountain range dividing the retro hippy flakes on the west coast from the rest of make sence Canada – you have your right to speak, and we have our right to ignore and mock you.

    the sacred internet makes it much easier to for you to see for yourself what low regard your stoner revolutionary values are held in the normal world. Your back pocket gas releases from Canadas’ drug ghetto is comedy to the rest of us.
    Overgrow the government is one big lame joke now as the cops swat you like mosquitos and disinfect your entire province in a move to clean up your drug filth

    > Stay away from normal people till you smarten up” is a fine idea,
    consider it cultural quarantine

  48. Anonymous on

    The Cannabis Activists already brought this all to the media’s and governments attention and was still rejected, if the peaceful protests aren’t going to get anything done according to the complainess about them… then LETS BE VIOLENT!!!!!!!! LETS GIVE THEM WHAT THEY REALLY THINK IS HAPPENING!!!!!!! YOU AIN’T SEEN VIOLENT PROTESTS YET YOU DUMB FUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The more they resist the stronger we will become. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!!!!
    G20 around the corner!!!!!! Lets show the WORLD LEADERS THEY ARE WRONG!!!!!!!! Martial LAw!!!!! This is the Dawn OF The Dead!!!!! Martial Law!!!!!! THE LAW IS BRAINWASHED INTO TREATING EVERY PROTESTER LIKE A POTENTIAL TERRORIST. GOOD, The terrorists won!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. it worked, a few billion, trillion later and now they need to use 1.9 BILLION for a fake lake in Toronto for the G20 meeting thanks to tax payers money!!!!! WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE WHAT WE PAY FOR AND THATS YOUR OFFICE ROB NICHOLSON!!!!! YOUR LUCKY YOU’RE In CANADA, or the protesters wouldn’t be on a minimum level. Anybody who complains about cannabis protesters should shut the F up and take is a respectful move since they aren’t using Molitov cocktails, it will happen soon, the more ignorant the laws outlook is, the more intense the protests will be, and, there are going to be a few who just already don’t like politics and the media so ….., so…… take a wild guess!!!!!!

  49. Nick on

    In case you guys at CC didn’t know, Harper has been paying a third-party business known as Social Media Group to troll internet forums and post “conservative friendly” material and to “correct misinformation” like good little propagandists.

    If you believe a word that these paid shills are spouting, you’re a fool. They are not only inept concern trolls (“oh, please quiet down about Marc Emery, you’re all making yourselves look dumb! I’m so concerned for your cause!”) but they are pretty transparent as well.

    Rob Nicholson, Stephen Harper, and company are all outed authoritarians. If you believe in a “conservative” Government that continually legislates rights away from you, and restricts the sphere of your own personal agency and liberty – you are either a fool or a thug.

  50. bluenine85 on

    way to take it literally.

  51. Anonymus on

    “the application of handcuffs strongly imply you are fucking up bigtime”

    Seriously, is this what passes for reason out in Ontario? Must be something in the water…

    The application of handcuffs implies that the one applying the handcuffs believes he ought to apply handcuffs, and little more. Before YouTube it was entirely possible to front the line that cops know what they’re doing, they’re competent, so there should be a benefit given to them that if they’re applying cuffs, it’s for a good reason. Fuck that noise.

    Let’s review the press release from Dudley Doright in this case: “An second protestor was arrested for Obstruct a Peace Officer.” I think such speaks for itself. Oh, I get it, they cannot write in English, but they can enforce Law written in English? Pah.

    The whole idea of Police Officers and so-called “preventative” law enforcement is unjust; it’s the definition of a Police State, having armed thugs walking around “preventing” crime. I suggest you look into how English people survived without police officers for quite some time. English Police Forces were mostly a response to mass enfranchisement, a way of keeping the newly enfranchised masses from getting too rowdy, etc.

    “stay away from normal people till you smarten up.”

    Oh, right, it’s that the dopers won’t leave the normaloids alone. Are you fucking crazy? I want some of whatever you’re smoking. In case you hadn’t noticed, most drug people would be _Fine_ with being left alone—it’s your retarded paramilitary agents (oh, sorry, you call them Police officers) who go about armed, razing gardens, terrorizing peaceful men and women. There would be a lot more respect for drug law if it were used as a way to ‘throw the book’ at someone charged with something that constitutes breaching the peace. You’re telling me it is justified for a peace officer to breach the peace, all to “correct” a quasicriminal offense which is not even a breach of the peace? Growing plants does not breach the peace; violently attacking gardeners does. We live in Bizzaro world, black is white, up is down, Retards sit on High and Intellects go about in rags.

    So, same as it ever was…but, gosh, what with the internet, you’d think there’d be fewer insipid people like you giving the benefit of the doubt to retarded corporatists who’re obviously, from their writing abilities, a few cards short of a deck. You know, you might say “typo,” and I say “proofread!”

  52. I <3 Pot on

    FAIL F A I L U R E

  53. Anonymous on

    So nobody but Communists, Unionists & Jews are your friends?
    Dude , you you are stuck in a long gone era..and this is a stale dated point of view, How did you get here? on horseback ?? We have heard this before here like nine times so maybe try facebook if you want to meet new people who will speak for you as well as post pictures of you drunk at parties- or in your case- ripping at a bong with your eyes crossed saying other peoples words yo come off a s wise.

  54. ray christl THC Ministry locomotive on

    Sure Anonymous Nation can get arrested at govt. offices and BLOW SMOKE…come on think a little.Can these action plans produce votes to legalize CANNABIS 100%. NO they scare our antithesis into stronger action against us.Another person above said that VIOLENCE wins toward freedom, Revolution MAN ,yet you can VOTE a REFERENDUM??Sorry that’s not why I’m a Cannabis-Hemp activist.We’re for a PEACEFUL EVOLUTION that uses political science.MLK and GANDHI gained sympathy and Marc would agree PATHOS is the “Priciple of Pot”major thesis. Therefore a positve protest is what you must heed.Go to speak with humble love to pastor and priests-clergy.Announce a feet washing PROTEST.Submit to LOVE and CaNnada will legalize!I don’t think your present mindset is logical and using CRITICAL THINKING.google conflict resolution theory..RESEARCH…for FREE MARC.LOVE wins..Tyrants fail…

  55. Open Your Skeyes on

    “THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    THEN THEY CAME for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

    –Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

  56. war vet on

    I respect your opinions, those are what you believe to be true. You have every right to feel as you choose. The only problem I see, is you do not respect the legal rights of others to express their thoughts and ideas. Life is a gift, make the most of it, however you choose to live it is up to you.

    My path is my choice, to offer help to any in need, to live and let live, to not be enslaved to accept beliefs that contradict my own.

    FYI cannabis has cured my serious brain injury

    Please research this miraculous gift from God,

    Then ask yourself why the medical profession uses two serpents and a staff as their icon.

    Be Well

  57. urnrg on

    To all those who say that doing less is better than protesting more… are living in a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    A camera is not a weapon, it is a tool of communication and a freedom in the digital age.

    Whether it’s S-10 or C-32, the police will knock on your door and call it a mind crime.

    The mind must be free. The mind needs to be free. The mind will be free.

  58. Anonymous on

    You can’t give in to the black mail of a foreign government that wants to distort Canadian values. That gets to be a bad habit.

  59. Taxpayer on

    What is your retarded game you stupid fucking BC dope fiend activist jerks
    Are you all trying to get arrested so you can join Marc Emery in prison?
    You are failing at forcing your dope policy on the rest of us and making pests of yourselves and becoming gigantic heat scores. Dope has made you into complete morons, Your freedom you screech about you are throwing away – the application of handcuffs strongly imply you are fucking up bigtime – whether you think so or not you are fucking up bigtime.
    One activist asshole was charged with assaulting a police officer – and whether they meant to or not means nothing- their ass is now owned by the feds, That’s called stupid here in Ontario

    Pot Activists no longer register in the public imagination as thoughtful peaceful people working to make change – they now represent trouble, pushy confrontation and full time drugged up unreasonableness..the party is over-
    garbage day is here, how about we measure you up for a Green plastic bag and reserve a place on the curb for you ? You’ll love the landfill site: if you dig down deep enough you will find the 1960s where you seem to be most comfortable.

    Go back to BC and don;t come back to Ontario until you sober up and can act like respectful visitors .. otherwise fuck off and stay fucked off in your Vancouver slum
    till you shape up. If you won;t smarten up and fast, then sane peaceful citizens will just call the cops on you and they will bust your sorry asses again..Your little doped up revolution is not welcome outside of your drug ghetto.
    peace now please fuck off, fly away onto the sunset on bail and stay away from normal people till you smarten up.

  60. Dale allo on

    If you’ve studied up on Marc at all you’ll see he walked right into this ‘trap’ purposely. He wants laws changed he wants people held accountable and he most definitely wants all these protests AND MORE! These protests will continue until Marc is released you can count on that. He has MILLIONS of supporters wordwide.

  61. Mary on

    These “Free Marc” protests are getting old real fast and will do NOTHING to change anything. They are starting to sound like a little girl’s rant for losing her ice cream cone and are counterproductive. Emery is going to do at least 4 years in the US. Stop crying over spilled milk and move on! Focus on S-10 and enough with the ‘Free Emery’ cat calls.

  62. Jake Folmar on

    I’m just curious if you think the Taliban was in control of Afghanistan because of LOVE? No its cause they tote ak-47’s and chop your f*cking head off, if you give them sh*t. I’m not saying this is right just pointing out the obvious. Love didn’t work in the 60’s and it aint going to work now. We didn’t get rid of Hitler with love, it took force.

    TAKE THE POWER BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. melvin on

    you like getting fucked by the law and the government you like feeling helpless….

    i bet ur gf loves you hahaha

  64. ray christl THC Ministry Machine on

    Suffering creates an opportunity to advance education as the mind opens i.e. injustice,overkill and acute waste.Talk on the Media,but arrest due to this tactic is likely counter helpful.Better to try LOVE and not HEAT-HATE SPEECH.One idea is to wash the feet of HARPER VOTERS at the shopping mall.Foot bath in magnesium helps to prevent CANCER as does eating HEMP SEEDS.PEOPLE are AFRAID ENOUGH so don’t confuse,yet try to clarify.CALM,not blowing frightful hemp smoke,but non-THC nut oil grown in Canada.Please reconsider these questionable methods!!!

  65. Bud Oracle on

    I know Jacob and he is not about to assault/obstruct a cop. It is a police state is all and we are trying our best to point that out to Canadians. The problem is that to many are willing to knuckle under the tyrants without standing up for our rights. Thank you Jacob and everyone for keeping the pressure on.

  66. Steve.S on

    Activism is not wrong, my friend, and Mr. Harper is not some almighty deity that is immune to protest and criticism. He’s already doing what he can to make things as bad as he can for Marc, so I don’t see how you think expressing our beliefs and opinions is negatively affecting that. Right now Marc has been in solitary confinement since last Thursday for breaking an unwritten rule, and the Harper government has already stated they will not bring Marc home, so your points are moot. This is an exercise of democratic rights and freedoms, showing that police can and DO violate civil rights whenever it benefits the government or themselves.



  67. Dan on

    The protest are not just about Marc, but about opposing S-10 and other attempts to jail individuals for cannabis related offences.

    The Conservatives have renewed their punitive legislation and it is snaking through the senate.

    Marc understands his die has been cast and wouldn’t want silence for his own means. He’s a high profile victim of the drug war, and that is why his face is on the banners.

    This is about direct pressure on the Conservatives, but also ensure the NDP or Liberals know that they can be easy targets if they support this legislation.


    No protest will free Marc from the Feds in the U.S. This is a bad tactic and can only worry Marc. We see a lot of people talking shit but how is disrespecting Mr. Harper or causing problems at the police stations going to encourage the Canadian Government to let Marc do his time in Canada? Mr. Harper could call his friends in the U.S. and make things even harder for Marc! If anything this is making things worse and is making more enemies! Mrs. Emery should go home, run the Magazine and Bookstore, and make political friends. Don’t make trouble before they decide where they are going to send Marc! Step on the wrong toes and they will send him to the worst prison they can find! It is what it is!