Marc Emery has been locked up in solitary confinement since Thursday, June 3rd!

Marc and Jodie's last moments together on May 10th, 2010 in Vancouver, BCMarc and Jodie’s last moments together on May 10th, 2010 in Vancouver, BCOn Thursday night, June 3rd, Marc was put into solitary confinement, or “SHU”, (Security Housing Unit) at SeaTac Federal Detention Centre (SeaTac FDC) while he awaits his sentencing in September. The reason? For unknowingly breaking an unwritten rule. I haven’t heard from him since… Here’s what happened.

On Thursday afternoon, Marc had me record a phone call that was meant as his first US Prison Podcast, similar to the ones he did last fall while imprisoned here in BC and posted on iTunes and our website. That evening, as he was writing me an “email” through the Corrlinks prison messaging system, he mentioned that a guard had just given him a citation, said his phone access was suspended for “at least three days” and that there would be a disciplinary hearing in “a few days”.

Marc was shocked at the citation because he had read the inmate rule book and there was no mention of recording phone calls being against the rules. He was so worried that he wouldn’t be able to call me for three days, with a potential penalty of no phone access for up to 2 months, and now it’s been longer… and with an unknown amount of time ahead.

Marc’s email to me that night was the last I’ve heard from him. When I didn’t hear from him on Friday morning, I was worried and had our US lawyer call the prison. He found out for me that Marc was put into SHU, and we don’t know for how long, and lawyers can’t do anything when it comes to prison rules and discipline. It’s horrible not hearing from my beloved husband, not knowing what’s going on, when I’ll be in touch with him next… And the solitary confinement is just the period where he waits for the punishment to be determined, as if it’s not punishment enough! They can take away phone, email, AND visits.

I pray they let him out of solitary as soon as possible, give him his disciplinary hearing, and decide to “punish” him with only 3 days of no phone… It’s terrible, the US prison system. So cruel and soul-crushing for everyone involved.

Here is Marc’s last email to me. At the time we were planning for me to go visit him on Sunday June 6th. The first portion of the email was personal stuff so I removed it, but part-way through, the happy message was interrupted by the following bad news:

Thursday evening, June 3rd 2010
From: Marc Emery
To: Jodie Emery

Oh dear! I can’t call you for three days! I’m not allowed to do podcasts and I was given an official citation! I lose my phone privileges for a minimum of three days and perhaps longer! Oh NO!

Wow, that’s sad. There’s nothing in my rule book that says you can’t record my calls, so I thought it was OK. But I may lose my calls for up to 60 days! I have a hearing in a few days, a disciplinary hearing, so whatever punishment I’m going to get I’ll find out shortly. There’s probably a hearing about it in a few days. Wow, will my mood plummet if I lose you for more than 3 days, and three days is sad even , especially since I did those prison podcasts from North Fraser Remand before here every week and that was fine there. I read that rule book thoroughly too.

The officer read me my rights and I confessed because I’m not going to lie about anything. I did say if I had understood it was a violation of the rules I would never have done it. Oh dear, Jodie, I’m so sad now! I just got presented with the Incident Report in the middle of this email. I guess my email privileges aren’t affected, but I sure do look forward to speaking with you every day. I sure hope you get to visit here this Sunday or Tuesday because now I may not hear your voice for a while.

Everything was going so well too. I was in such a positive mood. The officer suggested maybe they’ll go easy on me (just 3 days phone suspension) since I confessed and expressed earnestly that I wouldn’t think a call to an authorized person that’s merely recorded would break the rules, but it does. No podcasts the officer said. So that’s that. But I can live with that if I get to talk to you by Sunday (maybe you’ll be here that day!) or Monday…

Wow, that takes the steam out of my day. I just got a haircut and pressed my clothes, was feeling good… I’m so surprised and disappointed. I didn’t even say a single negative this about this institution, I bet everyone else bitches and complains; me, I try to be positive, in part because I value my 10 minutes a day with you on the phone… this is so sad.

Going to miss my sweet wife…
Your prince,

PLEASE – write a letter to Marc so he’s not entirely cut off from the outside world! His mail service is much slower in solitary confinement, but if he’s there for a long period of time, he’ll really need and appreciate any messages from supporters and friends. Thank you for your support! FREE MARC EMERY!

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Anonymous on

    marc shouldn’t be in prison in the first place, if anything he should have had to pay the 200$ fine in canada. now he’s being further punished for an unwritten rule and you agree with that?
    what the fuck is wrong with you?

  2. renney b. on

    this is a defining moment for our people and the cannabis culture at large and as we recognize the lovers and the haters we press on to freedom… the bible says ‘ by their fruits you will know them’ and again’ out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…’ so at this stage in the struggle to legalize cannabis and set the cannabis captives free we cannot be tricked or made afraid of their words or evil faces… remenber the early christians being tossed to wild beasts in the collosium in rome and as the reggae artist bob marley say, this is amagedon…the fight to free our minds, body and souls takes constant vigellance and courage… love will guide us, listen to the words of the great song wtiter (bob); ‘let them all pass all their dirty remarks, their is one question i really like to ask; is there a place for the hopeless sinner who has hurt all mankind just to save his own belief…’ one love…

  3. Trolling Terry is a dumbass on

    You can do it slashdot style, where idiots, cops and CPC activists are never seen by most, without censoring. think about it.

  4. Anonymous on

    It’s almost as if the trolls can’t help tripping themselves up, eh?

    You and Marc are winning, Jodie. Get some newspaper or news station to file a FOIA so we can all hear the potcast on NPR and CNN.

    Also, I noticed NORML posts editor’s rebuttals within posts they wish to refute. It seems to be quite effective.

  5. Anonymous on

    Did it occur to you that one’s freedoms are curtailed by being in JAIL. That this is the purpose of being IN jail? DUH. Otherwise we’d have murderers spouting off about their crimes on tv and radio whenever they damn well please. You can’t pick and choose who gets a public forum whenever they want! Them’s the breaks, kids. Grow up!

  6. Anonymous on

    We are his followers. You don’t hear him or his followers sharing that info with the public because it’s false information!

    Perhaps you could post the spammer’s ip and email addresses, Jodie?

  7. Anonymous on

    That post makes little sense. It is a matter of public record that Emery did not ignore the certainty of US prison, but rather planned for it as part of his activism.

    Google Marc Emery. Drug War IS crime.

  8. Jodie on

    Marc did NOT choose to go to the USA! The Canadian government rejected the offer that the US government made for Marc to stay in Canada. Marc agreed to that deal, but Canada’s government said NO! And Marc doesn’t have any assets or property to be seized, that was never a factor in this, and totally irrelevant. If he had any property, it could still be seized by Canadian or US officials, but he has nothing, so they have taken nothing.

    The Vancouver police investigated Marc in 2003, unknown to us. The BC Crown refused to go ahead with charges. The Vancouver police then worked with the DEA and had Marc busted in 2005. In 2008, the USA offered a plea deal for Marc to spend 10 years IN CANADA but ONLY if the Canadian government agreed to charge Marc in Canada. Marc agreed to that deal, the USA agreed to that deal, but the Canadian government did NOT agree, so the USA then came up with an offer for 5 years in the USA, which was Marc’s only choice (other than going to trial).

    So you’re lying. Why would you spread that misinformation? Marc did NOT choose to go to the USA rather than Canada. That’s nonsense.

  9. Jodie on

    you say we were in Toronto, but it was Niagara Falls — which was clearly mentioned REPEATEDLY before and in the video. You’re a goof, easily ignored…

  10. Jose Melendez on

    If the above poster is correct, then that should resolve the problem.



    “Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at 5 USC § 552, I am requesting any documents in your possession (…)

    If you claim an exemption for all or part of the records, please comply with the FOIA by stating in writing and in a timely manner the basis of the exemption that you contend is applicable to the record, including the statutory citation to an exemption created or afforded by statute. Please state, in writing and with particularity, the reasons for the conclusion that the record is exempt. If the records are not in your custody, please identify the current custodian. Pursuant to the FOIA, we expect to receive a response from you within twenty (20) days.”

    To request information from a federal agency about prisons, you can send the request to the USDOJ at FOIA/PA Branch.

    Civil Rights Division
    Room 311, NALC Building
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
    Department of Justice
    Washington, DC 20530

  11. pequot on

    re: > “Hurry up jodie– erace all Marcs jailblog transcriptiins from the CC website and apologise, in writing to the US government for violating their code of behavior… Its clearly your fault Marc is suffering in solitary, not his fault and not the US Governments’ fault… If you errace this message then we will know you are the little spoiled brat we always suspected you were”
    There’s that old statist obsession with censorship rearing its ugly head again. Judging by his mean-spirited taunts and his obvious lack of education, this guy is almost certainly just another one of those hateful bullies in law enforcement who gives the police a bad reputation. By using a name like “Tokin Terry” this troll wants you to believe that your supporters have turned against you. Nothing could be further from the truth. These psychopathic fascist cockroaches just can’t stand the light: they become infuriated whenever their immoral acts are exposed. They are now more frustrated than ever because this whole affair is having the opposite effect of what they intended. Glad that post was not deleted–it shows how mentally deranged our oppressors really are.

  12. Sii-am Hamilton on

    Jodie and Marc have better things to do than read trash like this, you may not think about it but prison affects a persion, no matter who you are, being locked up like an animal changes you. For you to write somthign so nasty, just shows the community how little you are. Why bother commenting? This is for support, not pointing fingers. Because at a time like this, you need people to stand by you and be willing to shout, and shout loud for human rights. Dont comment again, there’s no point listning to you talk out your ass.

  13. John on

    There’s some really slimy snake-trolls in here lately. They’ll get their long razorblade ride DOWN when it comes to their turn through St. Peter’s immortality portal. HA! they are so stoopid!

  14. CatMan on

    Now you decided on “Your Uncle Bob” for a comment name.
    You really are pathetic…

  15. Marc chose where he is today on

    No, Marc chose to serve his time in the USA. He had the option to be charged in Canada and not have to go to the USA, but decided that he preferred to serve his time in the USA, because he didn’t want to have his property in Canada seized under proceeds of crime laws.
    He doesn’t deserve to be in prison for pot – no one does, really – but he chose to plead guilty and to serve his time in the USA, so how can anyone protest about his choices? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
    And you don’t hear him or his followers sharing this info with the public.

  16. ricky on

    kuz u need to medicate . dam! information is power. 4 urs u r probaly a male plant! OH YEA FREE SPEECH WHERE I LIVE. AS IF THE GIRL ISNT DYING INSIDE EVERYDAY. you want to throw another brick on her back .

  17. Your Uncle Bob on

    Thursday June 10′ Jodie and her idiot friends attempt to take over a politicians office in Toronto while the city is bristling with a Billion dollars worth of security to offset other fringe retard slum rebel assholes attempting to disrupt a G-10 meeting..,, result FAIL.. Toronto cops are not the pussies Vancouver cops are- and you just can;t pull that cranky activist crap here and hope to get away with it, as you found out yourself just today.
    Jodie you were the designated ” Front person? “- I guess that was your last freedom fighter assignmenet in a leading role

    after two weeks of other stupid stoner stunts you really outdid yourself today Get ready to get yourself arrested Jodie – you are so woefully dense only a pair of handcuffs is gonna wake you up to that fact. last chance Mrs Emery- go home to your Motherm detox, learn a trade and start your whole life over again..before you are suddenly 30 and look like any other stupid junkie woman = you already act like one

  18. Anonymous on

    Hey Jodie;

    sending you two a prayer. Hope things suck much less for you soon.

    Put up a blog about our interview that we did with you at

    to spread the word.


  19. Anonymous on

    He had no option to be charged in Canada because Canada doesn’t have the same laws etc that the US does… he faced a $200 fine, there he faced life in prison. This was a DEA operation that was allowed to happen in Canada. He chose to plead guilty so his friends didn’t end up in jail along with him. He should get all the respect in the world for that alone.

    This should never have happened in the first place since we are supposedly a sovereign nation. But of course that is coming to an end with the North American Union. This is a test case to allow further cases to be brought against more Canadians. Pretty soon we will all be faced with the possibility of spending time in US prisons based on bullshit charges that are not supposed to apply to us. Enjoy the New World Order!

  20. Anonymous on

    Marc chose to serve his time in the USA. He had the option to be charged in Canada and not have to go to the USA, but decided that he preferred to serve his time in the USA, because he didn’t want to have his property in Canada seized under proceeds of crime laws.
    He doesn’t deserve to be in prison for pot – no one does, really – but he chose to plead guilty and to serve his time in the USA, so how can anyone protest about his choices? You can’t have your cake and eat it too.
    And you don’t hear him or his followers sharing this info with the public.

  21. Anonymous on

    You need to chill out. you obviously have some issues and I’m sure if Jodie Emery was a spoiled brat like you suggest she wouldn’t even bother with half the activism etc.

  22. The BallyHoo on

    You just said, ”This extradition is simply to appease the U.S.” Then you get all convoluted.

    ”we should be a little thankful that the extradition wasn’t to 3rd
    world country where NO outside communication would get through.”

    Why in the hell would he be extradited to a 3rd. world country? Why should we be thankful? This is between Canada and the U.S. I guess I should be thankful I wasn’t born with 2 heads?

    The whole thing is simply politically driven, due to Marc’s activism and outright donations to the cause. That’s it. Period. Nice positive finish though…


  23. The BallyHoo on

    You just said, ”This extradition is simply to appease the U.S.” Then you get all convoluted.

    ”we should be a little thankful that the extradition wasn’t to 3rd
    world country where NO outside communication would get through.”

    Why in the hell would he be extradited to a 3rd. world country? Why should we be thankful? This is between Canada and the U.S. I guess I should be thankful I wasn’t born with 2 heads?

    The whole thing is simply politically driven, due to Marc’s activism and outright donations to the cause. That’s it. Period. Nice positive finish though…


  24. Jarred T on

    Considering the fact that the US Government in collaboration with the Canadian Government have in so many ways VIOLATED Marc’s Rights to begin with AND the fact that there was a precedent to Marc releasing recordings from prison… well I guess your post just makes you look like any other holier-then-thou fool who’s come in late in the game and obviously hasn’t actually been paying attention to what’s going on.

    Either that or you’re just a Government plant of some sort, especially considering your little “If you erase this message blah blah blah” which is not only childish but makes it clear that you are just going out of your way to be an ass and attempting to make a already hurt woman feel even worse. Bet you feel big of yourself now eh?

    There wouldn’t be this situation to begin with if the our governments weren’t dicking around with Emery’s rights and BREAKING CONSTITUTIONAL LAW! Which I think is just a bit worse then someone performing an action they had performed many times before without problem and had done their best to make sure it wasn’t illegal to begin with FROM SEVERAL SOURCES (E.g the prison rulebooks).

    Congratulations Terry! You made yourself look like an ignorant fool! Keep it up and you might get a medal from Obama! Oh wait! He smokes up too… Well I guess you’ll just have to be content in your ignorance :/ Kind of sad really… Especially since it’s degenerates like you that keep good men like Emery in jail.

    PS: If Jodie deleted your post there would simply be much rejoicing that another ignorant ass would have been shut up.

  25. Ken on

    Our asswipe prime minister is the devils spaw. Marc will return stronger and have one helluva movie book deal awaiting. Use this time to get healthy and know there are many, many supporters around the planet working to free the green. Bless you. peace. FREE MARC EMERY

  26. Anonymous on

    Wow. A new breed of internet troll.

  27. OKie Nate on

    Welcome to our country and grow God’s herb everywhere…screw this DEA, FBI Nazi scum. Marc is a freedom fighter and will liberate us when he is out!

  28. Dale allo on

    Please tell everyone in the world ways they can help there are many folks who wish to do something but dont know what to do. jodie i suggest to raise some funds you sign posters and books and bongs and pipes etc and sell them. charge an extra couple bucks for the signature to raise some serious cash. you and marc and celebraties!

  29. Anonymous on

    The Americans have declared war on Canadians by this senseless act of torture. Stay way from our country, assholes, or face the retribution you deserve.

  30. Okie Nate on

    You Canadians are a little naive to the Nazi prison complex here. 10 years ago I was arrested in Oklahoma City for 3 grams of pot when I was 18(had to show the cop how to use the triple beam scales because he was trying to charge me with over an oz.) in 1999. Well, I was beaten sensless by a 280lb prison guard for refusing to “sign my name” on a property records form. When are dealing with Nazis here people and they all need to die! Oh, there is a nice “wild” crop of beautiful Marijuana plants in a creek that runs along the Del City Police station complements of Marc. Over grow the government now!

  31. Anonymous on

    That was me who wrote the post about Marc earning his 5 years. You are right, I should just stop posting here. I found it interesting to try to see if there was any legal loopholes that could save Marc, but it turned out there weren’t any. After that I just started getting bored with the subject and started making more objective posts.

    It pretty much comes down to Marc being the architect of his own destruction. Sure, I feel pity for the guy, sitting in stir like that. Just like I feel pity for people who go to jail for unpaid parking tickets. I’m not going to make a sign demanding their freedom though. They broke the law, they paid the price. I guess they have to stop people from sending Cannabis (anything with detectable THC) to the US somehow. Asking them nicely didn’t seem to work so now they’re trying a shitload of prison time instead, apparently.

    Marc knew the potential penalties. He was around in Green Merchant days in the mid-eighties. He knew about all the people who did 10 years for next to nothing. He just decided to ignore the certainty of US prison until he was actually sitting in a cell. What can you say about somebody like that? Frankly, I think he should have pled not guilty by reason of insanity. A guy commits a major crime and then throws the money around like Santa Claus leaving himself not only penniless but in deep debt to the Tax department. What more proof do you need?

    I’ll be leaving the site now. Don’t worry, I won’t let the banner ads hit me in the ass on my way out.

  32. christian gorey on

    …so sad 🙁

  33. greengreat on

    Greetings from Italy dear brother.

    Let’s make this term of the first weeks (months?) a better and juster time. For you and for us who believe in our/your struggle..

    You and Jodie ought to take contact with the Federal Detention Administration to clarify Marc position as an United States detainee. I hope all will clarify itself in the light of *law*, and of course I long to hear (even only read your letters) again from you MARC on C.C.
    Love, all the best for your ..*resistance*.
    “Do not worry, be happy!”

    (to plant a seed to remember ourselves that life is not a dream nor a nightmare:)
    _Greetings from Italy dear brother.

    Let’s make this term of the first weeks (months?) a better and juster time. For you and for us who believe in our/your struggle..

    You and Jodie ought to take contact with the Federal Detention Administration to clarify Marc position as an United States detainee. I hope all will clarify itself in the light of *law*, and of course I long to hear (even only read your letters) again from you MARC on C.C.
    Love, all the best for your ..*resistance*.
    “Do not worry, be happy!”

    (to plant a seed to remember ourselves that life is not a dream nor a nightmare:)

  34. Senor Sativa on

    The refusal to allow phone call podcasts is just an example of what the people who really control America have done since World War Two. They try to bully, silence, lock up, or kill anyone who doesn’t follow their rules. To question Authority is the ultimate sin and that is what Marc Emery is ultimately guilty of. Terrorist, Communist, Witch, what’s the difference?

  35. lisa on

    Hey Marc and Jodie
    CAN NOT believe your dealing with this situation. Wish you were back in Canada. Sending you lots of support. Your TRUTHS mean so much. Yes you are defending all of us. Your lives have such true meaning as your living lives of integrity and principal. Fear is the weapon of these unfortunate individuals who think they have power over you with their petty prisons and their backwards ideas on morality. They hurt themselves as their own soul structure erodes under their sad conformity.
    You are supported by many
    Lisa Vancouver Canada

  36. Arnaldo aka Senor Sativa on

    You WISH you could be Marc Emery. If more people had courage to do what’s right instead of worrying about “Rules” like you terry, this world would be a better place.

  37. CatMan on

    Ms. Emery
    Don’t let Tokin’ terry provoke you. Just one of the various pseudonyms that a certain troll uses to post demoralizing comments to people.
    This idiot under various guises has been attempting a very poor effort at psychological warfare for some time now. Laughable endeavor from a professional standpoint. Please ignore his puerile attempts to provoke you, don’t give him/her the satisfaction. It is quite understandable that this stressful point in your life leaves one with less fortitude to deal with mental midgets with sadistic tendencies. Just remember that this persons encephalographic chart is pretty flat compared to yours, and keep that in mind when reading such provocative posts
    Regarding Marc in solitary confinement: This is an attempt to silence Marc obviously…from what I could perceive, everything was fine till he posted a less than stellar report about a swastika tattooed inmate trying to bully everyone into racist attitudes.

  38. CatMan on

    You sir are a fuckwit…if you think just changing your comment name disguises you. You wouldn’t pass the entrance exam for a special needs school.

  39. Anonymous on

    Stand Strong – we love you both! Political prisoners suffer the most because the government(s) fear you and the message you are delivering. The negative notes on this page come from the oppressors, not your supporters – just shine them on and ignore their ignorant comments. You are loved and held in prayer by your supporters, surrounded by peace and compassion.
    Sending you loads of love and hugs – hang in there!

  40. Love on

    I posted a comment yesterday & then decided to look at the article again today and came upon some very strange comments posted afterwards. I do not understand why hate filled assholes insist on posting on here and belittle Jodie & Marc’s efforts. Clearly these people who are instructing Jodie & Marc that this whole situation is self inflicted need to go find a new site to comment on since their comments are barely constructive and clearly come from assholes that just want to say something (even if it is complete garbage). I wonder if those assholes could go get a hobby instead of pissing all over our parade?
    Stay Strong Marc & Jodie and don’t worry about the idiots who post on here, they clearly sit on their damn couch all day and watch the world from their computers instead of getting out there and standing up for something in their lives X

  41. Anonymous on

    Have you ever heard freedom of speech if its not there then obviously they are trying to make an example out of Marc

  42. Rick Patterson on

    Makes me ashamed to be an American.
    This country preaches freedom while practicing slavery.
    To be locked in a cage should be reserved for the baby rapers and murderers of the world.
    Free country my ass!The amount of freedom you have depends upon how much money you have and who you know.
    Try not paying your property taxes for a while,then put up a fight when they come to put you on the street.
    They will shoot you dead! simple as that.
    You gotta have plenty of protection money to pay the US mobsters.

  43. Dale allo on

    I saw in my most recent flash forward that marc will be elected as prime minister of canada! stay strong jodie you are in our hearts and thoughts! nothing is impossible dont ever give up!

  44. Anonymous on

    Dont worry Jodie Terry the tard toker will get his good when he has his judgement. No mortal escapes the final word.

  45. Anonymous on


    You and Marc need to forget about “yesterday,” life in the brig in Canada. We’re talking night and day here. One thing Marc and you should be doing is keep explicit records. Marc would have a killer book to sell after he gets out if things are documented.

    At his hearing, he should ask “You know me. You know my history. What are the limits to my communications with the outside world?” Have them spell it out during the hearing.

    For the time being, you and Marc are NOT activists. You’re both under the microscope and what one does, effects the other. You have a good base around you. Let them do the activism.

    This is just starting. You need to hunker down and set plans, strategies and options. This is no time to be attacking the windmills. It’ll just make life for Marc, and you, harder.

  46. urnrg on

    I’ve contacted Amnesty International, Vancouver office, [email protected], asking what is Amnesty International’s view on the war on drugs and the impact it has on regular citizens, and stated my concern for Marc Emery’s case.

    Stay strong, Marc and Jodie.

  47. Marion on

    We all know the saying 2 wrongs don’t make a right
    2 rudes never made a polite either !
    It’s counter productive to suggest something
    in a condescending message.
    I have never been Pro extradition period.
    I believe it’s Canada’s way of being non committal.
    This extradition is simply to appease the U.S.
    while burying our heds in the sand and changing no laws.
    Realistically although the U.S. practices are very different
    from Canadian ones, and the “Rule book” is likely outdated
    we should be a little thankful that the extradition wasn’t to 3rd
    world country where NO outside communication would get through.
    Trying to stay positive is difficult under these circumstances
    As everyone is so busy complaining about the States
    I think we should be thankful it’s ONLY the States.
    If Marc can read this … Stay strong, Stay busy, Stay positive.
    My wish for you is that time flys ! To Jodie same words but also,
    buy yourself a few frozen “smartones” dinners. Very healthy backup
    to have around when its too hard to cook for one !
    Much love and positive thoughts sent your way (s)…Marion

  48. ray christl THC machine camboDEA on

    Jodie ,you must stay true to the self-sacrifice of MARC as a religious-philosophical martyrdom.The evil LEVIATHAN is revealed to the thinking anonymity of your once proud country.A podcast from prison is like allowing terrorism in this present political mindset.The effort must be directed at education and sympathy,plus a national referendum seems possible from Canadian LAW.I’m just dreaming from PP,yet a google search mentions all the legal options.Grow room people really want FREE MARC??? LOVE is a better word for the church that unites as ONE…LOVE…DESTINY. LEGALIZE IN CANADA really try to help Marc with money and courage.Hire Thomas James to teach on talk radio.Build compassion for JODIE without offending with pot smoke.Wash the feet of Harper voters with magnesium rich hemp oil.The -NO THC type-to serve people’s sore feet which increases respect with the truth about GOD’s greatest plant.CREATE AFFINITY

  49. Anonymous on

    Don’t take anyone seriously who spells “erase” as “errace.” Simple minded trolls just looking for a response. It’s truly sad because it seems to think it’s being clever.


    I just want to wish you two well and I appoligize for my comments. Some people are just born assholes and I love to get under their skin. You dont deserve to be talked to or about in the way you was. I had to respond. I dont blame the moderator for removing those comments.

    Terry,when you get out of high school, let me know!

  51. Jodie on

    The prison records and listens to phone calls and heard it all themselves: Marc had requested that I record his message to supporters, so Marc is the one who “broke the rule” (which was broken in a roundabout way).

    The recorded message was never shared or distributed anywhere, so really, the rule was never broken in the first place because the message was never delivered.

    You just hate me and Marc, and you take great pleasure in either of us suffering pain. Calling me a “spoiled brat” — what’s up with that? So juvenile. Get lost, Terry, and leave us alone.

  52. persecutedinalberni on

    Yup it’s true they want me off the highway,highway #4 that is,I’ve been there for four saturdays in a row now for two hours each day with my signs.

    There I am just sitting there with my lawn chair being nice and peacefull as allways nice and sane instead of bashing there fucking heads in for what they did to me yup nice and freindly and peacefull.

    I mean there are so many people I could do harm to in this town for what they did to me but that would be psychotic as them wouldn’t it?.

    Instead I let them know I am coming to collect just like I said I was when they read it in my blog and the law came racing up to my home to fool my family into thinking I am a threat and lied the second they came in the door.

    It still stands doctor,I am coming to collect slowly but surely one saturday at a time LOL

    They know I am there every weekend untill Marc is home with wife and country and they want me off the highway or soon you all might wake up and start beleiving in me instead of the bullshit lies you will hear about me as their ass are up against the wall even further.

    They will treat him bad because of me or get him home so I can finaly change the signs to something else I got planned instead LOL oh I’m so fuckin funny.

    No really serious though folks they don’t want you to convince my wife and parents that it is indeed true I was persecuted by these sick devil worshipping freaks.

    That’s all I care about I want my wife back I want my wife to beleive in me instead of living in denial and to affraid to go and ask is it true did RCMP come and discuss anything about me while we were foster parents.

    She is affraid to go ask if they suspected me of anything since when I go ask just as sane and nicely as my wife would they throw me in a mental hospital and say it ain’ so.

    It is called wrongfull suspetion and wrongfull accusations, it is all for character assasination since they know I am not guilty of anything it is just to make people in my community fear me.

    It is working just fine go ask my dumb ass neighbour he was so affraid of me he told me not to come around his dog or his kids because of what he was having his head filled with bullshit.

    So he then has a reason to go around and tell everyone he had to keep his kids and dog away from his psycho neighbour richard but in the mean time he keeps letting his kid and dogs come into my yard like everything is just fine.

    Perhaps someone should tell him to keep his kids and dogs out of my yard and when I am out there on the highway with my signs as much as I enjoy his company cause you never know I might “SNAP” and love him to death or something sinister like that, hey neighbour.

    This is how they destroy a white trash piece of shit who can’t afford two hundred grand just to clear his name.

    So untill goof ball Harper gets his ass in gear and admits the the people of this country that I have been persecuted by a group of sick people that he is goin to point out to us all then I guess I will just be out there on the internet tellin my story at sites like this.

    They really hate me and that lawn chair of mine I mean the way I just sit back and relax,I’m not even yelling or screamin things out when they pass by FREE MARC nope not a thing I just sit back and watch the motorist pass by.

    I count cars and most of all honks and thumbs up or waves when they see my signs and just sit back and relax knowing that there are some government payed employees in my town know that I am going to send their asses into exile once the truth comes out.

    They know Marc and many other things that you see have to do with me and my genius mind and that is a threat to them and their way of live.

    Oh shit I keep forgetting I am insane right lol yeah ok never mind all that shit but in the mean time I am there every weekend on highway #4 with my signs to show marc emery support as he is the only leader I choose to follow.

    Hang in there Marc and remain strong and jodie my heart goes out to you to remain strong hun,keep up the fight.

    oh and by the way jodie friday(june 4th) morning I mailed Marc a letter and with it was some pictures of my signs on the highway so please ask that he received them because I fear they won’t give him them since it is from me.
    And yes I was aware of what I said and knew what I said was no reason for him not to get it.

    ok so now that I have read this new info on him I am really friggin pissed off right now so I am gonna drip a drop of good honey oil into my pipe and have a few blasts for you both Marc and jodie and I will try to think of nice things.


    If it aint in the book, there aint no rule. You are an IDIOT! Nuff said.

  54. Tokin' Terry on

    Marc broke no prison rules regarding tape recording prisons outcalls
    and distributing to third parties, That was you Jodie..
    You tape recorded the prison outcall and transcribed it
    and distributed the contents to a third party.
    And Marc is in solitary because you broke the rules, not him,
    but he is paying for your actions.

    I guess you’ll learn all about how much damage you caused
    when Marc gets his prison disciplinary hearing.
    learns the facts about the offense and receives his punishment.
    Maybe write a letter of apology to the US Goverment
    showing some remorse for your actions-
    say you are sorry and that you will never do anything like that again.
    If you don’t say you’re sorry, you won’t hear from Marc for a couple of months- and be denied entry if you try to cross into the US to visit him

    Hurry up jodie– erace all Marcs jailblog transcriptiins from the CC website
    and apologise, in writing to the US government for violating their code of behavior.Maybe publish your apology here after you take down your husbands’ prison diary entries you got from that forbidden tape recording. Show a little remorse unto thy enemy the mighty USA, the people who have your confessed foreign felon of a husband prisoner in their no escape jail system. The USA did not offend you- & just like Marc you offended the USA
    Stop blaming everybody else for your bad judgment calls and start making amends before it’s too late.Its clearly your fault Marc is suffering in solitary, not his fault and not the US Governments’ fault

    If you errace this message then we will know you are the little spoiled brat we always suspected you were

  55. MOTFA on

    I am glad he can still receive mail, i was wondering about that. Hope he gets my letter…

  56. mark hill on

    If it were really a violation, it would have been in the rule book. It will be in the next edition.

    Marc has always been able to do prison podcasts, why would he be doing it all of a sudden to break a rule he didn’t know about?

    I look forward to his sentencing so he can apply for his treaty transfer to come home.

  57. Anonymous on

    That’s a weird rule, considering anybody can get those phone calls by simply making a freedom of information request, like Nancy Grace does with Casey whatshername. They’re all recorded by the prison and anybody at all can get them. Pretty messed up huh?

  58. Anonymous on

    you have a future canadian pm locked up for profitt .this will cost you dearly

  59. Jay Cotten on

    i wonder why you were singled out. america is not the home of the free. the public is fighting them peacefully, we are changing the politicians without shooting them lol. i for one is proud of you and many others who stood up for us. on the most part you were needed to help open their eyes. again sorry, i am ashamed of our present law.

  60. Anonymous on


    Do you really find it hard to believe that he didn’t know? Despite the fact that he had been doing Podcasts in Canadian Prisons all along? Despite the fact that there was nothing documented that would indicate this was a violation? Would you ask permission before doing anything? Before writing a letter? Sending an email? From what I can tell, Marc is doing everything he can to make his stay as reasonable as possible. There’s a time and a place for activism, and it ain’t in jail. It’s on the streets of every goddamn city and town in Canada and the US. You’ve got to do more then ‘think’ about activism. Write the man a damn letter. Tell his story to everyone you meet.

  61. Henry Hemp on


    I have Done a 9 month and a 6 month jail sentence and Many times I lost my privileges for there dumb rules, I lost my phone privileges and Commissary (Extra food snacks you can buy) privileges because I was sleeping under my sheet during the day! Lost Visiting rights and all that. WHY? because your in JAIL HOW ELSE CAN THEY PUNISH YOU, so they take the little humane things they allow you to have to break you down and make you miserable…I send my heart out to Marc and Jody for this absolutely stupid action by the sea tac jail. WE NEED TO EXPOSE THE SYSTEM FOR THE FAILURE IT IS TO THE WORLD! PLEASE STAND UP AND STAND UP ALL THE WAY MY FRIENDS TO MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN AND FREEDOM FOR ALL CANNABIS PRISONERS WORLD WIDE! HEMP CAN HELP SAVE THE PLANET AND CANNABIS SAVES LIVES! FREE MARC EMERY AND FREE EDDY LEPP!

    Sending my Positive energy thoughts and love your way my friends,

    Peace Love and POT!

  62. Anonymous on

    As an American this makes me sick to my stomach. Marc being in jail is a serious bummer. I am writing letters to everyone you can think of in opposition to this. We should not be holding people in our jails that Canada will not charge and especially when Marc has never even been here to the US. Not to mention that we are wasting a lot of money keeping Marc in jail.

  63. Dirty Harry on

    Have him send his blogs via e-mail, and have someone “narrate” what he wants to say. Obviously reading an e-mail aloud can’t be a violation.
    I am pretty sure people in the prison system and government really want to keep him quiet. He may want to tread lightly until he feels out the rules.

  64. renney b. on

    so sad that they keep rubbing salt in our wound. they are desperately trying to break marc and silence his voice. this is torture and a gross abuse of the criminal justice system… what else are we to expect from this american war on marijuana activists. my call to pray and vigil for marc at this time until he is set free; shame on the government of canada to let him go in the first place… what pleasure do they find in the persecution of nonviolent cannabis prisoners; this genocide must stop. cheer up jodie, ‘ weeping endures for a night but, joy comes in the morning…’ i know this could get messy but, faith, hope and love guides our way.

  65. Anonymous on

    say the word and im there

  66. Dale allo on

    five years will fly by if you stay positive no matter what. life will be so fresh and nice when you finally do get out it will feel so good to be free hang in there we’re all with you. fuck the american system!

  67. Anonymous on

    Well, I understand the frustration. I doubt the Canadian prison system would be any kinder if he had violated one of the inmate rules unwritten or not. This is going to be a very loooooong 5 years if Marc is going to be constantly in trouble over trifles.

    I find it a little hard to believe that Marc didn’t know that recording a converstaion could possibly be a problem for prison authorities. If I were him, I would have asked prior to making the call. In fact I don’t believe that Marc made this call without knowing that it would potentially result in disciplinary action against him. It’s his entire MO to violate rules and laws to demonstrate how unfair they are. I don’t know about this one. I have mixed feelings about it. He’s going to sit in prison for 5 years. FIVE YEARS. Good behavior might reduce his stay. I know what I’d be doing if I were him. He seems to have his head in the right place with some of his writing projects, reading, and correspondence – areas where he can continue to be an effective activist. I want to support Marc, but I don’t want to be reading about incidents like this every couple weeks. Sorry. I’m looking forward to more news about his sentencing. He’s definitely inspired me to be thinking about how I can get involved in activism in the US.

  68. Canaan on

    Hi Jodie, I just got my letter together to send Marc. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at 17 and Cannabis has been the best treatment thus far and Ive been scrutanized by not only the public but my own ‘family’ as well. I hope he enjoys my story and it helps take his mind away from his horrible situation. Peace and Love

  69. pZ on

    …atleast this international marijuana seed shipping letter terrorist has not been shipped to ADX Florence… yet

  70. Dustan on

    You are a winner. I know you will stand strong for your beliefs and with everyones support we will get through this. Good things will happen…better days to come.
    Keep it up!

  71. love on

    Sending Jodie & Marc so much love, no matter what happens real justice will prevail and the revolution will win. For now we will keep working until the day comes when Marc is released and all charges are dropped. Love you Jodie & Marc, you are in my heart XXXX

  72. francouver on

    Let’s send him a photo of the guitar ZZTop gave us to auction!

  73. Anonymous on

    ACLU can work with or direct your attorney in this matter. Covers domestic and International prisoners. Just a suggestion, as there most certainly is legal recourse and documentation of all violations.

  74. Worm on

    Maybe you should not be posting his E-MAIL’S either, they may decide to take away those privileges as well.


  75. Jodie on

    The citation and disciplinary hearing are in-prison “justice”. Lawyers are not allowed to be at the hearings, or to have anything done beyond visiting the inmate. Our lawyer has been in close contact with the prison and said that this is an unusually harsh punishment, and he will check on Marc for me, but can’t do anything else. Welcome to the United States of Abuse.

  76. Andrew Strasser on

    Running operations in jail or while they are still in prison. They are very stringent on what happens in these places as you can do a lot of damage to things if you find a small group of good followers. They are scared of his ability to be a top dog. It happens often that they are then treated unjustly. They legally record it so your lawyer should be able to ask to be allowed to do the same in order to properly represent his defense. He would have to argue that in court though it doesn’t seem that far fetched.

  77. CannabisJosh on

    Wow that is just ridiculous. I hope you are holding up okay. We need a damn revolution already :/