Facebook: Anti Medical Marijuana

Freedom of press is restricted to those who own the presses. This is yet another example of corporate censorship in America.



Hi Ed,

Thanks for writing in. The content advertised by this ad is prohibited. We reserve the right to determine what advertising we accept, and we may choose to not accept ads containing or relating to certain products or services. We do not allow ads for products related to illegal drugs, and will not allow the creation of any further Facebook Ads for this product. We appreciate your cooperation with this policy.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

Online Sales Operations



Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. However, our product is not illegal, it is a book that is sold in chain stores and online both in the USA and internationally.

Please note that the ad specified that the it only be viewed in the 14 American states where medical marijuana is legal. This book is a valuable tool to patients in those states.

I am awaiting your response.

-Ed Rosenthal


Hi Ed,

Thanks for your reply. I understand that the book you are advertising is not illegal. However, we do not allow any products relating to drugs on the site, regardless of where the ad is targeted to.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

Online Sales Operations



  1. Anonymous on

    My husband and I also play Pot Farm on Facebook every couple of days or so. This morning my husband tried to log in and received a reply specifically worded “from facebook” denying him access to the application and directing him to select another application that he would enjoy from their selections. Not sure what that’s about, still trying to sort it out.

    I can still get into mine, for now at least.

    How can facebook be so anti-cannabis? They need to think really hard about their users wants and needs.

  2. Anonymous on

    C.C does the same shit ed, they will yank your blog post if u talk about certian companys.. so why dont u say somethin about that?

  3. persecutedinalberni on

    Dear Lola

    Say hi to Hitler for me.

  4. Hemp Man -Spread the herb on

    Fight on all fronts! If its okay to promote alcohol (which is NOT legal for a large segment of the population) and a game that involves so many criminal elements then it is okay to point out that the same company has policies that are based on political decisions and not moral codes. Sure they can do what they want and we can also do what we want to point out these inane policies which further legitimize the immoral campaign to prohibit a safe useful plant.

  5. Anonymous on

    Just like my reaction to what most of you pro-pot propagandists have to say. So what? If you Facebook’s TOS is unacceptable to you, then start your own social networking site. I won’t use, nor will any members of my family, or our friends families, particularly those with children, and the parents of the students I teach will certainly be forewarned about it, and there will likely be a backlash campaign against your efforts to force drug culture on our children. But hey, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Now that people are starting to figure out that this whole medical marijuana think is just a shill for all out legalization of illicit drugs, this whole movement is toast. It sickens me to see people so desperate for their high, that they would manipulate the plight of the infirm for their ignoble cause. How about supporting a medical marijuana bill that requires actual scientific testing and proof of medical benefit for each condition warranting a prescription? How about supporting a medical marijuana bill that increases fines and penalties for doctors that over prescribe addictive medication and severely limits the allowable amounts of any addictive prescription? How about supporting a medical marijuana bill that also creates special law enforcement task forces to investigate illegal drug operations and provides incentives for those picked up for simple possession to cooperate with police in bringing down major drug dealers? I don’t see any responsible proposals out of any of you guys; just irresponsible lies and self-aggrandizing bullshit. Just remember I have a right to raise my child in a drug-free community more than you have the right to be high.

  6. Derek D on

    So true mister no name. I wanted to say something but you said all that i needed. Thanks

  7. The Person IS the Problem on

    The Person IS the Problem
    The Person IS the Problem

  8. Anonymous on

    It’s revealing to see the dweebs, sellouts and losers on here defending Facebook, or criticizing Ed Rosenthal. It shows how weak and bought off this current generation is. The generation Ed is from (hippies, yippies, black panthers) took o the US government in the streets, on the campuses and in the courts, and ended the Vietnam War while also getting Richard Nixon to quit as president. But this latest crop of youngsters wanks away on Facebook and playing video games while two illegal wars are waged, while the USA kills innocent civilians overseas, while the Gulf of Mexico is massacred by BP. And for any of you who slag Ed or defend these stupid social networking sites (it’s so very social to sit behind a computer), Ed Rosenthal personally fought the US federal government in court, refused to accept a plea deal for growing weed, absolutely thrashed the federal judges and court system, and has continued to be a revolutionary as he always has been. Unlike you little wankers who come on here to defend Facebook and other fascist corporations. This is a lost generation. You deserve the ruined, polluted, police state world that you are going to get. Fight on, Ed!

  9. RastaVacations on

    Try getting PayPal to accept payment for it, or Volusion to let you work up a great looking weed-friendly website with their tools. While those reading this live in a civilized state of mind others are less likely to think outside their sandboxes. It amazes me how uptight so many people still are about something that should be none of their business to start with. Consider the need for commerce dollars by most businesses these days and yet they turn us away. I betcha’ one day they’ll wish they had not done so, and I betcha that day will be sooner than later. Meanwhile, those of us pro-weed, pro-cannabis, pro-medical marijuana and pro-personal choice people can get to know and support each other while we wait. Glad to know you.
    “Times they are a changing”.

  10. Dale allo on

    Maybe they dont want people to see a potleaf or something when people visit their site its their choice to not be related to such activity. medical marijuana is still illegal under federal law anyways isnt it? is a business and its about making money and they dont want their name damaged over controversial things i dont think its such a bad thing to turn down your advertisements. it would be less likely revoked if it were another book which happens to have marijuana information inside. the thing that makes little sense though is the games they use that support ilegal activity like mafia wars. it does seem a tad hypocritical. of course thats a game the book has a much more realistic promotion of ilegal activity im sure more than half of al people reading your book are not legal patients.

  11. BG on

    Just like CBS.

  12. Anonymous on

    Let’s attack the problem, not the person.

  13. Anonymous on

    I feel it’s important to remember that Facebook is in the US and that medical cannabis is illegal under Federal law. Facebook’s lawyers are probably weary of being shut down for ‘promoting the violation of US Federal law’.

    I’m trying to be fair to Facebook here… it allows a huge amount of info-sharing and idea-promotion. If you want to promote medical pot, you can make a Facebook account and post all the stuff you want, as long as there are no pictures of breast-feeding (it’s illegal to show breasts in US public, so the problem once again is the law more than Facebook).

    I wish it allowed your ad (or ap), Ed, but it’s a private company so I’m not about to start whining about it protecting itself from legal action by the most powerful government in human history. US law is the real problem on this issue, Ed… Facebook is just a silly little thing by comparison!

  14. Anonymous on

    Freedom of the press is limited to the press owners, that’s true Ed. If you own ‘a press’ you can print whatever you want, short of encouraging violence, in the US…all the civilised/industralised nations have that!

  15. Beatnuck on

    Facebook: follow your own policy – alcohol is a drug. In fact, it is the most harmful drug by far. For example, the total cost of alcohol to Canadian taxpayers is about $15 billion per year. The total cost to Americans must be ten times that.

  16. Anonymous on

    Great idea presto magnifico!

  17. Anonymous on

    You are probably the most misinformed, ignorant person to even think you have any knowledge or valuable opinion on this subject.
    Does your penis feel bigger now that you got to rag on the famous Ed Rosenthal?
    You are one of those mindless sheep who is willing to give up ALL of our CIVIL LIBERTIES & FREEDOMS fought for by our forefathers.
    Move to another country, I WANT MY RIGHTS.
    Pretty soon they are going to tell you how often you can have sex too.

  18. tyler on

    “However, we do not allow any products relating to drugs on the site, regardless of where the ad is targeted to.”

    Funny, considering FaceBook advertises games like MafiaWars where you score points for dealing drugs, pimping prostitutes, and killing rival gang members.

  19. Amber Ladd on

    Eventually (maybe soon, already happening now) it will no longer be *profitable* for companies (OR politicians) to be prejudiced against all cannabis users, especially MED PATIENTS! And that’s when you can be certain it will stop. And change will come. We will keep working to educate all, closed and anger-filled minds included. As more and more good people speak out on the subject (happening now) people will come to see the truth. And then the rest will jump on the bandwagon. Thanks, Ed!!

  20. PaxDelta on


    After all, the drug Alcohol is so much safer than the evil Cannabis.

    Alcohol rots internal organs, rots the brain of users who abuse it, is most who over consume the drug, it’s simply a matter of how soon it does the damage, but damage it will do to the over consumer of the drug and an over consumer is anybody who drinks more than a couple of units a day, the majority of Alcohol users, it causes so much damage to society and physical and mental health to a huge majority of over consumers, consequnces of domestic violence and violence in society.

    I mean is it a wonder Facebook will endorse Alcohol but will ban an advertisment for Medical MJ.

    Peace. : )

  21. Anonymous on

    That is a double standard, but at least those products are legal. Maybe they get payoffs from liquor and tobacco companies so they figured it was a good tradeoff businesswise. Anyway, that’s just their policy. Not much point griping about it.

  22. PaxDelta on

    My, my.

    Sounds like you are trolling for Facebook.

    Seems you protest too much.

    So what, work for Facebook do you? Got a bonus for posting that bit of trolling?

    Anonymous, whoever you are, not even big enough to put a name to your BS, you have to hide.

    May the karma ye deserve befall your futures path

  23. Anonymous on

    So you got bumped off FACEBOOK for shilling dope books,,
    boo hoo hoo- another broken hearted snake oil pot salesman politely asked to fuck off and he whines as if he was forced into the back of the bus. Hardly Ed
    Its _their site they can do what they want- Ed you clearly violated their terms of use and pushed your luck after their polite letters, so they flushed you.
    Same way the CC crowd weed wack any material away from here, like _this non suck up blog post for instance.. It’s their blog, they can do what they want.
    Take a lesson, honourable sky fister

    A real man would have kept this piece of bad form rejection to themselves, but no, you have to whine in a dope blog about corporate censorship – Admit it Ed, you fucked up and are trying to blame Facebook for being unfair- when it was you you were unfair and got called on it. Either way you got the bums rush. Famous Pot Activist _that one away Gramps

  24. PabloKoh on

    The government is not stopping you from opening Weedbook.com for marijuana users. Might be a fun website to organize.

  25. Nah on

    But they do allow alcohol and tobacco advertising, while they said they don’t accept any drugs related content.

  26. Anonymous on

    Facebook is well known for being anti-Cannabis. They know that kids are the main users, or adults with no lives, so they want to look like they are anti-drugs because they know parents, who pay for the Internet, are usually anti-drug. Can’t really blame them for doing it, if they think it will be better for their business. That’s the great thing about the Internet, if you don’t like one site go find another one you do like and if you don’t like any of them, make your own.

    MySpace is Cannabis friendly, so just go there instead. If people are looking for Cannabis books, they would know not to look on Facebook because it’s against their policy. So why bother advertising there? I know you want to reach all those kids with your ads for Cannabis books but it just isn’t in the cards. Not everybody wants their site associated with Cannabis. That’s their choice. Get over it and move on. Go open up Budbook. In a year you can sell it to the same sucker who bought Expedia from Mark Cuban for several billion dollars and thereby doomed the world to seeing him host a really bad reality show.

  27. Anonymous on

    eZineArticles.Com also has the same policy but they will publish anything that has do do with substance abuse rehabilitation.

  28. presto magnifico on

    Hey Ed,
    I’m not sure which book/product you’re trying to advertise on Face Book, but you have lots of fans who I’m sure would be willing to post the Ad on their walls and their friend’s walls. The sidebar advertisements receive much less attention from Face Book users than wall posts by their friends anyhow. I check Cannabis culture almost daily, so I’ll look forward to whatever progress becomes of this controversy.

  29. Manga-Larga on

    Is a company authorized to be on purpose contradictory and inconsistent in their policies?

  30. urnrg on

    Online social networking is the new opiate of the masses.

    Seriously, if you can somehow tap into the Mafia Wars game then you’re set.

    “Please be advised: Some content may be inappropriate for all audiences. Mafia Wars contains references to sex, drug use, violence and other subject matter that some parents may consider inappropriate for audiences under 18 years of age.”

  31. Anonymous on

    I highly doubt they’d have a problem with an advertiser like budweiser. Typical low brow mentality. Don’t bother reading up or understanding the problem just sweep it under the rug.

  32. Manga-Larga on

    I’ve seen dozen times ads on Facebook that promotes ALCOHOOL, MEDICINES, and even COFFEE… So I guess Facebook is not against DRUGS, but against MARIJUANA (even legal)

  33. Lev on

    Like I’ve been saying for years:

    Government insured freedom of speech doesn’t mean a thing when its the corporations that control the lines of communication.

    And when you have an account with any of these corporations, you are empowering them. I honestly feel that the best way to combat situations like this is to make a stand by not even using them in any way and encouraging others to do the same.

    With that in mind, I am proud to say I’ve never in my life (nor ever will I) had an account with Facebook or MySpace. People forget that these are just WEBSITES – they are not communication protocols like TCP/IP, SMTP, etc… As long as it’s only a website, you fall prey to THEIR rules, THEIR restrictions and THEIR agenda. People need to spend more time empowering new communication protocols instead of hopping on whatever the new big name site of the day is.