Canada Confiscates Medical Marijuana at Border

Having a medical marijuana card cannot affect a Montanan’s ability to visit Canada; however, all drugs found at the border crossing will be confiscated.

Lisa White, spokesperson for the Canada Border Control Services Agency, said that despite rumors to the contrary, a traveler’s enrollment in the Montana’s medical marijuana program is not reason to refuse entry into our northern neighbor.

“In and of itself, it is not a valid reason to deny entrance,” she said.

Health Canada, the federal department that runs the country’s health care system, has a medical marijuana program, and the drug is allowed for those suffering from “grave and debilitating illnesses” like cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis.

However, according to White, Health Canada does not recognize the medical marijuana programs of any other country. Therefore, a person could not bring a personal amount of the drug across the border, despite the fact that it was medically prescribed.

White said any marijuana found at a border crossing would have to be “abandoned to the crown.” She said officers would not turn the car back because that would violate the country’s drug laws.

“They have to confiscate it,” she said.

– Article from Montana Standard.



  1. anonymous on

    Insulting us doesn’t motivate us to action buddy.

    Didn’t know Cambodia had an NHL squad.

  2. Anonymous on

    Canada is awash in pot
    don’t bring it here from the outside
    you foreign idiots
    cannabis is a controlled substance
    it’s not a toy

    If you are so sick you need pot to endure
    why are you well enough to vacation in Canada?

    smarten the fuck up

  3. Anonymous on

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  4. ray christl thc on

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  5. Dirty Harry on

    I am curious what would happen if (Canadian or US) someone using MJ went through all the hoops for dual citizenship? And the US citizen ship side happened to be a MJ friendly state? Would that give the person a wide open border for this medicine?

  6. troy campbell on

    There is one precedent of a prescription drug that is prescribed in both the US and Canada that you cannot cross the border with without recieving previous written permission and that is Methadone. So if they will limit a perfectly legitimate perscription drug that is used in every state and province in north america it makes perfect sense for them not to honor the perscriptions of cannabis as there is no way for the border patrol to verify the legitimacy of the perscription . Here in canada if your pulled over and are authorized to use and posses cannabis then the cops can run your ATP card number and get verification and I would imagine that in the states that have medical marijuana laws they have the same ability but we dont have a universal database to allow all law enforcement agencies to verify any given licences legitimacy. So if they were to allow cannabis from montana to be brought into canada by medicinal patients there is the possiblility they could sell it as here in canada it is not uncommon for patients to require 5-10grams per day so a vacationer coming for 3 months could claim that between 4-8 oz is for medical reasons and then just sell it to pay for there vacation as 4 oz of top shelf could easily fetch $1000 possibly more. And if they were to honor canadian licences then it could work the same way but instead of taking it to montana where there is a medicinal law they could be taking it to a friend in a state just bordering montana.

    So basically the best and simplest solution will come when Cannabis is a legal medicinal drug in the entire North American continent or even better a legal recreational drug that would allow for rarer strains from all over the world to be sold legally in duty free shops.

  7. Anonymous on

    Thats not a surprise. Screw Marinol. HOpe they cause a traffic jam at the border!

  8. Sparkky on

    They can just look the other way. They can see how much is there and let the medical patient go in. By NOT letting the people with an access card in to Canada, the Canada Border Control Services Agency is taking AWAY that persons medication. If that was Oxycontin would they take it away too? NO. So let they person cross the border. As long as they have enough to last during their couple days then they can be not people coming in to Canada and end up in our hospitals or whatever…

  9. Ruben on

    So, what if Marinol is on hand and the pills are prescription? Will they confiscate Marinol in a legal US prescription bottle or other medicinal marijuana pills? This is where the issue makes no sense. To allow Marinol in, but not other forms of the same drug with the same effects for the same illness is just plain DUMB. Here in the US, I expect that kin d of thing, but not in Canada. Do not follow our silly lead, please. I was almost ready to visit, but now, I’m not so sure. I hate pills, so I’d have me a baggie, tincture, hash and who knows what other forms of the same drug.

  10. Kod on

    What Lisa forgets to specify is what would happen if another licensed patient was waiting next to the border with a couple grams, and border patrol sees it (the person not being licensed in Canada) OR if you previously made a trip and got licensed for medical marijuana in Canada, are they still taking it away?

  11. The BallyHoo............... on

    This is totally bizarre. They don’t confiscate other prescription drugs??? WTF?
    This is the kind of crap that really tarnishes our name.
    If we have legal medical marijuana users, why are we taking away peoples ”legal” prescribed medicine??????????
    On & on it goes……where it stops, well, it probably will not stop.!! hey hey!