Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery in Photos and Video

CANNABIS CULTURE – Over 80 cities in countries around the world took part in the Worldwide Rally to Free Marc Emery on May 22, 2010, in protest of the extradition to the US of the Prince of Pot.

Here are some photos, videos, and news reports from rallies around the globe.

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More than 100 supporters gathered in Victory Square park near Vancouver’s Pot Block (Cambie St. and Hasting St.) for speeches by Jodie Emery, David Malmo-Levine, Dana Larsen, Chris Bennett and other activists who called for Marc Emery’s return to Canada and an end to the War on Drugs.

Jodie Emery

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Chris Bennett

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Dana Larsen

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Marijuana activists protest extradition of “Prince of Pot”
by CTV

Dozens of people protested on Parliament Hill Saturday in defence of Marc Emery, Canada’s self-described “Prince of Pot.”

Emery was extradited to the United States Thursday, where he will spend five years in jail.

The marijuana activist was arrested in 2005 for mailing cannabis seeds across the border from Canada to the States.

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Sudbury, Ontario

Rally calls for pro-pot advocate to be released

About 40 pot smokers and their supporters gathered at Memorial Park in Sudbury on Saturday afternoon as part of a day of protest across the globe in support of Marc Emery — Canada’s so-called Prince of Pot.

“I’m really happy everyone came out today,” said Kayla Guse, one of the organizers of the Sudbury rally. “It’s to create awareness about what happened with Marc Emery and his extradition and pretty much to show the government that we are not going to sit around and do nothing.”

Rallies to support Emery were held in more than 100 locations in 11 countries on Saturday.

Emery, a Vancouver-based promarijuana activist, was extradited to the United States on Thursday after Justice Minister Rob Nicholson gave the green light. He sold seeds over the Internet to people in the U.S.

He faces five years in jail in exchange for pleading guilty. Canadian authorities have known about Emery’s seed-selling business for a long time and have, for the most part, ignored it.

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On May 22 many supporters gathered downtown Toronto infront of the Us Consulate to protest the extradition of Marc Emery. We were also joined by 80 other cities in many different countries around the globe as this day pushes the freedom of Marc and our rights as Canadians. FREE THE PRINCE, FREE THE POT

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