Marc Emery’s US Federal Prison blog #2

Jodie told me that the interview I did with NDP Member of Parliament Libby Davies for finally showed up online, which makes me happy even though there are numerous errors and omissions that I will have Jodie post on CC soon. I heard news items on the radio about me, but it’s maddening how they screw up details. One radio report said “US DEA arrested Marc Emery in Canada LAST WEEK and quickly had him brought here to Seattle where today he plead guilty to manufacturing marijuana as a result of his seed selling business.” There are no journalists these days, just “reporters”.

I didn’t sleep a wink again last night (Monday night) but was at least able to listen to a classic rock station from 11pm to 4am. Lots of familiar nice songs, I was able to say the name of the song in 19 out of 20 songs before the first words were even sung [Jodie’s note: Marc is a music trivia master]. I don’t feel tired. I bounded out at 5:30am as soon as they opened my cell door.

I have a health screening today at 11:30m where the doc will take a blood sample and all the other stuff. Already had a tuberculosis exam (a weird injection of something); I don’t have tuberculosis, is the result of that test. One thing I’m going to say to the doctor is, “It’s too bad food services doesn’t subscribe to the Hippocratic Oath (‘First do No Harm’). Without fresh vegetables everyone here will get beriberi disease over time; without sunlight, we’ll get vitamin D deficiency,” etc. I’d hate to be the doctor in this disease-causing malnutritioned environment. He must have lost some kind of bet to end up here…

The Seattle Times subscription Jodie got for me started today. It’s Monday’s edition, so I’ll get it a day later, it seems. That’s OK. Two books I asked Jodie to get for me, “Parting the Waves” and “Hammer of the Gods”, arrived too! “Parting the Waves” was only $8.80 for some reason, even though its normally like $29.95. Great deal. That book is beautifully written; I got to page 100 or so at North Fraser pretrial center [before being extradited]. Started reading “Hammer of the Gods” today too.

All things considered, I’d rather be here than at North Fraser. The commissary arriving has made a world of difference, plus newspapers and books. Got pens and lined paper, food, all my toiletries, I am set! They did lose all my laundry though, but I should get replacements tomorrow.

Commisary forms are handed in on Monday, stuff arrives Tuesday. Got the same deodorant I use at home! Great razor & shave cream, a booklight to read at night, great radio & headphones, plus tuna, chicken breast, turkey breast in sealed packs for independent meals I can make. Got mixing bowl, shower shoes, batteries, etc. Mixed nuts, trail mix, and other snacks too. Sweet! My attitude is so improved. Plus I even liked the dinner tonight (hot spicy salsa on a mix of beans, cheese, tortilla, rice, and possibly chicken).

I look forward to reading about any political activity from newspaper articles. I hope people send me letters and photos through the mail, because that’s always a great thing to receive. It’ll remind me that people are still fighting for the cause even while I’m behind bars. Just as I was quoted in the CNN article about my extradition: “If just one person, me, being in jail is what it takes to arouse thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Americans and Canadians to get out and be involved and be responsible and take charge and take the initiative, then I’m a very happy individual.”

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Tony on

    Marc ,as you will be well aware some of us in the New Zealand medpot community have reason to be most grateful to you .Our hearts go out to you, Jodie and family at this time.I fear the fickle finger of politics just waged the wrong way at the wrong time.. who would ever have expected a Canadian Govt to sell out to US political pressure?
    Hope the crew are looking after Jodie and the Empire well while you carry on the enforced stay across the border..
    Let’s hope both Govt’s see the merit in sending you back to Canada to serve the time..And then lets hope the Canadian Govt has enough French influence to do as the French did when they convinced the NZ Govt to hand over the French Secret Service agents when they Bombed the Rainbow Warrior and killed a crew member.

    You eat and do whatever you have to mate, your works not finished yet , we need you to stay healthy. and I kinda figure Jodie has a few plans for you yet.


  2. Jose Melendez on

    It’s certainly cruel, but prisons buy foods and drinks high in toxic substances like aspartame, partially hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup.

    Murderers run our countries. The law ignores the truth. What other than boycotts and protests can we peaceably use to effect change?

  3. Anonymous on

    Not to be a downer but Tuna is one of the highest mercury containing fish in existence, right after swordfish. It is dangerous to eat it more than about once a week. Cottage cheese is better but it would probably cause some constipation if he ate a lot of it. What he needs is whey protein powder or even skim milk powder. I know he can’t get whey protein in prison but he should be able to get milk powder, I would think. You don’t mix it up with water in the normal way but mix it because it would be too much volume to drink. Mix it into a thick shake type drink. If they deny him that and only offer meat, he should sue them for endangering his life by feeding him saturated fats. Poisoning a person is cruel and unusual punishment. Well, in the US it isn’t “unusual” but it sure is cruel.

  4. Anonymous on

    OK, but the reason “the only alternatives are bad or worse” is that their arbitrary policies prohibit safer alternatives.

    Are we allowed to send Marc hulled hemp seed?

    It is a felony to suppress exculpatory evidence at trial. How is it lawful to disallow the use of indisputable facts proving cannabis’ efficacy and safety as a defense?

  5. Anonymous on

    Gee, I could have sworn I had to pointy teeth at the sides of my upper mouth, perfect for tearing meat off a dead animal. Must have been a weird dream.

  6. Jodie on

    It took a week but they have started it for him. He gets cottage cheese instead of meat. He doesn’t like eating meat, but he’ll waste away and lose dangerous amounts of body mass if he doesn’t do it… He’s trying to get a vegetarian diet, and that limited offering has begun, but if it’s not enough to sustain himself, he will likely continue purchasing tuna and perhaps other meat from the commissary. He’s used to a VERY healthy diet in the real world, and no such option exists behind bars… Like the judge said at Marc’s guilty plea hearing: “sometimes the only alternatives are bad or worse”. Marc will go with bad if that’s the only alternative to worse.

  7. Anonymous on

    First Mark is spelled Marc. Second Nark is spelled as narc.Ok since you got that straight. Now for Reeferman. He did out himself. But even if Marc did, It was about time, ppl did know the truth of Charles Scott the White Supremacist, using many seed dealer to fund hate. Marc isn’t about hate. So goggle crazy on Charles also, and look into real facts. Next Steve the Breeder, or is it Steve the bc ripper. As he came to bc, took many strains, then made claims, he created those genetics. Scam on me and you.

    Now as far as Marc goes, this was for you and me, Marc battle was to over grow the government, until its legal. So instead of all your goggle gossip, help to over grow and make it legal too.

    Free Marc, One Love.

  8. Anonymous on

    “I would read the rest of your post but the premise of your fallaciuos argument attempt makes clear your inability to think philisophically, and from what I read it is all inane opinion repackaged for the debate with me.”

    “Before anyone else attacks my position realize the fact that you are all lackey’s, fawns and there isn’t any philosophical merit in much of what any of you have to say.”

    Priceless. Why the hell are you on this site if you believe these things? You post and expect us to read your opinions, but you won’t consider anyone elses? Don’t post on this site if you don’t expect people to try and discuss their opinions with you.

  9. Anonymous on

    “Wow, are you serious? Your post has got to be a joke.”……….

    Dear assumption makingstrawman,

    Meat is more likely to harm you than living on a minimal amount of calories.
    This is not the case we read about the trail mix and such so life is sustainable without meat,meat is what he chooses, so nice try.

    “I’m sure if Marc had the option to not eat meat and still be remotely healthy, he would.” Priceless logical fallacy, but never the less just opinion.
    Marc on the day of his release a few months back from fraser correctional, went out for fish and chips when a world of options was open to him.
    It is the choice he made regardless of the harm it caused to put that fish on his plate.
    so to help you understand it is not about survival it is about choices

  10. Anonymous on

    “I remember watching an episode of a show called Gangland ”

    The fact you would site anything from hyperbolic television makes clear your total lack of objectivity or ability to reason for yourself. I would read the rest of your post but the premise of your fallaciuos argument attempt makes clear your inability to think philisophically, and from what I read it is all inane opinion repackaged for the debate with me.
    I happen to Admire Emery very much for his tireless efforts, pot just being one of them but he has serious flaws in his character just as most of you here do and in some instances myself as well.
    I stand behind what i wrote,and do not consider meat food like you were taught to beleive it is.
    Before anyone else attacks my position realize the fact that you are all lackey’s, fawns and there isn’t any philosophical merit in much of what any of you have to say.

  11. Anonymous on

    Wow, are you serious? Your post has got to be a joke.

    In the US Prison system, quality food is one of their last priorities. I remember watching an episode of a show called Gangland (discusses gangs across the US) where the warden of a prison in Alabama (i think) proudly proclaimed that they spend more money feeding their drug sniffing dogs than they do feeding inmates. I think the inmates were fed for ~$1/day. They do NOT make special allowances for people who dont like to eat meat – you get what you get. There are no alternative protein sources offered for vegetarians/vegans to my knowledge. How do you expect Marc to survive for 5 years WITHOUT eating meat? I’m all for vegetarianism/veganism, totally support it. My girlfriend of 5 years has been a vegetarian for 10 (since she was 12). But when it comes down to a matter of survival, we both agree that its more important to eat what’s available to you when you dont have a choice. I’m sure if Marc had the option to not eat meat and still be remotely healthy, he would. But he doesn’t, plain and simple. Whats so hard to understand about that?

  12. Anonymous on

    “Last I heard, humans were made with canine teeth”

    You heard wrong try researching something for once instead of accepting everything you want to hear.
    BTW what you are suffering from is confirmation bias from a life time of being a monster.
    I am right and you are every animals nightmare

  13. Anonymous on

    Last I heard, humans were made with canine teeth. That means they were meant to eat meat. Now if you want to go against nature and attempt to live on plants alone, that’s your business. Don’t expect everybody else to punish themselves like you though. Now go eat some Tofu and stop irritating people with your lunacy.

  14. christina on

    don’t be such an idiot
    how dare you blame marc for making a choice that maybe gives him a shot at maybe surviving the hell he is now facing.
    why aren’t you in jail for your peacefull activist work too,?
    if you’re so smug?-are you such a great crusader?is your every moment devoted to your cause?
    my guess is that you haven’t done anything significant and you should quit transferring your guilt onto marc.
    marc has done nothing but peacefully and nonviolently fight for OUR rights to create change in a supposedly democratic country.
    it’s not his fault you don’t see the changes you want in the world—
    it’s you
    suck it up buttercup!

  15. Anonymous on

    I am for the cause but have a hard time feeling sorry for someone who adds to the misery of animals by desiring to partake in the learned behavior of meat eating. You get what you give, and the animal suffering Marc is personally responsible for far exceeds his short sentence. All learned behavior carnivores deserve the same fate, an unreasonable prison sentence followed by……..

    I am pro Marc less and less all the time due to his selective conscience.

  16. Anonymous on

    Marc’s case certainly keeps his name in the press. The US doesn’t want to have Marc stand trial for any of the charges because that would open the door for him to appeal to the Supreme Court. Marc Emery in the US supreme Court would be their worst nightmare. That’s why they will not try Marc, even if the judge give a lower sentence than 5 years. The Supreme Court would give Marc all the publicity he craves.

  17. Ken Kirk on

    Marc’s case has tons of people enraged, there is a silver lining to this cloud. The only times I ever got more press than I did from being Leader of the Marijuana Party of Alberta was 1) when I was the only candidate for the Marijuana Party in Edmonton in 2000 and 2) WHEN I WAS IN JAIL FOR POT! Marc’s public profile is much larger than mine. He is our “martyr” now. Let’s all pump this opportunity for all the media coverage we can get out of it!

  18. The BallyHoo............... on

    Keep your spirits up Marc. You will be free before you know it. Stay strong, you have a great attitude, as you have shown before many times when confronted with incarceration.
    Peace man……..

  19. Mark Holmes on

    It’s sad you and yours have to go through this tough time just so a failing “war” on drugs driven goverment can been seen to be active. I’m from Northern Ireland and our drug laws are a poor joke. Too many cannabis users being arrested! I will be posting links too this page on my facebook to spread the word about you so people can learn about your injustice. Sending you continuous good thoughts and well wishes.

  20. Jodie on

    “Reeferman” was not “narked out” by Marc Emery. Reeferman appeared BY HIS OWN WILL with his real name and life story in Cannabis Culture Magazines long, long ago — and willingly gave his full real name and life history for the major book “Bud Inc.” by Ian Mulgrew. How can he claim Marc is to blame for any sort of unwanted attention or exposure Reeferman got?

    “Breeder Steve” claims to have known Marc in London, Ontario long ago — but Marc never knew him back then, as Marc was never involved with seeds or seed breeders during his time in London (seed business started in 1994 in Vancouver, BC). Steve has made all sorts of utterly UNTRUE and insane claims, like seeing Marc have sex with three young Pakistani boys, which is so fucking crazy, totally sick and absurd.

    So what is the “narc” claim you’re making? What basis of evidence (or even unproven stories) do you have? Were Breeder Steve or Reeferman ever busted? And how is that Marc’s fault, when they work openly with HIGH TIMES and every other cannabis industry figure and business?

    So what’s the “narc” comment about, anonymous stranger?

  21. Bob on

    You are standing in the shadows of other great civil rights leaders. We are all so proud of you, our Prince of Pot!

  22. persecutedinalberni on

    I have sat for two saturdays in a row now with signs showing support for your release Marc next to a busy highway.

    I am at the entrence to our community and I am only there for two hours and then I leave with my signs so now could you imagine if every community across the country had a person that would do thye same.

    It really is easy to make up an “AMERICA MUST FREE MARC EMERY ” sign and pull up a lawn chair and a cooler(with or without your tokes)and give the thumbs up to all those who honk and give the thumbs up.

    Stick your sign in the ground or sticking it one of those plentyful 5gallon white buckets filled with sand or rocks as these things are easy to pick up and walk away with and easy to store untill the next time>

    The reason is so that you may walk around and be hands free,I like to bring a camcorder with me and a note pad because I like to keep track of the number of vehicles passing and the number of honks and thumbs up.

    The first time I had two other guys there with me and the second just one of them showed up and it wouldn’t suprise me if I am all alone next time lol.

    And so with that it would be nice if there were other devoted people who are willing to come and be faithfull to being there on a regular basis so that I too can even have time off if I am to busy to be there aswell.

    Could you imagine the message we would send Harper and his Hitler conservatives if there was a big sign show support for your release Marc every single saturday or sunday in everysingle town/city right across the country.

    It can be done very easy and cheaply so to all of your supporters reading this perhaps you should listen to Marc it is true that now is the time to get mad and stand up for ourselves(and Marc).

    Just grab a friend or two and a sign or two and do as mark has said before just go stand on a streetcorner somewhere for two ours this weekend even if you just do it once and never again.

    It is ok if you only do it once “JUST DO IT” then even if just for once,perhaps you can do it again later when you choose or not at all at least you can say you stood up for freedom.

    Trust me folks I never protested with signs before in my life but I felt good after I walked away from my two hours of showing support and you will to.

    If we don’t stand up for Marc and pot now then one day all of our rights will be gone and we will no longer be allowed to protest or show support peacefully so get out there and do it now while you still have a chance.

    Hang in there Marc, I think of you and what you have done for my freedoms every time I spark one and that is alot.

  23. Anonymous on

    Australia is watching as well and though we seem to be going backwards here in terms of law reform there is a growing awareness and sympathy for Marc and with this issue in general.

  24. urnrg on

    I am sorry, Marc, that you had to go to a foreign jail before I got more directly involved in politics. I’ve contacted the NDP to volunteer my time and I’m going to find other ways of activism to help the cause and to help bring you home asap.

    Btw, guide your kind thoughts to Jamaicans who are fighting for their own.

  25. Anonymous on

    Here’s a handy calculator to see what Marc should really get. The fact that they actually have a calculator for it shows you just how preset the US federal sentences really are. The judges don’t have much choice really. They just feed in the figures and it spits out the appropriate sentence.

    You can get the numbers of the offenses from Nicholson’s extradition order, which is on CC somewhere as a pdf. Manufacturing is (Title) 21 USC 841(a) . You can input the amount of marihuana and check off aggravating factors etc. Since 1995, the sentencing guidelines consider each plant to be 100 grams of marihuana. Marc would have had to conspire to grow quite a few plants, at least 600. Unfortunately for Marc, one of the aggravating factors is;

    “The defendant, or a person for whose conduct the defendant is accountable under § 1B1.3 (Relevant Conduct), distributed a controlled substance through mass-marketing by means of an interactive computer service?”

    That adds 2 levels to your offense, which is about 8 months more time. Probably wouldn’t apply in the case of manufacturing, because manufacturing is not marketing, but it would in the distribution charge if Marc ever gets prosecuted for it. That’s more bad news for Internet seed sellers who market to the US. I think they’re insane, after seeing how easy it is to get extradited. For all anyone knows, after this successful extradition, the US may do a big sweep of a bunch of Canadian seed companies. Something like Green Merchant but this time it’s all Canadians getting hit. Just speculating, could happen though. The DEA are sneaky buggers.

  26. Anonymous on

    What if the judge says that he can’t legally give Marc more than, say, 3 years? The prosecution then has the option of trying Marc on all three charges, but WOULD they? They obviously want to avoid the spectacle and expense of a trial, or they wouldn’t have made the plea deal. I think they would simply accept the lower sentence and be done with it. Think of the negative publicity if they did otherwise. Marc getting 30 years is a figment of Jodie’s fertile imagination anyway. Hey Jodie, look, it’s the bogeyman. Works every time.

  27. Anonymous on

    That judge seemed sympathetic to Marc, and the Mayor of Seattle publicly stated he is pro Cannabis law reduction. Maybe the judge is taking his lead from the Mayor. He probably won’t even want to give Marc 5 years. Understandably, since he’s not guilty of a 5 year offense. How is he even going to be able to justify the sentence? It’s a single count. The Prosecution will have to present evidence that Marc conspired with one guy in the US to grow Cannabis in the amount of about 1000 plants. Where’s the evidence for that going to come from?

    So, basically, if the cops can scare a person into pleading guilty to something then he can be given the sentence for that offense even if there is no evidence other than his confession (however it was obtained) that he actually committed an offense of that severity. Is that how it works? Thanks for the clarification.

  28. Anonymous on

    Mark “‘the Nark” Emery
    Is this true? Google it?
    Did he expose Breeder Steve and Reeferman?
    Is Mark in protective custody?
    Is there free speech here?

  29. shiloh, jim and sydney on

    Our family of 3 loves you Marc! I will send pictures.

  30. Anonymous on

    Good decision Marc – start eating meat. You will not feel well in prison if you dont.

  31. Mike D on

    Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we are having canadian citizens extradited to the us to serve prison terms (at around $22,000 a year per inmate) when our deficit just hit $13,002,157,500,000 and counting. As a matter of fact the deficit just rose $50,000,000 while i was writing this!!?? LEAVE MARIJUANA ALONE IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY.

  32. Jodie on

    Marc can purchase food items from the prison commissary, but nothing can be brought in from the outside.

  33. Jodie on

    We are forced to hope for the 5-year sentence agreed to in the plea deal. If the judge gives more or less time, then Marc or the Federal government can appeal and pull out from the deal — and that means Marc would have to go to trial, with an almost-guaranteed outcome of a 30-year minimum sentence (and more likely up to life).

    So we want this 5-year sentence to be handed down at the hearing, which is now scheduled for September 10th. The US government likely won’t object to Marc’s transfer request to serve his time in Canada… but the Canadian Conservative government has been rejecting most Canadian applications to come home. That’s the battle we need to fight, and that’s why people need to contact Conservative Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and tell him to approve Marc’s transfer request as soon as it is made.

    Contact Public Safety Minister Vic Toews (pronounced “Taves”) and tell him to approve Marc Emery’s application for transfer back to Canada as soon as the submission is made!

    Public Safety Minister and Conservative MP Vic Toews:

    Steinbach Office
    8-227 Main Street
    Steinbach. Mb. R5G 1Y7
    Ph:(204) 326-9889
    Fx:(204) 346-9874
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Parliament Hill
    Suite 306, Justice Building House of Commons
    Ottawa. Ont. K1A 0A6
    Ph:(613) 992-3128
    Fx:(613) 995-1049
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Lac du Bonnet Office
    Box 266
    Lac du Bonnet. MB R0E 1A0
    E-mail: [email protected]

  34. Anonymous on

    There shouldn’t be a countdown. With all hope it can be less…

  35. Anonymous on

    hang in there marc. you will be set free… hopefully before 1850 days but at least there’s a countdown. albeit a terrible one. you could get your uni degree easily in that time.

  36. drew glenn on

    Are we able to send Marc non perishable food items to make his staymore homely?

    I realized he said he received some packaged chicken and such. Is he only aloud to accept certain amounts from certain people?

  37. ggrevamp on

    from winterpeg, manitoba, canada health

  38. Dan on

    were all behind you marc. as soon as i heard about the extraditing i ripped a fat bowl in your hounour, and lost what little respect i had for the canadian government. keep ur stick on the ice

  39. Anonymous on

    It should be against the Constitution to deprive prisoners of the required nutrients. No way food alone can provide those nutrients. You need multivitamin/mineral tablets (or liquid) and you need flax seed oil or fish oil. Chronic malnourishment should be regarded as torture. I think Marc should work on that in prison. Prisoners can launch lawsuits about things like that in the US. They do it all the time.

  40. Rayuka on

    I can’t help but compare and contrast what is happening here in Canada with Jamaica in regard to both extradictions. Whenever the US government/ media bombards us with anti-drug propaganda to this extent, it always sends up a red flag for me. I wonder the man behind the curtain is really up to right now?

  41. Anonymous on

    Keep your head up Marc. You have much to look forward to… 🙂

  42. hanfstaat on

    some people here in germany made a demonstration at the canadian embassy in berlin to show their solidarity with marc… and guess what: police showed up and searched them for “narcotics”:

  43. ray christl THC Ministry on

    Dear Marc; I never fail to learn something new,and the deep insights you possess are fantastic.Get people to flood California to use there RIGHTS of Voting. I vote absentee from PP,yet canadians can call americans to visit and VOTE our FREEDOM.Mr. Lee did a great thing and got this on the ballot in 5 months.It’s freedom to encourage voting . FREE MARC always voted, HONOUR THIS SAINT—GO VOTE HERO MARC EMERY DOES

  44. Sean on

    Stay strong Marc, Jodie we canadians are doing all we can to support the cause.

  45. coyote420 on

    i am so glad to hear things are doing a bit better for marc, hard to keep sprits up in this situation but he is right, thousands of americans and canadains are in a little bit of an uproar, even the cnn commest on marc pleading guity itself had almost 2000 comments were proud of what you are doing marc, we hope your back in canada soon

  46. James on

    Well, support is scarce in the small area where I’m at, but I have a lot of friends in a lot of places who have been rallying their friends, and thats how the dominoes fall. Things can only get better from here, at least, thats what everyone should keep in their minds, as optimism is a true virtue and should never be taken lightly.
    It is outrageous that it took a citizen of this great country of ours being taken from us and imprisoned in a foreign nation to get the fires of ours burning enough for things to get going on the legalization front. All my best regards to you and Jodie and I hope they continue to treat you as they have been and allow you the simple things that keep spirits high, distractions to keep you out of the dark.
    I know its probably going to be nearly impossible but try to enjoy your time in there, I’m sure as much as it sucks in there, it must be nice to be partially out of the spotlight and able to have more time to reflect upon yourself in these dire times.

    Keep on keepin on.

  47. Anonymous on

    Good to hear you have some of the small pleasures in life afforded to you in such a harsh environment. Keep your spirits up! And get some sleep (I type that as it is 2:30 AM here.)

  48. Sidecarsally on

    My best wishes to you and Jodie, Marc.

    It sounds like you’re being tried about as well as a kenneled animal with slight special food and reading accommodations.

    Is there any chance at this point for an appeal, or are you going to have to serve a full five years?