Boulder Requires Medical Pot Growers to Go Green

Boulder has approved regulations for the medical marijuana industry with a twist in keeping with the sensibility of this liberal-leaning, Colorado university town.

The regulations unanimously passed Tuesday will require growing operations to offset 100 percent of their electricity use with wind or solar power.

Other rules limit dispensaries to 3,000 square feet and require them to be at least 500 feet away from schools and licensed day-care centers.

The city’s estimated 100 dispensaries have until Oct. 31 to apply for an operating license. Applications will cost up to $5,000.

City officials are figuring out how the new rules will mesh with state regulations that Gov. Bill Ritter is expected to sign into law.

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  1. Anonymous on

    i agree that taking care of our planet is in some cases is an important concern but if we want this to happen we have to stop letting the gov’t enforce these regulations to make us do it it cramps our business structures and runs money out of the local economy. we have to find better solutions other than government regulations or else these green laws will end up dictating a huge part of our lives. if we all want greener ‘cafes’ then put the word out and do it as a community by will and make it a business opportunity not a government regulation. These regulations will get stricter and stricter and they will be just as ineffective as the drug laws we are currently removing


  2. Anonymous on

    It is another obstacle to prevent law abiding citizens from participating in the Medicinal Marijuana industry. The politicians will implement as many restrictive laws as they are allowed, as long as the public keep believing that the politicians are concerned with protecting the public interests instead of serving their own special interests and campaign donors.

  3. p_light420 on

    Dear Stop Killing Earth,

    I’m not anti environment, I am anti nanny state. I have actually dreamed about how cool it would be to have a totally solar and wind powered grow room, if not for the environmental aspect for the pure economical aspect of it. If eco conscious growers want to use wind and solar energy they can certainly do so, but to have a government mandate that you MUST use 100% wind and solar energy to operate this certain type of business is ridiculous. It is just a ploy by the city council to keep people from setting up medical marijuana growing operations in the city, don’t you see that? While most black market growers do dump chemicals into the sewer sytsem, medical marijuana growers often employ organic methods of growing indoors to ensure that their product is safe for sick people. So I suggest that you pull your head out of Al Gores asshole and get real, all this environmental scare is about socialist control, not saving the planet. If they really wanted to save the planet they’d use bailout money to buy solar panels for every house in America, instead they just want to put a price tag on pollution.

  4. Anonymous on

    This regulation is just another Marijuana Tax Act in disguise. No doubt this regulation will pop up in more places after its “success” in Colorado. What this law will do is make it near-impossible for small growers to produce legally. Solar and wind energy cost quite a lot to set up and are largely inefficient compared to other strategies. Along with the application fees, who can afford to grow?

    What I don’t get is this terribly retarded “500 feet from a school” statute. What does it matter if there’s an Indoor growroom near a school? Is that harming anyone? No. Is it encouraging children to smoke pot? No.

  5. ray christl thc ministry cambodia on

    The WAR PARADIGM is now firmly in ObamaBlob’s hand. What is the new rhetoric. NOT DRUG WAR exBUSH DEA says . We now say FORCED TREATMENT.Other then that it’s the same old rhetoric with the NEW and IMPROVED NANCY REAGAN ,and her vile- pedantic JUST SAY NO message from /in the White House shindig. The CIA brings KARZAI and CALDERON to the WH.Mr. President gives emotive Champagne toasts that REAGAN is still alive running the world.As to the “tax and regulate”,both Jack Herer RIP and Dennis Peron are aganst this VOTE in NOVEMBER.FREEDOM in 5 months and you say NO!LISTEN VOTE YES and REFUSE to pay the tax. VOTE YES and don’t be controlled. Can still go to prison ,but not for using our SACRAMENT.

  6. ray christl on

    HempExtractResinOil can be machined from outdoor plants that have SEEDS. Then we have the HERO medi-machine to heal organically.Smoking is least effective modus.Also HEMP PLASTIC-PAPER-LUMBER will help us out of OBAMABLOB.a USA led POISON EARTH OF WAR GLORIFICATION

  7. fractal pattern on

    Buyer beware on this one sounds like another way to impede the grower with increased costs and possible legal problems. If Boulder is really serious about being green have the whole town use only so called green power. Place is no doubt filled with phoney fuckers.

  8. Worm on

    Do ya think they consume as much power as Vegas? This is just another stupid idea. 100% come on. 100% legalized then it can be grown outside. 100% solar.


  9. Anonymous on

    The city’s hoping to suck the money out of the growers pockets for charging them higher hydro bills, because the application will prove they must be charged a different rate for their garden!!!! There are so many things wasting energy and make growers pay more, and an expensive application!!!! The Hydro company wants in on the DRUG DEALING!!!!!!!!! The town will suck up the application fee. Don’t get me wrong, solar & wind is something considered ‘moving forward’ in the conserving the environment. Greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide & pollution gets sucked up by plants, plant a forest as well, it will absorb many tonnes of pollution. The price of mj will go up if it is considered a special price for the hydro service, cost more to grow, cost more to buy, while a 800000 liter a day oil leak is not under control yet???? Pollution is overwhelming the planet and there is no choice to move on, maybe this mj in Boulder will help more & more places make alternative energy sources and prepare for the soon to come many medical dispensaries and not so far off recreational grow operation.

  10. StopKillingEarth on

    Actually, the Boulder regs are ethical and kind. Indoor grows consume huge amounts of electricity generated by fossil fuels, nuclear, damming rivers, etc. Plus, most indoor grows dump huge amounts of chems into the water supply. It is interesting to see an anti-environmental person on a pro-cannabis website. Actually, the hemp and cannabis movements are deep into alternative energy, and Boulder is a lot more of a pleasant town than most in North America. I suggest that p_light get a conscience…and a brain.

  11. Anonymous on

    As a society we need to change the way we consume energy. In time we will all be forced to adapt to our dwindling energy supply, and will need to rely upon a renewable source. Although this may be initially costly for the growers, it will go to show that if a medium-level power consumption facility is able to function and thrive, then the average home should also be able to do the same.

    Frequently we gripe and complain that our government is not doing anything about pollution, and is charging us too much for the power that is generated; yet here is an opportunity for (a) testing the theory that we can produce enough power to keep ourselves going, and (b) decrease the over all cost of production since the hydro bill will be much less per plant than it has been.

    This law also will weed out the serious grower from the non serious grower, as it will require a fair bit of capital to set up. Perhaps it is just me, but I figure that if anyone is going to invest that kind of money into their system, then they are not going to do so just to turn around and grow ditch weed.

    Perhaps in the end, this is more of an exercise to show that home electricity production is possible, more than anything else… and even if it is, then I think that the exercise will be worth it in the end for both those who are environmentally conscious, as well as those who need their medications.

  12. Anonymous on

    This is the kind of nonsense you’re going to get when you ask for “tax and regulate”.

  13. p_light420 on

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Boulder is full of Trustafarian hippy wannabe’s, white kids with dreads, and rich old democrats. What a town. I sense there is a major cloud of SMUG forming over Boulder as we speak.