Report from US Federal Prison #1

Marc Emery in October 2008.Marc Emery in October 2008.I share a cell with Oliver, a Jewish Iranian-Canadian guy (see Jodie Emery’s blog entry for more on fellow inmates). It’s like North Fraser pretrial centre, concrete & steel, but with a locker. Outside of our cell is the “range” where 60 of us eat, shower, watch Tv and play cards or dominoes or such activities, as well as walking the second level walkways for exercise.

We are locked in our cells from 10pm to 6am, and from 10am to 11:30am and 4pm to 5pm. The other times we can be in the range. Normally, the range is surprisingly quiet, most people are doing things, and the TVs are by radio signal only. An inmate lent me a radio with ear buds (my own one arrives Tuesday) and there are many, many FM music stations it can pick up, many quite good, so that’s a nice discovery. PLUS, get this, I can pick up CBC Radio One at 91.7 clear as a bell, so I can hear the news!

I asked other inmates how I could get a cell on the other side of the range, because the windows over there have sunlight coming through them, and we have no outdoor exposure here of any kind, no fresh air at all, but if I could get some sun that would be nice. You have to keep an eye on when an inmate moves out and then claim his cell, so I will keep inquiring. My cell doesn’t have a desk in it like some do, I could really use that for all my writing, there isn’t a flat surface in my cell for that.

The poor food is getting me a bit down, but getting my commissary goods on Tuesday will help. I hope the place I get sent to after here has better opportunities for vegetables or better food, but it looks like I’ll be in tough while in these prisons.

I’m helping a fellow who is coming off methamphetamine deal with his wasted life so far and helping to rebuild him into a good human again. You know this is what I’ll do with the inmates who always come to me for help, and of course they do come to me. But no one is really aware of my work in the field of drug addiction & recovery or my political activism, but since I don’t need help, its unnecessary that they know my storied career.

Having actual “fans” here might even be annoying because they might pester me for stories and I’m more into my studies here and listening to those who need help and working on rebuilding them into decent citizens and good sons and good parents and helping them see how and why they screwed up – I’m totally brutally candid with them and they appreciate it because I don’t want anything from them – and then how they can change and redeem their sorry-ass behaviour with proper, responsible living.

All these people have kids and parents who are very sad and disappointed and I can rock them out of their self-centered obsession. Richie went through this with me in North Fraser, but he needs another good 6 weeks of me for him to reform. He was thief for most of 20 years, lying to himself and all others blithely, yet now he is 40 and at a crossroads.

Update sent on Monday evening, May 24th after entering his guilty plea

I left for court at 6:15am, was shackled in cuffs & chains from 7am to 5pm, 10 hours, with the exception of the half hour in court 2pm to 2:30 pm. Court was fine. I plead guilty as scheduled. Britney, Jeremiah, Allison Bigelow, and Joanne Vanderwolf (an employee from 1995) was there, Joanne was wearing a No Extradition shirt and was protesting outside because she brought her FREE MARC sign into the court. I was chained and waiting in a cold cell the other 9.5 hours. I haven’t had a shower or bathroom use yet, I can’t wait to get that done but shower time next is 7:30pm and its about 6pm now.

I was on TV here today as people protested at the courthouse. That’s what inmates here tell me. A number of them saw it and are introducing themselves to now because they realize who I am, including the Mexicans. A guard also read somewhere about the protests in Canada and around the world and said, “I guess a lot of those people are saying ‘Fuck those damn Yankees that took ya away'”, and I responded, “We love the American people, but the US government is bad.”

I’ll be sure to call or write later, after I wash and get centered again. Even though it’s horrible here, there’s lots to be thankful for, I suppose… That’s the thing about jail, you get the blues or internalized anger over things because everything is wearing on my spirit, and its only been a little over 2 weeks.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



  1. Worm on

    “It’s to get high. You can spin it any way you want, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, artistic freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom from prohibition, freedom for medical use, whatever…it’s about getting high, altering your mind and reality.”

    And what’s wrong with that?

  2. Curtis Nixon on

    Marc didn’t make any money on his seed selling business. He put the money towards things like running a political campaign(or 2), and raising awareness that pot is a medicine. I find that you are quite ignorant of the facts here, and there really is no point to this reply, except to tell you that you are a useless tool for the corporate elite media, and obviously don’t have an inquiring mind, as you would have actually checked your “facts” before you posted. Shill.

  3. rekonsyle on

    Your consistent use of derogatory terms such as “pothead” really prove your insecurity and lack of argument on this debate. Truth be told if you had a good argument I really wouldn’t feel the need to put you in your place.

    There is plenty of medicine in the world that doesn’t cure disease, just makes conditions bearable or lessens symptoms. We should ban Advil and Tylenol too because they have never cured a disease and have negative side effects.

    McDonalds is a perfectly viable arguement. You choose to smoke marijuana for pleasure. You choose to eat unhealthy fast food for pleasure. The debate isn’t whether one or the other is bad for me or easily accessible by children. It is whether or not it should be the governments choice to say which ones I am ‘allowed’ to partake in?

    Whether it is for pleasure or medical reasons, pot should be legal.

    Alcohol is a long process with quite a bit of work involved, much more easily taxable because the average joe would rather buy a case of beer than brew his own. Marijuana is a weed, it grows where you plant it. Much harder for government to regulate and tax when any jackoff can plant a garden in his back yard. Pharmaceuticals are easy to regulate and tax mind you, takes scientists to come up with those concoctions, and private sector companies (legal drug dealers) to produce them. But they are smart I’ll give them that, they donate a bit of the profits to help your favorite candidate’s election campaign.

    So why are drug dealers put in prison? Because the government doesn’t like competition for their buddies.

  4. Rod on

    Cheers mate, I love you too.

  5. kris on

    Rod. Keep getting drunk on vodka shots. It’s made you this smart so far. Plus vodka has hundreds of medical uses and nobody ever gets violent from using it! Keep striving for perfection!

    p.s. I love you

  6. Rod on

    Once again, Brad, great post. I appreciate the sincerity in your writing and have done as you suggested…get educated. I went through the videos and the writings and can honestly say, yes I have learned a thing or three.

    Mostly what I have learned are the benefits of hemp for society. From clothing manufacturing to rope and even lighting oil. Very interesting stuff and very beneficial for sure. It’s more than likely true that hemp production and cultivation for those uses should continue. It’s a great plant with many uses.

    Now we come to the other side of hemp which is smoking it. What I have found in the facts are:

    Medical marijuana already exists. It’s called Marinol.

    A pharmaceutical product, Marinol, is widely available through prescription. It comes in the form of a pill and is also being studied by researchers for suitability via other delivery methods, such as an inhaler or patch. The active ingredient of Marinol is synthetic THC, which has been found to relieve the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy for cancer patients and to assist with loss of appetite with AIDS patients.

    Unlike smoked marijuana– which contains more than 400 DIFFERENT CHEMICALS, including most of the hazardous chemicals found in tobacco smoke -Marinol has been studied and approved by the medical community and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US.

    There are NO FDA-approved medications that ARE SMOKED. For one thing, SMOKING IS GENERALLY A POOR WAY TO DELIVER MEDICINE. It is difficult to administer safe, regulated dosages of medicines in smoked form. Secondly, the harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are byproducts of smoking create entirely new health problems. There are FOUR times the level of tar in a marijuana cigarette, for example, than in a tobacco cigarette. I know, I know, cigarettes kill millions, marijuana doesn’t, I get it. But if it was legal, it just might.

    Morphine, for example, has proven to be a medically valuable drug, but the FDA does not endorse the SMOKING of opium or heroin. Instead, scientists have extracted active ingredients from opium, which are sold as pharmaceutical products like morphine, codeine, hydrocodone or oxycodone. In a similar vein, the FDA has not approved smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes, but has approved the active ingredient -THC- in the form of scientifically regulated Marinol.

    The most comprehensive, scientifically rigorous review of studies of smoked marijuana was conducted by the Institute of Medicine, an organization chartered by the National Academy of Sciences. In a report released in 1999, the Institute did not recommend the use of smoked marijuana, but did conclude that active ingredients in marijuana could be isolated and developed into a variety of pharmaceuticals, such as Marinol.

    One problem in sorting out fact from fiction about marijuana is that the “facts” keep changing into fictions.

    Need some examples? Try these:

    In the 1930’s, a “fact” everyone knew (or thought they did) was that pot was the dreaded “assassin of youth,” a one-way ticket to a life of crime, madness, and despair.
    By the ’60s, that “fact” morphed into a brand-new, mirror-image “fact.” Now pot was seen only as a “harmless giggle,” maybe not actually good for you, but at least it didn’t do any real harm — like such legal drugs as alcohol and tobacco.
    In the ’80s, things started changing again. Conservatism was cool again (to some), and a whole new set of “facts” was produced to justify a nationwide campaign against a born-again “assassin of youth.”
    Today, the facts about marijuana are changing again.

    It’s not that there aren’t still a lot of opinions out there, masquerading as facts. It’s just that a growing body of scientific research is out there, too, and it’s gradually starting to squeeze out all the fake little “facts” that have confused the issue for so long.

    It’s a good thing, too. Because a lot of the new facts really are facts, this time around. And they’re worth thinking about if you’re thinking about — or on — pot.

    ..How does pot work in the body?

    Good question — but it’s not an easy one to answer. Because the simple fact is that pot is a complicated drug.

    For one thing, marijuana isn’t a single drug molecule, like alcohol or cocaine, but a mix of more than 400 different chemical components. They’re so different, in fact, that 60 of them (called cannabinoids) are unique to marijuana.

    Since we’re talking numbers, we’ll point out that the main mind-altering cannabinoid is a little number called delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, for short. It’s the chemical that trigger marijuana’s main drug actions and effects in the body and brain.

    THC is like a feel-good chemical bomb that explodes on contact, then breaks up into at least 80 different byproducts (or metabolites) before it’s eliminated from the body. And that can take a while.

    The process starts as soon as THC enters the bloodstream, and begins zeroing in on cannabinoid receptors (called anandamides) in the brain and central nervous system.

    Once it checks into the brain, THC takes its own sweet time in checking out. Unlike many other drugs, which are excreted from the body within hours, THC metabolites stick around — stored in fatty tissue, mostly — for 3-5 days, even weeks, in heavy users.

    What THC metabolites do, if anything, during this time is still mostly unknown. But it’s this buildup of metabolites, and the duration of their hangtime in the body, that raises the most concern about possible long-term risks.

    What risks are linked to pot?

    We’ll start with the heart, because pot can get things pumping faster there than a tricked-up drum machine at a techno music festival.

    In fact, rapid heartbeat — which, for some users, can speed up by as much as 50 percent–is one of the few universal physical effects of marijuana. (Another is increased appetite — AKA “the munchies.”)

    Even though increased heart rate only lasts minutes and isn’t a threat to most people, it could add strain for users with heart disorders or high blood pressure.

    A bigger threat to more users is irritation to the lungs and respiratory airways, since users tend to inhale pot deeply and hold it in the lungs for as long as possible.

    Even though a direct link with lung cancer is unproven, pot smoke does contain cancer-causing chemicals (known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), so it’s not that farfetched, either.

    Are other body systems affected?

    They sure seem to be. Take the endocrine system, for example. It produces body hormones, the internal chemicals that control how and when we develop. Here’s what pot does there:

    Triggers a short-term drop in the hormones that direct growth and development.
    Lowers sperm production in males, resulting in fewer normal sperm cells (does Marc have any children? hmmmm).
    Tinkers with the balance of hormones that control the menstrual cycles of girls and women.
    In adults, these changes are temporary. But researchers suspect that young people risk possible long-range developmental problems. As a precaution, they warn kids to avoid pot to reduce the risk.

    How does pot affect the brain?

    That’s the trickiest question of all — because nobody knows all the intricacies of how the brain works in the first place. And we know even less about how it works with a bongload of marijuana inside it.

    Still, we’re closer to real answers than ever before.

    What we know for sure is that pot changes more than just the way people feel. It also triggers a number of changes in brain function and behavior.

    Let’s consider just a couple of the main ones:

    Pot tilts the balance of chemicals in the brain that regulate mood, energy, appetite, and attention.
    It affects learning and memory processes, and can cause forgetfulness and reduced concentration.
    Pot also reduces logical thinking and calculation skills, and can impair a user’s ability to perform complex tasks, including driving a car.
    Uncovering the actual machinery of most of pot’s effects in the brain is still probably years away.

    But this much is known right now: Heavy smokers in general and longtime users in particular are more likely to experience ongoing problems than occasional smokers and nonsmokers.

    And that’s something else to think about if you’re thinking about pot: Smoke enough of it and it could end up smoking you — or, at least, part of the future you.

    Can marijuana cause birth defects?

    It doesn’t cause full-blown birth defects, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to smoke if you’re pregnant. Because the fact is that pregnancy and unnecessary drug use just don’t go together at all.

    Not only that, but with pot, there’s some evidence that use during pregnancy could lead to unnecessary problems for a developing fetus, even raising levels of miscarriage and stillbirth.

    That’s because THC metabolites (remember them?) freely cross the placenta, where they interact with developing body systems.

    Possible effects include lowered birth weight, nervous system changes, and delayed learning.

    And if you’re pregnant (or you’re planning to be), risks like those are too real to disregard — and too important to ignore.

    ..Final Facts

    We still have a long way to go if we’re ever going to round up all the facts about marijuana.

    For that matter, we’ll probably never have every answer to every possible question about its effects on the body and brain.

    Still, you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to know that pot poses far more serious risks for some people (particularly teens, pregnant women, and heavy users) than for others. And each is a risk that can be easily avoided.

    And while pot’s potential for causing problems in occasional users has been exaggerated in the past, a final, indisputable fact about marijuana is simply this: The only foolproof way to safeguard yourself against possible problems is to pass on it altogether.

    Because of all the facts in a shifting mountain of facts (and pseudo-facts and fictions) about pot that has accumulated over the years, one that hasn’t changed is that marijuana is a drug — and a pretty complex one, at that.

    And like every other drug that’s ever been used and abused, it can cause real problems for real people.

    And that’s a fact that’s likely to always be true.

    Now, I’m not all for locking up all marijuana smokers and crowding our already overcrowded prisons for something so petty as wanting to get high. I am for locking up drug dealers. But that is the bottom line with smoking weed. It’s to get high. You can spin it any way you want, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, artistic freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom from prohibition, freedom for medical use, whatever…it’s about getting high, altering your mind and reality.

  7. Rod on

    I’m down to The Emperors… still working on this.

  8. Rod on

    Once again, the idiocy of you potheads rises again. Perhaps if you had religion or common sense you might be a benefit to mankind. Instead you are another drug using, doper drain on society. It’s because of morons like you that we, the rest of society, have to pay for your clinics and rehabs and blood cleansing (I guess that’s a little strong for being a pothead, but hey, you pissed me off).

    I have enjoyed the banter here at this site and more than half of you certainly seem reasonably intelligent. You don’t have the stones to add your name to the post or maybe you have forgotten what it is and how to spell it since you are a stoner.

    More than likely your kids are dopes, just like you. Growing up while your parents smoke weed…awesome job, great example, way to be. You remind me of the one household on our block where the parents smoke week. They are ostricized from the rest of the neighborhood by their idiotic choices. They prefer to toke up in the basement while their kids watch TV and the rest of the children are out playing. Their children don’t do well at school and have been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions. Funny, nobody else’s kids are thrown off the school bus, expelled or taken to juvey. Just the stoner’s kids. When the police drive down our double cul de sac its always the same house. Any religion in that house? Nope, weed and atheism, perfect bedfellows for losers like you.

    And another thing, for all you dopers. I’ve experienced the paranoia and the brain fog that comes with smoking weed. The inability to concentrate through the next day even, the munchies, the euphoria and being unable to stay awake. Any of you that think those are positives are even dumber than anonymous above.

  9. Anonymous on

    There is no comparison, We have proof that MC lived.

  10. Anonymous on

    You have been so brainwashed by the government and whatever religion your are subject to that it makes me want to puke.

    Regardless of what the pros or cons of the plant are, it is no one else’s business what one citizen decides to do in his or her own home.

    What makes your insistence that your view is the only way any different than the rag heads who are killing people in the name of God ?

    If more smoked weed and less went to church, perhaps this would be a much better world than the one we live in now.

    Be warned, just as my kids turned out to be straight little republicans yours will probably rebel and turn out to be stoner’s

    Now that would be great. Save your prayers for the rest of your kind.

  11. Anonymous on

    This makes me laugh. Many people have been raise by pot smokers, many Doctors,lawyers and everyday normal functional “paving their own way” people. If you do some research you will also see many of the great thinkers in history used substances. Wait till you see the discoveries made whiloe on mushrooms.

    I would prefer to deal with stoners over drunks any day and if they just leagalised it already it would be easier to do smoke free ways. Making it far healthier. Go to a few hospitals tell them your doing a school or research project. Find out the numbers for booze related death and then go look up pot related death.

    I don’t want to keep paying for pot smokers in jail in court etc etc. The police could be spending money and time on more threatening things.

    People should be responsible for their own choices and everyone should be educated in truth so they can make those choices wisely.

    Marc is in jail for selling seed. How crazy is that, he didn’t grow it he didn’t make anyone take it against their will. The fact that people like Marc do more time then a lot of violent offenders is even more frustrating. Canada did not lock up Marc, the fact that another country came and demanded him is nuts. I’m worried about the brownie cafe owners in Holland, will they be extrodited next?

  12. Rod on

    Wow, great post…give me some time to respond and to check out the sites you referenced.

  13. Anonymous on

    I’m sorry I don’t think I made my point clear…..

    It’s not about weed.. .. it’s about Prohibition.

    It’s not about nudie mags…. it’s about Freedom of Speech.

    It’s not about getting high, or selling seeds, or being a junkie… it’s about civil liberties.

    It’s not about Marc… it’s about his true motive.


    Rod, I think you can totally understand that.

  14. Anonymous on

    Very intelligent reply pothead.

  15. Brad Boettcher on

    Rod, I applaud your curiosity in checking out this site. It’s natural for all people to be curious, it drives us to learn, and grow, both as individual people and as a species. However I hope your curiosity doesn’t end with the Cannabis Culture website, there are mountains of information on the subject of marijuana that the public at large is completely unaware of. Here is a short list of websites to get you going:

    LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition)

    Hemp for Victory (A short video made by the American Government during WW2)

    The Union (A documentary examining how and why the underground pot trade thrives)

    CNBC’s Marijuana and Money (There are links here examining different aspects of marijuana)

    Fox News’ War on Drugs (Examining the American Taxpayer’s money spent to fight the Drug War)

    The Emperor Wears No Clothes (Jack Herer’s online book provided for free, my personal favorite)

    Wikipedia’s article about Marc Emery

    The Principle of Pot (Another video, only part 1, I’ll let you find the rest yourself, it’s not very hard)

    These should get you started and hopefully will open your eyes to the vast amount of research and information about Cannabis available on the internet.

    As for some of your posts;

    You called Marc a drug trafficker, but he’s never sold drugs, only seeds. By that logic I could call the people who make Smith and Wesson rifles murderers because they sell guns and ammunition. I call people who sell drugs, drug dealers, not people who sell seeds. I would call Marc a botanist long before I’d call him a drug dealer. Marc called himself a “Marijuana Seed Vendor” on his tax returns (something I’ve never known a drug dealer to have).

    You seem to think that Marc Emery did this for money. That’s untrue, although he did make money, he only kept enough to live on (he’s doesn’t even own a vehicle), and pay his bills. The rest was all channeled into legalization movements, legal aid (for others, including at least one 18 year old boy in the US that I’m aware of), etc. He’s made millions, but he has given it all away. Doesn’t sound financially motivated to me. Neither does paying taxes, if I could get out of taxes I’d do it in a heart beat. Marc made sure to do his frequently. He also obtained business licenses, something a profit driven “drug dealer” doesn’t worry about.

    Claiming that he has ruined tens of thousands of lives. If you access the information above you’ll realize that real cannabis research (not the “gutter science” used by the DEA) has proven cannabis to be far healthier than any other drug in existence (illegal or legal, including alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and even tylenol or aspirin). Seems to me that some people wanted the safer alternative (Direct Cannabis deaths in 10,000 years of recorded history zero, compared to alcohol 150,000 plus annually counting only health related alcohol deaths). The only reason anyone’s life is ruined over smoking pot is because they are criminalized. Remove the criminal status, eliminate the life ruining factors (imprisonment, separation from family and friends, etc.

    You don’t think that he is any better than a mexican druglord. Brings us back to money, They do it for profit, Marc does it for the freedom to choose. Marc doesn’t care if you smoke pot, he just wants us to have the freedom to make our own decision about it. Just like some people drink and others smoke cigarettes. That belief in freedom is why he’s better than them. I’m also going to point out that unlike Mexican drug lords Marc has never used weapons or violence in selling his wares.

    Claiming that cannabis isn’t beneficial is just silly, according to an article in Popular Mechanics in Feb 1938 it has more uses, and can be used in more products than any other material on the planet. It was also the number 1 traded in product on earth for literally thousands of years (until the late 1800’s). And that’s just the male cannabis plant which isn’t used for smoking. The female cannabis plant was the number 1 medicine worldwide throughout most of history. It’s also estimated that using hemp for biofuel would make the US free of dependence on foreign oil by growing on only 8% of their landmass (it’s already known that hemp would be the best plant to use for biomass to convert into fuel, far better than the next best option, corn). Please look into it, I would love for you to try and debate this one with me.

    You then state that Medical Marijuana has never cured anything, neither have most of the other (and far more toxic) legal drugs doctors prescribe everyday. But I doubt you have a problem with any of them. Most medicines treat symptoms, they don’t provide cures (we still haven’t “cured” the common cold or flu, we just relieve the symptoms that bother us until our bodies flush it out). Cannabis has been proven effective in treating symptoms of over 200 illnesses and diseases, without any of the often dangerous side effects of modern pharmaceuticals. If you don’t believe me go down to your local drugstore and ask to see the side effects on their most often prescribed drugs, many of them list many more side effects than benefits. If people self medicated with pot over half of today’s prescription drugs would be obsolete. The “well documented” side effects you describe are almost non-existent, they only occur in a very small portion of the population. Marijuana has never been proven in true scientific research to cause any long lasting problems. Even the “research” claiming that pot kills brain cells is rejected by the vast majority of scientists. It is also the most medically researched “drug” in the world. Jack Herer quotes plenty of positive studies, while the DEA only pays for research that is intended to be negative, and they usually cut that funding because they still get positive results. The claim that it lowers testosterone and reduces sperm count has also been rejected by the majority of researchers.

    You also said “how about stopping pedophiles from roaming our streets”, I agree, let’s decriminalize weed, and stop spending trillions of dollars chasing “dope smoking potheads” (as you called Jodie Emery and by extension all of us) and imprisoning them. That should free up plenty of cash, police time, and shorten the line outside the courthouses so that cops can find and imprison pedophiles, murderers, rapists and the like. Instead of using military grade hardware to smash into people’s homes, shoot their dogs, and scar their children for life. That’s assuming they don’t just kill innocent people after going to the wrong address (’re on the right track with that thought, you just can’t seem to grasp it from our perspective.

    You go on to call Marc a dropout, well this is true, look back a bit in history, many people who grew up in Marc’s day dropped out of school, most sooner than he did. But did any of them start a business at 9 years old? A second business at 14? how about owning their 3rd business at 17 years old? I live in Fort St. John BC, our dropout rate here is higher than the rest of our province, I don’t think it’s a good thing, I’m simply pointing out that I know lots of successful people who never completed high school, and have gone on to be leaders in the local industries, and local government. No one should be judged on their academic standing alone (unless you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or some other profession that requires extended education). Also remember that the best education anyone can have is self education which continues after school, college, or university. If you are unwilling to continue learning after school, than you’ve completely missed the point of education.

    In another post of yours you claim Marc never pioneered “squadoosh”. How wrong you are, Marc Emery is the reason we have the freedom in Canada to purchase books and materials that were once prohibited. Seems to me he pioneered our freedom to choose. I doubt Marc cares who uses these materials, but I bet he does believe that it should be our choice, and they should be available, now they are. I believe that too.

    I think that sums up my rebuttal to everything you’ve said. If you have any questions or would like more information on the subject of cannabis, Marc Emery, or Marc’s illegal extradition to the United States. email me at [email protected]

  16. Worm on

    He did pioneer squadoosh and it’s thanks to people like Mark that i am able to go into any store and buy squadoosh. What have you done?

    Peace & Pot

  17. Worm on

    Your comparing crude oil that is destroying the environment to a plant that has the potential to save the environment if allowed. I would suggest sir that you are the idiot.

    Peace & Pot

  18. bud812 on

    Fuck you prohibitionist prick!

  19. Rod on

    He didn’t pioneer squadoosh.

  20. Rod on

    I would say that your statement of reflecting oneself and the values of self is quite silly. My thoughts are mere opinions, having nothing to do with reflection of self, but then again, you must be the dimestore psychologist so your beliefs are your beliefs.

    I trust your opinion of Marc is genuine. Perhaps you know him well, perhaps not. All I see is what I read and listen to on this site and in the paper and to me it’s just not positive stuff; again it’s only my opinion though.

    One’s opinion about a subject is formed through information that one garners from different areas. My information about him stem (perfect word, by the way) from this site and from the articles I have read. From the site I see a person heavily involved in illegal drug use and distribution. My opinion is not a positive one. That’s the great thing about human beings, we can all have opinions and not necessarily agree; nothing wrong with that.

    I haven’t stated that I am much closer to the truth than Marc is. I am merely stating my opinion. My opinion is that marijuana distribution is bad and I agree that it should be illegal and Marc is where he should be. I also haven’t stated that I am better than Marc. I believe we all have faults and we all have positives. My opinion is that weed is not a worthy cause. Nothing positive for society can come out of legalizing weed. Some of Marc’s statements are truly outrageous and don’t merit intelligent thought. For instance, one article I read had him saying how impossible it was for him to be elected Mayor. Well, who in their right mind is going to vote for a high school dropout, dope smoking complainer? He isn’t getting elected because the other candidates are better.

    As far as me, I am not the one putting myself under the microscope for people to criticize. Marc likes the spotlight, likes the scrutiny and likes making waves. But with that comes opposition and freedom to disagree. Marc is right on one point and that is what legacy are you leaving behind? I refuse to allow my legacy to be “the champion of pot smoking dope heads round the world.” To each is own though, Marc will be remembered right up there with Cheech and Chong.

  21. Anonymous on

    “I think he has jumped on the bandwagon of issues to make a name for himself. He finds something that he thinks is controversial and yearns to go down into history so badly as a hero of the people (and whatever makes millions)”

    When someone speaks about someone else that HE DOES NOT KNOW… all he is doing is reflecting himself and his values… not the values of the unknown.

    Yes you are right, Marc has jumped in many bandwagons… that is common knowledge. His motive however is NOT commonly known. So the part that you claim motivates him (making millions) is YOUR projection and assumption. Which makes me believe you are a money hungry, (through poverty or greed) and a very envious individual.

    There has been several statements you’ve made concerning Money. As if having it, and pursuing it, was a sin.

    I’ve known Marc for years, have been in intimate and close situations with that wonderful, daring, caring, and intelligent man. I can PROMISE you that money is not a motivator for him.

    Rod, you are so much closer to the truth with “jumped on the bandwagon of issues to make a name for himself.”… you are much closer to the true motivator through this path/statement.

    Now, since you have projected yourself and have brought false judgment onto him, So now it’s your turn, share with us your life accomplishments and the things you have done. Share with us who you are. What makes you better than Marc? Why would anyone want be your friend? What have you done? What are your crimes? Your Virtues?

  22. Anonymous on

    Thanks to Marc you owe it to the fact you can go and buy any kind of publication.. everything, from nudie mags to censored or banned science and medical journals. He pioneered the free speech movement in Canada.

  23. Rod on

    Yes, it’s true, I do not know Marc. All I have read or listened to are the causes he has stood for. I think he has jumped on the bandwagon of issues to make a name for himself. He finds something that he thinks is controversial and yearns to go down into history so badly as a hero of the people (and whatever makes millions) that he will do take up the cause, especially if there is money in it. Socialism…Sunday Shopping…weed, let’s try something a smidgen more important, how about stopping pedophiles from roaming our streets, maybe finding a cure for cancer rather than masking the effects. Nah, too hard, I’m going back to smoking weed, where is that damn fountain of youth, I know it’s round here somewhere.

  24. Rod on

    So according to your brilliance that since it’s a plant it’s ok, I guess the “bleeding it’s natural lubricant into it’s aquatic ecosystem” is ok too, since it’s au natural.

    I agree, this country is chock full of idiots. Stop adding to the numbers.

  25. Rod on

    I am trying so hard to type right now in between intense feelings to just completely LMAO. I am grateful that Marc’s wife (if it is) chose to respond, impressed actually. But that has to be one of the most idiotic responses I have ever read. Comparing McDonalds and Coca Cola? C’mon people, think before you write. And to say vehicles are “one of the most dangerous killers? I don’t think I even need to explain the obvious here…add guns to your list too while you are at it. These inert objects kill people constantly I suppose, by just sitting there.

    Consider the children? This coming from a dope smoking pothead? What about the children who are already smoking your stuff and destroying their ability to think clearly?

    If you would have read all the posts you would realize I have no “it’s bad for you” argument. I merely posted my response to the “there are so many medical reasons” to smoke.

    To answer your question “why are cannabis people put in prison?” I simply say put “drug dealers” into your question and take out “cannabis people” and ask the question again.

  26. Christian Crowley on

    Hello Marc my name is Christian and I’ve been an avid follower of yours for some 6 years from Northern California of course… But anyways I’ve been in your shoes that you are in right now… I’ve done Federal time here in California for Medical Marijuana. I know that you are gonna be transferred to Canada but you have to wait 3 months from what I read, so you should ask your Lawyer if there’s anyway you can go to a Federal camp where the conditions are better while your waiting your transfer… Camp the food is better and the Commissary is ten times better than the jail that your sitting in… Also your not locked in your cell because its actually a dormitory type living, you also can have a job outdoors where you can get sun and your able to walk around outside… It’s like a actual camp.. Just put it this way your still locked up but you have the chance to be free a little bit as well…
    Well I hope that this info helps a little, I’m still wanting you Free believe me… You and Jodie are in my thoughts always and in my prayers and if theres anything else I can do to help let me know…

  27. Anonymous on

    If you knew Marc, you would know that his entire patrimony came from operating a very successful book store, back when his activist agenda was Freedom of Speech. And he won.

  28. Corinzz on

    Hmmmm… lower testosterone could in this case be one of the benefits of smoking dope… studies show that bottled water can be cancerous and the use of a microwave can also “cause” cancer (not just a side effect). So in theory, you’d be better off to smoke one before popping in that hungry man dinner tonight! I would also tend to think that lower testosterone would increase blood flow to the brain. I’m not one to advocate “drug” use but Doctors prescribe much more dangerous drugs and when people get addicted to those nobody goes to jail-it once in awhile ends up in a class action law suit…i think this is more a matter of control then your society and government acting and informing you in your better interest. The system is self serving and once in awhile we have to be a little more objective to the info we take in. Have you recently looked up the side effects of anti depressants or a bottle of gravol or tylenol????? Good thing guys like you can still multiply like bunnies-that’s promising!! :S

  29. Jodie on

    …and most of it isn’t, but even if it is — should people be thrown in prison for it?

    McDonalds and Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels and Marlboro actually KILL and hurt millions of people with their products every day. Pharmaceutical companies cause physical and mental damage.

    High-fructose corn syrup and sugars and bad fats and all sorts of chemical flavours, additives, colours and more are in SO many consumable items and the harm caused is clear — consider the children!

    People always worry and say “But what about the children?” Well, the children are obese and sick with early-onset adult diabetes and other ailments kids shouldn’t have — all caused by the foods and garbage they are fed by parents and businesses every day.

    The heart attacks and strokes and physical damage caused by bad food is FAR worse than all illegal drugs combined. Vioxx and other pharmaceuticals kill hundred of thousands of people every year. Vehicles are one of the most dangerous killers out there. SO many LEGAL things in the world kill and hurt people every day… but no one goes to prison for any of that.

    So you cannot use the “it’s bad for you” argument to justify imprisoning people for growing, using or selling cannabis. More people are hurt and killed by totally legal (and constantly advertised) food, drinks, drugs and products than ALL deaths caused by illegal drugs, combined. Even water can kill if you drink too much, or if it’s contaminated — consider Walkerton, Ontario’s deadly disaster.

    People are hurt and killed by so many things all the time… so why are cannabis people put in prison?

  30. Anonymous on

    You are a good example of one of the less than desirable by-products of industrialized, postmodern society. What is sad is that the rhetoric you so authoritatively espouse is more easily accepted by society than all of the rational, scientific, intelligent commentary you can find on a website like this.

    Meanwhile, people like you have drilled a fucking hole in the Earth’s crust, and engineered faulty equipment or procedures on top of that, so the Earth is now bleeding it’s natural lubricant into it’s aquatic ecosystems.

    But you are likely more disturbed by a peaceful, respectable citizen of another nation distributing seeds to a plant that grows naturally on much of the planet, to US citizens who are supposed to be accountable for their own lives and futures?

    This country has become so chock full of idiots that it is unbelievable.

  31. Anonymous on

    That’s right, the US is abusing the tool of extradition. Extradition is about returning a FUGITIVE to a country where he committed a crime. Marc was not a fugitive from the US. You have to run away from a place to be a fugitive. Now read this quote from the legal dictionary about extradition;

    “The Supreme Court has identified that a court considering an extradition case can only decide four issues: (1) whether the extradition documents on their face are in order, (2) whether the petitioner has been charged with a crime in the demanding state, (3) whether the petitioner is the person named in the request for the extradition, and (4) whether the petitioner is a FUGITIVE. The New Mexico Supreme Court in Reed determined that the person subject to the extradition, Manuel Ortiz, was not a “fugitive,” and refused to honor the extradition order from the state of Ohio. The Supreme Court found that New Mexico courts had overstepped their authority and ordered the New Mexico Supreme Court to return the fugitive.

    Extradition from one nation to another is handled in a similar manner, with the head of one country demanding the return of a FUGITIVE who is alleged to have committed a crime in that country. Extradition between nations is usually based on a treaty between the country where the accused is currently located and the country seeking to place him or her on trial for an alleged crime. The United States has entered into extradition treaties with most countries in Europe and Latin America, and with a few countries in Africa and Asia.”

    So as you saw there, extradition started in the US so that one state could get a fugitive back from another state after he ran away there. The word was actually in the legal requirements. So when, and how, did the US manage to pervert that into going after people in other countries for acts they committed there? How is that even legal? According the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic drugs and the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic substances, it’s not. Both contain the part about countries prosecuting people where the crime was committed, and it doesn’t say anything about conspiracies being exempt from that. Marc’s conspiring obviously took place in Canada. The US has no legal grounds whatsoever to extradite him. He’s not a fugitive and he did not conspire in the US to do anything anywhere. The US is way out of line with these kind of extraditions and the world is letting them get away with it. Canada willingly conspired with them to do it.

    I find it odd that no mention of these treaties was made by Nicholson in his extradition order. Rather obvious that Emery’s lawyer never even bothered to mention those treaties. Probably didn’t even know they exist. Just can’t find good lawyers these days, can you?

  32. Brian Kerr on

    Jesus was a magic mushroom among other things. Not a person.

  33. Anonymous on

    The US extradited Marc on the Canadian offense of conspiracy to possess property derived from crime. Who did he conspire to do that with in the US? Nobody. People simply sent him money, clean money. That money was not the proceeds of crime when it was in the US or when it crossed the border into Canada. Now, after he sent the seeds and then cashed the money order, the resulting cash was the proceeds of crime. It didn’t become proceeds of crime until the seeds were sent. No US citizen was involved in Marc cashing the money orders. That was Marc and the post office or bank. There was no US conspiracy there. There were no proceeds of crime in the US. If they say it was money that was in furtherance to committing a crime, Marc did not conspire with US citizens to send that money. He didn’t even know who was going to send money or what purpose they were going to send it for.

    I also don’t believe that simply providing growing instructions is conspiracy to manufacture, for the simple reasons that Cannabis growing information is so readily available on the Internet and that you don’t actually need any special knowledge to do it anyway. Printing up information about growing weed or putting it on a website is a far stretch from purposely conspiring with someone to grow Cannabis in a place where it’s a crime. It ain’t nuclear science. Literally anybody could successfully grow Cannabis by simply following the instructions for growing any short day plant. So is that information now illegal too? The DEA has gone way overboard with conspiracy charges. I think it’s time somebody actually challenged these kinds of abuses of law. That is far, far too broad an application of the conspiracy laws.

  34. Vocal Citizen on

    “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.” ~~ Charles de Montesquieu


    Every night, before you fall asleep to the mental image of your beautiful wife, please know your supporters are protesting daily… hourly… for your release back to Canada. I wear my Free Marc shirt every day. I talk to random people every day. I make telephone calls to elected officials, I write letters to everyone, I post on blogs and news sites and on (the U.S. Congress LOVES it when I do that).

    Here is my most recent iReport. I hope you like it.

    Hang in there, Marc! We won’t give up trying to free you…

  35. Worm on

    weeeehhhaaaaa im wasted i just smoked a giant fatty and i am lovin it. I think i will have another lets all light up for Mark i am sure he’ll be smokin some good herb soon enough. yyyaaaahhhoooooo this is awesome.

    Peace & Pot

  36. Rod on

    Thank you Matt for your insightful comments. Yes, they are plants and I guess from your point of view, weed connects you to nature and God. All well and good for you. I have read articles that say there are benefits to firing up a big fatty. I don’t see any that say weed cures anything. These articles all use the terminology “can reduce” and “can stimulate” and “can limit” and “can alleviate” and “Relief from” and “Reduction of” and “frequently beneficial in the treatment of.” Nowhere do they ever use the word or words “Marijuana will” or “marijuana cures” or “marijuana definitely.”

    All this medical chatter is mere spin. A novel idea for ya’lls benefit would be to stop having dopers speak for you. Try using people that don’t use drugs…they are more believable and no one will brush them off as simply another pothead.

  37. Rod on

    Finally, a well written, thought out response. Thank you. I can appreciate your take on medical marijuana. But has it cured anything? No. The side effects are well documented also. Such as: Marijuana decreases the body’s ability to fight diseases. People who smoke marijuana often develop the same kinds of breathing problems that cigarette smokers have including coughing and wheezing. They tend to have more chest colds than nonusers. They are also at greater risk of getting lung infections like pneumonia. Smoking marijuana decreases blood flow to the brain (obviously from some of the posts here). Studies have shown that marijuana lowers testosterone levels in men. Marijuana use can also lower sperm counts, possibly resulting in difficulty having children. Females who use marijuana, over time, increase their levels of testosterone which can result in increased facial hair and acne. It may also adversely affect reproductive functioning in women. And last but not least, Marijuana affects memory, judgment, and perception.

    So with everyone’s perception being affected at this site, it is truly a moot point arguing with you.

  38. Anonymous on

    Rev.? (of what?)
    I think you meant “beneficial.” I have to disagree. I think maybe, just maybe that water may be a little more beneficial to mankind. No apologies here, maybe Marc will join in our discussion.

  39. Rod on

    To answer your question, I guess I came because I read the article in the paper today, and thought “wow, there really are people like this in this world.” So I came over and got a laugh out of the fact that Marc is allowed to blog from prison. This site is pretty impressive, I guess that’s what millions of illegaly begotten dollars will pay for. I don’t see any amount of education that could ever sway my decision against marijuana. I openly welcome your petty attacks but must you YELL every few words? I have to assume it’s the weed. Did any of you grow up wanting to be a pothead? Thank you for your prayers, we all need them.

  40. matt on

    smoking herb connects us better to nature and to God. It is not a drug. no plant shall ever be called a drug. Man kind has been using herb and varous other phycedelics for many years going far back so it prooves these plants are not harmful. We just got a government deluting people that they are and getting people tpo beilve these sacraments are drugs.
    one love bro

  41. Rev J Shaffer on

    For one, it has been proven (not theorized, but proven) that certain cannabinoids can protect brain cells from damage due to anoxia (oxygen starvation) caused by heart attack or stroke.
    It also protects against Alzheimer’s and Dementia. . .

    There’s more, but I think these examples are sufficient.

    You are proof positive, a lack of weed is bad for your brain.

  42. uncle farm on

    so, rod, what brings you to peruse the cannabis culture website, and to read and comment on its forums? not attacking you, just curious. its peachy keen that you feel the way you do, though, “it seems to me…” your comparison of marc emery to the “drug lords of mexico” in uneducated, grossly inaccurate, and assuming you made it TO and Past your freshman year of college, its quite silly. when YOUR cancer treatment drugs give YOU a crippling, degenerative disease, and leave YOU with a broken body, unable to ingest the Truly Life Ruining narcotics shoved down YOUR throat, then my friend, youll have ground to put your soapbox on. UNTIL then, MY prayers will be with YOU. You’re gonna need them more than marc, I ASSURE YOU.

  43. Rod on


  44. Vancouver on


  45. Vansterdam on

    It will seem very difficult at first. After a while it will seem less difficult. Just think of how triumphant your return will be when you get out of there! In the meantime, take this opportunity to write and be as productive as possible. You are a martyr and history will remember you as such for this great sacrifice.

  46. Anonymous on

    In the first paragraph, where I said “over 8 plants”, it should have been 800. You have to grow 800-999 plants to get a 5 year sentence.

  47. Anonymous on

    Marc’s case is still legally messed up. It’s one count of conspiracy to manufacture. Who did he conspire with, his employees? Must be if it’s only one count. Neither Marc nor those employees conspired to grow weed in the US. Who ever said they planned to go to the US and grow some weed? They conspired to run a store that sold seeds and grow equipment, but not to actually grow weed in the US themselves. They did conspire to distribute seeds, but that was a low amount of weight (less than 5 years worth) and they agreed to drop that charge. Unless the single count is for a conspiracy with one of the growers, it’s not even a valid case. Those are the only people involved who planned to grow weed in the US and how many seeds could one of them have bought from Emery? You have to grow over 8 plants to get a 5 year sentence. Did one grower buy more than 800 seeds from Emery? I find that doubtful.

    Now you might say that if Emery gripes about a 5 year sentence for the manufacturing charge that the US can just void the agreement and prosecute him for the money laundering charge. Well, not necessarily. Here’s how the Vienna defines money laundering;

    ““Determined to deprive persons engaged in illicit traffic of
    the proceeds of their criminal activities and thereby eliminate their
    main incentive for so doing,”70 the signatories to the VNC have
    agreed to adhere to a legal structure contemplating enactment by
    each of them of comprehensive legislation authorizing confiscation
    of drug proceeds71 or instrumentalities used, intended to be used,
    or derived from proscribed narcotics trafficking activities.
    Commonly understood, money laundering is a process
    whereby criminals conceal or disguise the proceeds of their crimes
    or convert those proceeds into goods and services.72 For purposes
    of the Vienna Narcotics Convention, money laundering is defined
    (i) The conversion or transfer of property,73 knowing that such
    property is derived from any offence or offences established in
    accordance with subparagraph (a) of this paragraph74 . . ., for
    the purpose of concealing or disguising the illicit origin of the
    property or of assisting any person who is involved in the
    commission of such an offence or offences to evade the legal
    consequences of his actions;
    (ii) The concealment or disguise of the true nature, source,
    location, disposition, movement, rights with respect to, or
    ownership of property, knowing that such property is derived
    from an offence or offences established in accordance with
    subparagraph (a) of this paragraph.”

    Well, Marc didn’t do anything to disguise the illicit origin of his money, in fact he publicly bragged about it. That’s not money laundering. Canada’s money laundering charges also require the purpose of disguising the origins. The US supposedly substituted another Canadian offense of conspiring to possess the proceeds of crime. That’s not even the same offense he was extradited for. He was specifically extradited for money laundering and Canada has an offense of money laundering and it requires disguising the source. I don’t think they could convict on that charge when both Canada’s law and the Vienna Convention clearly state that it has to be for the purpose of concealment. The extradition for that offense was probably not even legal, due to the differences in the definitions of the offense between Canada and the US.

    I still don’t see how a 5 year sentence is legally supportable. Marc should make valid arguments at the sentencing for a much lower sentence and if the US decides to back out of the deal and prosecute all charges, as I just explained, they won’t be able to sentence him to more than 5 years on the conspiracy to manufacture and conspiracy to distribute charges anyway. If they want to increase the manufacturing charges to numerous counts and bring in all the US growers, that would require new extradition hearings for those other counts, I would assume. It would still probably be less than 800 plants anyway. I don’t believe they could convict on the laundering charge. I don’t think Marc has really thought through these charges.

  48. Jose Melendez on

    Right thing to do? Just because you don’t recognize cannabis’ benefits does not mean they do not exist.

    Considering the indisputable facts of it’s safe, accepted medical use in the United States, what US law or precedent allows cannabis’ inclusion with schedule I drugs?

    Dozens of references proving cannabinoids’ safe medical uses were published by the United States Department of Health and Human Services to apply for 2003 US Patent No. 6630507,
    “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants”, linked here:

    While many are unenforced, 31 states have medical marijuana laws on the books.

    Contact HHS and give informed, respectful feedback about cannabis’ scheduling from the top link on this page:

    Drug War IS crime, Rod. Got reparations?

  49. Rev J Shaffer on

    Maybe he made a “career out of Cannabis” because it’s the most beneficent substance known to Man – and has been known to be so for at least 5,000 years.

    Don’t buy into the Propaganda. . . Educate yourself. . . and then, come back and apologize for your callous, uninformed comments.

  50. Rod on

    Comparing this drug trafficker to Jesus Christ? I’m looking for the hidden camera…this is a joke right? You are proof positive, weed is bad for your brain.

  51. Rod on

    I guess I’m coming in quite a bit late on your story since this is the first I’ve read. Turth be told, I’m amazed that anyone would make a career out of cannabis, much less the selling of said drug. Where I come from it’s a freshman year of college, peer pressure, hey this is cool, kind of thing. Soon after, it’s a darn my brain is slow today and I’m fried kind of thing. How, as a human being, have you found it okay to sell your drug habit to thousands of other people? and think it’s the right thing to do?

    I don’t think you are any better than the drug lords of Mexico. You have enabled thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of people, regardless of their age, to ruin their lives. All for what? It seems to me millions of dollars.

    To each his own I suppose, but empathy is not in me for drug traffickers. My prayers today will include you.


  52. Jay Sin on

    I’ve literally been where you are today my friend. I’m sorry to inform you that no, the food does not get better until you arrive to your “home prison”. These initial weeks of hell and soul-breaking conditions will last thru many months of “classification” until giving your final destination. I’m glad to hear that not all of your time has been’s good to find the positive in any negative situation..even one as bad as this. I did 4.8 years and still owe more. I would trade places with you in a minute if they’d actually let you go home. Marc you are a hero for the masses. I’m grateful to have gotten to meet you, blaze with you, keep you supplied with mayo when we were locked up together..and for being my friend and not some plastic figure head. You are a true hero for giving of yourself all that you have until it took your freedom. Only Christ gave of himself to that extent..So you are the Prince of Pot and you deserve my old title..”God of Green”


    Jay “Booda” Sin

  53. ray christl on

    I’ll defend MARC to my death. Like in the times of Jesus you are asked to stand with TRUTH. Marc embodies that TRUTH like only he can do. EUREKA which gives the word Heuristics.In closing today,Marc ‘s CROSS creates pathos that will free us.He has opened the KINGDOM. Like PETER i’ll maybe deny I knew him and then a cock will CLARION..after the third denial..may you live in special times

  54. EveningGoddess on

    now is the time to think about the dalai lama,ghandi, nelson mandela, desmond tutu is another smart guy who has some good thoughts on forgiveness.
    ..though reading this, it seems that you are on the right path for sure.

    its admirable the way you have made connections and are ready to be of service to other inmates…
    during times of great hardship and suffering, being of service to others is what can get you through..

    there is much that you are need for on the outside, back home..
    but how incredible it is that you can find purpose while locked up?~
    i think this speaks volumes of your soul.
    you haven’t let this horrible injustice take away your goodness.
    this will save you in the end.

    thinking about you every day..wishing for vegetables for you.