Send Marc Emery Mail or Money in US Federal Prison


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Please write to Marc about what you’re doing in your life, the activism you’ve done, the silly little pleasures and joys of your day, the news about what’s happening in the world and your area, etc. Prison life is just endless boring repetition, cut off from the outside. Nothing ever changes and nothing new ever happens, so Marc would really appreciate getting reports from the outside world. Marc tries to write back to everyone who sends him a letter, too!


ALL MAIL IS READ BY PRISON OFFICIALS. Do not write about illegal activities or anything that you feel might jeopardize your safety.

Photos are permitted, but don’t send pictures of bongs, marijuana use or plants, nudity, or anything illegal because it will be refused.

You must include a return address, or the mail will be thrown out. You can use an address different from your home if you want to keep that information private, but if your letter is refused it will be returned to the address you use.

You can’t send stamps in the mail. Inmates must purchase their own stamps and writing paper and envelopes.

November 19th, 2010 Update:

Marc is in his new designated prison, “D. Ray James Correctional Institution” in south Georgia. Please send a letter, news stories, and/or photos to give him a glimpse into what’s going on in your life and the world. Getting mail in prison means so much to him.

P.O. BOX 2000


If you would like to send Marc money for his account (to cover expensive long-distance phone calls, mail postage, writing paper, toiletries, etc.) you can do so through Access Corrections at using a credit card to make payments to “Marc Scott Emery #40252-086” at the “D. Ray James Correctional Institution in Folkston, Georgia”. (NOTE: Only US credit cards are accepted.)

There is a limit for the current account of $350 every two weeks, which is paid by Jodie Emery with donations from supporters. The usual BOP inmate deposits through Western Union Quick Collect payments are NOT accepted at this private prison.

If you would like to send money to Jodie to deposit in Marc’s commissary, or to contribute to Jodie’s travel and accommodation costs to visit Marc as often as possible (as he cherishes visits more than anything else in the world at this time), send mail to the address below or contact [email protected] for details.

Jodie Emery (Pay to: Jodie Giesz-Ramsay)
307 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1H6

Marc and Jodie sincerely appreciate any contributions toward making prison more bearable. Thank you so much for your support!



  1. the great satan and a zionist dog on

    it is weird being a victim of american tyranny, no one could argue that- the war on drugs sucks. but it would be weirder still to be a victim of american trannies. now that would be horible. it might go like this “so you like to smoke pot huh? smoked pot at a lady gaga concert with a guy who looked like burt renolds i started the rumor that bill cosby died… does this make my butt look fat, the lipstick i want you to get at the store is called—- its in the young girls section… you said you loved me…i’m a woman trapped in a man’s body… you never take me out in public… when will i get to meet your parents? are you ashamed of me not being a real woman? because i am a real woman even if i was born with a penis!” clearly folks, trannies and tyranny have alot in common- each involves a kind of suffering. we must fight tyranny and avoid the chicks with adams apples if freedom is to remain free. mark emmery certainly has an uphill battle. my advice having spent many long hours talking with my uncles (both ex-cons)is simple. first practice starting fires useing a pencil and a light socket, one always needs fire. second learn to make a knife out of a tooth brush and seran wrap. it works by pushing the bristles on the brush into a solid mass that when wrapped in the seran wrap can be heated with the fire and melted into a stabbing device or shank. no according to my uncles just being cool is not enough in prison. mark will need to beat some one up first thing, preferably someone of color. this is good for two reasons 1. the colored folks know not to mess with you and 2. then he will have the solid credentials necessary to join a fraternal organization like the aryan nation. this light hearted bunch spend much of the day thinking about the good old days, getting and giving tatoos, and beating colored people. good luck dude!!!

  2. Sandie M on

    For something to be “ReBRANDED” it would have to be a BRAND to begin with. 420 is not a brand although I’m sure it will be soon…

  3. Andrew Stasz on

    It has gotten to the point that I feel attacked by those who disapprove of marijuana. Every time I mention the possibility of medical marijuana being approved for Illinois (my home state), people around me look in shock and dismay. I have been told by countless people the so called “affects” of marijuana, being that of lies and propaganda. But, I have talked to doctors, carried conversations with people that have been smoking for over 20 years and they seem to all have the same pro-legalization attitude. Those who oppose marijuana simply do not understand the raw natural power that this plant gives us, the power to be happy.

  4. Vincent Vonblown on

    Hello Marc, It’s your old friend Tim Haight.

    I never thought they would actually imprison you for selling cannabis seeds. I expected you to just skate off free and nothing would happen. Pretty much like I have always done.

    I’m very sorry it didn’t turn out that way.

    My medical condition has just gotten worse and worse. Isn’t much left of me. Even cannabis had turned against me and stopped helping. I had to stop smoking all together. (everything from asprin to cannabis gives me adverse effects now)

    I live in a virtual hell, and no medical help, seems to alter the situation. It started out with crohns disease and turned into something no one can stop. I live only on a tettering balance, and can’t last much longer.

    I had such high hopes, with the creation of Wonderbud, and the interesting things I had learned about hybridization with Fluroscent lights and common ditch weed.

    I haven’t seen Bill Wonder for a couple of years, after his multiple arrests. I have spoken with him though. He is now a very lonely person. I know what he means. My medical problems. Have left me total lonely and scared every minute of everyday.

  5. Vincent Vonblown on

    Hello Marc, It’s your old friend Tim Haight.

    I never thought they would actually imprison you for selling cannabis seeds. I expected you to just skate off free and nothing would happen. Pretty much like I have always done.

    I’m very sorry it didn’t turn out that way.

    My medical condition has just gotten worse and worse. Isn’t much left of me. Even cannabis had turned against me and stopped helping. I had to stop smoking all together. (everything from asprin to cannabis gives me adverse effects now)

    I live in a virtual hell, and no medical help, seems to alter the situation. It started out with crohns disease and turned into something no one can stop. I live only on a tettering balance, and can’t last much longer.

    I had such high hopes, with the creation of Wonderbud, and the interesting things I had learned about hybridization with Fluroscent lights and common ditch weed.

    I haven’t seen Bill Wonder for a couple of years, after his multiple arrests. I have spoken with him though. He is now a very lonely person. I know what he means. My medical problems. Have left me total lonely and scared every minute of everyday.

  6. peace on

    Peace brother

  7. Kathleen on

    until everyone is free no one is free

    much love to you Marc and Jodie

  8. Kathleen on

    until everyone is free no one is free

    much love to you Marc and Jodi

  9. Steve on

    It is disgusting that anyone can be imprisoned for use or distribution of such a beneficial plant. Anything can be abused. Alcohol and tobacco is far more harmful, but you don’t go to jail for selling that… unless you don’t pay the government their cut, with licensing and tax. Murderers and rapists can be lighter sentences than a mere friend that supplies you with something that grows from Earth. If the president of the world’s most powerful nation can snort coke and smoke weed, and gets away with it, then why the f*ck does the average person risk years of their life behind bars for smoking a plant?

    It’s even more disgusting that anyone thinks they have the right to tell people what they want to do with their own bodies. It is a disgrace that you can be imprisoned for smoking something that grows out of the ground, when you do it at home and bother nobody. But the majority of the population are ignorant, so laws are slow to change.

    We are born into this world with bullshit laws in place to conserve the power of the minority. The average person has no concept of what is actually going on, with the control systems in place.

    Marc, behind bars or not, mentally and spiritually, you are free.

  10. Anonymous on

    This is a troll. Fooling no one. So sickening the use of our tax dollars. Sorry for this Jodi.

  11. Steve Forment on

    To all the friends and family of Marc,

    I am so sorry to learn that Marc has been taken from you. I am new to being involved in the cannabis legalization efforts but I’ve known Marc’s name for a few years now. I’ve known from documentaries that Marc was featured in, that he was facing legal prosecution here in the U.S. but i never thought the
    Canadian government would permit him to be taken from you.

    It angers me so much to see the DEA and federal government completely disrespect the rights of my brothers and sisters in California, just so they can show off by flexing some political muscle. However, taking Marc from you is an entirely new level of human rights infringement that will not be tolerated.

    It may take a few more years to gather our strength as cannabis supporters, but the results of hemp and cannabis freedom will be achieved. History has shown the American government will order the police and military to fire upon the citizens they’re sworn to protect, and as the Weathermen learned in freeing Tim Leary, the fight for whats right will be a very tough.

    For the longest time i thought chivalry was dead and there were no longer any noble causes worth fighting for, but the cannabis legalization efforts have brought some hope back for me. I hope one day soon my friends and i will be sitting passing a pipe around and laughing at how absurd the old ways used to be, and i hope one day i can actually meet Marc and thank him for all he’s done to benefit the world.

    I’d like to thank Jodie as well, for supporting Marc through everything and for being brave enough to face and live with the consequences of Marc being a figure head for the cannabis freedom movement.

    My love and best wishes to the Emery family,
    Steve Forment

  12. Anonymous on

    I started a letter several days ago. Haven’t sent it yet. Guess, I’ll just add on more comments. Finding things to say to someone you’ve never met is not something I’m accustomed to. I’m certainly not pleased with my governments policies. I think we should get all our freedoms back. You know,,,the ones the government has usurped a little at a time for the “good” of the country. All drugs should be legal, the government should be shrunk back down to what the US Constitution actually allows. Not this huge monstroscity we have now.

    Anyway, I’ll send the letter off soon. Just don’t want Mr. Emery thinking “the people” don’t care.

  13. Anti A on

    I have to admit that I am still reeling over what happened to Marc and what continues to happen. IF he had committed a heinous crime against an american citizen ON american soil…I could probably understand, but this is ridiculous.
    And as Canadians…why are we letting the americans tell us what we can or cannot do in our own country??? They have some nerve marching into OUR country and taking one of OUR citizens because they don’t like what he was doing. Marc has helped millions of us and stood up for our rights…I hope we can come together and do the same for him.


  14. Rev. Steve [email protected] on

    Jodie: Call me stupid but I can’t find Marc’s email address. I write you personal
    Rev. Steve Emery+

  15. MOTFA on

    Just sent my 4th letter off to marc. Got the urge to write last night for some reason. Hope he enjoys my rather odd sense of humor.


    Hey Anonymous “SHUT THE FUCK UP” Only a pussy would kick a man when he’s down!

    Our letter came back for some reason. We will send it again!

    What’s up with all of the haters?

  17. dale carlton on

    Where are your manners? How dare you!

  18. Anonymous on

    would this be considered a publicity stunt? or cash grab? both? heres an idea… put jodie in a lil less clothes and sell some pics that’ll get you guys some quick cash! Shit I’ll buy 2 of every pose 😉 lmao

  19. hope all are safe and not in a toronto gulag on

    essay E2(english as second language) education in antithetical/dialogical thinking process.Innocent questions can be answered by a single letter from Free Marc to be photocopied to study antithesis of prohibition in class.History of only the thesis being taught to people here.The antithesis/counterpoint is taboo.Marc Emery’s use of Buddha seeds of soma/hemp create a curious reply in Cambodia.PakALOHA Ray Christl

  20. Jodie on

    You can write on both sides of the paper, and you can send as much as you like – it’ll just take longer to get to him as the screening will take more time.

  21. Jodie on

    The prison will not refuse letters about political activity and activism.

    Marc is awaiting sentencing. His sentencing is set for September 10th. He was let out of solitary confinement on Thursday night, after three weeks of isolation.

  22. jones on

    Jodie, i am writing about my boring life in a long letter to Marc like you said. can i wright on the front and back of each page,and can i send more then 10 pages at a time. i read the rules, but could not find my questions. i just want to make sure it gets there. thanks.

  23. Alexadner on

    So he can’t write letters back, i just am curious if the letter that you send is denied will the prison inform you or will they just toss it and hope that you don’t continue to write. Mainly because i would like to talk about political activism so that might be blocked i think. If someone can help me that would be nice.

    Oh yeah, has he received his sentence yet or is it still up in the air, also have they decided how long he is going to be in SHU?

    Answers would be nice.

  24. Anonymous on

    I started contemplating writing a letter, and then those exact thoughts popped into my head.
    If I were in a different situation, I might saw “Screw it,” and write anyway, but as things are, I hate to draw attention to myself..

  25. Dora on

    I suspect that many many pro-cannabis folks and Marc’s followers would LOVE to write him. But they stop and think about it for 2 seconds like this– “….wait… for the letter to get to Marc, I will have to give The Man my name, address, and personal thoughts…”

    And the whole venture ends right there.

    It’s not that they don’t LOVE Marc and everything he stands for. It’s because they love their lifestyle and freedom more. After all, The Man is watching and WILL come get you, as Marc’s situation illustrates perfectly.

  26. Anonymous on

    Am sending the letter today, from Saskatchewan.

  27. Shelly on

    I just sat down and wrote a 10 page letter to Marc. Jodie and Marc- YOU ROCK!!!! and soo many of us appreciate you both so very much!!!!! hugs Shelly

  28. George on

    i wouldnt send packets of mary to him because the more they confiscate the more there probebly going to try and keep marc where he is.

    Marc should be freed with nothing against his name, he is basically a doctor he is giving people a medical subscription that they need.

    Sadly i live in the UK where cannabis isnt ever going to be legalised and if it does it wil be a long time after america has done it.

    Cheers to the downfall of babylan
    uprise to the people in suffering.

  29. George on

    i wouldnt send packets of mary to him because the more they confiscate the more there probebly going to try and keep marc where he is.

    Marc should be freed with nothing against his name, he is basically a doctor he is giving people a medical subscription that they need.

    Sadly i live in the UK where cannabis isnt ever going to be legalised and if it does it wil be a long time after america has done it.

    Cheers to the downfall of babylan
    uprise to the people in suffering.

  30. Anonymous on

    many ppl send packets maybe some will get thru?

  31. Anonymous on

    can we send him , how?

  32. John Martineau on

    Hey Marc,
    Stoppin by to add that you are quite a guy and I’m proud to say a true citizen! You live your ideals! You are a fantastic role model for so many who realize to change this crazy world one must live their convictions. Being true to ones-self.
    You are a hero for the cause of human rights and freedom. Thank you.
    I anticipate remarkable books to read. This is a remarkable journey – it isn’t right,
    however you have accepted your fate as an amazing opportunity to grow in directions that you never dreamed of.
    That is what I love about you more than your convictions!
    You make lemonade from the lemons they keep giving you!
    Hang in there Marc – there are many thinking of you and fighting for you!

  33. SensimillaSensei on

    Clearly you have never had to deal with the justice system. First off to make a decent defense in a federal court takes a lot of money. Far more than Marc has/had. Secondly even in prison you have to buy your own soap, toothpaste, and other toiletries. Not to mention trying to get by without buying at least some food is nearly impossible. etc. Not to mention phone call are ridiculously expensive.
    I have done time for cannabis cultivation and my thoughts are with you Marc an Jodie. You have my sincerest apologies for my country’s actions and for the narrow minded view of some of my countrymen. Know that they are quickly becoming a minority and eventually our day will come.

  34. Anonymous on

    Hey Rich Man, they don’t provide for his every need.

    He will have to buy his weed in prison, unless fellow inmates donate.

  35. RSDAngel on

    I’ve been in chronic pain for 11yrs now. RSD aka CRPS is known as the “Most painful Chronic Pain Disease Known to Man” even though the majority of people that get this usually due to a minor injury are women.
    I hate pharmaceutical drugs and take only small amounts as I found myself that by using cannabis medicinally takes away 35% of the pain and 80% of the burning that NO pill can.
    I believe in God. I believe God made this plant and it is much safer than the meds pushed onto the public for so many conditions that cannabis could take care of.
    Marc should not be in jail. You are a wonderful woman for all you have done to stand by him and there are so many of us out there that also stand behind Marc and what he stands for.
    Thank you for educating everyone about the financial situation he is in as I feel it is my duty as someone who also advocates for the legalization of what is the truest form of prohibition that should have ended years ago as it didn’t work for alcohol for the same reasons it doesn’t work for marijuana to send him some help while he is being held captive for nothing but honesty and hard work.
    I know many who support Marc and will continue to. He has helped the US to look at reform laws.

  36. Anonymous on

    Well said o’l chap, I Agree Lets end this War!!! on the American public.
    or may be we should all move to Canada and wage War on the U.S. politicizations
    that suck the Corporations dicks.

  37. dear shithead... (to the author of RICHMANINJAIL) on

    a rich man in jail huh… theres lots of those ….

    but shopping in jail? have you ever been to jail or prison? its called COMMISSARY

    look it up or don’t be a fucking fool and talk about something you would’t know about

  38. Anonymous on

    I’ve known Marc since the book store days and this just breaks my heart.
    How could this be happening in the Canada I knew and loved.
    Support and Love Marc.
    I’ll do everything I can to help.

  39. Anonymous on

    Dear Marc and Jodie,

    Dont let these stupid people get to you and your family. They are clueless of how grateful and giving Marc has been. Just keep your head up and stay strong for Marc and he will be home soon. Marc you are one of the few that really stand up for what you believe in and thanks for all you have done, the fight is not over, we will legalize pot in the entire US. I know it has been a long strange trip, but be positive and always know you are supported and loved. Best Wishes

  40. Rawn Donaldson on

    I commend Jodie and Marc on their strength, courage, and determination. It’s truly the work of virtuous individuals that are willing to sacrifice for the expansion of knowledge as a human culture. I saddens me deeply that I live in a nation that would rather incarcerate truly innovative, selfless individual than to allow him to create tax revenue for a struggling economy. I’m an activist as well and will continue fighting with Marc and the many others before close to my heart. All I have to give, at this point, is my written and spiritual support. When things change for me fiscally I’ll be contributing that way, as well. Once again, I apologize your family has been affected so greatly and if their is anymore I can do please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Rawn Donaldson
    Re-Legalize Indiana

  41. Anonymous on

    i just wanna send him a bag of flowers.

  42. Anonymous on

    @MR. Lilly WTF the good bong tonight? how about why that bong and not a hemp flag at a rally in your town?

  43. thecommonprostitute on

    Exactly. Not to mention that the prices of common items in jail are jacked up like 200%. That candy bar you buy at your corner store costing you $1, well that might cost like $3 in jail.

  44. Skittles on

    Mark, just rad your post and wanted to say how sorry I am to hear you went through that due to a plant, and now Marc Emery is in the same predicament as has been others I’ve known. It’s always blown my mind how the medical profession knows the good that this plant can do for people, I for one have intense anxiety and find it’s been the only thing that’s helped me through it that does not leave me with nasty side effects like feeling as if I were a zombie walking on a cloud like most rnx drugs do (which many docs do get a profit from some of the larger corporations for prescribing, I work in the medical field this isn’t new to me). Thing is, the gov doesn’t make money off the beautiful herb and it “harms” the lumber industry by providing a better alternative. I strongly hope one day Canada will smarten up and realize that what they’re doing makes no sense, even many doctors off the record support marijuana and the ones who I’ve worked with that do not are generally the Oprah loving types who live in a sheltered bubble and want to know nothing other than the cops are here to protect us and can do no wrong, the Queen stands above all else, and the people are just bodies you deal with to make money, yes it’s that morbid. I hope to see things change entirely in my lifetime, I do what I can when I can to support the cause, but not enough people are willing to do something they fear the consequences of speaking their minds and until people educate themselves on the history of this issue as well as what our country is wrongfully doing about it I fear things won’t change. I couldn’t have said it better, this is an insane war lets hope it’s nearly over and that the truth will prevail which would put all of us coming out on top.

  45. Alex on

    man, i am so sorry for what has happened to you, marc emery. You’re an amazing person, and a wonderful activist for our movement. Im so sorry we live in such unjust, ignorant times. I wish the best for you, and i hope this prison sentence flies by and you’re right back out in the world, enjoying your life. All bowls, jays, and blunts are to you my friend :).

  46. Anonymous on

    how you got caught.

  47. Smokepot_Daily on

    When governments use Law Enforcement to violate Charter Rights, THEY become criminals. There is no freedom unless we take it
    World Against Cannabis’ Unjust Prohibition ((WakeUp!!))

  48. Drew Snyder on

    He has given his freedom for the cause. It is almost the ultimate sacrifice, but please do not give the ultimate Mark, the world needs you still. We can win this if we keep up the efforts. The truth will prevail! I pray america opens up there eyes asap. My prayers are with Mark and Jodie and everyother person who is locked up for a totally non violent (crime) and it does not even fit the definition of a true crime. Who does this hurt. The only people are hurt get hurt from the illegality. I could rant all night. Keep the faith Jodie.

  49. Rip Torn Overkill on

    How come the DEA posts more anti pot sentiment on here than anyone else…… Anyone with a cell phone is a police officer anymore. Marc is fighting for your rights american or canadian…. We are only so gratefull to have a leader who cross’s countries borders with his leadership… Marc you are the second coming. You are our messiah at least.

  50. AJP on

    I e-mail my reps via every day! I am an active Facebook activist for the cause, my friends oughtta know by now.

    I urge everybody I know in California to vote ‘Yes’ on the Tax Cannabis act of 2010 this November.

    And, I remain drug-free, just ask my piss!


  51. Soylent Tarpits on

    Well said, Ed!! It’s a shame that ‘anonymous”s parent-units never taught him the value of RESPECT. (And it’s too bad they bought him a computer.) Who is he to criticize? In honor of my Friend, Marc, I think I’ll use the GOOD bong tonight. AND I’ll wire off $20.00 to him so he can buy a pen and write “anonymous” on all the squares on his toilet paper (which I’ll be happy to purchase for him, too.)

  52. Cuz on

    Incitement is the name of the game… The more you respond to it, the more false validation you give them. Just pretend like you don’t even see what they are saying and they will go away. Nothing pisses them off more than being ignored…

  53. Anon on

    Marc and Jodie… you guys are fabulous. Thanks soooooooooo much for what you’re doing. It really matters. I am looking forward to the day that NO one will be in prison for drug offenses. 😀 Thank you thank you thank you.

    Love you,
    Anon <3

  54. UncleBob100 on

    Hi Jodie;
    I pray at 4:20 daily for you and Marc. I think a campaign to re-brand 4:20 to mean “Free Marc Emery – Free Ourselves” would help. Every herb lover in the world knows our tea-time…let’s use it to help Marc. We love you sweetheart, you’re a strong and loving woman…Marc should be proud.

  55. Hoam Rogh on

    Jodie. Sorry your family has been a victim of tyranny. If you have some time please look at

    I’d be honored to send him a book, but you’re the gatekeeper in that respect.

    I hope Marc comes home soon.

  56. Mark Printz on

    Having done 5 years for growing(busted in 94) I can tell you that any contraband sent in the mail to an inmate 99.9% will be detected by the mail room and sent back or if illegal forwarded on to law enforcement. Most contraband comes in by the staff that work there. For real!

    The items one can buy at commissary makes doing time a bit easier. What I used to do is put money in other inmates accounts so i could buy more then the spending limit.You should wait till being designated to where you will do time at though. Anyone with a loved one in BOP custody or need info from someone who has frequent flyer miles on Con-Air feel free to find me on facebook. Love Peace Pot & FREEDOM. WE LOVE YOU MARC and WE WILL END this INSANE WAR!! Mark Printz 19499-039.

  57. Huyhak on

    The question about Marc getting into trouble for unauthorized mail is a good one. Plenty of haters and no doubt gov trolls out there that would exploit that to try and keep him there. Marc is a political prisoner who was detained through nefarious means in the first place. They’ll stoop to whatever low they can even if it means fabricating unauthorized mail. Seriously, how hard would it be for some DEA schill to send him blueprints of the prison or something?

    As far as the haters, what a bunch of losers. No-one deserves to be in jail for pot. No-one deserves to have their life destroyed, their family broken, their kids taken, and their house and properties confiscated over something that left to it’s own grows like a ‘weed'(hence the word).

  58. Anonymous on

    thats a lot of fucking rules for the mail not to mention almost half of its about sexual things. i got an idea if we wanted to get certain things to marc. you know those old photos with the white edges around the picture well i took one apart a long time ago and thought people could hide things behind them if you took them apart right and they didnt look like shit afterwards. just a creative idea i thought up of. also does marc get in more trouble if someone sends him something against the rules of the mail thing?

  59. Mongo Medicine Man on

    I’ll send Marc some money just to show my stupid government I care about one of my heroes. I’ll also bug my friends and people I don’t even know to get off their asses, quit hiding, and do something as bold and daring as… write their congressman or even… speak up to the people who don’t get it… This moronically named ‘War on Drugs’ is harming the fabric of society in ways we cannot even fathom. I don’t believe the drugs are the problem.

    Uninformed and/or apathetic people are the problem.

    We can fix lots of crap if we can fix this one big lie about Cannabis and Hemp. Your voice makes a difference, but only if you use it. I’m in Texas and speaking up loudly. Lots of folks agree but are skeered to speak up.

  60. dbcooper on

    after reading these posts i have concluded that everyone is in love with everyone. The problem seems to be they just don’t know it yet

  61. Chris Geo on

    That’s untrue. The prison system supplies only what you need. There is commissary in prison where you can get cokes, Raman soups, ice cream, coffee, better quality razors and toiletries, chips and so on and so forth. Trust me, it’s these things that help get you through the day. That’s not to mention envelopes with stamps, telephone cards to call out etc. etc.

    Why should we send him money? Because he is in jail for the right of each and every one of us! I can’t believe you would post something like that. The guy gave millions of dollars away for YOUR right to enjoy cannabis. Absolutely sickening.

  62. Dakta Don on

    Hi Marc and Jodie!

    I am writing to you, from little wee New Zealand, way down south here, in the Pacific!
    I am an activist working for NORML New Zealand.

    We are extremely angered at your extradition here in New Zealand, it’s like the biggest part of our culture, our leader, our “beacon of freedom” has been so cruelly and unjustly taken away from us.

    Marc, you have a HUGE number of supporters here in New Zealand! We will be protesting for you Marc!

    – Dakta Don.

  63. Anonymous on

    WOW, what is this guy even doing on this website! Yeah, Mark Makes SO MUCH MONEY! What a an ignorant loser; a perfect example of what is wrong with the world.

    Someone stands up for what is right for all of our benefit (because we don’t have the balls), needs help, now he is a bad guy.

    Fuck You Fellow Commenter

  64. ray christl on

    The SOCIAL CONTRACT is taught to give citizens the philosophy to compare human freedom versus Govt use of force to maintain order.LEVIATHAN is the govt monster Thomas Hobbes talks of,and how citizenry struggle to control authority that quickly runs amok with greed and corrupt violence.The USA is a disGRACE.Now canada

  65. What's the frequency, Kenneth? on

    Mail rule 18 substantively prohibits all mail delivered by government mail services, since they constitute the use of gang insignias, such as that of the US Federal Government and other such agencies.

  66. [email protected] on

    Well-said cowboy.
    We will give love to Marc and Jodie to the benefit of all victims of marijuana prohibition.
    Only the devil would say ‘you can’t love one because others need love too.’

  67. Jodie on

    Marc does not make any income from the store or anywhere. I get paid so I am supporting him. Supporters of Marc WANT to help him, so if you don’t care, then go away.

    Some people think Marc and I are filthy rich, but that is SO FAR from the truth. We own nothing or any value except for my modest wedding ring that Marc’s father’s small inheritance paid for.

    Marc had $11 in his bank account the day of the raid in 2005 because he knew that if he ever got busted, the cops would take everything he owned or kept. The whole POINT of making money through seed sales was to give it away. Most people are instinctively greedy (that’s natural, not an insult) so they can’t comprehend why Marc didn’t keep anything. He’s a brilliant and selfless guy, that’s why.

    Marc has more debt than most people. He owed Revenue Canada a couple thousand dollars when he got busted by the DEA on July 29th, 2005. Up until that point, Marc was making regular large tax payments because he had regular income that could afford the big payments owed. But after the bust, that income tax bill could not be paid because we had nothing at all.

    Since 2005, the interest rate on that owed income tax is HUGE. Marc owes Revenue Canada over $300,000. We cannot afford to pay that off, it’s absolutely impossible. And if Marc makes any income, the government takes 150% of it — so we have to pay the government twice as much as anything we pay Marc! That’s why Marc has no money at all except for what I can afford to send him from my paycheque, and what supporters send to him or donate in the store.

    We paid our lawyers ourselves, through our company. Thankfully our lawyers have been very generous because they know how unjust Marc’s case is compared to all the “bad dudes” they normally work for. They know Marc has no money. Yes, my store does well business-wise, but like all businesses, the vast majority of income goes to paying employees, rent, electric bills, payroll and PST taxes, buying stock, and making improvements to the building — not to mention all of the activism and campaigns we fund too, and that’s where all the “profit” goes.

    So Marc does need money. If you don’t want to send him anything, then don’t. But there are many people who do, so this information is for them to utilize.

  68. Hippie Cowboy420 on

    There are too many POWs like Marc and most of them have no support at all. So let’s just hope by helping Marc that the rest of the POWs will also gain from the support that he receives.

  69. ckeran3 on

    If you don’t want to donate money, you don’t have to. But it would be nice if you said nice things about Marc instead of criticize.
    Marc could use support. How would you like to be locked away as a Prisoner of War just because you stood up for what you KNOW is right. Marc is a political prisoner of the United States!
    I am very disappointed in both of our countries. Ours, for extraditing him and imprisoning him and his, for bowing down to the oversized government of the USA.
    Marc does not deserve to be here. He did NOTHING wrong. God bless Marc and Jodie. In the end, we will win.

  70. Grateful Grower on

    What if…..what if SEA-TAC facility received one million letters every day addressed to Mark?
    What if every person or patient that buys a 12 dollar clone in the US gave one dollar to Marks’ defense fund.
    The millions of seeds that Mark had the guts to send to the US have now left us with a multitude of strains.
    Marc…your not Ghandi…but your not a criminal either.

  71. ray christl on

    Jesus-Willie Nelson-Dr. Tod Mikuriya, abbie Hoffman,Dr. John Lilly,Bob Marley. we in Cambodia worship with the TREE OF LIFE and the brilliance of our rational mind.Love your enemy, speak good of ” THE evil Prince”. We are building peace.HEMP EXTRACT RESIN OIL is an organic machine to heal the sick of this beautiful world.Our REMEDY is OUR CC Family Leader MARC EMERY telling us to keep loving and maintain faith in logic and science.Nelson Mandela-Rick Simpson-Howard Lotsof-HERO MACHINE CURES CANCER-Tim Leary- Lester Grinspoon-HERO will heal our sick PLANET. ADD MORE HEROS’ John Sinclair- Alan Ginsberg-Peter Stafford-Peter Mc Williams. OUR CC FAMILY IS THE LARGEST SPIRITUAL FORCE ON EARTH. We Have the Love Values to REALLY GROW OUR HUMAN CC FAMILY.Ohana Aloha Ray Christl in PP CamboDEA.

  72. Anonymous on

    There are too many rules in Prison

  73. Anonymous on

    “The prison system takes care of his every physical need”

    Yeah, he’s livin’ it up in the lap of luxury over there!


  74. edward lilly on

    Clearly you seem misunderstood. You speak as if some one is demanding you to send money, clearly they are not. Also, tons of marc’s money goes to legal fees, charity’s, officials supporting the cause for the legalization of marijuana. At least one can only imagine. Besides its about sticking together as one and defeating the system that enslaves us to there rules no matter how harsh and unjust they are.

  75. Anonymous on

    The prison system takes care of his every physical need

    he still owns a profit making retail store in Vancouver
    and a money making website ( this one )

    we have already been asked to pay his legal bills’
    and underwrite his numerous cross country farewell tours

    really, why should we send him money this time ?

    he can’t go shopping in jail