Marc is in US Federal prison… but I get ’email’ from him! Here is his first update from the USA.

Nothing can come between us: Photo: Kelly ChristieNothing can come between us: Photo: Kelly ChristieMarc is currently in SeaTac Federal Detention Center, or SeaTac FDC, and has access to the federal prisoner “email” system CorrLinks.

He is able to send messages and has written me five times already! He requested that I share this email so people can get an idea of what it’s been like for him so far.

To send Marc mail or money in prison, which will make his sentence much more bearable, please click here for the mailing address and other information.

From Marc Emery – May 22nd, 2010

The radio here mentions the rally downtown in Seattle every 15 minutes. On a request line at 4.20 pm , a caller called in and requested “My request is FREE MARC EMERY!” You guys are doing great!

The food is dubious and meat, but at this point, I am unconcerned. I eat it up. I’m reading a book on the horrible prisons & appalling history of black convict leasing in the old south. Good book. Halfway done.

My cellmate is Oliver, a Jewish Iranian Canadian charged with having guns, but his story is greatly misunderstood so far. He has never been in jail before and genuinely had no criminal intent, but Iranian & guns has Homeland Security on him. He’s a licensed gun dealer but he will need some time to get it all sorted out. He lacks a caring, loving support system like I have because he has frittered his life in some respects, but was an orphan without parents so his life is rootless and challenged.

A fellow I treated as a patient at my Ibogaine Clinic is actually here, of all things. Most people here are Mexican and African-American so they don’t know much or anything about me, but its still fine. Because I am out of my cell from 6 am to 10 pm, its way different and way preferable than North Fraser. I’m sleeping better because when I get up at 6 am, and do exercises & read and play dominoes and cards, by 11 pm, I’m tired! There is no outside of any kind that I’ve seen here, but I’m unconcerned.

As long as I maintain my health and you are safe & sound and doing your activism, I am happy. Plus I really like the email thing here.

So tell me about your rally. And what you are going to eat today, or have eaten! You cannot be getting ill or unwell from lack of proper food.

Because your money arrived, I am getting headphones, radio (which is how people hear the TV’s here, which is clever actually, so there is no sound except on your headphones, and there are several different stations on at any given time “on the range” as there are no TVs in the cell (which I like), tuna, proper razor & razor blades, and all the stuff I need.

On June 8 I will get proper running shoes because I walk 30 – 50 laps around this place every day on the 2nd level walkways. I will write a visual sketch of my range in the next few days. You can only spend $320 a month on “commissary” but it renews itself for me on June 8, so that’s fine. For example, my 300 phone minutes are 300 minutes from today till June 7, so that’s actually 19 minutes a day, so I may call you twice a day or save the minutes and do one long call for you & Jeremiah for Prison Podcast. After June 7, that is June 8 – July 7, its 300 minutes over 30 days, only 10 minutes a day.

Thank Vivian McPeak and Paul Stanford for their efforts on my behalf. Their rally here is getting coverage. I was in the Seattle News yesterday, the inmates all read that (that read newspapers). It also announced today’s rally.

Everyone is here for drugs that I have spoken to so far, everyone. A lot of failed urine tests, breaches of probation, trafficking, etc. Its almost all drugs. I am friends with a number already, including a nice black gentleman named Robert who I enjoy playing dominoes with. There is no racial tension here, nor any tension or potential violence here, so far, but we are not cooped up in cells for 18-20 hours daily like North Fraser was, so it ought to be less tense!

The computer set up is a clunky keyboard and email program. It costs 5 cents for every 10 minutes or so, but that’s a deal for me because the value is great to be able to do this and not phone, because for us, just 10 minutes of communication daily would be hard.

Tell me all about your rally!!!! And any cool articles from the news! Love you! Can’t wait to hear back! Isn’t this great!? It makes me so happy to know you are excelling and are safe & surrounded by our friends, allies & loved ones. Don’t forget to give me the email addresses of our friends, like Kirk, and Chris Goodwin, and our friends at work. The form will arrive probably Thursday for the visitation. Remember to return it with passport photocopy AND marriage certificate photocopy.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Do you have the mailing address here? Next email I will give it to you just in case.

Love * LOVE * Adore* Worship You * Best thing ever to happen to me! * I am so blessed to have you in my loving corner. Thank you family for being awesome to me. I am not unhappy at all with all the love I get, no kidding, and when I return, we will be unbeatable and travel the world and visit with our people across the globe. Its going to be great, Mrs. Emery …. BECAUSE of YOU and ME and all our supporters, friends, and family! I have so much to be grateful for! Excited to be alive when I have you to dream about all day. And dreams do come true! And will!

Your civil rights activist boo,

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.