Marc is in US Federal prison… but I get ’email’ from him! Here is his first update from the USA.

Nothing can come between us: Photo: Kelly ChristieNothing can come between us: Photo: Kelly ChristieMarc is currently in SeaTac Federal Detention Center, or SeaTac FDC, and has access to the federal prisoner “email” system CorrLinks.

He is able to send messages and has written me five times already! He requested that I share this email so people can get an idea of what it’s been like for him so far.

To send Marc mail or money in prison, which will make his sentence much more bearable, please click here for the mailing address and other information.

From Marc Emery – May 22nd, 2010

The radio here mentions the rally downtown in Seattle every 15 minutes. On a request line at 4.20 pm , a caller called in and requested “My request is FREE MARC EMERY!” You guys are doing great!

The food is dubious and meat, but at this point, I am unconcerned. I eat it up. I’m reading a book on the horrible prisons & appalling history of black convict leasing in the old south. Good book. Halfway done.

My cellmate is Oliver, a Jewish Iranian Canadian charged with having guns, but his story is greatly misunderstood so far. He has never been in jail before and genuinely had no criminal intent, but Iranian & guns has Homeland Security on him. He’s a licensed gun dealer but he will need some time to get it all sorted out. He lacks a caring, loving support system like I have because he has frittered his life in some respects, but was an orphan without parents so his life is rootless and challenged.

A fellow I treated as a patient at my Ibogaine Clinic is actually here, of all things. Most people here are Mexican and African-American so they don’t know much or anything about me, but its still fine. Because I am out of my cell from 6 am to 10 pm, its way different and way preferable than North Fraser. I’m sleeping better because when I get up at 6 am, and do exercises & read and play dominoes and cards, by 11 pm, I’m tired! There is no outside of any kind that I’ve seen here, but I’m unconcerned.

As long as I maintain my health and you are safe & sound and doing your activism, I am happy. Plus I really like the email thing here.

So tell me about your rally. And what you are going to eat today, or have eaten! You cannot be getting ill or unwell from lack of proper food.

Because your money arrived, I am getting headphones, radio (which is how people hear the TV’s here, which is clever actually, so there is no sound except on your headphones, and there are several different stations on at any given time “on the range” as there are no TVs in the cell (which I like), tuna, proper razor & razor blades, and all the stuff I need.

On June 8 I will get proper running shoes because I walk 30 – 50 laps around this place every day on the 2nd level walkways. I will write a visual sketch of my range in the next few days. You can only spend $320 a month on “commissary” but it renews itself for me on June 8, so that’s fine. For example, my 300 phone minutes are 300 minutes from today till June 7, so that’s actually 19 minutes a day, so I may call you twice a day or save the minutes and do one long call for you & Jeremiah for Prison Podcast. After June 7, that is June 8 – July 7, its 300 minutes over 30 days, only 10 minutes a day.

Thank Vivian McPeak and Paul Stanford for their efforts on my behalf. Their rally here is getting coverage. I was in the Seattle News yesterday, the inmates all read that (that read newspapers). It also announced today’s rally.

Everyone is here for drugs that I have spoken to so far, everyone. A lot of failed urine tests, breaches of probation, trafficking, etc. Its almost all drugs. I am friends with a number already, including a nice black gentleman named Robert who I enjoy playing dominoes with. There is no racial tension here, nor any tension or potential violence here, so far, but we are not cooped up in cells for 18-20 hours daily like North Fraser was, so it ought to be less tense!

The computer set up is a clunky keyboard and email program. It costs 5 cents for every 10 minutes or so, but that’s a deal for me because the value is great to be able to do this and not phone, because for us, just 10 minutes of communication daily would be hard.

Tell me all about your rally!!!! And any cool articles from the news! Love you! Can’t wait to hear back! Isn’t this great!? It makes me so happy to know you are excelling and are safe & surrounded by our friends, allies & loved ones. Don’t forget to give me the email addresses of our friends, like Kirk, and Chris Goodwin, and our friends at work. The form will arrive probably Thursday for the visitation. Remember to return it with passport photocopy AND marriage certificate photocopy.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Do you have the mailing address here? Next email I will give it to you just in case.

Love * LOVE * Adore* Worship You * Best thing ever to happen to me! * I am so blessed to have you in my loving corner. Thank you family for being awesome to me. I am not unhappy at all with all the love I get, no kidding, and when I return, we will be unbeatable and travel the world and visit with our people across the globe. Its going to be great, Mrs. Emery …. BECAUSE of YOU and ME and all our supporters, friends, and family! I have so much to be grateful for! Excited to be alive when I have you to dream about all day. And dreams do come true! And will!

Your civil rights activist boo,

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Anonymous on

    all was fine till you broke prison rules regarding phone privileges and that got marc hauled into solitary and withdrawal of his outside world communication privileges… This will all look real bad on your application to visit him in Prison or cross into the United States to be an fashion model pot activist… maybe stop trying to be a radical law kicker over cry baby bitch and play fair like the rest of us manage to do without so much girlish drama

    YOU fucked up Jodie Emery , not the US Government Prison system.. Did you ever think of writing an APOLOGY to the US govt for fucking up in the phone ? A little bit of remorse in the tight places would help you in the long tun.. that is if you feel anything other than sorry for yourself

  2. Billy Mckee on

    Hi Dorothy, I am replying to your email titled “how many children have to die”
    I do not know where you get your information from and I would appreciate it if you would send the sources to me.

    Many of your facts are incorrect, sorry to say and someone has been misinforming you.

    There is not millions of children with cancer from any cause but cancer generally comes from pollution like car fumes, water and food pollution.

    There is evidence that marijuana can educe lung cancer in smokers.

    Children should not be exposed to cannabis smoke but it may be happening under these draconian drug laws as there is no education or health support.

    Whatever your niece died from (very sorry to hear that) it was not cannabis as it is not possible to overdose from it. Maybe she was introduced to a harder drug such as alcohol or heroin from her dealer. This would have been avoided with a regulated market that seperates the markets.

    The prohibition laws have lead to the death and imprisonment of many peoples nieces and nephews.


  3. Dave on

    Dorothy Tidwell:
    Maybe the government can raise your children to be responsible adults? The foster care system is know to produce productive responsible adult!

    Cannabis and cancer lookup: Tashkin, cannabis, cancer.

    100% of youth in rehab have not volunteered but given the choice of jail or rehab. Which would you choose?

    The US military gives their fighters speed to help them fight. They prohibit cannabis because their soldier won’t kill while using it.

    If the government cared enough about your children and their futures they would probably prohibit the sale of sugary- children’s-breakfast-cereals which are known to cause diabetes in young people. Tell us Dorothy, do you feed these poisons to your family?

    Did you watch the episode of Jeopardy where Cheech Maron beat Anderson Cooper from CNN. In case you didn’t watch it the score was Anderson 0 points, Cheech of Cheech and Chong 10,000 + points. Dorothy, why do you think that is the way it is?

  4. Anonymous on

    Great post Jodie & Mark, thanks for sharing this email & giving us some insight into what is happening in the belly of the beast!

    Isn’t it interesting that the US is also trying to extradite another “drug kingpin” in Jamaica? except they do it different in Trenchtown, many people already killed in a very complicated scenario.

    It’s been hard to find an article that explains some of the background of the story unfolding right now in Trenchtown, I wanted to share it with my friends here at CC because I feel like the timing of this event seems to highlight just how peaceful and respectful the cannabis community on the West coast of USA & CA has been to “the authorities” throughout these difficult times when the USA is overreaching their authority.

    It also highlights how long-term poverty can create the conditions for regular people to be forced into participating in a “gangster scene” just to get by in the daily struggle of the ghetto.

    My prayers go to out to all who are suffering, in the USA, CA, Jamaica, and everywhere else in the world-
    – Jen

  5. Anonymous on

    Ms. Tidwell, can you please provide some citations or links to back up your claims?

  6. Anonymous on

    You should really check your facts

  7. vivian mc p on

    Dorothy Tidwell is a bumpkin. Cannabis does NOT cause cancer.

  8. Anonymous on

    Second hand smoke causes teen suicide? Oh no!

    But to answer your question, I spoke with God this morning and he told me that 17,424 have to die first.

  9. Steve Bottrell on

    I would suggest Ms. Tidwell, and every parent or want to be parent, watch this video.

    The Bomb in the Brain –

    Here is the science behind what this gentleman is telling you. Its a long series (6 parts) but well worth the watch. ACEs (adverse childhood experiences)cause life long problems, and they physically alter how your brain works.

    We can’t heal the world until we know why its sick. This is why its sick. Well one reason, and a major one, at that.

  10. Vocal Citizen on

    Marc and Jodi,
    You are in my thoughts and in my activism. Marc’s incarceration is a crime against the very laws which separate our two countries. I have called my representatives, posted articles online, and written letters to the editors of Washington D.C. and Washington state media.
    This treatment of Marc has my blood bubbling like bong water and I am ashamed to be a U.S. citizen because of it.
    I apologize to you, Mrs. Emery, and to your brave husband for suffering this American injustice. I truly hope Marc gets to go home soon.
    He should interview all those people in prison about just what they were convicted of. He’s got an insider’s view of the War On Drug Effect.
    MARC, millions of Americans are with you! You are a hero to us all!

    The Vocal Citizen
    on iReport & YouTube

  11. Anonymous on

    The toxicity of marijuana was studied by DEA Judge Francis Young. Look it up. A human being would have to consume 1500 pounds of Cannabis in 15 minutes to induce a lethal response. I do not know any human being that could do that. You might want to check on the other substances that were in the child’s body, because Cannabis was not the cause of death.
    Research has proven that cannabis does not cause cancer, it actually helps to prevent it. Personal opinions and propaganda don’t work anymore.
    Check out Granny’s List at for the latest research on Cannabis/Hemp.

  12. Casper the friendly ghostwriter on

    Here is the link for a better quality (WAV) file. I am posting this because of the overwhelming positive response to the song. We are really happy people liked it, and we hope Jody and Marc get to hear it as well. Keep fighting the good fight everyone!


  13. Casper the friendly ghostwriter on

    Dear Mrs Tidwell,

    I urge you to take a look at the science regarding the dangers of marijuana, because you are really out in the woods with your claims. Secondly, I am really sorry to hear that your niece died from an overdose, and it is really sad when people choose to use hard drugs to escape reality.

    However, you´re lacking the basic insight into why people commit suicide in the first place. Drug use, and abuse, is with certainty considered a symptom of underlying problems, often mental illness, or latent mental illness. Do you understand what I am saying?

    In short, people who abuse drugs, usually come from a background where they have had one or more traumatic experiences that have affected them in a major way. It can occur both in childhood and adulthood, there is no age limit on trauma. Trauma usually leads to anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances. Those, in turn lead to self-medication, sleep deprivation, mental illness, etc.

    Are you with me?

    So, let´s be truthful here. I´d rather say that the leading cause of drug use, is violent crime. I have worked in a psychiatric hospital, with schizophrenic drug addicts, and they ALL came from a very rough background, that had led them into a lifestyle where their only goal was to escape reality.

    So, remember, next time you see a “junkie”, there is usually a lot more to that person than you think.

  14. Anonymous on

    You got jail for 10 unrooted cuttings? Makes you think how easy Canadian judges are on seed sellers. One 10 seed order is the same as 10 clones. They get nothing for exporting that.

  15. David Malmo-Levine on

    Wow … if that’s the best they can do this war is almost over.

    I Googled “cannabis overdose” and Tidwell … nothing came up. You might figure that the first cannabis overdose in history would have gotten a bit of press.

    I also Googled “cannabis overdose death” and got six responses – they were all the “there’s not one recorded cannabis overdose death” type responses – no actual deaths were mentioned. If one actually happened it would be on the front pages for months and everyone knows it.

    Usually our trolls are a bit better at lying. I wonder if prohibitionists have had to fire the professional trolls and hire amateurs.

  16. Jon on

    Gotta love trolls.

    Great to hear Marc is doing well, you are one lucky woman Ms. Emery 🙂

  17. RevRayGreen on

    die from second hand marijuana smoke causing cancer. Take your reefer sadness to HELL Tidwell.

  18. ray christl thc ministry on

    God and reason bless this great leader of OUR HERO—HEMP EXTRACT RESIN OIL our healing machine named after Marc and thousands others,most not as gifted as Marc ,yet our family is based on LOVE, LOGIC and sincere respect for truth.

  19. subcool online on

    Marc you have totally gained my respect and we wont let up so know that everyone I know is in your corner and we will support you through this ridiculous mess.

    I to have been locked up in the system in fact I even wrote to you when I was locked up in Canada on smuggling 10 un rooted clones into the country.

    I find it funny that the feds have such nice diggs though it sounds at least humane.

    We will be watching and applying pressure in all the right places my friend


  20. Anonymous on

    it sucks that good people have to suffer in cages for choosing to use a plant the government doesnt like. Under democracy we do have the freedom of political expression, which is what Marc was doing. We got a fake democracy and alot don’t know it. THe people who toke up definatly know this but alot of parents are still supporting the government and bealiving their lies. We need to keep up our activism, keep protesting as mich as possible and educate people. We gotta keep calling and protesting at MP offices and send a message that we are not going to give up.
    pc n pot stay strong

  21. Baby J on

    I think what every one is for marc is amazing i no longer smoke but i am a big supporter for the ppl who do and this protest will show that what he did is not wrong he is a human being and how he is taking being in FDC is showing alot of courage and i will stand by this protest as long as i can i wish you all the best especialy you marc you will make a big difference in the world and i as well as many others are blessed to have some one like you in the world GOOD LUCK

    Baby J

  22. Dorothy Tidwell on

    Second hand smoke from marijuana has given millions of children in the US and Canada cancer. It is the leading cause of teenage suicide. 90% of all teens that have committed suicide tested positive for this dangerous narcotic. It is also the leading cause of violent crime in our schools and cities.

    My niece died last year from an overdose. When is enough, enough? I, for one am glad that we at least have a Government that cares enough to help our children and their future.

  23. mike on

    it is great to hear that Marc is doing good, im sure it eases your mind some, your both so lucky to have each others love.

  24. Craig McCormick on

    My heart is filled with joy to know that Marc isent unhappy in the US. After watching American History X even thinking of going to jail scares the shit out of me! I have called the Canadain conserviative party a few times and will continue to do so every day i can remember.

    Was going to Rona yesterday and two of my good friends were standing in the middle of an intersection with huge THC, FREE EMERY and LEAGALIZE IT! signs.
    It was one of the most insperational scenes ever because not only did they have the balls to do this all day long but they were starting a riot of honking horns all around Coquitlam Center mall.
    Marc if there is anymore i can do to secure your well deserved freedom please let me know.
    -Craig M
    [email protected]

  25. merry jon on

    Rode my hybrid bike all the way from Richmond over the Canada Line cycle bridge to Victory Square and back. Purchased some seeds at the table for my herb garden.

    Ruminating over the speeches one point stuck out; the claim that the war on drugs only benefits the cops, courts, lawyers, jails in the system. What was gravely missed is that criminal gangs greatly benefit from prohibition, to keep the supply down low and the prices high.

    Legalize the weed, hemp can revitalize industry, and taxes pay for needed social services!

    I am going to phone Obama repeatedly to free Marc! Where is the hope for change?

  26. maryjanesuncle on

    Thats one heck of a guy you got there Ms. Emery

  27. Anonymous on

    thanks for sharing, it is good

  28. Anonymous on

    And be strong. Peace, friend.


  29. anoncorp on

    since Seatac FDC is the worst place Marc will end up (restriction of movement, cramped/overcrowding) and he thinks it’s better than N. Fraser it only get’s easier from here. once he reaches a min security federal prison camp to do his 5yrs he can go outside all he wants and there’s much more room.

  30. persecutedinalberni on

    Marc I just wanted to let you know there are lots of people who support you or better yet perhaps I should be letting both governments know.

    In the last few days I struggled to stencil and paint a message on a 8feet by 12 feet canvas to hang up along highway #4 in Port Alberni by the tourist information centre.

    I made up a few other signs aswell “AMERICA MUST FFREE MARC EMERY ” to place in the ground along side the highway and plan on making more.

    I plan on educating the tourists that head out to the west coast of the Island,give them a constant reminder that we are not free but only fooled into beleivibg we are.

    Just a few hours every weekend if I can or at least I will try to this summer as I have my own story of persecution to tell the world.

    I have been persecuted by the Harper government and the RCMP and America aswell,my government allowed spied from other countries to come and harass me and then turn it all around to make it look like it is all just in my head.

    They have turned my family and wife against me and they know longer beleive in me,the authorities in this town have destroyed my family name with their character assasination.

    Due to these sick people I no longer have friends or people I can trust not even my own brother,I once used to love and care about two boys but was the relationship was destroyed by the ministry for children.

    I once was proud to volunteer in my community with the Red Cross and ESS but I had to quit due to the actions of the RCMP.

    I have had cops come and lie and harass me for the things I have said in my blog as I try to tell the world what they did to me.

    The media is behind it all aswell they all know about me and how they make me suffer.

    Not only does Harper know about me but so too does the opposition and they do nothing hoping they can drive me to cause harm to others as they are looking for a reason to imprison me aswell.

    I have not hurt anyone,I am coming to collect for what they did to me and that is final they can’t stop what I can pull out of my ass and it will get the worlds attention.

    I did take photos of my signs on the highway and plan on doing much more filming of my peacefull protest.

    Anyway Marc lots of people are honking and giving thumbs up when they see my signs and some are giving us shit eating grins and hold up their joints and we all have a good laugh as they pass by LOL.

    I am there to show support for you and not so much to show motorists I am a toker so if I do toke while manning my signs I keep it down and wait till no vehicles are around.

    So I grabbed a joint and was ready to sit down for one and just then a truck pulls up with a sweet lookin lady and her guy to chat about what we are protesting.

    So I closed my hand around my joint to hide it as I spoke to them and we talked about how it is all bullshit and blah blah blah and then she says yeah I smoke it everyday and I said yeah me too.

    And then she opens her hand to expose the joint she had just rolled and we all laughed and then I said yeah and opened my hand exposing my joint and she said “right on” lol and again we had another laugh before they drove on.

    So trust me Marc I know for a fact from what I have seen out there on the highway lots of people support the marijuana movement and you aswell.

    So hang in there Marc and the same to you jodie,it is only the conservative government that thinks you are evil the rest of us good people in this country don’t Marc.

    We all know you are not a criminal Marc just like I am not insane, the world has just been tricked into believing that it is so.

  31. Paddy on

    It’s cool that Marc’s got email, it’s not cool that he’s in prison 🙁

    Stay strong Jodie, we all support you and wish you the best!

  32. thomas briscuso on

    marc hold in there i walked 6hours by my self up and downridge road here with my “hemp for the 219” shirt and a free marc sign.i acutallyhad a cop come say i was just a crazy addict lol. but stay strong read ceser or walt whitmans leaves of grass if u can.just hang tight ill write u a letter some time today love ya ur a hero

  33. Anonymous on

    That’s really cool that he has e-mail. Now he can correspond with DML who can do research and give him legal advice for the sentencing hearing. Marc could spend his time writing a book with stories from various other inmates. He would use different names, of course. Think of all the fascinating stories he could get from all these drug cases. They could illustrate the failure of the drug war. He could call it “Behind the Lines”, sort of a double intrendre. I smell a Pulitzer here.

  34. Hypnotic on

    i think its great that marc is doing well in prison.. im very glad hes not in a prison like i was in once lol .. makes things very hard when there are asshole everywhere .. now only if he could find a well to sell pot seeds from behind bars,maybe then they will see the seed can not be stopped haha..just dont abuse the email setup you got going on there marc to do it lol .. your very lucky to have such a thing there..and i feel very lucky to be able to keep up with you because of it..however i do have some bad news.. you might be ok with the food and no outside for a little while man.. soon enough it gets to everyone.. on the bright side tho i did smoke alot of weed in prison haha. hope you got it like that 🙂

    YOur friend and mine,

  35. weedfeeds on


    It’s so great to hear Marc is doing well and that his spirits seem high. It sounds like the conditions are not as harsh as they could be, so that is great news as well.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more from Marc. I met him only once at the store in Vancouver, just a two minute hello and a handshake but he was warm caring and very genuine.

    Thank you for posting this Jody, I send you and Marc my loving support every day, I look forward to the day when you two can be together again.

    Lots of love,
    Weed Feeds