‘Free Marc’ Member of Parliament Office Occupations: A Call for Drug Peace

When Stephen Harper declared a “culture” war on the cannabis legalization and drug reform communities, he probably wasn’t expecting this kind of a retaliation.

Marc Emery’s extradition to the United States and the re-introduction of mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana by the Conservative Party have fired up cannabis activists, who, starting last week in Vancouver, have been taking over MP offices across Canada, calling for an end to the violent Drug War and the return of The Prince of Pot.

So far, more than ten offices have been visited, including the Calgary office of the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

What follows is a compilation of video, pictures, and articles from the past two weeks highlighting the Occupation Campaigns to end the phoney Drug War and bring Marc Emery home!

Free Marc Emery: Marijuana Activists Occupy Conservative MP’s Office

by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture

CANNABIS CULTURE – A group of Vancouver marijuana activists occupied Conservative MP James Moore’s Port Moody office on Tuesday to demand an end to the extradition of ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery.

At about 11am, activists from the British Columbia Marijuana Party and Cannabis Culture, including this reporter, stormed through the front doors of the office of Conservative Heritage Minister James Moore. The lone secretary on duty was shocked and appalled to see the mega-phone wielding group crowd into the small office and gather around the front counter.

“We’re going to be protesting in your office today,” BCMP director Jacob Hunter told the lady working behind the counter.

“Uh, no you won’t,” she said looking flustered as she grabbed the telephone and frantically started dialing.

But we did! We sang chants, shouted drug war facts into the megaphone, and pulled out huge bags of weed and rolled joints on the front counter. Police showed up shortly afterward and immediately began checking medical cards after seeing the large 200-gram bag of pot brought by a legal medical patient. One cop grabbed a bag of weed and threw it across the room to another cop, suggesting that it be confiscated. He was quickly informed that it was legal and stood down.

At first, police wanted to arrest the protesters for “assault by trespassing” but after several minutes of heated debate and negotiations the police called The Crown who told them to leave us alone.

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Marijuana activists pledge to take protest to more Tory offices

First target was Heritage Minister James Moore; a second Tory MP’s office will be occupied Friday, vow supporters of ‘Prince of Pot’
by Robert Matas, Globe and Mail

Marijuana activists are planning to occupy the constituency office of a Conservative member of Parliament on Friday as they step up their response to a call from “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery to hound Tory MPs “endlessly and unmercifully.”

Mr. Emery was taken into custody Monday for extradition to the United States on drug charges. He predicted Canadians would be “very, very angry” if he were sent to serve time in a U.S. prison.

The next day, activists took over the offices of Heritage Minister James Moore in their first show of support for the marijuana-seeds merchant.

“The Conservative Party has declared a culture war on our community,” states an unsigned mass e-mail urging activists to join the occupation on Friday of a second Conservative member’s constituency office. Organizers did not reveal the target. “The Free Marc campaign has opted to take the fight into the Conservatives’ offices,” it said.

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Marijuana activists “shut down” Conservative MP’s office over Marc Emery extradition

by Miranda Nelson, The Georgia Straight

A group of 15 activists intended to occupy the constituency office of Conservative MP Andrew Saxton in protest of Emery’s pending extradition to the United States. However, when the activists arrived at 10:30 a.m., they found the office locked and empty.

According to Jacob Hunter, policy director for the Beyond Prohibition Foundation, Saxton’s wasn’t the only Conservative office darkened on the sunny Friday morning.

“The Conservative party decided to shut down what we’re hearing is five offices around the Lower Mainland because they heard we were going to be protesting inside one of them,” Hunter told the Straight at the protest. “They just go home because they don’t want to face protesters.”

Subsequent calls by the Straight to the offices of Conservative MPs Alice Wong (Richmond), John Weston (West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country), Dona Cadman (Surrey North), and John Cummins (Delta-Richmond East) weren’t returned this afternoon.

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Free Marc Emery: Cannabis Activists ‘Occupy’ and ‘Shut Down’ Conservative MP’s Offices

by Chris Goodwin, Cannabis Culture

CANNABIS CULTURE – Vancouver, Toronto and Oshawa marijuana activists held political occupations at three Conservative Party Member of Parliament constituency offices throughout Canada on Friday in an act of defiant solidarity. The message: “Free Marc Emery”.

At about 10am, activists from the British Columbia Marijuana Party and Cannabis Culture, protested the office of Conservative MP Andrew Saxton to demand an end to Marc Emery’s pending extradition to the United States. However, when the activists arrived, they found the office locked and empty.

“We’re going to go to every Conservative office,” organizer Jacob hunter told a CBC reporter, “and if they decide to shut down they are going to be taking a lot of vacation days, and that’s something they’re going to have to explain to the Canadian taxpayer.”

Since they couldn’t bring their message face-to-face to North Vancouver Conservatives, the activists bought some sidewalk chalk from a local store and decorated the building with colorful messages of peace and pot freedom.

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The “Occupation” campaign was launched last Tuesday, when Conservative MP and Heritage Minister James Moore was targeted by the mega-phone wielding crowd as protesters gathered around the front counter in his small Port Moody office.

The protesters rolled joints on Moore’s desk, shouted in their megaphones, and discussed the folly of the Drug War with local police, who at first tried to remove the activists, but let them stay after a phone call to the Crown. The protest made headlines, and the video was even posted by the Globe and Mail.

According to Hunter and CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer, who appeared on CBC’s Power and Politics with Evan Solomon to talk about the rallies, the action is just the start of a continuing “relentless” campaign.

Indeed, Saxton’s office wasn’t the only Conservative protested on Friday morning.

In Toronto, Ontario, over a dozen Marc Emery supporters occupied and rolled joints in Conservative MP Peter Kent’s office at 7600 Yonge Street in Thornhill. A group call the Toronto HASHMOB claims to have inspired many people to take action and more office sit-ins and protests are coming over the next few days and weeks.

At the office of Oshawa Conservative MP Colin Carrie, activists collected over 100 signatures from citizens who want Marc Emery to remain in Canada and presented them to Carrie’s secretary. They too rolled joints on the Member of Parliament’s desk and made their message clear.

On Monday, May 17th the office of Conservative MP Patrick Brown in Barrie, Ontario was occupied by protesters. The promise of more occupations to come is not an empty threat!

Demonstrators hope people use the videos and pictures of these direct action campaigns as a guide for your own protest!

Hunter, who participated in the occupation of Conservative MP James Moore’s office in Port Moody earlier in the week, stressed the importance of citizens taking direct action to the media.

“Whether or not it’s for Marc Emery, or to repeal prohibition, we want everyone to know that it is fully legal to protest inside your member of Parliament’s office,” Hunter said. “Go to their offices, occupy, sit in, let them conduct business, but let everyone who goes in there know why you’re there.”

Rallies in opposition to Emery’s extradition are scheduled to take place around the world on May 22, with Vancouver’s rally taking place in Victory Square, and the US Consulate in Toronto. Worldwide Rallies for Marc Emery are being planned all across the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Australia and Europe.

CLICK HERE to see if your city is on the list – if not, start your own rally!

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CBC Coverage of ‘Free Marc’ Occupation Protests

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Conservative MP Patrick Brown’s office Free Marc Emery OCCUPATION PROTEST


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by DopeChefMedia

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Marijuana Party member: ‘We intend to hound the Conservative government and piss on their corn flakes’

by Phillip Woolgar, Alberni Valley Times

PORT ALBERNI — As the leader of the B.C. Marijuana Party, Marc Emery faces extradition to the United States. That leaves the future of the grassroots cannabis-fueled lobby group in doubt. But according to a local weed activist, the charge could spark further publicity for possible pot legalization.

As Mik Mann smoked a marijuana joint in his home Monday, he noted that the five-year sentence faced by Emery for mailing seeds to buyers has created a catalyst among those who want anti-pot laws ousted.

“I think Marc’s being set up as a martyr, or at least something to that degree,” he said while leaning back in his office chair and taking a long puff. “I think this will shock and outrage people to take action.”

Mann, who was the party’s candidate in Victoria in 2001 and then in Port Alberni in 2005, is a veteran of the marijuana legalization push and is often considered by the party to be a go-to guy for anyone wanting to become involved in the movement.

“We intend to hound the Conservative government and piss on their corn flakes,” he said.

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Marijuana protest in front of M.P’s office (Kelowna)

by AM 1150

Holding signs reading ‘Free Mark Emery – Send Him Home’, protesters gathered in front of local M.P Ron Cannan’s office this morning calling for the decriminalization of marijuana.

Emery is the Canadian drug law reform activist who is being extradited to the U.S where he faces up to five years in prison for trafficking in marijuana seeds.

Protester Tricia Brooks says Cannan was aware of their concerns.

“His office is on private property so we couldn’t actually go in and sit in with our signs, but that’s fine. They were perfectly happy to have us on the sidewalk, where we wanted to be any way. We are handing out flyers and holding up signs saying free Marc Emery.”

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Emery’s Army rolls into MP’s office

by Christina Toth, The Abbotsford Times

Free Marc Emery’ supporters made themselves comfortable in Abbotsford MP Ed Fast’s office on Tuesday, to protest the extradition of the Vancouver pot advocate.

While the pungent odour of dried marijuana filled the waiting area, about nine of Emery’s supporters strummed guitars, sang activist songs, took photos and rolled joints on the table in the MP’s waiting room. The sit-in had the air of being relaxed and fun, but the protesters said they were there to make a serious point.

“We’re here because we’re angry they are sending Marc Emery across the border into the United States to serve five years in prison, for something that would be a $200 fine in Canada,” said Jacob Hunter, a medical marijuana user and a Free Marc Emery campaign organizer.

“At first they were very welcoming,” he said. Fast said the protesters were peaceful, but was disappointed they wouldn’t leave so his office could close for lunch. The small group was one of five that occupied Conservative MPs offices in B.C. on Tuesday. The campaign’s goal is to visit every MP’s office across Canada, said Hunter.

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Sit-in at PM’s Calgary office

by Aaron Burnett, 660 News

Pro-pot protesters staged a sit-in inside Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Calgary constituency office Wednesday afternoon.

About a dozen demonstrators took part, including the wife of Canada’s so called prince of pot Marc Emery.

They’re sounding off against the justice minister’s decision to extradite Emery to the U.S. for selling cannabis seeds from within Canada.

Demonstrators were asked to leave the office a few times, but each time they steadfastly refused, saying they have the right to occupy a publicly-funded office.

Two protesters who are legally allowed to smoke pot for medical purposes, rolled joints inside the office, but didn’t smoke them.

Marc Emery’s wife Jodie says they are taking this step because writing letters and signing petitions is not working.

“Now it’s time to step it up peacefully and occupy a space we own,” said Emery

Protesters also chanted while waving flags that said “Free Marc Emery.”

Four similar protests were held at Conservative offices across the country Wednesday.

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Conservative MP Double Whammy – John Weston and Andrew Saxton

by Jeremiah Vandermeer, Cannabis Culture

First (on Wednesday, May 19) we hit Conservative MP John Weston in West Vancouver. Weston and his staff weren’t very happy that we had decided to occupy his office and roll joints. We had a brief discussion with the Minister before the police showed up. We decided to let the Minister and his staff close the office for the lunch hour to attend a pre-planned event (they had the scheduled time posted on the door).

We then went back to North Vancouver MP Andrew Saxton’s office, where we were locked out just like last week. A staff girl was there but wouldn’t let us in, so we chalked the place up for a second time! (All of our last graffiti had been washed off.) The cops showed up and hung out for a while, and Sgt. Melling gave me a sobriety test for fun.

The cops were cool until they threatened to arrest us for being loud. I began shouting “Free Marc Emery” at the top of my lungs and stomping around until they submitted and left us alone. Right before we drove away, melling pulled up to our car window and told us if we chalked the place up a third time, we would be arrested. We plan to go back and do it again soon!

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Jodie Emery on CBC: “Free Marc Emery” and defeat the Conservatives!

Jodie Emery and Jacob Hunter appear on CBC’s Power and Politics calling for protests against the Conservative Party of Canada over the extradition of Marc Emery.

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Spaced invaders

by Tom Zytaruk, Surrey Now

SURREY – Supporters of Vancouver pot activist Marc Emery laid siege to Tory MP Dona Cadman’s office in Surrey North Thursday afternoon to protest the “Prince of Pot’s” extradition to the U.S. earlier that day.

Emery, 52, is accused of shipping marijuana seeds to Americans and faces five years in a U.S. prison as part of a plea agreement. Protesters here noted that such a conviction amounts to a $200 fine in Canada.

The five protesters occupied the lobby of Cadman’s Whalley office for several hours as part of a concerted effort targeting Conservative MPs.

“They’re just going to all MPs offices and protesting,” Cadman said. “I told them they’re welcome to stay as long as they behave themselves and they don’t cause trouble with anybody coming in or disturb the office.

“They were getting very boisterous there for a little while until we told them that they had to calm it down. They’re pretty civil right now.”

Cadman’s office assistant Meaghan Weise called the Surrey RCMP.

“They have been rolling marijuana joints,” Weise said. She noted one of them, 17-year-old Vancouver resident Hayley Rose, has a medical permit to possess marijuana.

“They said they’re going to be playing music and coming through any doors that are unlocked. They asked for tape and thumb tacks to hang stuff on the wall, and they’re video-recording everything.”

Two Surrey Mounties showed up and spoke to the protestors and advised them to “remain at peace.” Nobody was arrested.

“We have been very loud about the fact that this will not stop until Marc Emery is back in Canada,” said protester William Austin, of Burnaby.

“If this turns out not to be effective then we will find other ways to draw attention to it.”

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Marc Emery protest @ MP Dona Cadman office

from YouTube

On May 20 2010 Marc Emery was extradited to USA. A few of us went down to the office Conservative MP of Surrey North Dona Cadman to protest. Marc Extradition to the USA. This is what went down.

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