Marc is being extradited NOW! If you live in Van and you’re reading this on Thurs, join us at noon at 307 W. Hastings!

There will be a protest rally today at Noon at 307 West Hastings.

Marc Emery is a brash and brazen capitalist who gets on people’s nerves. But he’s also been the main sugar daddy for the pot movement in North America – no person has given more money and more time and energy for our movement (or the freedom movement, for that matter) than Marc. He’s one of the most politically active Canadians Canada has ever seen and it would be a great loss to our country if he was sent away for five years for flower seed crimes. Yeah … I know … I don’t believe it either … FIVE YEARS trapped in a little box with the shittiest food ever … for flower seed crimes.

We can’t let them do this … if we can’t save Marc from the US-driven war on beautiful flowers then we can’t save anyone. Everyone else is much more vulnerable than Marc, because everyone else doesn’t enjoy the size of the community Marc has.

Please come out and show your support for the man who has been at the center of this website – and of our culture – for the last 15 years. If they send Marc away, how bad is the drug war going to get before it ends? Where is the limit of their brutality?

If you don’t protest now … will you regret it later on?

David Malmo-Levine



  1. David Malmo-Levine on

    “See you in 6 months, Marc.”

    If you’re a lawyer you would have no problem writing your real name. Since you didn’t do that I’m assuming you are not a lawyer and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    As well, there’s no precedent for this situation so nobody knows exactly how long Marc will be down there. People who pretend to know are the least likely to.

  2. Anonymous on

    Maybe they mean a conspiracy with Greg and Michelle. In that case, it’s just the seeds he sold to the US while they were there. So it would be the amount of seeds sold between 2001 and 2005. How much could that be? No more one or two million.

  3. Anonymous on

    Correct, the US abolished parole when they started the sentencing guidelines system. You do the exact amount prescribed in the guidelines. My contention is that in order to be punished for all 3,000,000 seeds sold to the US in Emery’s career, they would have to specify the names of the people he conspired with, meaning the people who placed the orders. The DEA doesn’t have that information and neither does Emery. He destroyed it after sending the orders. So the only people they can convict him of conspiring with are the few growers they busted and the DEA themselves who placed one order. Since it’s only one count, it’s just the DEA order but even if it was all of the growers it still would be less than 250 grams of seeds. They can’t sentence him for conspiring with unknown, hypothetical US citizens. See you in 6 months, Marc.

  4. Cremater on

    All this arguing over how much time Marc will serve is moot. He should not be being extradited period. That being said, because Marc is being imprisoned at the federal level in the U.S. he will serve whatever time he is sentenced to in full. The Federal prison system in the U.S. does not have programs for early release, good behavior or modified sentences. If he is sentenced to 5 years he will serve all five of them. The ONLY way for this to be any different is if he is fortunate enough to be transfered back to Canada to serve out the remainder of his sentence, and I am not even sure about that as I am unfamiliar with Canadian laws.

    Good luck Marc, I trully mean that. You MUST get yourself out of this or transfered back to a Canadian prison ASAP because I doubt you can survive an American prison stint. It’s a dangerous world out there, and it’s 10 times as dangerous when your in the feds custody.

  5. The BallyHoo on

    Why not leave God out of this
    Whatever ”God” has to do with Marc Emery’s legal situation is beyond me…

  6. Anonymous on

    Yes, it is a horror David, let’s be thankful it wasn’t the 30 yrs. it could have been.
    Actually, 5 years is not so bad, all things considered. Yes, it is still a travesty for sure!

    Marc will be out in less than 5 though, especially if he is transferred back to Canada after his initial incarceration.
    Unfortunately, if you haven’t yet learned that there is NO limit to ”their” brutality, then you still got some learnin to do.

    You are correct re: ”the shittiest food ever”, you got that right, when I was in prison I couldn’t eat the food it was so disgusting, but to some in there, it was gourmet stylee………so…….


  7. Anonymous on

    Why’d they arrange it so that Marc could get off with a 6 month sentence, even though extradition is supposed to be only for crimes with a 2 year or more sentence? Do you think they want to sit through 5, 10 or more years of “free Marc Emery”? That’s very irritating to them. Six months is all they can take.

  8. David Malmo-Levine on

    Anyone is free to open up a “discount seed store” and try and make it work for a buck a seed. If it’s so easy why don’t you show us how it’s done?

  9. David Malmo-Levine on

    Your statement contained many factual errors.

    1) The sentencing is not “five years for under 60 kilos” as you assume, it’s a plea deal – five years for pleading guilty and saving the American taxpayer the cost of a trial in exchange for escaping a probable 30 year sentence for selling 3 million seeds – each seed equal to one plant:

    “One seed equals one plant, one plant equals five to forty years, one thousand plants equal ten to life, considering Marc Emery sold over two million seeds this makes Marc a candidate of facing a life sentence two thousand consecutive times.”

    -weedtracker dot com

    2) Nobody “flipped” on Marc – he printed seed catalogs with his name on them … the “Marc Emery direct seeds” in the name of his business was their first tip off … then the seeds that they ordered was all the evidence they needed. In fact Marc took the deal in part to allow his staff to escape with no jail time and very little in the way of punishment at all.

    3) The other two charges could be reinstated at any time.

    4) Marc “got off easy” if compared to Jews during WW2 or compared to a pot dealer in Singapore or Saudi Arabia … but he did not get off pretty easy when compared to other non-violent civil disobedient movement leaders, and did not get off easy considering how there was no victims and hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes paid – and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of tourism to Canada created – by him.

    Now … you gotta ask yourself what kind of a person would hang around websites like these and spread such lies … and you gotta ask yourself if there’s such a thing as karma.

  10. Anonymous on

    Though Marc will get off with 6 months (barring miscarriage of justice), they sure messed his life up for the last several years, didn’t they? It’s stressful thinking you’re going to prison for 5 or more years. They accomplished their goal. They taught him not to mess with Uncle Sam. Yeah, we get it, the US controls the world and can get you anywhere, so keep a low profile and don’t get on your radar, yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

    That was dirty, though, making Marc go through an embarrassing extradition for a lousy 6 month sentence. That’s probably why they only charged him for the one count. They’re mocking him. Look what we can do to you for 10 seeds, punk. You will now be finger sodomized by Uncle Sam, played by custodian Bubba here. He does summer stock you know.

  11. Anonymous on

    Though I mentioned in the first post that Marc can’t get more than about 3 years for all of the seeds he SAID he sold to the US, his charge was actually conspiring with Americans to distribute seeds, not just him independently exporting seeds into the country. So the only seeds that need to be weighed are the ones involved in the conspiracy between Emery and the DEA. The one in which the DEA ordered some seeds from Emery by mail from the US and they were delivered.

    Why do I say those are the only ones that need to be weighed? Because Marc pled guilty to ONE count of conspiracy to distribute marijuana seeds. One count means one conspiracy, one order. He didn’t plead guilty to several counts, meaning one for each of the US growers who got busted and implicated him. The article I read specifically said one count, so it must refer to the DEA mailorder buy, which is obviously less than 250 grams. That gets you about 6 months in US prison. So, I’m assuming that’s what Marc will get, unless he has a real bad lawyer, which is quite possible.

  12. johnny appleseed on

    theres plenty other seeds that have had loads of work put into them like fruits and vegetables that dont sell for that kind of money. some of the best pot in the world comes from easily made landrace hybrids the only people who notice all the special breeding is the breeders themselves. ive also seen great backyard breeding done with cannabis (mdanzigs auto crosses) dont with a relatively small population and budget in fact most breeders until very recently were doing all their work with a very small budget and amount of plants to work with and the strains they developped are what we use now to make our hybrids. all its going to take is a knock off company buying all the good expensive strains and then selling them for a tenth of the price after inbreeding a generation and producing thousands of pretty well idential plants. thank god for clones.

  13. Anonymous on

    Proper plant husbandry is no small feat especially when it comes to keeping the qualities of the medicine stable over time. Prices are not high at all. Seeds collected from sub optimum growing conditions have degraded genetic makeups, with increasing instability over each additional generation, over time more and more traits become either random or relatively dysfunctional all properties of the plants behavior are vulnerable to increased variation which in sub optimum conditions tends to favor degradation, just a few examples are whether they are sativa or indica dominant, leaf size and shape, stem thickness and sturdiness, hight, width, aromatheraputic essential oils makeup, antioxidant activity, immune system of the plant, fiber arrangement, root size, branching pattern, specific varieties of medical usefulness, etc. Breeders (not sellers) have invested untellable amounts of time and energy into developing stable varieties, the average person does not have the facilities or the skill required to maintain a genetic line properly, furthermore it is relatively expensive contrary to what you might assume, and requires a vast technical knowledge and is very labour intensive, making it again, unpractical for the average person. Breeders, and also sellers (who help distribute the breeders products) deserve every penny and possible then some, though I know very well how the cost of seeds can seem prohibitive to the very poor medical patient or average citizen, like myself, it nevertheless represents a tremendous value for the work and time and resources that are avoided as a result of the small investment. Potatoes around the time when our country was established were available in very many varieties today there are only less than a handful of varieties cultivated in our country. It is a shame to lose lost the great diversity of varieties that were once popular thankfully we (presently) still have a good deal of apples available, time will tell I guess if we are good parents to the plant varieties human beings currently shepherd. If its too much to go in on yourself, why not try to find some friends interested in sharing the expense. P.s. all lifeforms are known to loose vigour of life and develop genetic problems from living in captivity particularly over continuous generations, unless the very utmost of care is taken to ensure the environment is as natural as possible.

  14. Anonymous on

    Must agree with you on the prices. I can see why he had to charge so much for the Dutch seeds he was retailing, because THEIR prices were high, but locally produced ones should have been about $1 each. When you buy an ounce of imported weed you get hundreds of seeds. So why don’t they just pretend they’re selling you an ounce of weed, hold the weed.

    Say they charge the inflated price of $300 an ounce for seeded weed. There must be about 300 seeds in there, so why aren’t seeds $1 each? We know these seed sellers make millions of dollars. Why do they need to make that much? They’re only going to get a slap on the wrist if they’re caught. What’s their reason for the high prices, especially now that there are so many of them competing?

    Since they can still get orders at those prices I guess they have no motive to drop them. When people refuse to pay those prices anymore, maybe they’ll come down. Compassion clubs and dispensaries should sell them for $1 each and put the seed companies out of business, profit hungry bastards.

  15. seedless joe on

    I wish he would have charged normal prices for seeds. They’re seed dammit why should they sell for 50 bucks a seed at times when a plant can produce thousands in one shot? breeders surely deserve to profit for their work but they didnt invent the plant! this is just bad karma coming back to bite him in the ass if he really wanted to overgrow the government he coulda just sent seeds out for free and wouldnt be charged with selling them and millions of new people would be growing. i remember checking out the seed site years ago it was just ridiculous those prices.

  16. quinton on

    i love you. What they are doing isnt fair and everyone knows it. whos to say that a goverment can take your rights away for something so miniscule. Especially another one. Everyone needs to ask themselves if it really matters 150 years from now if marc emery or any other person smokeing weed should go to jail. But its cool for liscenced individuals to smoke. If you dont have a liscence why did u buy the seeds? i kno why you did but it terms that actually make sense, it would seem bette for the government to arrest those people. Now your saying it dont make sense. so why does it make sense to lock him up. I wish i had ur luck only getting 5 years. they lock my ass up perm… keep on smoking

  17. Anonymous on

    Oh, I could have sworn his seed shop was busted in 1998:

    “Selling marijuana seeds is illegal under Canadian law, but seed shops flourish, and the last conviction was against Emery in 1998. He was fined $2,000. Since then, he ran a well-publicized seed business, paying more than $600,000 in Canadian income taxes on his business until he was shut down when arrested by Canadian authorities at the behest of the US in 2005.”

    Guess I’m just a retard, huh? Good thing you’re around to straighten me out.


    The guy who posted at 14:02 is an ignorant pig. You do realize that Marc was NEVER convicted under Canadian law you retard! Our dictator government is handing over law abiding citizens who are helping our country gain independence. Think before you post those harsh words you filthy sloth. But in the meantime I am going to get high, and enjoy the nice weather. For that is what God has created this flour for, to enjoy it and appreciate the little things in life.

  19. Anonymous on

    Marc will do less than 3 years. Look at the post entitled “seed weigh-in” at the bottom of Jodie’s blog about her husband being extradited for details. I’m surprised you didn’t investigate US sentencing yourself, David. Handy stuff to know.

    I’d say Marc got off pretty easy. They could have nailed him for the other two charges and given him 10 years or more. Fortunately, the only one he had to plead guilty to was the one with much lower sentences. It specifically says “distribution of Cannabis seeds” and seeds are surprisingly light in weight. Stupid US prosecutor didn’t bother to find out what hemp seed weighs. Thought he could give Marc a 5 year sentence and thought Marc would find that generous of him. Too late now, prosecutor. The other two charges are already dropped.

    Marc dodged a bullet on this one. Next time, maybe he should hire some people who won’t flip on him in about 5 seconds of police grilling. Also, might not be a great idea to tell the world how many seeds you sent to the US. Live and learn, Marc.