Marc is being extradited NOW! If you live in Van and you’re reading this on Thurs, join us at noon at 307 W. Hastings!

There will be a protest rally today at Noon at 307 West Hastings.

Marc Emery is a brash and brazen capitalist who gets on people’s nerves. But he’s also been the main sugar daddy for the pot movement in North America – no person has given more money and more time and energy for our movement (or the freedom movement, for that matter) than Marc. He’s one of the most politically active Canadians Canada has ever seen and it would be a great loss to our country if he was sent away for five years for flower seed crimes. Yeah … I know … I don’t believe it either … FIVE YEARS trapped in a little box with the shittiest food ever … for flower seed crimes.

We can’t let them do this … if we can’t save Marc from the US-driven war on beautiful flowers then we can’t save anyone. Everyone else is much more vulnerable than Marc, because everyone else doesn’t enjoy the size of the community Marc has.

Please come out and show your support for the man who has been at the center of this website – and of our culture – for the last 15 years. If they send Marc away, how bad is the drug war going to get before it ends? Where is the limit of their brutality?

If you don’t protest now … will you regret it later on?

David Malmo-Levine