My husband Marc Emery has been ordered Extradited

It finally happened. After five years of global activism, protesting, petitioning, and campaigning that most people believed would save Marc Emery from extradition, the Justice Minister of Canada signed the extradition order for my husband.

Jodie and Marc on Monday, May 10thJodie and Marc on Monday, May 10thOn Monday, May 10th, Marc’s bail expired – as I wrote about in my last blog entry – so he turned himself in at 9:00am. May 10th was also the deadline for the Justice Minister to make a decision, but he had the ability to seek a time extension. I, and many of us, really believed that Marc would be released on bail again that afternoon after a 2:00pm bail hearing.

At about 9:30am, as I sat with associates/coworkers in the court restaurant, our lawyer Kirk Tousaw received a phone call from the federal prosecutor Kerry Swift. She was giggling as she told him the bail hearing was canceled because the Minister had finally made a decision. Kirk asked what the decision was, but she refused to tell him and made us wait for an email document to arrive. It was torture.

The decision comes crashing down

Finally the document from the Justice Minister was received and Kirk read it aloud. The Minister had ordered Marc extradited on all three counts even though our extradition lawyer, Ian Donaldson, and the US authorities had asked for extradition on only one count, the one he signed a plea deal for in September 2009.

We were stunned. I was absolutely sidelined, sitting in that chair in total shock. Then I sobbed, and a little panic settled in… but I took control. We had seen Marc imprisoned before. We knew it was coming. It was something we had prepared for. But still, I, along with millions of other people, had let a lot of hope influence us and truly believed the Justice Minister would say “No extradition”.

Five years of incredible campaigning, massive support for Marc, opposition to extradition from Members of Parliament and media and the public at large – after all that, the Conservative government decided to do the worst. It wasn’t because of ineffective campaigning; it’s because the Conservative government is evil, and wants to punish and hurt our culture by taking out our most well-known representative and leader.

The time has come

It was time for the battle to really begin. CKNW radio was on hand, and I was interviewed as Jacob Hunter and Jeremiah Vandermeer walked me to CTV headquarters to film an interview. From there we went to CBC and filmed even more. Everyone was on the story: Associated Press, the Metro, the Province, United Press International – all of the media was on it. And they were also shocked. “We didn’t think it would happen!” everyone cried. No – but it did happen, and now we have to take action to punish this government for it, and fight to bring Marc home.

Marc had been out on bail for six months, since November 18th 2009 (after 52 days in North Fraser pretrial awaiting extradition, which was delayed). In that time we cherished every single day, enjoying each hour as though it could be our last – because, with the Minister able to make a decision at any time, any day really could have been the last.

We had the best six months of our lives, falling even more in love and in admiration of each other. We got to spend Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday, his birthday, Valentine’s Day, and even the Vancouver Olympics together. That was such a gift, especially since we thought he was going to be gone last fall.

Regrets and reminders

Even though every day was wonderful, I have one regret that weighs heavily on me. On Sunday, May 9th – perhaps due to the stress of not knowing what would happen the next day, and the emotional drain of tension and worry – Marc and I had a fight. A stupid, petty fight that really ended up ruining our entire last day together; we didn’t look at or talk to one another (which is something we’ve never done) even while we spent time with my family in the beautiful sunny outdoor weather.

We were both being pouty and childish, but it was “just another day” at the time. I knew there was a chance that he would be extradited Monday, but I didn’t take it seriously and had already determined that he would be out on bail the next night. Just a short stop in the court jail cell, and then back home with me… that’s what I thought, so I was stubborn as he was and we wasted the whole day. Not until that evening did we make up at home, watching the Canucks game and cuddling together after accepting that it could possibly be our last night together.

But still, I feel so horrible knowing that our last full day was ruined by a silly, meaningless spat. After the previous six months of having such heavenly good times together enjoying every moment, we had thrown away our last day together. It reminded me that every day is precious. You never know when you might be gone, or your loved one might be gone, so don’t forget to cherish every single moment. You don’t want any regrets.

What’s next for Marc?

Marc is currently still being held at North Fraser Pretrial, awaiting transfer to the USA. He will be sent to Seattle to wait for his sentencing hearing, where we expect he will be sentenced to 5 years (please write the judge and ask him to send Marc home with no prison time at all). After that, he will be shipped off to a federal prisoner sorting centre in some state like Georgia or Oklahoma, and from there he’ll get sent to whatever facility he’d been designated for.

Because he’s a non-violent first-time offender in the US system he should qualify for low-security prison. I hope he’s somewhere close to me, but unfortunately Canadian prisoners have no “rights” in the US system, so they don’t get to be imprisoned near family, which is the case with American prisoners. So Marc can end up in Texas, Florida, California, South Carolina, New York, anywhere… and I won’t know where he is until he arrives and gets to a phone to call me. I’ve gone through the trial run last fall, with Marc in jail for 52 days, but that was here in Canada and I went to visit him once a week.

Once Marc is sentenced, he can apply for a transfer to Canadian prison. Unfortunately, the current Canadian government (Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party) has doubled the wait time for application review from 4-8 months (under all previous governments) to an unjust 12-16 months, and they refuse almost every application. Many prisoners are suing the federal government for refusing transfer, as it’s a Canadian right to come home.

The Public Safety Minister, currently Vic Toews (pronounced “Taves”) is the one person who can bring Marc home, once Marc applies. All pressure in Canada must be directed at him, so contact him now (the offices, phone numbers and email addresses are listed below and here).

Alone for now, but not afraid

It’s extremely difficult to be without my life partner. Marc and I worked together and lived together; we were almost never apart. We are so madly in love, as people can tell… so it’s certainly going to be a very painful experience to have him imprisoned so far away in the USA.

Being at home was more difficult than being at work, but even now I’m on my couch getting as much done as possible without any interruptions. But little things make my heart break and I shed a few tears: I would always lay out Marc’s clothes in the morning, so it’s terribly sad to open the drawer and see his socks and boxers folded up, waiting for whenever he comes home.

I always did the laundry for us both, but now I don’t want to wash his clothes that remain in the hamper because I want to breathe in the last essence of him from his shirts, and our bed… I’m sleeping in his spot, to feel as close to him as possible. Marc always made great healthy food for us to eat, so going to the grocery store last night was tough. We would always go together and he would pick out the best fruit and vegetables, planning healthy meals to share. It was hard trying to not cry, standing in the aisles alone. But I must be strong.

Almost every night Marc would rub my feet as we watched TV, and we loved nothing more than being at home together in our bathrobes, or naked and wrapped around each other in a tight embrace. Even now as I write this, I shed a few tears, wishing more than anything that I could touch his skin, and kiss his lips, run my hands through his hair, and hold him tight…

I can’t bear the thought of not having him here (and realizing that a five-year sentence is awaiting him, though we must bring him home in the next year or two at most!), so I keep extremely busy with everything I need to do. I have to make him proud! Everyone is sympathetic and they express condolences, because they miss Marc too. I just need everyone’s sympathies to turn into real action and efforts to change the way things are.

I still have so much to accomplish, and the plans must go on. Marc and I were going to drive to Penticton for the BC Green Party Annual General Meeting this weekend, and planned to make a romantic getaway out of it, but now I’m going alone. Marc encouraged me to get nominated for the executive council, so I expect to be elected this weekend and everyone is surprised I’m able to stay strong through this.

Whenever Marc gets out, I will have my political career well underway – though it will be hard to accomplish without him, because he knows everything about elections and I really depended on his knowledge and experience. But I must go on, and make everyone proud! Please support me by going to and and helping my campaign.

Now is the time to rise up!

I will post more blog entries to come, but this is it for now (and it was long; thanks for making it this far if you did). But I must stress that there are certain things you should do.

1) You must relentlessly hound Conservative Party Members of Parliament, especially Justice Minister Rob Nicholson; Prime Minister Stephen Harper; Public Safety Minister Vic Toews; and ANY Conservative MP who barely won their riding in the last election. The Conservative Government is not only evil for having extradited Marc; they are evil for wanting to make thousands of Canadians suffer imprisonment and pain for cannabis. They MUST be defeated. Go to and sign up to help!

2) Make a sign that says “America Must FREE MARC EMERY” or “Google Marc Emery” or “FREE MARC EMERY” and stand on a street corner for 2 hours this weekend. Just use a big piece of paper and a felt marker, or print a sign on your computer. If you truly support and want to help Marc, you need to help spread the word about my imprisonment in the USA. Take photos and show others how easy and effective it is! No more internet-only activism; it’s time to take to the streets, show people you are serious! Also check out “75 Things You Can Do to Free Marc Emery”.

3) Contact Public Safety Minister Vic Toews (pronounced “Taves”) and tell him to approve Marc Emery’s application for transfer back to Canada as soon as the submission is made!

Steinbach Office
8-227 Main Street
Steinbach. Mb. R5G 1Y7
Ph:(204) 326-9889
Fx:(204) 346-9874
E-mail: [email protected]

Parliament Hill
Suite 306, Justice Building House of Commons
Ottawa. Ont. K1A 0A6
Ph:(613) 992-3128
Fx:(613) 995-1049
E-mail: [email protected]

Lac du Bonnet Office
Box 266
Lac du Bonnet. MB R0E 1A0
E-mail: [email protected]

4) Write letters to your local media. The media pick up on stories that people are contacting them about, so make a fuss and let them know that the Marc Emery story is one they should be paying attention to. Include a link to so they can see the facts and information.

News coverage of Marc’s extradition

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Oklahoma Nate on

    Everyone better pray that the U.S. government or the Judge accepts his plea deal once he is in American custody. The government or the judge can withdraw any plea deal at anytime and press for full “Kingpin” status and submit the death penalty or life in imprisonment… The sentence of death can be carried out on a defendant who has been found guilty of manufacturing, importing or distributing a controlled substance if the act was committed as part of a continuing criminal enterprise – but only if the defendant is (1) the principal administrator, organizer, or leader of the enterprise or is one of several such principal administrators, organizers, or leaders, and (2) the quantity of the controlled substance is 60,000 kilograms or more of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of marijuana, or 60,000 or more marijuana plants, or the if the enterprise received more than $20 million in gross receipts during any 12-month period of its existence.

  2. Anonymous on

    Just weighed 100 Northern Lights seeds, an average sized seed of the type generally described as “super potent”, as commonly sold by Emery. Used digital scales, came out to 1.95 grams. So 3,000,000 of those would come out to 58.5 kg. That’s under 60 kg, a level 20 offence, which is “at least 40 but less than 60 kg”. That carries a sentence of 33-42 months for the lowest criminal history level. Marc has a previous conviction in Canada for selling seeds. We don’t know if the US takes foreign convictions into account but it doesn’t make much difference here because there are other factors that bring the offence level down anyway. As the quote below states, if you truthfully admit your role in the crime and plead guilty you get a two level deduction. Now it’s a level 18 offence with a 27-33 month sentence. Making your intention to plead guilty known in a timely manner gets you another level cut. So Marc could end up doing less than 3 years. Things are looking up for Marc Emery. No chance of 5 years at all, unless he doesn’t argue that he sold less than 60kg and just says “give me the full 5 years, I’m insane”.

    Adjustments are factors that can apply to any offense. Like specific offense characteristics, they
    increase or decrease the offense level. Categories of adjustments include: victim-related
    adjustments, the offender’s role in the offense, and obstruction of justice. Examples of
    adjustments are as follows:
    • If the offender was a minimal participant in the offense, the offense level is decreased by 4
    • If the offender knew that the victim was unusually vulnerable due to age or physical or
    mental condition, the offense level is increased by 2 levels.
    • If the offender obstructed justice, the offense level is increased by 2 levels.
    Multiple Count Adjustments
    When there are multiple counts of conviction, the sentencing guidelines provide instructions on
    how to achieve a “combined offense level.” These rules provide incremental punishment for
    significant additional criminal conduct. The most serious offense is used as a starting point. The
    other counts determine whether to and how much to increase the offense level.
    Acceptance of Responsibility Adjustments
    The final step in determining an offender’s offense level involves the offender’s acceptance of
    responsibility. The judge may decrease the offense level by two levels if, in the judge’s opinion,
    the offender accepted responsibility for his offense. In deciding whether to grant this deduction,
    judges can consider such factors as:
    • whether the offender truthfully admitted his or her role in the crime,
    • whether the offender made restitution before there was a guilty verdict, and
    • whether the offender pled guilty.
    Offenders who qualify for the two-level deduction and whose offense levels are greater than 15,
    may upon motion of the government, be granted an additional one-level deduction if, in a timely
    manner, they declare their intention to plead guilty.
    The guidelines assign each offender to one of six criminal history categories based upon the extent
    of an offender ’s past misconduct and how recently these crimes took place. Criminal History
    Category I is assigned to the least serious criminal record and includes many first-time offenders.
    Criminal History Category VI is the most serious category and includes offenders with lengthy
    criminal records.”

  3. Anonymous on

    I guess you’d have to have some reputable person carry out the weighing and then certify how many seeds in a kg. There must be a lab around Vancouver somewhere.

  4. Anonymous on

    I should also add that it is pointless to write letters to the US judge asking for a light sentence for Marc. He doesn’t have a choice in the sentence. He is bound to follow the federal sentencing guideline. It’s not like in Canada where the judge can choose whatever sentence he wants between 0 and life. In the US they give you a prescribed sentence for whatever level of offence you committed. The weight of the Cannabis involved is what determines the sentence, not the judge. So Marc should be well prepared to argue that the weight of 3,000,000 cannabis seeds is less than 60 kg. Hopefully it will turn out to be less than 50, which I suspect it may be.

    So in summation, writing the US judge, pointless. Weighing some seeds, might save Marc a year or two in prison. I’d say it’s probably worth Jodie doing, but that’s her call. Maybe she thinks it’s just too much trouble. Oh well, write some more letters then.

  5. Anonymous on

    Or rather, count them up, if you have a kg of seeds. Of course you really only need to see how many seeds are in 10 grams or 100 grams to have an accurate enough figure to calculate how many in a kg.

  6. Anonymous on

    Why do people keep saying that Marc will be sentenced to “at least 5 years” in the US? How much Cannabis seed did he plead guilty to distributing, over 60 kg? If he sold less than that to the US, and he did, why would he be pleading guilty to a 5 year offence? As far as I know, the charge doesn’t even specify a weight of Cannabis so how can it specify a certain sentence? Unless it specifies Cannabis in the amount of 60+ kg it can’t specify a 5 year sentence, actually more like 80-100 kg but it would have to be at least 60 to get close to a 5 year sentence. So what’s all the talk about at least 5 years? Will the US just make a up a weight? I think they actually have to weigh some seeds and find out how many are in a kilogram because it’s apparently a lot more than they think. Trust me, 3,000,000 don’t weight 60 kg. Maybe about 50, but certainly not 60. Somebody at CC must have a kilo of seeds. Weigh ’em up and tell us the result. Calculate how much 3,000,000 would weigh. Maybe I’m wrong but I predict it’s less than 60 kg.

  7. Anonymous on

    I dream of the day pot is legalized, and when it is I will be the first in line to buy a big pack of joints, then take them out to some conservative neighborhood and light up a big fattie.

    then I will come back again and again day after day right at 4:20pm. every time I arrive in the neighborhood in my car I’ll scroll down the window and yell “its 4:20 time!!!” making sure everyone hears me. if I happen to see some redneck come out of the house I will walk up to them and blow a big cloud of smoke in their face.

    and if they wanna bring out their guns (cause we all know they like violence) I will have my buddy call 911 and I PRAY TO GOD that the neo con shoots me, so that with my last breath I can watch the cops arrest that neo con faggot and haul them to jail and hopefully do more than the 5 years that Mr. Emery has to go through.

    when pot is legalized its not only freedom we are getting, but we have to make up for all the years of hiding and abiding we endured. once pot is legalized in california at the end of this year, the ripple effect will take place. soon all the blue states will legalize pot. then maybe even some red states. then it’ll spread across the border to canada. some conservative tea bagger is probably reading this and saying “dream on pot will never be legalized” oh yea? referendum happens this fall bitch, and currently the majority supports legalization in california. once its legalized it will just spread everwhere. just like the plant itself, it spreads EVERYWHERE cause thats how GOD intended it to work.

  8. Anonymous on

    its actually quite repulsive that emery might be extradited.

  9. "V" on

    This government is cherry picking to achieve the desired outcome of the Con`s agenda. The argument about the U.N. is just another example. Harper ignores the U.N. when they have issues against what the party he governs stands for and chooses to accept giving up sovereignty when it suits the Con`s policy. The medical marijuana program is another example as they are prolonging the agony for thousands of ill people by the changes they have made and continuing with current disincentives. The main reason behind Marc being persecuted at all is because of his Political and Marijuana Activism. Shame on Harper and on this country for ever voting him into office. One can only hope reason and compassion prevail in Marc`s case and this Conservative policy driven government is voted out of office at the earliest convenience!

  10. Anonymous on

    The guy may be a pothead but what is your excuse? you are an obviously a vitriolic childish idiot. “hippy dippy” are you a 5 year old?

    I am not a pot smoker myself but am against the drug war, you sound like that same idiot troll that peruses these groups thinking you are superior to pot smokers. What in your life have you done of any significance(other than troll blogs) Written any great books? become a millionaire video game developer? successful musician? created any advertising campaigns? directed any great movies? Those categories have all been accomplished by the “potheads” you loath and feel you are superior to. Lets have the list of all the amazing things you have accomplished, you will have a hard time impressing me since even the computer you are using has had at least the software developed by at least a few “potheads” I doubt I use anything that you have had a part in the development of. My guess is that you are a nobody that needs to feel superior to others in order to avoid seeing yourself as you truly are. A Pathetic Under Acheiver!!!The “Potheads” I have known never need a to put down others in order to define themselves as you do, they just want the freedom to use pot, just like the alcohol ingesters do. You want the nanny state to tell us what to do, well it hasn’t stopped the alcoholic drunk drivers from killing people.

  11. Sparkky on

    I don’t think it was the JM Rob Nicholsons decision to be made. If he gets the job of having to make a decision to send his politically active political opponent, there is a conflict of interest. Anyone can see this. It wasn’t the Justice Ministers decision to luck up a political rival. It’s like sending your opponents star player to the penalty box during the last 2 minutes of the game. Your coach doesn’t make the decision. The non-partisan third party referee makes the decision.

    Marc’s extradition order should have been reviewed by a non-partisan third party panel of judges.

  12. Anonymous on

    You suggest we don’t post opinions that are cob-ntraty tpo yoirs; Fine fredom of speech is stronger than _you asswipe hippy dippy fachist

    Go ahead and post any opinion _you want.. nobody cares!
    we will just laugh at your obtuse dope scaled potatoe of a brain

  13. Anonymous on

    The mere fact that they are violating the Single Convention may not stop Canada from imprisoning Marc in the US, but on the bright side, he can’t possibly lose the lawsuit after he gets out. Refusing to prosecute Marc was a clear violation. Because Canada violated the Convention, Marc was forced to go to the US and be prosecuted there instead. One month versus 5 years, yup, BIG damages. An international conspiracy to give a Canadian citizen a much longer prison sentence than he would have got if the Convention had not been purposely violated by Canada and the US. That’ll be messy.

  14. Oklahoma Nate on

    We will double our efforts…Marc’s time will not be in vain!

  15. Anonymous on

    The correct thing to do here, to best satisfy the Convention, is for Canada to charge Marc Emery with Cannabis exportation. It’s no more complicated than that. No need for any other charges. No need for extradition. Figure out the weight of the seeds he sold to the DEA agents and charge him with exporting that amount of Cannabis. At worst, estimate the total weight of all the seeds he ever sold, probably less than 5 pounds. The problem is that certain people want to try to make it into a more serious crime than it actually is. Trying to directly link Emery to millions of plants so he’ll get hard time. Somebody has to tell these folks to get back to reality and stop trying to make Robin Hood look like Jack the Ripper.

  16. Oklahoma Nate on

    Yes, it has been a set back to the movement with Marc being targeted, but the movement will be stronger in the future. And Marc’s ulimate goal of legalization will come into fruition. We must stay united in the cause. Pray for Marc too.

  17. Anonymous on

    Canada doesn’t have the option of not charging Emery. The Convention mandates that all signatory countries prosecute those offences. It actually mandates prison time, but doesn’t say how much. Point being, Nicholson is violating the Convention by NOT charging Emery. Thinks he’s above international law. That’s Harper Conservative mentality for you.

  18. DogBoy on

    ya stoner retard;
    maybe your finger puppets will guide you
    past your plastic bedroom jungle adventure

    its idiots like you who bought Emerys’
    nickle weed seeds for ten bucks each

  19. renney b. on

    the conservative government of canada has sold marc into slavery to america… brother i know you are loved all over the world so there is nothing to fear except fear itself… therefore, i will commit myself to praying for you until the day you and all our people are finally free from the injustice of these prohibitionists… as martin king say, on that day justice will roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream… in the mean time jodie i trust you will find courage, strength and power in the spirit of this righteous cause for your brothers and sisters all over the world are watching and praying with you for marc to come back home… we are a peace loving movement and that is why so much terror and aggression has being done to us… however, we continue in a long line of survivors that navigate the dangerous waters of this evil empire babylon the great that one day will fall… the cannabis / hemp culture is a ancient culture that includes all races, religions and languages scattered around the globe and we are confident in the victory of good over this present evil… peace , love and fire…

  20. Jodie on

    It’s the formatting from a document written in Word that makes the quote marks unrecognized by HTML for some reason… but I fixed them!

  21. Anonymous on

    accidentally typed the captcha words in the title after “Later”. Looks pretty weird, huh? Any, yeah, the Americans don’t like trick questions. Emery wasn’t straddling the border so he can’t possibly have committed the same offenses in both countries at the same time. So which is it, Mr. Prosecutor? Which country is the worst violator of the convention, Canada or the US, or is it one big conspiracy? Is that what all those blacked pages are about?

  22. Anonymous on

    Later, that night, Emery is shoved into an unmarked van, driven to the BC border and told to get the hell out of America.

  23. Anonymous on

    Setting; Marc Emery representing himself in an American courtroom.

    Emery to Prosecutor: Isn’t it true that the US federal government requested the Canadian Justice Department to charge me with the offenses for which I now appear in this court, in 2003 and again in 2008?

    Prosecutor: I believe that is an accurate statement.

    Emery: Does Article 36 of the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs state that a person MUST be prosecuted by the Party whose territory the offense was committed?

    Prosecutor: It does.

    Emery: Would the US federal government council and request another signatory to the convention to violate Article 36?

    Prosecutor: Of course not.

    Emery: Then you concede that Canada is the Party in whose territory the offense was committed?

    Prosecutor: Yes, I mean no, I mean…

    Emery: I rest my case.

  24. Okie Nate on

    Fascist Pigs like you are the reason we are fighting this nobel cause! Marc is a Freedom Fighter…and has done more for humanity in one year then you will do throughout your pathetic life. You are and will always be a brainwashed Nazi Pig. Why don’t you come to the good side. Don’t even bring Jodie into this you sick person, she has more brains and bronze then your entire family. I pray evey night Fascist like you burn in HELL!

  25. Jeff Meitns on

    Just thought I’d add… your links above the videos that direct people to 75 ways to help Marc and also, another link above that “HERE”, or something… are broken links. Just a heads up.

  26. Jeff Meints on

    Marc Emery didn’t profit from his seed dealings and used all gains for the public’s benefit through charities and humanitarian deeds. From what I understand Marc didn’t keep one cent.

    As an American I’m extremely proud of Mr. Emery in the sense that he is practicing the core beliefs that America was founded upon and essentially, practicing and spreading true democracy.

    Remember guys when we argue the case for Mr. Emery on a daily basis with others we must be sure to use the most significant facts, or else the debate is already lost.

  27. Jim on

    I didn’t know that Nazis could re-incarnate. I’ll have to talk to someone about that.

  28. Anonymous on

    I would just like to say I was in a severe car accident 6 years ago. Pot is the only thing that helps my arthritis which I got at about 19, am now 25. I would just like to say I smoke more then anybody I know and I am more capable of things still then anybody I know. I couldnt do anything after my accident until I started taking cookies and smoking. If they are two stupid potheads then why are so many people behind them? and if they are stupid potheads then you are calling me one. I bet I am more capable and more successful then you are in every area, and I see the truth. One day you will wake up hopefully soon and realize you are just anothe person buying into the world of lies that is fed to you. Unlike you I am not a sheep, I am a sheperd who listens to my natural instinct. Get your own opinion you following sheep unoriginal bastard.

  29. Anonymous on

    It would be great if you can post a link that displays all the addresses to the conservative parties offices, canada wide.

  30. Colorado Keef on

    Keep your pathetic opinions to yourself, you self righteous tool….. Nobody gives two shits what you think. Marijuana should be legalized across the board. The real travesty is that we as American tax payers have to sport the bill for Marc’s time and that his wife must be seperated from him for 5 years.

  31. Anonymouse on

    Rick Simpson is a hash oil manufacturer parading himself off as a magician who can cure cancer and cannot cure cancer but he can make hash oil in perhaps the most impure fashion I have ever observed

    Marc Emery is a pot seed criminal mastermind who washed $15 million dollars of mail order money and got caught and danced in the searchlight like a stripper and is on his way to prison.

    Both these Canadian retards will come home to Canada- in chains and hopefully, de toxed and having smartened the fuck up a little. They can get the mental health assistance here they need because we have a free health care and they both need an arse reamin’ out and mental re-alighnment in a big way..

    and Jodie if you have a lick of sence left you will detox yourself and move on to a real life which you have yet to experience and get away from these Zombie Druggies who are pulling you and everybody else down. Think hard – did m,arc leave you enough money to wait for him? there is never enough money to wait for a burnt out old poofter who only wants to have you stroke his frail ego. Five years waiting might let you meet other people who are not controlling bastards..

  32. Anonymous on

    im an american citizen, but unlike many i watch closely what happens throughout the world. this is wrong. this decision is horribly horribly wrong. its a travesty. its hard for me to put into words how deeply upset i am by this. who does the american government think they are? they dont have the right to do this. theyre only arresting him in hopes that america will be scared away from pot. but thats not going to happen. ever. where i live pot culture is alive and well. we talk about it on a daily basis and are constantly trying to show people the truth. im deeply sorry for your lose as are many of my friends.

  33. Anonymous on

    Your husband must be prosecuted in the country in which the offense was committed, which is Canada. Article 36 section 2,iv of the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs says so. See my posts in the “Another casualty of the drug war” blog. You’re welcome.

  34. hammish johnson on

    They are taking marc emery to prison to rest how is prison formed? how he get busted? they need to do way in stain mother who arrest thier emery cant frigth back

  35. ray christl THC Ministry Cambodia on

    Dear Jodie; Our love is being sent daily.Agape love vibration is our weapon to destroy the LEVIATHAN OF LIES.Everyday we must work to bring Brother RICK SIMPSON and MARC EMERY home to canada(REFUSE TO USE CAPITALIZATION) and me to america.Techno-dark ages.. WE MUST UNITE GLOBALLY.. CC FAMILY VOTE LOGOS [email protected] ONE LOVE .. DESTINY (O.L.D.)