The 24/7 FREE MARC Prison Vigil is Back

The 24-hour-a-day prison vigil for The Prince of Pot is back! Come out, get high, and show your support for Marc Emery. (Photos by Bert Easterbrook)The 24-hour-a-day prison vigil for The Prince of Pot is back! Come out, get high, and show your support for Marc Emery. (Photos by Bert Easterbrook)CANNABIS CULTURE – Supporters of imprisoned marijuana activist Marc Emery have reestablished a 24-hour-a-day prison vigil on the front lawn of North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam where the activist awaits extradition to the US. Come and show your support!

The setup is a continuation of the last vigil organized in September 2009 when The Prince of Pot turned himself in to Canadian authorities the first time to await Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson’s decision to extradite. Since the Minister was taking his sweet time, Emery was granted bail and released temporarily.

Now, with the extradition paperwork signed by the Conservatives, Emery has returned to prison and will be taken to the US sometime soon.

WHAT: Marc Emery Prison Vigil
WHERE: North Fraser Pretrial, 1451 Kingsway Ave. Port Coquitlam
WHEN: All Day, Every Day


Signs, banners, and information handouts will be available. Please come out and show support for Marc and demand his freedom! Contact [email protected] for more information.

CLICK HERE to see a photo gallery of the latest Vigil on Cannabis Culture’s Flickr Page

Marijuana activists from around the globe are planning a WORLDWIDE RALLY for MARC EMERY on May 22, 2010. Watch in coming days for more information.

CLICK HERE to find out more about MARC EMERY and how you can HELP him avoid a five-year prison sentence in the US for selling marijuana seeds on the Internet!

North Fraser Pretrial – 1451 Kingsway Ave. Port Coquitlam

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  1. Anonymous on

    The USA is also extraditing Jamaican Drug Gang leader as well, but Marc gets the same treatment when this gang member helps kill 30 civilians!!!!!! Marc is getting treated like a murderer!!!!!!!!! NOT FAIR! Gangs cause death, Marc causes appetite and playstation thumb, who should be extradited! USA still thinks they’re dealing with Nuclear Russians in CUBA!

  2. hungryfordog on

    how bout you stop listening to the voices in your head or tell me about them im sure i can find a way to make them stop aww is it cause you were picked on as a kid or do you just gotta be a prick nothing you say makes any sense you curse and act all tough how bout you throw in your email and we can have a little fun ha ha ha
    [email protected]

  3. DogBoy on

    Maybe you should just wear a remember 420 ribbon
    and stay out of everybody elses way–
    the drug war is over, just like you always wanted
    your bossman surrendered to your enemy last week

  4. Ganjaloka on

    Free Marc Emery!!! Lost a battle but you won the war already. Way to go Marc!

  5. Anonymous on

    progress equals- killing thousands of mexicans. oh yes, you could supply the much wanted drugs under government control for the cost of a few bud beers. i mean you already allow tobbaco and a million other poisons and the early death of millions. whats wrong with allowing pot under this kind of framework..
    you would actually become partly effective in your job. but no its all “go after that thai dye stoner!!!!!!
    he is in the way of progress!!!! quick!!! get him!!!!”
    what an easy target sitting there gleefully smoking weed and doing nothing to defend himself and having no one to defend him.
    you are the jock bully in high school. or are you the nerd, or are you the gay, or are you the black, or are you the hero of the world. we know who you are. you are the one that orchestrates all this. back for some laughs.
    you are the one that was called bullshit on and still you remain being called bullshit on.

    spraying third world humans with herbicides. standing over opium crops so that you can get oil and cash in on the heroin export bucks. lying through your teeth to millions.
    shooting the wrong person in no knock raids.
    planting evidence, stealing evidence, selling evidence. getting a kick from other peoples pain and anguish.
    dressing up in black and storming private houses and shooting dogs for less than a gram.
    taking our money and using it to harm people. prison them! take away their rights! caging them like cattle for eating the wrong field.

    you do not have progress, show me your progressive statistics? if your laws do not follow science you will not be able to match the numbers to your efforts.

    show me how ineffective your massive budgets have been through the statistics of drug availability or use.
    when you outlaw a mans right to alter his free thinking mind you create hatred.

    let me remind you that america has the worst user rates in the world and yet somehow you think you should force and dictate your drug policies onto other countries. people that have their own ideas that are working better than your DEA ideas. your policy is older than the hippies and still does not work.

    you may think you have not caused all that, but you have. kids on the streets buying a weed of gangs that sell crack..that is your dilemma that you cause because you can not accpet people think pot is relatively safe.

    you have DEATH. your country people, your brothers have an insatiable thirst for drugs, many of them responsible, yet YOU kill them more.
    you think you are god. god gave us substances to get our minds away from death satan people like you.
    why not let the drug risk sort your people out then? what is drug risk is not enough in itself?
    you need to create more risk and more harm and more suffering?
    because i will let you in on something, nothing you or i could ever do would change a majority of the peoples desire to enjoy themseves through a chemically altered state of mind.
    ALL DRUGS INCLUDED> not just the ones you take.
    ainslinger ended up being on powders. ISNT IT IRONIC.

    why do you have a gun? to shoot those inflicted with this so called addiction.

    is it because the black market men took up guns to defend the money you let them control?
    i know your trying but your progress is not working the way YOU want.

    how many families have you ruined. how many fathers in jail, kids without dads, kids filling the empty hole with heroin. thousands more in jail next year. way to go lucifer.
    your red alcoholic face. yes we have seen it before.

    how many wasted lives of people that were perfectly functioning in their jobs until you came along with your holy send them from the garden of eden attitude.
    i think we have a death christian that does not question his ideals. a caster of the stone. your sicker than those you somewhow think you are progressing away from.

    old hippies? thoust thinks you do not even understand the wide demographic!
    how many old hippies have a computer?
    the age of the internet has advised the people of what you do daily in your wasted efforts.

    do yourself a favour and go and search how many seed companies there are, in the USA.
    better yet, go and find the estimates of USA cannabis consumption and then find me one person that has been harmed by all that mountain of pot that was not of their own choice?
    then tell me how your ideas that have been in place for 50 odd years helped prevent that.

    its only the ones you jail. find one person that marc or any other hippy harmed by smoking pot.
    one person. ill wait here for you ok. i will be prepared to argue the matter and i will win.
    someday someone will prove all your basis for this war to be lies. you run a sick is a sicker country you have than what canada is. yet you want canada to be like yours.

  6. Anonymous on

    if your progress involves continuing to outlaw the activities of something that over 30 percent of the people try, you will be struggling one day. over half the population now believe that pot is less harmful than alcohol. need i advise you that has swung in recent years with the younger crew?

    any of your dog shit you shovel will not stick with the next generation.
    get prepared to get a job that does not involve messing with peoples freedom to enjoy their recreation time as they like. its part of the culture then, now and will remain. who is the one showing their age and wisdom?

    why dont you come up with some new science that shows the old science was wrong?
    ya bunch of fuddy duddy tee totallers.

    the kids will use you as the latrine.

  7. f w on


    all your crap is just a scrapbook collection of stupid one season dea rerun some of them have billions even trillions, all of them failures

    fine’ you are driving home the fact what are oil hogging idiots
    the modern desprite community is
    a pile of broken domes nobody wants to fix
    and are hardly worth the trip to the sewage site
    so you can stay in a world without food
    until kids use you as food

    your worst days have arrived
    the road is rubber balls gravity and hydropressure
    your almighty new only my corp make you sober and safe veggie
    you are just a match stick
    covered in pointless oil lacking real hemp profits

  8. Anonymous on

    all your crap is just a scrapbook collection of stupid stoner drams
    some of the 30 years old, all of them failures
    fine’ you are driving home the fact what shit sucking idiots
    the contemporary 420 community is
    a pile of broken appliances nobody wants to fix
    and are hardly worth the trip to the landfill site
    so you can stay in an absurd pile
    until kids use you as latrines

    your best days passed long ago
    get off the road to our progress
    you doped up old retards
    you are just a brick wall
    covered inpointless 60s graphitti

  9. Common Sense on

    The Nobel Lie

    One may overdose on alcohol, aspirin and even water.

    Cannabis is not a devil weed nor does it kill nor promote one to kill, far from it.

    So, why do people go to prison for cannabis then?


    Can’t patent a plant right?

    The Emperor wears no clothes.

    Freedom is Grassroots Activism for the better good of all.

    This is OUR government not the government.

    WE THE PEOPLE. (not the sheeple)

    Yes We Cannabis!

  10. Dog boys a shit head on

    Hey dogboy, how fucking old are you? You can’t spell, and you have no grammatical form. I’m guessing your parents where addicts of some kind and they just happened to smoke cannabis and that is what you associate with your depraved child hood. I have friends like you. Grow up and stop drinking and posting. What “religious” individual can say that “god” created a “evil” plant? You are the pot(no pun intended) calling the kettle black(from what it sounds like you would call them ni**ers). PS- Why are you on a cannabis web site if your against it? Your mom must have been drunk for the entire 9 months you where in her. Your an ASS HAT!!!! Stay off our site Dick wad!!!!

    Peace Love and Cannabliss,

    KS Stoner

    PPS- I’m not racist, it was just an analogy.

  11. Adam on

    Actually, you missed his real trick, which is throwing your own cognitive dissonance back into your face. But nobody expects someone to realize they are being cognitively dissonant. It’s not possible. He clearly doesn’t care what you thought he meant, he was talking to thinkers.

  12. Anonymous on

    Dog boy shovels shit.
    Going off our drug assessment reports into addiction and health issues etc pot does not belong on our lists of banned substances. let alone should it involve prison time. if you smoke pot and do not take heroin then why be punished as if you did? because it gets linked not in our science work but in our political halls.
    straight people that are so scared of any drug that they do not even know any better.
    for the record i am not even into jailing poor heroin addicts with shit lives. protect property sure, we have a law for that..

    people carry on about the children that may be harmed from smoking pot, check the latest pot cancer study. less chance than smoking. much less chance. almost zero. the scientists were surprised. because of years of bullshit.

    we force harm on our children via the penalty. we force harm on us as adults. the same people that take away basic rights and send money from caring things like health care and education to the brutal inhumane situation of law enforcement and jails.

    marc was standing up for those that are treated this way. are you standing up for the people that might CHOOSE to smoke pot?

    clinton couldnt do it, bush, obama yet they all took drugs.
    these are the same seeds that god or evolution put on this earth for us to use. do you think heaven would not have pot? earth did so why not. heaven would not have satan going around stubbing out gods creations.

    do us a favour and go read what the canadian senate report concluded in 2002.
    which by the way was not followed through BECAUSE the USA government threatened action if the canadians followed what their own senate findings were. that is the only real reason why marc could be sentenced today.
    it should be legal in canada except for that being dropped. now i understand why a group might want to rid society control from of a conservative party.

    then go read the shafer commission. you might find it hard to find some of these things.. nixon shelved his report. then declared war on pot without any scientific backing.
    then read the DEA jude law findings. one of the most harmless substances known to man kind..but overridden because the DEA would lose too much money to play cops and robbers with.

    maybe you do not realise this but the laws are bullshit. they are wrong.
    why still? because it was not politically friendly to stand up to the wrong. the people will lead the way.
    you watch california. the voters have an ability of saying what goes.
    once all the old straight brainwashed voters being ageing out. it will be legal.

    i personally know people in politics and the police force that have taken drugs, yet they dare not change or challenge the law because they would be out of a job. if they get caught they would lost the job and lose the freedom but they rely on the fact the users numbers are so high that they might slip through the net. later on their child gets caught by the laws they did not stand up to. it will be a simple change. politicians will soon find it is acceptable to question this law. then they will find it is expected and desired to repeal it.

    the science tells us that it should be legal and regulated. we teach science in schools yet still accept religious wank off in our government buildings..
    we have problems because our laws do not align with what our government inquiries and research has shown us. why is this so? because politicians continually up the sentences so they get elected. some of them do not know the harm they cause. some of them do not want to be seen as opposing it and some of them, cowardice.
    i mean we still hear about driving while under the inlfluence of pot, yet our studies show its of little significance. to make more hypocritical bullshit. we have a law to stop DUI. we penalise them.
    but we penalise the pot person as if they did drive stoned regardless of it or not.
    now that would be the same as arresting me for drinking a beer in my home.
    if we today tried to outlaw beer drinking because some drive, it would be called bullshit.
    if today we tried to ban alcohol because they found that all people that use heroin tried alcohol it would be called bullshit.

    police continue to support pot prohibition so they can take a share of our taxes, easily. a society should not allow police groups to educate. that is for the scientists and educators. politicians should not educate.
    they should stand for the voters and the vote is changing and swaying.

    i read something in my local paper once, it was about the harms of stoned driving. the crashes that had occured in the past year. the dead teenagers. well it turned out they were also drunk and turned out they were also young inexperienced drivers and speed was involved. it also turned out they were blood tested for pot, something they smoked two weeks ago would show use in the blood test. they were not pot impaired. yet this was how the headline was.
    it came directly from the police to the media.
    now, we make a law that means young drivers cannot drive with any alcohol.
    another bullshit was when our government did stoned driving tests and they shelved the outcome because alcohol faired so much worse and was, you guessed it LEGAL.

    it gets justified with shovel loads of bullshit, leads to heroin etc.

    check out dr nutts findings. he got sacked for telling the truth that cannabis does not belong in that class of drug.
    what a fucking joke this has ALL been.
    we see it again and again and again. its no wonder some spew it back at you again and again.

    . now do you know how many people in the world have tried or smoke pot. fucking shed loads. millions and millions.
    check out how many tonnes. all the harm is exaggerated. your harms are gang deaths, some crazies that either abused something that most do not or were already pre disposed to it and went about trying to make emselves happy with weed. we do not support young people having access to drugs.but we do not support adults being jailed because we can not make our stupid rules work on this situation.

    does it make any sense to have a plant that has been proven to be safer than most substances stuck in the same market as all the more harmful ones when half of your high school kids are willing to try pot because even they know that it is fairly benign. they weigh the risk, the same as the science has and the same as the above reports have and they do not see why it should be illegal as it is. i am older now and i feel that the law makers have done our society a grave injustice by not following common sense. they steal your hard earned money and waste it like nothing else. they leave us in debt, they spend time on pot people that would be better spent on other pursuits.
    that is shoveling shit. take the new crime bill the canadian government is doing. bust the hippy grower, the parent, the uncle. the son the daughter. put them in a cell, set an example so all the others that are easily swayed will drop from the market. then what you have is the ones with guns, the ones with heroin, the ones that commit much worse crimes, they will run the market. big gang groups, multiple trafficking groups with a lot of cash. what you just did was take the simple pot souls and ruin their lives more than smoking ever would and then you bring forth the gap in the market for the hardened ones. then in a few years, you once again whine about how cannabis is now involved with other crimes. you will whine about the scourge, the violence, the crime everywhere.
    i tell you where it stems from. making pot, something that almost half the people will decide to try, ILLEGAL.
    send them all to fund a black market in crime. GOOD IDEA NOT! check your school user rates and then wonder if even your children know you have it wrong!

  13. Anonymous on

    keep channeling that devil, nutbar. let a little more of the his evil into your heart.

  14. ray christl THC Ministry Cambodia on

    We have lost our humanity because of the LEVIATHAN OF LIES that continually uses overt TERROR techniques against our CC FAMILY.Rick Simpson and now Marc.Yet these great elders are only the focus of a huge global WAR. We ask for PEACE using the technology of FREE SPEECH and VOTING, plus criteria driven civil disobedience learned from MLK and Gandhi.Yet, basic human rights are trashed to support NWO=US led fascism.Classic SUN (son)GOD vs.DARKNESS and maldiamonia(bad-evil demon filled).We must evolve as a loving CC FAMILY to counter such dysfunction and suicide.Ohana Aloha and ONE LOVE …DESTINY O.L.D.–Ray Christl in Phnom Penh– MAY 22 AT canadian Embassy and Meta House.. FREE MARC and RICK SIMPSON.’til JULY 4th usa Embassy PRAYER VIGIL LIGHT to maintain our faith in Sacrament and healing our sweet [email protected] 5am – high noon prayer to focus our love to persuade with PATHOS LOGOS ETHOS

  15. DogBoy on

    you are stupider than you can imagine stupid can be
    your brain vomits out stupid patterns of who cares
    new world order crap
    old world order crap
    out of order crap is probably more like it

  16. DogBoy on

    I can see your lame trick of rewriting other peoples posts
    because you can’t complete a sentence in your doped up brain

    shovel fulls of lame here
    failing grade
    stay after class
    try again
    and again

  17. DogBoy on

    you believe every piece of fantasy crap Marc Emery ever warbled and you have never looked any of it up and seen what a tragic exagerator self myth maker he is- he never changed the Sunday shopping laws – places like supermarkets did.. mark was a small town player in their parade.and he sings he did it all, he was there in the all Ontario merchant resistance but he had nothing to do with it- Big Corporate supermarkets stayed open on Sundays made big money and paid small change civic fines,, Marc swiped their idea- he did not make it up..

    Most of what he claims is just untrue0 but really. who cares he’s in thew box now yer stoner retards such as yourself in;y read his website where he passes his delusions off and you eat it up like flies lap up shit.
    Believe what you want, nobody cares if you believe garbage..
    its all just social fiction and you are too dumb to find out for yourself-

    BYW you and fat ass medical Mike are terrified of faith..
    did you both have a primal fear setback in Sunday school?
    did the Easter Bunny let you down or something?

    you petty little fuck –

  18. DogBoy on

    Mike you may have a medical exemption but that doesn’t excuse you from or explain why you are an obtuse asshole making crap up as you go along..
    You have a soul full of shit, fine, but why are you are dumb enough
    to present it in public – Was Sunday School that traumatic for you???

    Maybe adjust your dope dosage and get a little more oxygen
    I thought the idea of med pot was to cure your nausea
    not spread it around wherever you go..

    yes I saw the video clop of stoner idiots rolling joints
    and polluting another mans workplace –
    that’s not protesting anything = thats just bad form
    clip could be subtitled ” 420 Dump Bears at Play ”

    you wanna see my turned cheek?
    OK pucker up –
    & Kiss my ass you fat old fuck
    either cheek will do

  19. Anonymous on

    …that was in response to the hater wasting its life spreading a pathetic disease…

  20. Anonymous on

    When I think about the way people like you try to run the world and the lives around you, I start to believe the coming World Order is about eliminating you.

    Hitler had a final solution; I think Fabian Socialists do as well.

  21. Adam on

    And you sir seem to have eaten the RCMP’s shit by the shovel full.

    Do you also believe that it is traded 1:1 for cocaine in America?
    They are trying to sell you a bridge.

    Do you really think the media need you to believe all of their awful distortions about Marc, for the RCMP and Justice Departments to do their jobs properly?

    The RCMP and Justice Department do not intend to do their jobs properly. When their job is done properly, a man is charged $500 and he is home at the end of the day.

  22. Anonymous on

    Dogboy You sir have eaten the Harpers shit by the shovel full..
    and believed what a maniac manipulator has told you over and over again
    and then over and over again, and in case you missed that- told you over and over again…..And now you are here….What is your ultimate solution for marijuana users, and hemp growers? Why are you so angry?

  23. Anonymous on

    Hey Dogboy, If you dont approve of marijuana, or anyone you uses marijuana, then just mind your own business. Its easy.

  24. ujackcity on

    i liked your comments… people like dog boy have no business being on this site… and i have nothing against people that are religious…. just people like dog boy here who Definitely has anger issues who’s mind lives in a box with a peep hole and never gets laid lol…. he has know idea about anything hes talking about……

  25. Medicinal Mike on

    For a second there I thought you where talking about Dictator Harper…

    So You are trolling, great. That gives me a good chance to hone my message so people like you may have a chance at understanding it.

    I am a medical cannabis user. Yes I do smoke this medicine for nausea in the morning and I eat or vapourize it for pain. I understand that it takes every brain cell you have to get this, but you have painted me with the same brush as regular stoners and that shows your ignorance at a deeper level.IF; (and that is a big IF)you are religious as you claim to be, You are sure not making a good case for it. What religion did you say you believed in? From this side of the conversation it would look like your religious beliefs have more to do with hate than with love, so it obviously can not be a Christian faith. A person with a Christian faith would understand the phrase “Turn the other cheek” which is pacifist in nature. So where did you say you went to church?

  26. Medicinal Mike on

    So all your rights and freedoms are from Heaven, great. So what you are saying is the laws that Every Canadian are bound to do not apply to you? If you think that, then you are more ignorant than I first thought. What right do you have to force anyone to do anything? Marc got the shopping on Sundays law overturned. That is a good thing if you want the freedom to open or close your business for whatever reason. Why Sundays? Why not Saturdays to go with a faith that worships on Saturday or other holy days of the week for other religions…

    If you can not see the basic flaw in that law and would rather have the old Sunday laws in place, than you are in need of some help. That would prove that you think your religious beliefs should overrule my basic freedoms. That is just plain sick thinking in a free democratic society. Those are the laws Marc has been fighting against. The current Cannabis laws are extremely flawed and Marc is going to help get them changed. He has put his life and freedom on the line for what he believes in. What have you personally done to improve my freedoms in the last 20 years? Nothing? That is how much cred you have stored up!

  27. ujackcity on

    you make me laugh…. did you watch the video from protesters yesterday rolling joints on the desk of a government official hahahah…. and your bill s-10 wont stop anything the Conservatives wont last and every day were one step closer to legalization and our people are growing in numbers every day… and don’t presume to know what i have done to support marc or what i and all the other supporters will do to keep this going…. like government officials you are small in numbers so good luck …….. have a nice day

  28. DogBoy on

    just remember people that mark is serving time for all of us that are in this fight,

    he is not standing up for me ir you ; he was standing up for himself and got busted for being an international drug smuggler. He is serving time because he got caught- that function serves no higher service, its a fuck up- same way you ar a fuck up for believeing every piece of crap a SMOOTH TALKING CON MAN SLIDES AT YOU

    and what is this so called fight? the vain struggle to cinvince your fellow Canadians that pot is just soooooooo wonderful and every asshole should be able to carry bags of it around and be stoned all day long? What a tool you are.. what a deluded blob of yesterday you are- if you were really for marc- you would have donated money to his lawyer so he could have pleaded mentally ill due to drug psychosis and not faced extradition, If you were really for marc Emery, you will visit him in prison, where he is headed for the next half decade or more – but you won;t because you are a soap bubble activist- a loud farty do nothing angry stoner who will drift away and pop on a blade of grass
    So I am losing this battle? whos going to jail? whar about bill S-10?
    thats where the losers are pal, on that end of the shitty stick

    say what you want, think when you can. but none of this stoner value system has ever got anywhere and its not getting anywhere now..

  29. ujackcity on

    you don’t know what your talking about….. you are on the loosing end of this battle….. do your self a favor open a book and do a little thing called reading and educate your self… jealous is a disease looser!!!! and by the way there is no heaven have you ever heard of a thing called the big bang or evolution, really do some reading or turn on discovery channel wow people really baffle me ….. your just pissed because hes doing what he wants and has stood up for what he believes in….. just remember people that mark is serving time for all of us that are in this fight, how many of you have finally spoken out because of marcs dedication…. stand up people….. thanks marc, the fight will continue on while your gone and we will be here for you…….

  30. DogBoy on

    the day I need anybody to fight for my right to sell pot seeds over the internet and launder the money, I’ll call Marc Emery in prison. Collect

    You sir have eaten his shit by the shovel full..
    and believed what a maniac manipulator has told you over and over again
    and then over and over again, and in case you missed that- told you over and over again..

    all my rights and freedoms are from Heaven, not from a used book seller who got into dope because he was one and into teenagers because he still is one
    here’s the shovel with your lunch – open wide

  31. moldy on

    Don’t get too cozy trollmonger! The rights and freedoms that Marc is fighting for will actually bennefit you some day… if you could ever think that far in advance.

  32. Anonymous on

    God Bless You. I am a medical user. Cannabis saved my life from pain and addiction to dr. prescribed drugs that were killing me. Mark commited the crime of selling seeds in Canada and yet he is being dragged across the border to serve his sentence??? The US have agreed to let him serve in (Canada his home and native land) but the Conservatives have not agreed to sign the necessary papers to allow him to do so. Something is very wrong with our Harper Govt and Emery is just another example of Govt. overriding public wants. turning Emery over to the US is a crime within itself. I hope the Canadian public and worldwide attention bring common sense to end this obsenity ‘the drug war.’ Rise Up and Tell The Government We Want Emery Released From US Extradition Today.

  33. Anonymouse on

    I see you invested in professional permanent signs,
    ones that will last the few days in canada
    and can then be shipped to some patch of highway
    outside his US Prison that will be his home for the next half decade

    Well worth the price to make signs that will last five or ten years
    Good forward planning.. its about time you all realized
    Marc Emery is really going away for a really long time