It’s Official: Conservatives Extradite Marc Emery

Marc Emery kisses his wife Jodie goodbye before turning himself in to Canadian authorities. Marc will be extradited to the USA to face charges for selling cannabis seeds on the Internet. (Photo by Bill Keay, PNG)Marc Emery kisses his wife Jodie goodbye before turning himself in to Canadian authorities. Marc will be extradited to the USA to face charges for selling cannabis seeds on the Internet. (Photo by Bill Keay, PNG)CANNABIS CULTURE – The order to extradite marijuana activist Marc Emery to the United States for an expected five-year prison term has been signed by the Canadian Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson.

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Cannabis Culture has learned that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada made their decision shortly after Emery turned himself in to Canadian authorities this morning: The Prince of Pot will be handed over to the United States for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.


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“I am absolutely devastated that this Conservative government has opted to send my husband, a Canadian citizen, to the United States for a ‘crime’ that amounts to a $200 dollar fine in Canada,” said Marc’s wife Jodie Emery. “This case is about silencing my Husband for his marijuana activism. This Conservative government has declared a culture war in Canada and my husband is it’s latest victim.”

Marc spoke to reporters outside of the downtown Vancouver Law Courts before turning himself in, and said orders to extradite him would be the equivalent of outsourcing our justice system. He said he hopes some good comes from his imprisonment.

“If he sends me away, it will anger millions of Americans and millions of Canadians,” he told the press. “I need them to be angry, otherwise we won’t get any change on this drug war.”

Marc’s lawyer and fellow marijuana activist Kirk Tousaw told Cannabis Culture that in all likelihood, Marc would be sent south across the border by the end of the week where he will eventually appear before a sentencing judge. Marc is expected to be sentenced to five years as part of a plea deal arranged with American prosecutors.

Opting to wait until Marc was in custody on a bail technicality, Nicholson sent the order to Marc’s lawyers shortly after he entered custody. Marc had expected to be out on bail again today as the Justice Minister was expected to request another extension on the controversial move.

Marc’s case started in 2005 when American Authorities raided his Vancouver store and offices with the help of the Vancouver Police Department. Marc, whose business sold marijuana seeds to “Overgrow the Government” donated all the proceeds of his business to various activism groups working to legalize marijuana and medical marijuana.

“Today’s decision is another step in Canada’s adoption of the failed and harmful drug war approach that, ironically, the American government is moving away from,” said Tousaw. “Canadians are deeply opposed to this extradition and the outsourcing of Canadian criminal justice policy. This unpopular decision is sure to hurt the Conservative government at the ballot box in the next election. Mr. Emery is resolute and told me, from his jail cell, to never give up the fight for cannabis freedom.”


Incoming media reports:

Video from YouTube.

‘Prince of Pot’ will be extradited, lawyer says

by The Globe and Mail

Marc Emery’s lawyer says the self-described “Prince of Pot” has been ordered extradited to the United States.

Kirk Tousaw says he received word from the federal justice department shortly after the long time marijuana advocate turned himself into custody today that the minister has decided to sign off on his extradition.

Mr. Emery has been out on bail since last fall, when he was released from custody as the minister made the final decision in his case.

He made a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors last year, agreeing to plead guilty in connection to his Vancouver-based seed-selling business in return for a sentence of five years in prison.

It’s not clear when Mr. Emery will be sent to the U.S., but Mr. Tousaw says he expects it will happen within the week.

Mr. Emery says he’s instructed his supporters to hound MPs in the Conservative government and ensure they pay a political price for the decision.

Calling himself a “great Canadian” who has spent his life advocating for the legalization of marijuana, Mr. Emery turned himself in Monday morning to face possible extradition to the United States.

“I think of myself as a great Canadian – I’ve worked my whole life for individual freedom in this country, I’ve never asked for anything in return,” Mr. Emery told reporters outside B.C. Supreme Court in downtown Vancouver, with his wife by his side and a throng of supporters carrying “Free Marc” signs.

“And now I will be possibly handed over to the United States for a five-year sentence for the so-called crime of selling seeds from my desk. I’m proud of what I’ve done, and I have no regrets.”

Mr. Emery has been out on bail since last fall, when he was released from custody as the federal justice minister made a decision on whether to extradite him.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson must decide whether to turn Mr. Emery over to American authorities, keep him in Canada, or again request more time to make his final decision. The minister was not immediately available for comment.

Mr. Emery has been eligible for extradition since early January.

Mr. Emery made a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors last year, agreeing to plead guilty in connection to his Vancouver-based seed-selling business in return for a sentence of five years in prison.

American prosecutors allege through Mr. Emery’s magazine and website he has sold about four million marijuana seeds and that 75 per cent of those went to customers in the United States.

Documents obtained by Mr. Emery’s lawyer revealed that a U.S. undercover agent posing as a marijuana seed buyer worked in Canada to secure the criminal charges against Mr. Emery south of the border.

The U.S. undercover operation is described in a briefing memo to Justice Minister Rob Nicholson dated Feb. 10, 2010, which outlines the case against Mr. Emery.

The memo said numerous mail order purchases were made by U.S. undercover agents between March 2004 and March 2005 and an undercover U.S. Drug Enforcement agent was then sent to Vancouver.

The memo said the agent was under the supervision and working with the approval of Vancouver’s police department.

Allegations against Mr. Emery include that staff at his Cannabis Culture store in Vancouver counselled the agent on how to smuggle seeds across the border and how to grow the marijuana.

“It is alleged that [the store employee]told agent Mendez that border inspectors do not conduct strip searches of females, so she should hide the seeds somewhere on her body,” the memo stated.

The documents say the DEA agent made several deals to purchase marijuana seeds in exchange for cash and that Mr. Emery knew she was going to smuggle the seeds over the border.

The information was obtained under the federal Access to Information Act by Kirk Tousaw, a lawyer and former Marijuana Party campaign manager.

In addition to his seed-selling business and marijuana paraphernalia store, Mr. Emery is the president of the B.C. Marijuana Party.

He was originally charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana and money laundering. Two of his Cannabis Culture employees were also accused, but charges were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

The minister’s memo states the federal government has received more than 2,700 letters about Emery and virtually all of them ask that Mr. Nicholson refuse to extradite him.

Mr. Emery said he has public support on his side.

“I feel it will be very politically unpopular if [the minister]proceeds with the extradition because, let’s say five to seven million Canadian’s use marijuana … I have the support of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of Canadians.”

If he is extradited to the United States, Mr. Emery hopes he’ll be allowed to return to Canada to serve out his jail sentence.

– Article from Globe and Mail.

Marc Emery to be extradited, lawyer confirms

by CTV

Marc Emery’s lawyer says the self-described “Prince of Pot” has been ordered extradited to the United States.

Kirk Tousaw says he received word from the federal justice department shortly after the longtime marijuana advocate turned himself into custody today that the minister has decided to sign off on his extradition.

Emery has been out on bail since last fall, when he was released from custody as the minister made the final decision in his case.

He made a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors last year, agreeing to plead guilty in connection to his Vancouver-based seed-selling business in return for a sentence of five years in prison.

It’s not clear when Emery will be sent to the U.S., but Tousaw says he expects it will happen within the week.

Emery says he’s instructed his supporters to hound MPs in the Conservative government and ensure they pay a political price for the decision.

– Article from CTV.

Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot’ ordered extradited to US

by Jeremy Hainsworth, Associated Press

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The lawyer for Canada’s so-called Prince of Pot said Monday that his client has been ordered extradited to the United States.

Marc Emery has sold millions of marijuana seeds around the world by mail over the past decade, drawing the attention of U.S. drug officials, who want him extradited to Seattle.

Emery’s lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, said Canada’s Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson signed off on his extradition shortly after the marijuana advocate turned himself in on Monday to authorities.

The justice minister’s spokeswoman, Carole Saindon, would not comment on the order or the timing of his surrender, saying only that Emery has the option of a court appeal of the order.

The department said Emery’s extradition was sought on charges of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana, conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering.

Emery reached a plea deal with U.S. prosecutors last year, agreeing to plead guilty to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana in return for a sentence of five years in prison.

The charges are in connection with his Vancouver, British Columbia-based seed-selling business.

Emery’s wife, Jodie Emery, said she was appalled that the Canadian justice minister would order the extradition.

“It’s the worst option. We didn’t even entertain it as an option,” she said. “I’m just stunned.”

She accused Nicholson of wanting “to silence the most vocal opponent of the drug war.”

Marc Emery has long maintained that the prosecution was politically motivated in the U.S. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has repeatedly denied that.

Emery has been out on bail since Nov. 17, when he was released from custody as the minister made the final decision in his case.

Keith Stroup, founder of the Washington, D.C.-based National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws, said Emery has been open about his activities in Canada for years.

“The Canadian authorities have not seen fit to treat him as a criminal,” Stroup said. “Why in the world they would want to send him to the United States, I don’t understand.”

Stroup said putting Emery in jail will galvanize the marijuana movement and turn him into “more of a hero and an icon.”

Jodie Emery said supporters will begin lobbying to have Emery serve his time in a Canadian prison as others have been allowed to do.

It is not clear when Emery will be sent to the U.S. Tousaw said he expects it will happen within the week.

– Article from The Washington Post.

Extradition order issued for pot activist Emery

by CBC News

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEOS of Jodie Emery and Kirk Tousaw talking about Marc’s extradition

Vancouver’s so-called Prince of Pot will be turned over to U.S. authorities to face drug charges five years after he was first arrested for selling marijuana seeds to U.S. residents, his wife and lawyer have confirmed.

Marc Emery, 51, turned himself in to authorities at B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Monday after his bail, granted in November, expired.

His wife, Jodie, told CBC News she has learned that federal Justice Minister Robert Nicholson has signed an order clearing the way for Emery to be extradited to the U.S.

Emery’s lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, said as part of a plea bargain deal, Emery will not appeal the extradition order and will likely be transferred to Seattle within a week.

Busted in Canada for breaking U.S. laws

Emery was arrested in 2005 — following an investigation by Canadian and U.S. police — for allegedly selling marijuana seeds over the internet from Vancouver to residents of the U.S.

He made an agreement with U.S. prosecutors last year that he would plead guilty to one charge of drug distribution in exchange for a five-year sentence.

Under the terms of the deal, Emery is expecting return to Canada to serve his sentence, said Tousaw.

The marijuana advocate surrendered for extradition last September but was later freed on bail in November, because Nicholson had not yet signed the order.

Before turning himself in on Monday, Emery told CBC News he was hopeful that Nicholson would decide to stay his extradition after he turned himself in.

Emery has said previously that he made the plea agreement with U.S. prosecutors so that his two co-accused — Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams — would each be given two years’ probation and to avoid a criminal trial that could result in a prison sentence of up to 50 years.

Meanwhile, The Canadian Press is reporting that a briefing memo to Canada’s justice minister said a U.S. drug enforcement agent worked in Canada to secure U.S. criminal charges against Marc Emery.

The memo also said thousands of letters have been sent to government urging the minister not to extradite the pot advocate.

Emery said he isn’t surprised by the support because millions of people oppose the idea of Canada bending to American will.

– Article from CBC News.

Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot’ turns himself in for US extradition

by AFP

VANCOUVER, Canada — Canada’s self-styled “Prince of Pot” rallied supporters on Monday before turning himself in to Canadian authorities to be extradited to the United States to face a five-year jail term.

Marc Emery, 52, is alleged by US prosecutors to have sold more than four million marijuana seeds through the mail via his website. About 75 percent of the seeds went to US customers.

His wife Jodie Emery told AFP her husband expected to be extradited within “days or a week” after exhausting all legal challenges and an appeal for clemency to Canada’s justice minister.

“It?s absolutely devastating to think that I might not see my husband for five years,” she said. “It?s a harsh reality.”

The couple are still holding out hope that Emery may be allowed to serve his sentence in a Canadian jail to be near his family, if Canada’s Public Safety Minister Vic Toews consents.

“We hope to have him transferred here,” she said. Meantime, “I am going to keep busy by running our store and our website online, keeping the cause alive, rallying to bring him back home to Canada.”

Speaking outside the British Columbia Supreme Court before turning himself in, Marc Emery touted his activism to legalize marijuana as “the work of a great Canadian.”

As well, he downplayed his “so-called crime of selling seeds from my desk here in downtown Vancouver to consenting adults all over the world and in the United States.”

Marc Emery, who is the publisher of “Cannabis Culture” magazine and president of the British Columbia Marijuana Party, claimed Canada has five million to seven million pot smokers and he asked them to join his fight for freedom.

“I’m proud of what I have done and have no regrets,” he said, flanked by two dozen of his supporters and claiming to have millions more in Canada and the United States.

“I have told my supporters every Conservative member of Parliament (from the ruling party) should be hounded endlessly, unrelentingly and unmercifully until they are defeated in the next or following election.

“It’s to be a life project for them,” he said. “As long as I am incarcerated in the US or Canada they are not to give the members of Parliament any peace in my regards.”

Emery’s troubles started in 2005 when Vancouver police simultaneously raided his store and party headquarters at the request of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA claimed his operation generated nearly five million US dollars in profits annually and charged him and two co-defendants on three counts of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, marijuana seeds and money laundering.

No charges have ever been pursued in Canada.

– Article from AFP.

Video from YouTube.

Marijuana activist Marc Emery to be extradited to United States

by Stephen Thomson, The Georgia Straight

The wife of Vancouver pot activist Marc Emery says the decision to extradite her husband to the United States is a “dark scar on our Canadian sovereignty and justice system”.

Jodie Emery told the Straight by phone today (May 10) that Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has approved the extradition of her husband, who for six months had been on bail in Canada for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.

Read more at The Georgia Straight.

Canada’s ‘Prince of Pot’ to be extradited to U.S.

by The Montreal Gazette

VANCOUVER – Canada’s so-called Prince of Pot was ordered extradited Monday to face drug and money-laundering charges in the United States.

Marijuana entrepreneur and activist Marc Emery surrendered to authorities, leaving reporters and assembled friends with the words: “Go Canucks Go.”

Jodie Emery, a Green party candidate, said she was concerned for her husband’s future in a U.S. prison where he expects to spend at least five years for crimes associated with his marijuana seed-selling business.

The B.C. Court of Appeal said in 2008 that the appropriate sentence for someone convicted of selling marijuana seeds by mail was a month or two in jail, and a year’s probation.

Canadians are torn on Emery’s case. An online survey conducted last year found 46 per cent of respondents agree with extraditing Emery, while 48 per cent disagree.

– Article from Montreal Gazette.

Canadian extradited to face U.S. charges

by UPI

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 10 (UPI) — A Canadian marijuana activist will be extradited to the United States to face sentencing on drug and money-laundering charges, officials say.

Marc Emery of Vancouver, B.C., Canada’s self-proclaimed “Prince of Pot,” was given a five-year prison sentence last fall after pleading guilty to conspiracy to manufacture marijuana stemming from a mail-order business selling pot seeds from Vancouver to U.S. residents, The (Vancouver) Province reported Monday.

Emery, who has been out of jail on bail since November awaiting a decision on the extradition, turned himself in to Canadian authorities Monday.

Emery said he thought Justice Minister Rob Nicholson delayed his decision because extraditing Emery could be seen as a potential political liability for the Conservative government, the newspaper said.

“I think he would rather say yes if they had a majority government where there would be no repercussions, but we could have an election called in two weeks or even in the fall,” Emery said.

“I think there’s a great deal of shock and disappointment,” Emery’s attorney Kirk Tousaw said. “It’s clear to me that this is a deeply unpopular move by the Conservative government.”

Emery says he hopes to be transferred back to Canada to serve his time.

“If he sends me away, it will anger millions of Americans and millions of Canadians,” Emery said of the extradition order. “I need them to be angry, otherwise we won’t get any change on this drug war.”

– Article from UPI.

Vancouver MPs voice opposition to Marc Emery’s extradition

by Stephen Thomson

Two Vancouver MPs are decrying a decision to support the extradition of marijuana activist Marc Emery to the United States.

In 2005, Emery was arrested as part of a joint Canada-U.S. law enforcement effort on charges that relate to an alleged online marijuana seed-selling business based in Vancouver.

Emery had been out on bail for the past six months from the North Fraser Pretrial Centre. With the period of his release set to expire, Emery surrendered himself to authorities this morning (May 10) at the Vancouver courts to await a decision on extradition.

Emery’s wife, Jodie, told the Straight earlier today that she had learned federal justice minister Robert Nicholson approved an extradition order.

The decision has now come under fire from NDP MP Libby Davies and Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh. Both MPs tabled a 12,000-signature petition earlier this year in the House of Commons that opposed Marc Emery’s extradition.

“It’s about Canadian sovereignty,” Davies, the MP for Vancouver East, told the Straight. “Why would we cart off a Canadian to serve time in America for something he wouldn’t have been charged with in Canada? Now what we’re left with is trying to press that he at least be allowed to serve his time in Canada.”

Dosanjh, the MP for Vancouver South, told the Straight that Emery faces a “disproportionate sentence that he wouldn’t have received in Canada”.

“I believe in that case we as a country should ensure that he’s at least able to serve his sentence in a Canadian prison,” Dosanjh said. “He’s not a dangerous offender.”

The federal department of justice could not be reached for comment.

– Article from The Georgia Straight.



  1. Wesleypipes77 on

    That’s why everyone needs to start voting libertarian and bring true freedom back to our country. Even the major parties that will legalize are statists all about big government meddling in our lives more than necessary. This kind of bullshit amounts to nothing more than enforcing others morals on an individual who is an otherwise law abiding citizen and it makes me sick.

    But at least the Liberal government had balls enough to refuse to go to Iraq, the Conservatives can’t even tell the U.S. they won’t extradite a non violent minor offender who broke stupid laws that shouldn’t even exist this day and age that he would’ve received a small fine for under Canadian Law.

  2. Anonymous on

    im 1 of those unlucky americans that soon faces federal jail time also for weed my family soon will have to say goodbye to me and it kills me the feds already took 2 homes from me and pretty much made me homeless and my familys whole life changed within 2007 when i was raided byu over 35 agents that seemed alittle much of resources for little me the tank was a bit much to uncle sam what ws i gonna do put a ied by my driveway or something ok guys they kicked in the door we were asleep so of course i gave up with no kinda of resistence now im charged with conspiracy to distribute 100kgs or more because some snitch who fuckin told you i was the man becasue he ws scared to go to jail and the u put me and my family through hell some more waiting to charge me for 3 and a half more yrs the us federal system is broken forget the tax money ur wasting on us to go to jail it really isnt worth it trust me now im gonna come out way worst of a person trust me ive seen it over and over =bigger criminal on your hands in the making by the way they only really found 6 and ahalf lbs in my home

  3. Anonymous on

    thanks, not to mention some of you “non-tokers” really seem to be in your own deluted world (get in check).

  4. Anonymous on

    I dont know where you are from exactly or where you grew up but if you have any knowledge what so ever of North American Culture then you would know that some of the greatest leaders in history have smoked hashish, marijuana, opium, and peyote. So in all reality you must not know your head from your ass or you are just too freaking ignorant to understand the benefits of the medicinal use of marijuana. If you want to talk shit go on a site where people like cynical assholes that dont know their head from their ass and bark out a bunch of ill advised comments.Thanks

  5. what a wimpy fuct guy on

    SO, If I understand this correctly,

    Mark Emery decided to plead guilty, He said;{“YES I committed the crime, the USA has accused me of”} to the charges he was accused of. Instead of fighting the living hell out of the charges to which he was accused of. Mark decided to wimp out’ and say, ‘yes’ I did commit the crime you are charging me with, And I fully understand that I am going to jail for 5 years in America , if they were to ever to decide to extradite me, according to the laws Mark himself helped to have legislated by voting for the politicians he voted for in past elections. SO, Now that he, hired a lawyer who did not think of the :: (“WHAT If’s”???) such as; If i cop a plea to this, what are the potential ramifications of my doing so. Could this happen?,could that happen? and now that one of those WHAT IF’s?? actually did happen Marc & his Wife want to attack the entire political machine of conservative politicians. This is nothing more than Hippocrates on full out display. Because you were not smart enough to think through the very real possibilities of life, it is everyone Else’s fault. And now just because they have money and a platform marc’s wife is calling for the heads of everyone but the one person who did this to her. HER own lawyer, did this, Marc his did this and she did this. Put the blame where it should be put. The laws that he broke were put there by a collection of people representing society, it’s not their fault he decided to do what he did. It is not society who told him to help people smuggle pot seeds. MARC did this, not the conservatives. Not the guy who only followed the law and signed his extradition order. Marc chose not to fight, Marc chose to do what he did, and now his wife is mad, and lashing out at any and everyone in the world who doesn’t agree with {“exactly”} what she says should be to make HER LIFE NICE AND ROSEY.(WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE IN PRISON & THEIR CAUSES,WHERES SHE AT ON THEIR PLIGHTS?}}} I am only hearing her voice now that it is HER, SHE IS ONLY WILLING TO SPEND TIME AND MONEY on HER (((SELF CENTERED))))cause. how many protest has she led for the others in prison for their causes. I say , this. I like Marc, I like checking out the cool website, I like the possibility of pot being legal. But, I don’t like when people decide that they are going to punish others for their own short comings, they are endangering all of us, they are teaching us, that right and wrong don’t matter, laws don’t matter,except the one’s they like, the only laws that matter are the laws that don’t hinder their FEELINGS. Well, She refuses to consider the other side, she can’t even comprehend what the other side is, or stands for, because for her there is no other side, there is only what she feels is right’ “”today””. SO shit up stop all the crying, stop all the whining, stop all the false protest, If someone wants to be mad, they should be mad at MARC,Marc’s Lawyer, and anyone else who decided not to fight the charges to start with, MARC is the one who said in a court of LAW. YES your HONOR, I am GUILTY” you made your bed, lie in it. Everyone else is forced to do so, why not you. I like pot, but I have a bad taste for hypocrisy, it doesn’t go well with freedom. Oh one other thing, you are always spouting off about what pot does for people, I ain’t seeing a big story on how; “smoking a big ole fattie before having your legal meetings produced the additional brain power to come up with a defense to beat the charges, looks like; “someone got stoned before seeing their lawyer, and just sat there (STONED)& got FUCKED, from not being able to think with a clear and open mind. The several drug dealers I know who have done time, all said they could do 5 years sitting on their hands, They fessed up to what they did and said , YEA,I fucking did it and would do it all over again. Quit your crying, and man up.

  6. Anonymous on

    Any real cannabis user and one who knows the plant well know that Marc Emery’s seed bank were knock-offs… ? I think, not sure, but it is recommended that seeds be purchased directly from the original seedbank and not through 12 levels of distribution companies. As for buying weed like Marborough smokes. Another factor, maybe the government will make it automatic freebased liquid THC and dose it with all the same additives like tobacco, why is native tobacco illegal and not laced with chems? Why would anybody want to trust government controlled substances. The current plant tobacco under control is laced with tonnes of crap. We don’t want the government tampering with our herb!!! So homegrown is the only safe way, unless the bud is proven to be solid non-laced, not sprayed with pesticides. Fluoride in water, chlorine. NOBODY HAS ANY IDEA OF WHATS REALLY IN YOUR WATER SOURCES. IT’s ALREADY TOXIC!

  7. Anonymous on

    Harper is a Homophobic prick. All this hatred is directed towards a plant that represents the conservatives insecurities. Throw the bible in the trash you old stale overpaid white haired pastors!
    And Marc disrespecting politicians, who wants to give a politician respect? Not many. Someone needs to be straight up and not act like they are the others bitches. They don’t want to listen to Marc or the People, politicians don’t deserve respect and the one who is pissed about that factor gets no respect!

  8. Anonymous on

    Legalizing Marijuana could be the gateway to a new frontier for all.

    it was just lucky for you Marc Emery got sent up the river before pot was legalized,, because he would have sold dope like Marborough cigarettes – porn lottery tickets or Nigerian email scams,, In two years he would have grabbed the whole pot market and made billions of dollars molking the cash out of 10,000,000 stupid stoners — you saw the Marc Emery $25 single pot seed- Now imagine the Marc Emery brand gram of pot for $ 49.95 – and you gotta stare at his greasy dope bloated face to get it..

    all you lame brain stoners would have learned to hate Marc Emerys’ greedy exploitation of your sacred bud like you hate Ronald McDonald for making billions of hamburgers..

  9. Anonymous on

    “…because no one else in history has faced off against communist groups like the DEA….”

    the Prince of Booze Al Capone faced off against the US Givr Alcohol, Firearns & Tobacco and he dies of VD in jail. The prince of Cocaine Pablo Escobar faced off against the DEA and died in a hail of bullets on his own roof.

    There are dozens more – thousands who tried and died after they faced off against the Communist DEA- they are better know as the “Most Wanted ” list..most of themwill be captured and boxed forever -the rest of the Princes of Contraband will likely die messy deaths

  10. Jose Melendez on

    Contact law enforcement directly, ask if and how it is legal to continue arresting millions of Americans on the basis of a false claim!

    Cannabis and cannabinoids remain classified in Schedule I on the grounds that it has “no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”

    On Oct. 7, 2003, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded patent No. 6630507 to the Department of Health and Human Services(1), acknowledging those substances’ accepted medical use in treatment and accepted safety for use under medical supervision.

    Legal Marinol is a Schedule III synthetic chemical that works like THC, a psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. It is administered at 100 percent strength, around four times the strength of the best BC Bud, twice as strong as hashish.

    Correspondence to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General, may be sent to:

    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000

    Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line – 202-353-1555

    E-mails to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General, may be sent to [email protected]

    According to the Ontario Court of Justice, Canada’s laws against marijuana were found to remain unconstitutional(2) since Parker, in R. v. Long:

    Yes, thousands of emails may be ignored, but add dozens of well reasoned, articulate calls and letters a day and you have their attention. Of course, include your letterhead if you are an attorney, it gives them . . . pause.

    Remember: Call. Write. But be polite!


  11. Tyson Lutter on

    How often has our hero Marc Emery spoke out about the USA SS known as the DEA. I have read books on the US lead war and drugs and every book says the same thing. The war on drugs is a lie. The DEA lies again and again. They lie about legalization, about Canada, about “Marijuana is not medicine ” and on and on. See there lies for yourself <>. I personal have gave over $650 dollars to charities to end the drug war. Including $150 to Cannabis Culture.

    And the New Amsterdam Cafe rules!

    Fight on for Marc and our Culture!

  12. Ethan Huntley on

    Marc Emery should’nt be going to fucking jail over seeds the american government is stupid for making marijuana illegal do they not know how many people smoke that stuff or something because i know that if every god damn stoner from Canada and the U.S.A came out infront of the government they would think differently because they is a fuckload of us out there and this is bullshit that they think that they can do that marijuana isn’t that bad compared to all the drugs out there i honestly dont see the point in it being illegal its not like were getting high and committing crimes and shit like that most people when their high just wanna hang out and chill not destroy shit how does the government find bad in it? There is no bad side to it all it does is gets you high makes you want food then you burn out nothing else its not like the other drugs where it makes you want more and more and more it just makes you hungry thats about it its not addicting or anything like that so this is fucking pointless for them to make it illegal it just makes me wanna fucking leave this country because there being such assholes about this whole thing, its a plant its on this earth if god didn’t want it here it would’nt be here so FUCK THE GOVERNMENT LETS GET HIGH !

  13. Anonymous on

    You’re the piece of shit … in fact, it’s “pussies” like you that cave when the cops pull ya over, and you’re exactly the type of person who would rat on someone else to save your own skin. I know what Marc has done for the movement, and in a democratic society, we need people like Mr. Emery to make changes to nonsense laws. He deserves the title “Prince of Pot” because no one else in history has faced off against communist groups like the DEA. And in this so-called drug war, Marc deserves a purple heart for his bravery standing in the front lines defending YOUR right to consume this amazing plant. He has accepted his fate to protect the rights of pot users world-wide, even loud mouths like you.

  14. Anonymous on

    I’ve just lost the remaining hope that I had in our government (which, I can assure you was quite low). It’s now obvious that there is no such thing as freedom. Moreover, this is madness: Other counties are allowed to steal citizens and imprison them???

    What happened to our “democracy?”

  15. Anonymous on

    empower, dope!

  16. Anonymous on

    Drag this out forever. or at least tell we all have freedom!! At that point he would be innocent? Anyone hatters of mark; bend over sheep..

  17. Anonymouse on

    As far as “stoners” having 5 years to prepare for this.. we were all under the impression that this was NOT going to happen(extradition), after all its been 5 years.

    Oh come off it bud chump- facing serious international drug charges that Emery freely admits to , that his co accused ratted him oput on – and to which Emery agreed to plead guilty – and therefore…
    that he ended up getting extraditited to the USA IS A FUCKING SURPRISE TO YOU? You were under the impression it was not going to happen ?

    Holy shit American stoners are even more retarded than Canadian stoners-
    You call yourselves activists and all you can do is spread delusion memes and write _one _letter _per _year ? That is not functional activism pal , that’s wasting your life as a doped up Post -It Note.

    Enjoy your fail, you earned it

  18. Anonymous on

    I don’t know if they even COULD let him serve his sentence in Canada, because that would be a bizarre case of Emery serving a 5 year sentence for the same offenses that resulted in a mere 2 years community service for another Canadian.How could they justify that situation? In the US he’s completely out of their hair.

  19. Anonymous on

    The US already agreed to let him serve his sentence in Canada. Canada refused. The Canadian gov are out to get Emery and their whole goal is to keep him out of his own country for as long as possible. Obviously there’s no other reason to refuse transfer than personal malice against Mr. Emery. This will only compound their culpability in this case. The only other thing they could have done was to put a big fence across the border so he could never get back in. This is one of worst cases of human rights abuse ever perpetrated by Canada, and that’s a very long list. The pure evil just oozes out of Harper and Nicholson’s pores, not to mention the Liberals who started the whole thing. Canada is a real cesspool of evil, corruption and malice. They want to be just like big brother south and they’re real doing a good job at it. They’ve already been successfully sued for shit like this for millions, and that involved a Muslim. Now they’re doing it to natural born Canadians. Nobody is safe from them anymore.

    By the way, selling seeds to the DEA shouldn’t be a crime because they are federal gov agents and the feds can grow weed any time they want, on their legal farm in Mississippi. Surely the DEA wasn’t planning on breaking the law. If someone chose to grow the plants somewhere else, how is that Marc’s responsibility?

  20. Jose Melendez on
  21. parksvillain on

    Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to the Judge in Seattle. Hope it helps.

    Honorable Ricardo S. Martinez
    U.S. Courthouse
    700 Stewart Street, Suite 13134
    Seattle, WA

    Canadian Citizen charged with selling cannabis seeds online

    Dear Mr. Martinez,

    I am a Canadian citizen and I would like to kindly request that you please turn Mr. Marc Emery back over to Canadian authorities for sentencing by the Canadian Justice Department. This so-called crime is punishable by a maximum $200 fine in our country, and our government refused to charge Mr. Emery in this case. Instead, they complied with American DEA agents to raid Mr. Emery’s place of business in downtown Vancouver and have been terrifying him with prosecution ever since. This is not the first operation that the DEA have run in our country, as you are likely aware. U.S. DEA helicopters and personnel have been trespassing over our borders for years, at the expense of American taxpayers’ dollars and Canadian citizens’ health, safety and sovereignty.

    Please take this opportunity to reinforce that the political power of the federal DEA lies only within its own borders, not outside. Let we Canadians deal fairly with our own citizen who has never performed a violent act. The good people of America should do well to treat one of their allies with respect, for ordinary Canadians across the country are watching closely.


  22. 420Yuppie on

    Grow! Grow! Grow!…. give it all away to everyone!….lets extradite the conservatives!!!

  23. Jim on

    The ball-less political wonders to the north do want Marc in Jail!!! They just don’t want to do it themselves!!!! This just does nothing but piss off us conservatives. Marc did nothing wrong but supply a product that we could not get ourselves, so we bought it from Canada. We’re still buying seeds from Canada! We’ve got thousands of people dying each year on the southern border with real crime going on, and my government has nothing better to do than put a harmless man in jail for selling seeds. Tea Partiers unite if we can’t stop this how can we stop the other fucked up things our government is doing? Lets take back our country from the mad men that are running it.

  24. Anonymous on

    If they’re saying that he laundered money by sending it to various groups in the US then that would be a little different. Then everyone who accepted money from him is also guilty. Of course, they’d have to prove that the particular money sent was the money made from selling seeds and not the money made legally by selling other things. Nobody knows which batches of money came from which source so it would be an impossible case to prosecute.

  25. Anonymous on

    If canada wanted him in jail, he would have already been in jail….its the elites who want him in jail. Pot is a direct threat to their massive profits that they get from all the industries that could be replaced by pot…..oil, paper, textiles, building supplies, car making materials etc. etc. etc. PLUS it opens the mind and makes it harder to control people. Fluoride is a much more preferable drug along with aluminium, barium, mercury etc thats why they put it into our water, food and our air……I would much rather have pot smoke.

  26. the other greg williams on

    when one of us are chained, none of us are free.

  27. Anonymous on

    “Whoever, knowing that the property involved in a financial transaction represents the proceeds of some form of unlawful activity, conducts or attempts to conduct such a financial transaction which in fact involves the proceeds of specified unlawful activity—… etc”

    When the money was sent to Marc from US citizens Marc had no way of knowing how those funds had been earned by the people who sent them to him. That was clean money, presumably earned by somebody working at a job. Marc hadn’t sold the seeds yet so the money was not the proceeds of the act a crime at the time it was sent. AFTER Marc sent the seeds THEN the money was the proceeds of that act. Too bad for the DEA that money was already in Canada before any supposed crime had been committed. He may have been guilty of laundering money in Canada (though highly questionable), but US charges were completely bogus. No US citizen had any involvement with that money after it had become the proceeds of crime, if in fact it did, so Marc could not have conspired with an American to launder money, period. Nicholson extradited Emery on a charge that could not possibly have been supported by evidence. There simply was no evidence that Marc accepted money from across the border that he knew was the proceeds of crime. Thus, Nicholson flagrantly violated Emery’s civil rights and he’s a piss poor lawyer. THAT is the Justice Minister of a major western nation. Pretty appalling, huh?.

    As for the manufacturing, maybe, if selling seeds is conspiring to manufacture, in which case a lot of poppy seed sellers are on the hook. I think he may have conspired to help people grow weed in places where it is legal to do so, like that place in California where they are allowed to grow a 5×5 foot area. I’d like to know how anyone could positively prove that any particular marijuana came from any particular seed. Since Baghdadlian was selling seeds to the US at the same time as Emery, I think those seeds may have come from him instead. We’ll never know, because the US didn’t think his 3.5 million dollars worth of seed selling was a concern and Canada thought it warranted two years community service. THAT is the real kingpin who sent all those seeds to the US.

  28. Brad Dean on


  29. your mom!! on

    First off rude bastard, learn to spell! It is piece of shit, not peace…. Second, your post is rude, what has the man done to you? Disrespects politicians?? FUCK ALL of the politicians that had ANYTHING to do with this. Third, NEVER take someones kindness for weakness, when you devote your life to something, have a wife, getting 5 years without your wife, in a U.S prison, I would think that his tears are more of sadness than being a “pussy”. I think the world would be better off without you. You must be one of the conservatives that wanted this, so lastly FUCK YOU!

  30. Anonymous on

    I am in the U.S, and I must say, I am an activist and STONER and I have done everything I can. From carrying the word and informing people of what happened, what they could do to help, to personally sending more than 5 letters to both the ONDCP and Canadian authorities. That is all I could do, or knew to do.
    I understand that many “stoners” might not have done anything, if more did, we wouldn’t be in this predicament, The U.S would be decriminalized by now.
    As far as “stoners” having 5 years to prepare for this.. we were all under the impression that this was NOT going to happen(extradition), after all its been 5 years.
    as far as “stoners” knowing the exact day of reckoning and did nothing… What did you do?
    I understand everyone is upset, we in The U.S are too. So instead of talking about what DIDN’T happen, lets see what we can do. I agree with what you said, but don’t generalize every pot smoker as “stoner”. We have thousands of activists and smokers that did everything they could. We are in shock about this just as much as anyone else. The proper question we all need to ask is: What did I do? What can I do now, because what is done is done, it isn’t over, there are still things that can be done. GOD BLESS MARC and JODY EMERY!!

  31. Anonymous on

    One thing noticed….. Last night May 10 Steven Colbert had an interview with Gov. guest who was promoting the legalization of Marijuana, It was encouraged that it should be legal, less harm, no OD’s, not a gateway, it was said that it should be considered great for kids to know that it is a great plant, so they aren’t brainwashed into trying just to be BAD!!! They will comment on a few details about the herb, BUT THEY DIDN’T MENTION ANYTHING ABOUT HOW THE USA JUST EXTRADITED MARC EMERY the same day!!!!!! The interview was alright. This was disappointing, no offense to Steven, not sure if he knew about this factor, I like the show, but the Guest, didn’t say anything about it! Is Steven Colbert being told to keep his mouth shut???? When he critiques political events??? How could they forget this an on this same day!!!!! The guest should have mentioned this! Are they hiding it, or not informed because it is a Canadian citizen & not USA victim? It would have been perfect timing to show the world what is happening! PISSED OFF FOR SURE!!!!!!!! Sorry Steven… but were you really high when your guest asked, “Now who’s been smoking Marijuana here”??? He seemed afraid to smile! Paranoid like the rest of the country!??

  32. Dave on

    The conservatives are surely fascists but keep in mind that this all started during a liberal watch. What would happen if we voted for the Bloc? Can we even?

  33. serge on

    canada is just another state with its own money harper dont decide the us tells him what to do and he does it. easy to see isnt it i guess we should forget about all are laws and tell the law students of canada to learn the us laws because we dont need ours. sorry you have to go mark i will keep spreading the word until i die and i will not vote for conservative for sure and if only all pot smokers would go vote then mark would stay here

  34. Anonymous on

    Instead of promoting marijuana to our children, let’s promote alcohol, we live in a violent society and marijuana just doesn’t cut it. Better to have a nation of brain-damaged violent alcoholics than a nation of clear-thinking non-violent marijuana smokers. Try making alcohol illegal and watch the terrorists strike.

  35. TOKEN on


  36. Rude Bastard!!!! on

    Mr. Emery got just what he deserved. He is no good for Canada! I smoke a little Marijuana every now and then so I respect the movement but Emery is a foul mouth fool! He often disrespects many of the politicians that he now needs to help him. Marc Emery talks a lot of shit as a free man but cries like a pussy when he gets locked up. Canada is better off without that jerk off!

  37. rvlover on

    Hear! Hear!

    The GREAT news is that our conservative representative H.Geurgis, has been booted from caucus over numerous allegations of misconduct by herself and her husband R. Jaffer…the next GREAT news is that even a replacement conservative will never make it again in our riding, as most of my local voting friends will not stand for this type of kow-towing to US pressure, specifically allowing the US system to brow-beat our limp-wristed, supposedly leaders.

    And yes, we all partake, and will continue to plant as many seeds as possible on crown land!

    Hang in, Mark and Jodie, the times are a’changing.

  38. Firey Bob on

    Stoners won’t do anything effective about this except whine like girls
    Stoners never have done anything effective and they never will.
    Stoners have had FIVE YEARS to get ready for this moment
    Stoners knew the exact day of reckoning, but
    Stoners did … * N* O * T * H * I * N * G …

    Wanted Immediately: a new Prince of Pot with brains and functioning balls,
    size small mouth necessary, generous media exposure, bong provided.
    must enjoy spending long stretches of time in 8 X 12 cell

  39. Highcrimes on

    Holy SHIT! I am seriously Pissed now!

  40. Anonymous on

    Dale aloooo —. There will never comw a day when you can sit back and let the government raise your kids proper for you; you drunken, lazy pig.

  41. Anonymous on

    The second charge for which Emery was extradited was “conspiracy to distribute marijuana seeds in violation of Title 21, United States Code, 841(a)(1), 841(b)(1)(a) and 846 (count 2). Well, here’s what it says in that section;

    (D) In the case of less than 50 kilograms of marihuana, except in the case of 50 or more marihuana plants regardless of weight, 10 kilograms of hashish, or one kilogram of hashish oil or in the case of any controlled substance in schedule III (other than gamma hydroxybutyric acid), or 30 milligrams of flunitrazepam, such person shall, except as provided in paragraphs (4) and (5) of this subsection, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not more than 5 years, a fine not to exceed the greater of that authorized in accordance with the provisions of title 18 or $250,000 if the defendant is an individual or $1,000,000 if the defendant is other than an individual, or both.

    It was obviously less than 50 kilograms of seed so the highest penalty is 5 years and a fine. That’s why the US were eager to have Marc plead guilty and get only a five year sentence. That’s all they really CAN give him. They had nothing to lose by agreeing to the plea bargain. They still get the maximum sentence for that crime, 5 years, and they don’t even have to have a trial or get a jury together. Marc just makes their job a whole lot easier by pleading guilty. The charges of conspiracy to manufacture and money laundering would have resulted in not guilty verdicts because all of the US growers who supposedly implicated Emery obviously got some kind of favorable treatment in exchange for their testimony and Emery was the most obvious person for them to pin the seeds on, instead of their friend whom they really got them from. Any good lawyer could render that testimony useless. Also, where’s the evidence, the actual marijuana produced? They would have destroyed that by now after convicting the growers. Are we to believe that they have a room full of weed awaiting Marc’s trial? They got nothing, it’s all hot air. He couldn’t legally have been extradited for the charge of conspiracy to distribute marijuana seeds either, because such a charge doesn’t result in a sentence of two years or more in Canada. He also couldn’t be legally extradited for money laundering, for the reasons I gave in an earlier post on that subject. Marc should plead not guilty and take it to the Supreme Court, he can’t get more than the 5 years anyway. But of course he won’t. He’ll plead guilty and accomplish nothing.

  42. raychristl [email protected] on

    Marc would have Ayn Rand get an emotive heart and see altruism as an immortal pursuit. Marc’s film clearly shows that pathos is really needed to overcome injustice.It doesn’t come from the rational mind of Ayn Rand ,but the protest of righteous indignation. Get off our family butts and vigil-light..keep our World Saving Soma well light on July 4 at all NewWorldOrder locals. 5am until Noon…[email protected]

  43. ray christl thc ministry cambodia on

    All US-Canadian Embassy Locations Protest JULY 4th FREE MARC DAY FREE CANNABIS-HEMP. Pastor Ray says be bold for our leader and sacrament. Inside these places they celebrate an evil empire. We protest like MLK and gain a sense of immortality. Pastor Ray here in Cambodia to offer ibogaine and medical cannabis.Yes, our ministry to comfort with our love.All love and peace to Reverend Roger-Dennis and BIG JIM on Maui with Willie Nelson. OHANA ALOHA

  44. chill the fuck out on

    This is NOT A BAD thing. Extraditing Marc to the US will do nothing but bring more attention, and news coverage to the issue. Especially when they learn that the DEA disreguarded canadian sov. If people know he was facing a 200$ fine in canada and 5 years in the US, I beleieve it will anger lazy americans to the point of getting out and doing something about prohibition. Try not to overreact, its not like Marc was expecting to stay in canada. This will backfire on the DEA and the Conservative Govt in Canada.
    Peace and POT marc
    God Bless

  45. Anonymous on

    Here’s a quote from a July 29 2005 article by Jennifer Garner on the CC website (I used the “wayback machine” archive site) showing that the Vancouver cops believed that there was no law that Marc could have been charged with in Canada, yet now they claim there was dual criminality.

    “Vancouver Police spokesperson Howard Chow admitted that Emery’s selling of marijuana seeds “is not enough” for him to have been arrested by Canadian authorities acting on their own, and confirmed that the arrests came solely because the DEA had provided motivation and information that led to the raids.

    US officials indicated they had been studying Emery’s website and political statements, which contain candid and forthright information provided by Emery about what he sees as a way to use seed sales to fund a political movement.”

    Pretty clear evidence that the Canadian authorities knew that their Cannabis prohibition was unconstitutional and decided to extradite him to a country with Cannabis laws in effect. That, of course, is an illegal extradition. Or was Howard Chow a liar, along with the cop who publicly admitted at a press conference that the case was handed to the DEA because Vancouver cops knew laying charges there would fail in court.

    It’s all a very sordid tale of a government out to get a citizen and employing the justice system of another country to do it. Those blacked out pages say it all. They didn’t hand Richard Baghdadlian’s file to the DEA, although he too was sending seeds to the US at the same time as Marc and making just as much money. The only difference between the two cases is that Baghdadlian wasn’t using the money to fund Cannabis activism and politics but Marc was. Very clearly a case of political vendetta against Emery, especially right after he heckled the Drug Czar in front of Vancouver cops.

  46. Anonymous on

    This is a travesty of the highest order. If Emery is harmed in any way it should spell the end of not just Harper – but the whole “Conservative” Party. I can’t believe the stupid Canadian voter was duped by these fascist scuzbags. Bend over Harper, Obama just called.

    Harper=Wimp retard goof. Put him in jail!

  47. Anonymous on

    WE all must let our governments know that what they did is not right. Let us all brake this law. I am looking now for the white house address I going to send Obama seeds ,I think we all should .I am doing this with my return address Let them come and get me.Let us over run there jails with peaceful pot smokers.Come on people lets do it. We must do something they are trying to win here and they are treating us like SH(*. We can not allow this to happen .So get some seeds and send them to the whit house and ottawa .It is time I stop only reading about ,it is time I did some thing.
    I am going to spread the word to send seeds to our government every where I can . We owe it to Marc.

  48. Anonymous on

    This whole thing is really upsetting.
    I encourage everyone who has ever enjoyed smoking weed to always think about this.
    Every time you light up, say a little prayer for Marc, and curse the evil, self-righteous, thieves who are selling our sovereignty.
    I appeal to God, and whatever powers that be, natural and supernatural, to bring swift punishment to those responsible for this injustice.
    Our collective will will make it so.
    Imagine a hammer of justice coming down and hitting hard.
    Now imagine a million hammers, beating endlessly, demanding justice.
    Thank you Marc, for your bravery, and honesty, and for standing up for our rights and freedoms.

  49. Milton on

    I think Mark can claim sovereignty “you don’t recognize state or federal court”…he would be set free ! Just trying a search or to on sovereignty See what I can find….

  50. foam on

    as soon as we know which court. Judges will not honor pleas sometimes. Long Live Marc!!

  51. Anonymous on

    This really gets me mad. I truly believed that Canada was a country of justice and hope. Actually, I still believe that. The Conservatives need to GET OUT OF POWER. They’re enforcing unwritten policies and creating a society of injustice. It makes me sick. This will only fuel the fire of legalization. STUPID.

  52. Anonymous on

    Contact your local news stations, and request more coverage on Marc Emery, and on the Marijuana movement….I beleive the more publicity we get on marijuana , the better.

  53. Graham on

    It seems that once again the conservative government fails to accept that fact the the MAJORITY of Canadians who voted in the last election did NOT vote for them. They continue to push their unwanted policies on us, and it had better make us mad as hell. Canadians need to re-claim our country from this failed government clinging to American polices that have been PROVEN to not only be in-effectual, but counter-productive. Stephan Harper is a joke, and belongs in some cut-throat oil company position, not in parliament.

  54. Dave on

    How dare you compare us to rapists! Prohibitionists are the rapists! Are you a closet prohibitionist?

    Marc this is unbelievable, I’m speechless; my thoughts are not as pure as Ghandi’s!

  55. Blazemonkey on

    …fighting the good fight down south. i hope you get the same respect as you did from the canadian inmates. if you are able to put in a few podcasts to let us know how things progress, please do!

  56. Anonymous on

    Marc will get the last laugh! The next election will send to Conservatives down the road of political pensioners.

  57. persecutedinalberni on

    No it is not good and your son will smoke it no matter what legal or not,sounds like you both need to educate yourself.

    Marc is a freedom fighter same as another great guy that just passed away last month who wrote a book called ” The emporer wears no clothes”, please read it.

    You can find it online too,it’s all about education not brainwashing.

  58. overgrow232 on

    You can’t just as you can’t overrape a country. if thousands of rapes occured every day the police wouldnt just say they give up its too hard to catch them all. this is the wrong technique to legalize the drug. the only real way to get it done is to build yourself up in ranks behind the scenes and overthrow from the inside. many have tried this but along the way they have become corrupt themselves and lost sight on what real matters. in the end we’re all dead all we leave behind is our legacy. i commend marc on his ability to sound coherent and fight well thought out arguments while completely blasted. i for one could barely type this comment after smoking just a small amount.

  59. Tiffany on

    The Canadian government has been infected with the US drug war madness.
    The Canadian people need to reclaim their country.

  60. Dale allo on

    I’m glad he’s going to prison. Hopefully now my son will stop smoking this crap and see where he’ll end up. This drug culture has caught many kids in its web and ruined many minds and potential careers. Won’t anyone think of the children instead of themelves and their “right” to warp their brains?

  61. Anonymous on

    Join the world wide protest SATURDAY MAY 22nd 2010 at NOON, outside the US Consulate 360 University Ave Toronto to help liberate Marc Scott Emery from being Extradited to Amerikkka… Protest with us, in person or from home, Anything to Help Get Thousands of People To Call The Justice Minister Rob Nicholson… Monday is Extradition Decision Day…

    Bring Signs, Posters, flags, flyers… Handbills in car windows at every red light, signs that read Call The Justice Minister for Marc Emery

  62. castklearr on

    I did 11 months in Cowansville for importing 22 lbs of hash into Montreal Canada from Afghanistan in 1974. I was avoiding my country as I thought Canada was easier to fool!

    In Cowansville I asked the prison cleric why were they picking on me as lots of people smoke hash in Canada even the jailers? His reply said it all.


    It has everything to do with stealing Marc’s money!


    Sorry Mark and I bet they hand you back to do your time in Canada!

  63. Anonymous on

    shame on lapdog poodle fascist fundamentalist tarsand demon harper and his konservatives caving into the DEA and washington, the epicentre of evil, slavery, manipulation, greed and kontrol.

  64. Anonymous on

    Notice this part of the money laundering law;

    “knowing or believing that all or a part of that property or of those proceeds was obtained or derived directly or indirectly as a result of
    (a) the commission in Canada of a designated offence; or
    (b) an act or omission anywhere that, if it had occurred in Canada, would have constituted a designated offence.”

    The alleged offences were between the years 2001 and 2005. In 2001 Canada’s marijuana prohibition laws were declared unconstitutional in R. v. Parker. Since that time, no police asked him to stop selling Cannabis seeds or anything until the DEA showed up in 2005. Point being that Marc did not know or believe that he was breaking the law between 2001 and 2005, therefore he wasn’t money laundering. The below quote from an article in 2003 showing that Marc really believed that Cannabis was legal in Canada;

    “Cannabis Culture publisher Marc Emery was arrested on July 9, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, at about 4:20pm, during the first stop of what was planned to be a 16 city cross-country freedom tour.
    Before leaving for Winnipeg, Emery declared his belief that recent court decisions in Ontario, which have legalized possession of marijuana in the province, apply equally across all of Canada.

    “Cannabis possession is not an offense known to law anywhere in Canada,” said Emery, announcing that he would begin his cross-country “Summer of Legalization Tour” with Winnipeg, Manitoba, and then go to Dauphin, Regina, and then on to other cities.”

  65. BENNY on



    I WILL MAKE PRAYER FOR YOU MARC, I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. BENNY on




  67. Anonymous on

    “The term ‘money laundering’ is typically used to refer to any financial transaction that is not kept transparent.”

    My point exactly. Emery’s activities were completely transparent and open. How can that be regarded as money laundering in Canada? Why was Richard Baghdadlian not charged with money laundering? His case is a perfect twin of Marc Emery’s, except Baggy wasn’t a highly visible Cannabis activist. A good lawyer could tear Nicholson a new one over this case. Get Edward Greenspan. Make him work on commission. A million dollars of the settlement should do him.

  68. maryjanesuncle on

    Damn it all, my heart breaks

  69. Anonymous on

    If they try to say that he converted the seed money to a leased car and apartment, they would have to prove that he paid for that with the seed money and not the money he made selling perfectly legal growing equipment, books etc in Canada. How is giving the money away concealing or converting it?

  70. Anonymous on

    Nicholson extradited Emery for charges of money laundering and selling cannabis seeds, exactly as worded in the original US request. Problem is that selling Cannabis seeds is not a two year prison sentence crime in Canada at this time. It’s been firmly established that no more than a month in prison is ever given for that charge in Canada. So that’s screwup #1. Here’s screwup #2. He also extradited him for money laundering. Emery is guilty of that charge in the US, because they consider simply sending money across the border to be money laundering. Not so in Canada. Here’s the section of the Criminal Code;


    Laundering proceeds of crime
    462.31 (1) Every one commits an offence who uses, transfers the possession of, sends or delivers to any person or place, transports, transmits, alters, disposes of or otherwise deals with, in any manner and by any means, any property or any proceeds of any property with intent to conceal or convert that property or those proceeds, knowing or believing that all or a part of that property or of those proceeds was obtained or derived directly or indirectly as a result of
    (a) the commission in Canada of a designated offence; or
    (b) an act or omission anywhere that, if it had occurred in Canada, would have constituted a designated offence.”

    The operative words being “with intent to conceal or convert that property or those proceeds”. Marc never attempted to conceal or convert the money he made from the seeds. Quite the contrary, he openly stated on his tax return how much money was earned and what he did to earn it, then he remitted the taxes owing. That doesn’t look like a money launderer to me, under the Canadian definition.

    So at least two out of three of the offences that he was extradited for lack the required dual criminality. That’s probably why the US wanted to have the extradition be for just Cannabis trafficking. They probably investigated it themselves and realized the flaws I just mentioned. Even if Emery pleads guilty to only one of those charges, he was still extradited for all three. Therefore, his s.7 Charter rights have been violated. BTW, here’s a nifty picture I made showing who Rob Nicholson was separated from at birth.

  71. judge dread on

    the USA will be comming for you next .then your oil reserves .poor canada poor poor canada.just another mexico .pray for marc

  72. DiamondInDaRuff on

    make these government people to change their minds….Marc belongs home with his family…………..the tears are flowing so much I xan’t see the keyboard…I am so sorry, I wanted a different outcome for Marc, for you all up there…..we will keep trying for you!!!!!!!!!!!! from Boca Raton, FL

  73. Jeanne Miron on

    Harper and the conservatives just did a very bad move, our justice minister is not standing up for our JUSTICE. Marc Emery only sold seeds of marijuana, while Health Canada sales Sativex spray(marijuana oil) at a very expensive price to ill and invalid patients!! Health Canada explain clearly in the pamphlet medical information for Sativex that marijuana is a very good medication. Shame on them!! I am disgusted by all of this bullying and non-sense of the Conservatives. We all know it is lobbyists and big corporation profit behind this, wich big compagny is paying off the Conservatives on this one?? Wich politicians will fill up their bank accounts and are selling their souls for money?? I can confirm one thing and it`s that many people are well informed about this case and Rick Simpsons case plus Lisa Kirkman also.
    Marc is right when he says many Canadians and USA citizens are behind him, a big wave is passing and our gouvernment better take this in note!!!
    Harper et les conservateurs viennent de faire un mauvais choix, notre ministre de la justice a l obligation d etre derriere nous, citoyens Canadiens. Marc Emery a vendu des graines de marijuana seulement, tandis que Sante Canada vends a nos citoyens invalides et tres malades du Sativex(huile de marijuana) a un prix exhorbitant et derisoire. Sante Canada explique clairement dans un pamphlet donner aux patients que la marijuana est un excellent medicament. Quel hypocrisie de la part des Conservateurs de ne pas devoiler les informations medicales scientifiques sur cette plante medicinale.
    Je suis ecoeurer de toute cette hypocrisie, bavage et non-sens du gouvernement Conservateur.
    Quel politicien vient de se faire payer par une grosse corporation ou lobbyist? Qui vient de vendre son ame pour grossir son compte banquaire?
    Il y a presentement enormement de gens au courant de cette histoire , du cas de Rick Simpson ainsi du cas de Lisa Mamakind.
    Marc Emery a tout a fait raison quand il affirme que beaucoup de citoyens Canadiens et Americains le supportent, il y a une grosse vague de connaissances qui s agrandit de jour en jour.

    Free Marc Emery…La liberte pour Marc Emery.

  74. Mary on

    Time to vote the Conservative shit heads out of power.


    Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a territory. It can be found in a power to rule and make law that rests on a political fact for which no purely legal explanation can be provided. The concept has been discussed, debated and questioned throughout history, from the time of the Romans through to the present day, although it has changed in its definition, concept, and application throughout, especially during the Age of Enlightenment. The current notion of state sovereignty was laid down in the Treaty of Westphalia (1648), which, in relation to states, codified the basic principles of territorial integrity, border inviolability, and supremacy of the state (rather than the Church). A sovereign is a supreme lawmaking authority.

    HA, Canada is just another U.S territory! This completly proves it.


  76. Anonymous on

    Canadian government has truely failed to protect a canadian citizen from a petty charges from big brother. So when are we going to demand the extradition of americian citizens for unpaid parking or even speeding tickets? Were not because the conservative is absolutely spineless when it comes the US DEA…. Over grow the government!!

  77. Dave on

    I don’t think it really matters? As the Jews were, we are the modern day scapegoats. Fascists need us where we are, they use us to build fear and loathing in our communities. Just as the bullies voted for the Nazis they will continue to vote conservative because Harper and Nickel-Son provide an official outlet for their hatred. They can’t legally direct their hatred towards Gay People so they need us vulnerable! FUCKING WORMS!

  78. Jim on

    I’m a US citizen and I don’t want one thin dime of US tax dollars going to incarcerate Marc Emery. If Canada wants to put him in jail then they should pay for it. We are spending to much money to put this man in jail for selling marijuana seeds. This is not the time to spend money unwisely. How much is it going to cost the US to put him in jail for 5 years?

  79. meyer on

    I’m proud to be an activist for legalizing Marijuana. I support Marc and his crusade 100%. This is another nail in the coffin for the conservatives. The Marijuana movement is on and it has a lot power. We can thank Marc for that. Legalization for rec. and med. use is on the ballots in the USA. A lot of conservatives are coming out of the closet now and supporting legalization. I don’t think Marc will be in jail to long. There’s just to much public support for Marc and his crusade. The American people have spoken and the government is not only listening there also changing there views. Legalizing Marijuana could be the gateway to a new frontier for all.

  80. Sparkky on

    Marc has te U.S. Government exactly where he wants them. This isn’t the end! It’s just the beginning of Marc’s fight from inside a U.S. courtroom. Now this is where to get things done. Take it to the supreme court now! Good Luck Mr. Emery! If that doesn’t work, I hope you get 2 for 1 credit at least, for the time spent in jail up until now!!

    All jokes aside, I feel totally betrayed by my legal system that put you in this position. The punishment far surpasses the severity of the crime. You don’t deserve one day in an american jail. I Promise to do all I can to get it legalized while you are away.

  81. Dude on

    Since it is illegal for a member of the cabinet to extradite someone for political purposes – and – since he has – why don’t we have an old fashioned Hanging? I think if we were to execute the justice minister, the rest of the cabinet would follow. If we encounter resistance, well – we’ll just have to have us an old fashioned revolution. The kind where we hang EVERYONE in government and start from scratch.

    I’m all for it!! Just tell me where and when to show up: [email protected]

    I can’t wait to hang that son of a bitch!

  82. CJ3 on

    You can see how this world is set up now…murderers and torturers like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Stephen Harper, and Tony Blair walk free, wealthy, empowered. People who sell seeds for plants go to prison. People, it is far more than about marijuana. It is like the movie Avatar. Those of us who love mother earth, plants, freedom, entheogens, and who oppose the capitalist war machine of violence and consumption- we are the Na’vi. Our oppressors are the same military-corporate-governmental evil ones who were destroying Pandora in Avatar. It is more than about Marc, or marijuana. It is the final battle between good and evil. It is time for all of us to fight back against the police state of capitalism, globalization and the oligarchy.

  83. Anonymous on

    The conservatives are really the worst kind of government. They try to set exemples of whats good and bad whats moral and whats not based on their personal preferences and personal taste.They want to show Canadians that if you sell seeds or deal with marijuana youre going to go to jail no matter what.Harper can keep singing I get high with a little help from my friends….but he has no friends….only enemies now….
    I am so revolted and disgusted by what this governemnt does to protect one of its own citizen who has educated worlwide the people with the benefits of marijuana. This government has done nothing but absolutely nothing.
    I just pray that the people in the US who judge Marc Emery will see what this conservative government up north does to its own citizen.
    Disgusting,absolutely disgusting fucking country of my ass…

  84. Anonymous on

    Ignorant SOB’s can’t open their eyes, who is the Government trying to impress with this!!! ONE old goof who been around since 1912 in the dying bed of the oldest political left????? ? GOD or SATAN? The DEA, THE SWAT, THE THE FBI, THE FEds, The CIA, They Are All Terrorists!!!!!!!! Their own ego’s of false security. Brainwashed disgrace of humans, greedy bastards can’t give up their pride because they’re sucking Barracks Black Knob like fairies,… who wear boots in combat war loving passions for death full of HOmos in bunkbeds like prisons filled with sardines, their fear of death from overlords, nature, they’re too ashamed government has been in war for their entire presence, Who is “they”…? the human race is a war machine on its own, in the Matrix “humans are a disease” Eat your corpses you war loving pricks, 50 billion dollars per nuke is what they live for! SUck the cartels cocks for ever, hospitals are filled with cocaine!!!!! Your patients are filled with fatal chemical medication, morphine, codeine, heroin and their pockets just keep on getting fatter at the cost of peasants slavery from robots who are forced to work for less than half their income and not free or brave!!!! Even on top of the rest of the worlds problems, progress is only towards the technology advancing evolution and keep the people out of it. There better be a solution for this outraged unnecessary event that has been forced upon Marc Emery and Canadians!!!!!!!! ANd a PLANT… which proves the government can never overpower this AMAZINGLY RIGHTEOUS SACRED PLANT – MARIJUANA!!!!!!! BEEN AROUND BEFORE EVERY LOST CIVILIZATION AND WILL OVERPOWER THIS CIVILIZATION! NO DOUBT!

  85. Anonymous on

    Wow! I really didn’t expect this. I’m still trying to figure out how the sentence fits the crime.
    I remember a comment Marc had made about the marijuana legalisation movement needing more support from the later generations. He’s totally right! We all need to spread the word to get as many people as we can to support this.
    We need big numbers at rallies, we need more to write and call politicians, we need people to be properly educated and their fears dispelled and most of all we need to stand up for our rights!
    Marc is going to jail and bill S-10 is on the table…What’s next?
    Our shops closing? Our websites shutting down?

  86. Anonymous on

    There are no more nations. There is no Canada or United States. There is only DuPont, and Standard Oil, and big Pharma. These are the real nations, these are the real culprits.

    Quazi quote from the movie Network. I think it serves as a reminder of who really outlawed this plant so many years ago to gain a competitive advantage in the paper/medicine/clothing/the 101 other things marijuana can be used for industry.

    But even is Canada is a puppet government doing the will of a larger puppet government, how pathetic is that? Canada, the United States declares you her bitch, now hand over Marc Emory!

    Sorry your country has no balls Marc…

  87. Anonymous on

    Nicholson is not the Prime Minister he is the Justice Minister. Doesn’t change the fact that both he and Prime Minister Harper are ideological criminals themselves and they are ruining our country!!! If your Canadian get out and vote in the next election and do what you can to get your friends out to vote and lets get rid of them. The sooner the better!!! Vote for the Green Party!!!

  88. Rip Torn Overkill on

    This is absolute nonsense no canadian should ever have to go to an american prison for crimes…. (if they should even be called that) committed in canada… shame on you prime mininister nicholson for not treating your citizens like canadians… I say your a cowardly individual who is not progressing to the current times… who blindly makes decisions without thinking how it affects others… Has things to hide cause all you christians do…. I see it in my line of work… These neo nazi christians who venture into adult bookstores like vultures to suck cock…. Your all fags… In the worst sense well… This is bullshit… Your going to pay you anti marijuana reformers… cause there’s thousands of us marc emerys now… Peacful…. Caring… Manipulative individuals who are going to be making the new rules for you guys now….. Whether you like it or not

  89. Dave on

    What a hateful worm. Now I see how some Germans supported the Nazi party. Conservatives like Nazis promote hate and intolerance; go ahead vote for them and when they come for your kids, it will be to late.

  90. pissed off man on

    Our Conservative government are complete cowards, puppets to the USA. I am so [email protected]#$% pissed off right now……5 years for selling seeds!?? Child molesters get off much easier!!

  91. renney b. on

    this is the day it all goes down marc ‘prince of pot’ remember brother the worldwide cannabis community is with you… we are a peaceful movement that is being robbed of one of its leaders by aggressive dictators; like jesus, gandi, martin king and jack herer your name will be numbered with the legends… jodie should take courage like all the great women of this movement, keep on holding up the cannabis flag for we shall overcome one day…

  92. Anonymous on

    on behalf of the american people i want to say sorry for letting our government bully the canadian government into turning over marc to the US. i feel mostly sorry for jodie. F#$%^ this what is the world coming to when a country would just seel one of its citizens down the river. WTF? sorry justy soo angry

  93. Anonymous on

    This is bullshit! Marc, I’m so sorry the Canadian government has failed you and it’s citizens.

  94. ToxicSludge on

    This is a total travesty and an outrage by both the American AND Canadian govts.Being an American I am fully aware that this whole thing is nothing more then bullshit payback.I just don’t understand WHY would the once sensible Canadian govt bow down to bully politics?!?I will do my feeble best to stop this but I’m afraid more has to be done on the north side of the border.I am so ashamed of my govt for even wanting this,which I can assure you good people we American citizens DO NOT WANT THIS…….NEVER DID.This is a very sad day indeed.Not only for Marc and his wife,but for all people who just want freedom from big brother and their prison machine.I am deeply sorry this had to happen.