There Will Be A Day: Speech at the State Capital

This is a speech I gave for the Texas Cannabis Crusade at the State Capital in Austin, Texas.

It’s short but gives hope.



  1. Paddy on

    Very well written, I’m impressed

  2. Anonymous on

    awesome speech!

  3. Andrew S Thomas on

    Good job Barry Cooper! Right in front of the capitol building. I believe you will come out ahead in this battle. Many thoughts and prayers to you and your family. And that your son will soon be returned.

  4. Anonymous on

    Good speech Barry, very well written.

  5. Anonymous on

    very well done barry.

  6. Alan W on

    Stay strong Barry and Candi. What’s currently happening to you and your family is an obvious unconscionable tragedy. The light is being shone on these types of injustices more and more these days, thankfully. I’m astonished just how far some will go to keep the status-quo criminalization of a plant that’s considerably less harmful than wine; especially when all the peer-reviewed experts along with the majority of studies have stated that cannabis should be legalized and taken out of the criminal realm.