Liberal Democrats Want To Legalize Cannabis in UK

CANNABIS CULTURE – UK’s Liberal Democrats, polling higher than ever in the lead-up to a federal election, want to remove criminal penalties for cannabis possession and allow Dutch-style cannabis cafés.

Internal party policy documents leaked to the UK’s Daily Mail suggest permitting possession, social supply to adults and cultivation for personal use. The release of the documents follows an internal party vote to make it “no longer a crime for the occupier or manager of premises to permit someone to use cannabis on those premises.”

According to the Daily Mail, “cafe owners could allow customers to smoke the drug outside or buy ‘hash brownies’ and vaporised cannabis.”

The news is exciting UK’s cannabis community as the Liberal Democrats, who have for years been a fringe party with little popular support, have recently been thrust to the position of possible political kingmaker due to voter dissatisfaction with the reigning Labour and Conservative parties and a great performance in election debates by party leader Nick Clegg. The Liberal Democrats are expected to win up to 80 MP seats in the UK’s general election on May 6, 2010.

The Liberal Democrats were the first major party in the UK to support marijuana legalization according to the BBC and have assured voters that they would stop cannabis prosecutions if elected. Clegg has in the past suggested that heroin and other drugs should be legalized and regulated as a way to reduce harm and crime. He said drug prohibition restricts “individual freedom and civil liberties” and has argued that drug offenses should not lead to imprisonment.

As a Member of the European Parliament in 2002, Clegg advocated partially decriminalizing the sale of cannabis and taking measures to “make the fight against organised crime and trafficking in narcotics and psychotropic substances more effective, by establishing a system of legal control and regulation of production, sale and use of currently illegal substances.”

“We need a total overhaul of the system so that classifications are based on facts rather than the prevailing mood of tabloid newspapers or home secretaries,” he said in 2007 as the Home Office was reviewing drug policy. “If you’re interested in reducing harm, you need to revisit the spectrum of drugs, both legal and illegal and categorize them according to the evidence.”

“We will always base drugs policy on the independent scientific advice of experts,” a Liberal Democratic spokesman told the press in response to the leaded documents.

The Liberal Democrats have provided more information about their planned drug policy in letters to party members – CLICK HERE for detailed information about the Liberal Democrats drug strategy.

UK cannabis consumers: Make informed choices and don’t forget to VOTE on MAY 6, 2010!



  1. Anonymous on

    well this barrel bottom political party is now sharing government 😀

  2. ray christl [email protected] on


  3. Anonymous on

    Cops love incarcerating non violent cannabis users

  4. ray christl on

    Mr. Nick Clegg has my vote from Phnom Penh. This new class of logical politicos should be praised and financially supported by CC family.Its taken decades, but finally good science that’s also shaped with equanimity helps to evolve a fine leadership model. Legalize in UK and California it will quickly come to Cambodia. Pastor Ray [email protected]

  5. Anonymous on

    Finally a party with some sense on this issue, keeping cannabis illegal does nothing but harm to this country. It does not cause brain damage, lung cancer nor is it addictive or a gateway drug.

    Legalizing it would see a reduction in crime rates as well as violence from alcohol it would stop the blending of hardcore and softcore drugs on the Black Market and could be taxed the hell out of.

    I’m so sick of the social stigma and general ignorance that surrounds this plant.

    (: Vote Lib Dems

  6. Terry Tunes on

    Barrel bottom political parties tend to offer to legalize marijuana
    in order to sign up the millions of never vote stoners.
    Its something the bigger parties can;t do, but the little sketchies
    claim they can because we must and together we should ha!
    Marc Emery tried the same pot-as-bait trick with his Marijuana Party
    and look where that got him ?
    Nobody deserves jail for simple possession,that’s pretty much agreed
    but maybe grossing $15,000,000.00 vending seeds internationally
    well ….. maybe yes, a few years in the cooler just might refresh priorities
    – but not life in jail..

  7. Anonymous on

    Why don’t we have a branch of the LD party in Canada? All we have are shit parties. The only real alternative party we have is the Green Party, and who’s going to waste a vote on them? The simple fact that their name is Green tells us that they are a one issue party and everything else will be secondary to environmentalism. We need a real political party that can make the changes needed for a modern civilized society. It ain’t 1867 anymore and we can’t afford to give one person carte blanche over the nation, that that totalitarian nerd Harper. Nobody sees the Green party as people who are competent to govern a nation. They couldn’t even think up a name that doesn’t make them sound like an irritating composting commercial, how are they going to get enough brains together between them to govern the nation? Sorry Greens, I know you mean well but it obviously isn’t working. I don’t see a sudden surprise turnaround for the Greens. I see more of the same until doomsday. Conservatives, followed by Liberals and NDP with the Greens coming in a distant 4th or 5th. After several years of that I would think the Greens would realize they’re doing something wrong. Here’s a clue, don’t call a party anything that brings anything to mind other than lower taxes. That rules out “Marijuana” and “Green”, both of which have failed miserably. Those bring to mind controversial subjects.

  8. Anonymous on

    See how powerful your vote actually is WITHOUT electoral reform:

    “In fact, statistical analysis by the nef (the new economics foundation) shows that one person in the UK does not have one vote…

    …it’s more like 0.25 votes.”

  9. Anonymous on

    I keep hearing a lot of good things about the Liberal Democrats. They sound like possibly the most libertarian major party in any country.
    Unfortunately, they’ve also been pushing hard to introduce proportional representation into Britain, which would benefit the party, at least in the next few elections (but perhaps not if the political map changes someday), but it would mean a total end to real democracy in the UK. Proportional representation turns all politicians into slaves of the party bosses (which is prevalent enough in a parliamentary system), and completely removes any choice for MPs from the voters.