Medical Marijuana Outlet To Open in Maple Ridge

Monday’s open house for Maple Ridge’s [British Columbia] first legal marijuana dispensary will be a chance to meet the neighbours.

“We won’t be providing any medicine on our first day,” said Michael Johnson, director of Always Growing Green Society.

Sales will begin Tuesday.

Johnson said today’s opening is designed to introduce “our neighbours in the community . . . to our new business,” in the 11600-block 224th Street.

Today’s event also will provide an opportunity for patients to sign up to become members of the first medical-marijuana

dispensary in the district.

All members must have documentation from Health Canada or a registered physician.

There is no smoking allowed on the premises.

The society will also deliver supplies of medical marijuana to patients who need the drug and are in hospitals and hospices, as well as those who are housebound by illness.

There are six medical-marijuana dispensaries in B.C. — four in Vancouver and two in Victoria.

“We expect to have a good relationship with the police,” said Johnson.

“None of the other diwspensaries in the province has had any legal troubles and we are following the same strict protocols that they have established.”

– Article from The Province.