Pot Activist Unrepentant Despite Pending Jail Term

Although he could be facing a trip to a U.S. prison next week, marijuana activist Marc Emery is unrepentant.

“No government has the right to outlaw and put people in jail for a peaceful, honest lifestyle choice,” Emery, who has been arrested 26 times on marijuana or related charges, told CTV’s Canada AM Friday. “And that’s how we think of marijuana.”

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Emery, 51, was indicted by American authorities in 2005 on drug and money-laundering charges stemming from his lucrative mail-order pot-seed business run out of Emery’s Vancouver book and paraphernalia shop, which also doubled as B.C.’s Marijuana Party headquarters.

Charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering were later dropped in exchange for his guilty plea on the charge of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

He has agreed to a plea bargain that would send him to a U.S. prison for a five-year sentence in connection with his $3-million a year marijuana seed catalogue business, which sold mostly to American.

“The whole idea was for me to provide more marijuana than could possibly be eradicated by the governments of the world,” Emery said. “I’m probably responsible for millions and millions of pounds of marijuana every year.”

Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has yet to formally approve Emery’s extradition and must do so by May 10.

Emery says thousands of supporters, many of them from his Marijuana Party, have written the minister to urge him not to send him south of the border.

“I didn’t sell marijuana ever in my life: I’ve only sold seeds … and when you make laws against seeds, something really central and vital to life, then you know that your government is a tyranny.”

Emery will be in Toronto on Monday to speak to the Global Marijuana March and to urge the city’s pot activists to keep up the pressure to legalize marijuana.

“History has got to be made and I feel like I’m the unique Canadian who perhaps can push it just over that tipping point and make marjana legal,” he told Canada AM. “The Canadian people support the legalization of marijuana.

– Article from CTV News.



  1. Anonymous on

    I think the whole marijuana situation has been blown out of proportion. That plant was here on earth before man, and to make something like that illegal is extremely retarded !!! What are they gonna do start trying to kill every plant on this earth that makes you feel a little good or whatever ? Narcotics are far worse, hell, they are killing celebrity’s off left and right, and not counting the no body’s that die of pain perscriptions on a daily basis !!! Get rid of man made drugs and let the natural ones alone !!!!!

  2. Anonymous on

    This is actually a very important point so I will add a little more to it. The issue here is the national security of the USA. Why was it not only possible, but easy, for Marc Emery to sell seeds to US customers through ordinary mail post? They claim that Marc sent huge numbers of these seeds and they all got through. Then years later the DEA starts griping about Emery being one of their biggest drug kingpin targets. They neglect to mention that US customs were the enablers of Marc’s importation operation. Why was he not caught on the first few orders? The only reason Marc was able to help US growers was because all he had to do was stick a stamp on an envelope and drop it in the mailbox. It’s really nobody’s fault but US Customs that all those seeds got through for years and years. US Customs was, and is, the problem, not Marc Emery. They didn’t even send him a letter politely asking him to stop sending seeds because their Customs agents are completely useless and all those seeds getting through are showing the world just how useless they really are, DANGEROUSLY useless. And that was AFTER 911.

  3. Anonymous on

    Marc was authorized by the Health Minister to sell seeds to medical users. Here’s the part in the regulations http://www.canlii.org/en/ca/laws/regu/sor-2001-227/latest/sor-2001-227.html#history

    PART 4


    Marihuana Seed

    70. The Minister is authorized to import and possess viable cannabis seed for the purpose of selling, providing, transporting, sending or delivering the seed to

    (a) the holder of a licence to produce; or

    (b) a licensed dealer.

    SOR/2003-387, s. 14; SOR/2005-177, s. 30.

    70.1 A licensed dealer producing viable cannabis seed under contract with Her Majesty in right of Canada may provide or send that seed to the holder of a licence to produce.

    SOR/2003-387, s. 14; SOR/2005-177, s. 30.

    Well, the Minister didn’t bother to get a supply of quality Cannabis seed in, so he decided to authorize Marc Emery as his agent instead. I assume Marc has access to letters written to patients telling them to go to Marc for their medical mj seeds. That’s the Minister authorizing Marc to sell seeds for him. Marc didn’t handle the actual order processing in his store so how was he to know that some US citizens were taking unfair advantage of his Health Canada authorized medical Cannabis seed dispensary. He naturally assumed that if an American was ordering seeds illegally that their fine customs officials would take care of seizing the order. Is it his fault that US Customs is extremely incompetent? What if those seed orders that got through had been anthrax? Obama should thank Emery for bringing attention to the appalling customs situation which is dangerous to the whole country. Or were those customs agents purposely letting the orders through? I think they should all be charged with conspiracy to manufacture. If not, then free Marc Emery. If the blame doesn’t fit, you must acquit.

  4. Anonymous on

    When I hear the MLK or Gandhi referenced, it makes it all seem a tad silly to me, but just for a second. It’s actually true, Marc represents the same kind of attitude towards the same kind of bullshit.

  5. Adam on

    Don’t forget it was the Liberal’s “human rights champion” Irwin Cotler who signed the extradition treaty in the first place. That was the government of Paul “I just don’t give a fuck” Martin. Liberals and Conservatives are both poor choices. The later signified this by dropping “progressive” from its name. Maybe the Liberals should change their name.

  6. Adam on

    you’re named “The other greg williams”… you should have also told him about that. If Marc didn’t take some form of deal, Greg Williams and Michelle Rainey (who were basically sealing envelopes and watering plants) would have went to prison for just as long, where Michelle could have died. She relies on marijuana to treat Crohn’s Disease and I hate to fathom what happens when you’re forced onto synthetic medecine (if that even exists for Chrohn’s) the way a jail makes you take it.

    I was at a Halifax rally in 2005, Grande Parade, and one in 2009, Victoria Park for Marc. The crowd always grows because most people have to stop when they hear something true these days! Anyone who doesn’t like him hasn’t met him, or thinks they are threatened by him. Don’t act like Marc isn’t fighting for your rights, too, Anonymous.

  7. Jose Melendez on

    Is this true, or not?

    “. . . (O)n Dec. 10, 1997, Canada’s marijuana laws were declared unconstitutional by Justice Patrick Sheppard, which was upheld by the Ontario Court of Appeal, July 31, 2000 ( Catzman, Charron, and Rosenberg ). This decision was not appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, and government has not re-enacted Criminal Code statute upon marijuana.”
    source: Russel Barth


  8. Jose Melendez on

    In 2003, a decision was made by Ontario Superior Court Justice Steven Rogin to uphold the lower court ruling by provincial court judge Phillips that Canada’s cannabis laws no longer exist.

    Under what controlling legal authority has this been reversed?

  9. marabiscanajuana on

    With the emergence of “Auto flowering” cannabis strains,prohibition just got an almighty kick in the teeth,ha ha ha,cannabis forever.stuff the law,smoke your draw(uk slang for herb!)
    Marc you are a god among mortals my friend
    p.s a notice to the u.s feds
    if you lock marc up then someone else will take his place,it could be me,or somebody ive never met.you can not fight a plant!wake up

  10. Anonymous on

    The Canadian government knows that Cannabis seeds are completely legal, as proved by their lack of laying charges. If extradited, Marc should state that he’s only pleading guilty because of what he considers to be an illegal extradition.

  11. rip torn overkill on

    Mr. Emery you are my hero. You inspire me. You inspire me to do things i normally wouldn’t do like stand up to law enforcement. My parents my whole life wanted me to just conform. Just like most of your’s proably did…… I was a rebel like mr emery when i was a child…. problem is i never grew out of it either… I was silenced… my stoned thought could not proceed….. Like many of you I have dealt with the correctional system here in the states… Most systems are different and they smell like shit….. the system is like this………. anytime you get any progess you run into a closed door….. there are court systems that are local that have been changing…. but the same time its all about the boys club… its all about who associate with… once your a part of this boys club you get away with all kinds of shit…. you know cause your dangerous to your counterparts….. cause everybody knows certain things about other people that would jeopardize theyr’e commmunity standing…. so everybody keeps theyr’e mouth shut….. well i got news for all the right wing republican christians…… I work in a porn store i know who you are…… If i find out your trying to work against our movement…… I will expose you to all of your christian counterparts for your homosexually activities… youve been worned…..

  12. sickofthiscrap on

    Such a waste of effort for the people, lets run both US & Canada into the ground for these costs. USA harsh marijuana laws… It seems Canada weed is a big problem for USA, it goes for $10000 a lb in some places, and it is used to trade lb for lb with cocaine from US to Canada, supplied by the CIA’s drug trade with cartels, etc. Weed will only be legalized when USA does it because if Canada even tried the US WILL SHUT DOWN ALL TRADE WITH CANADA. Canada almost had Decriminalization in effect and were harassed just before then by US politics which cancelled the process… a few yrs ago it would’ve been legal in Canada but not if USA found out. SO IF YOU THINK PROHIBITION IS CONCERNED ABOUT ANY SAFETY ISSUES, NOT LIKELY, BECAUSE THE CRACK HEADS NEED THEIR COKE! THEy ARE THE PROBLEMS. ANY COKE HEAD OR CRACK HEAD SHOULD BE DROPPED IN POTTERY KILN OR FED TO A HOG FARM. So why the F does California seem to consider them selves the the largest supplier of USA’s weed? Canada is supplying it and no wonder if $10000 a lb in USA is happening then the cartel might be afraid they’re being taken over. Why is it said that Mexico is supplying the most weed to USA? Then why is Mexico a poor country and why the F would USA want to keep the cartels happy? BECauSE THE CIA is The CARTELS. KILL COKE HEADS & CRACKHEADS… IN ANY COUNTRY. NEED YOUR FIX EH YOU F’ing GOOFS! Less likely cokeheads reading this comment but if any catch this I hope they overdose! HEART ATTACK, KEEP CARTELS HAPPY! LITTLE BITCHES ADDICTED TO KEROSENE MASHED LEAVES! MMMMM, Coka-Cola – FALSE ADVERTISING. In fact I think Coka-Cola has 0.0003% real cocaine in their recipe so they didn’t have to change their name after 130 yrs! Must like Tim Hurtins Coffeee, nicotine, crack or coke in that shit! Peace Out to fellow smokers, etc. but Hope Ya Die to Politicians, Crackheads & cartels.

  13. Anonymous on

    UGH what a biased interview stance. I hate big media.

  14. Anonymous on

    Who says viable Cannabis seeds are illegal in Canada? Here’s the definition in the CDSA;

    (Sections 2, 3, 4 to 7, 10, 29, 55 and 60)
    (articles 2, 3, 4 à 7, 10, 29, 55 et 60)
    1. Cannabis, its preparations, derivatives and similar synthetic
    preparations, including
    (1) Cannabis resin
    (2) Cannabis (marihuana)
    (3) Cannabidiol (2–[3–methyl–6–(1–methylethenyl)–2–cyclohexen–
    (4) Cannabinol (3–n–amyl–6,6,9–trimethyl–6–dibenzopyran–
    (5) Nabilone ((±)–trans–3–(1,1–dimethylheptyl)–6,6a,
    (6) Pyrahexyl (3–n–hexyl–6,6,9–trimethyl–7,8,9, 10–tetrahydro–
    (7) Tetrahydrocannabinol (tetrahydro–6,6,9–trimethyl–3–pentyl–
    (7.1) 3-(1,2-dimethylheptyl)-7,8,9,10-tetrahydro-6,6,9-trimethyl-
    6H-dibenzo[b,d]pyran-1-ol (DMHP)
    but not including
    (8) Non–viable Cannabis seed, with the exception of its derivatives
    (9) Mature Cannabis stalks that do not include leaves, flowers,
    seeds or branches; and fiber derived from such stalks

    As you can see, it doesn’t state that viable seeds are prohibited. It states that non-viable seeds and stalks are not included in the Act but it doesn’t explicitly state that viable seeds are defined as marihuana. Since the UN Single Convention states that Cannabis seeds, viable or not, are exempt from their marihuana laws it’s only reasonable that Canadians would assume the same applies in Canada unless specifically stated to the contrary. Canada made no such statement. They merely didn’t state that they were excluded. They also didn’t state that the chlorophyll, for instance, contained in a Cannabis plant is not considered marihuana, but we know chlorophyll isn’t illegal and nor are any of the other substances contained in a Cannabis plant except for certain actual cannabinoids. Therefore, the lack of a direct statement indicating that viable Cannabis seed is illegal means that technically there is no dual criminality. We know that Canada, unlike the USA, does not consider everything that contains any detectable amount of THC to be included in the CDSA. We also know that seeds contain far less THC than the hemp plants that are legal in Canada. Therefore, it has yet to be shown that viable Cannabis seed is, in fact, illegal in Canada and therefore the extradition is illegal.

    Since Canada started as a colony of Britain, it’s logical to assume that our Cannabis seed laws are the same as theirs unless specifically announced to the contrary. So where’s the news item stating that viable Cannabis seed is now illegal in Canada? The mere fact that people have been convicted of such an offense doesn’t make those convictions constitutional. Nobody bothered to make a proper Charter challenge against it yet.

  15. Anonymous on

    In my view Marc Emery has mathematically demonstrated all the power contained deep inside the shell of a seed.Not any kind of seed, a cannabis seed which contains all the genetic material (the DNA) (remember Watson and Crick)hence all the required information to grow a new cannabis plant.Marc Emery has used this tiny seed to show governments of this world where the real power is : the power contained inside a seed not inside a barrell of oil or inside a stick of dynamite or inside a pellet of uranium.
    He has shown to the world how we can outgrow the government and sow the seeds of a green revolution proned by Jack Herer.
    Obama go clean up your petroleum mess in the golf of mexico and Harper go and take a walk in the tar sands….there are people out there working hard to save the Earth and make it greener and marc emery is in my view one of those persons…

  16. Anonymous on

    Marc is going to a US prison for five years
    he leaves Canada bankrupt & exhausted
    and no heir to carry on where he left off
    pot has not made us wise and powerful
    it has made us girlish & churlish
    ineffective crybabies
    feeding the pirate money machine
    and blaming everybody else but ourselves
    for what happened to us
    and that was fail again
    200,000,000 strong worldwide stoners
    and we fucked it up again

    Say goodbye to the best example
    of what NOT to do to change the law
    you will ever see,,
    nobody will be as dumb
    as Marc Emery ever again
    so close, yet so far

    Don’t let this happen to you

  17. the other greg williams on

    i have seen thousands voices defending Marc. How you only hear one tends me to believe you need to pay more attention.

    Marijuana doesn’t scare people these days. What scares people these days is republicans and democrats

    why did Marc agree to a plea? because the mfers in power have the moeny to send hom away for a long time. its all about cash, time and keeping a lid on the truth. marc does. The government has unlimted amount of cash to drain the average persons wealth.

    It IMo is criminal that any person on earth go to jail for a seed. If you don’t want the seed, don’t buy it.

  18. maryjanesuncle on

    Heroes, do walk among use lesser folk. Some of us see them for what they are while others damn them as demons. Marc Emery in all ways falls in this class. A man who has made sacrifices for his believes and the people he loves…Like Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi, this man is testament for and towards personal freedoms…When a citizen of any country steps forward and shows their Government to be wrong they face the worst kind of backlash… imprisonment. In many case they seek to imprison an idea as much as the person…..Mr. Emery, your dream of justice for the cannabis user spreads…I thank you for your efforts and know that lighting can not be contained in a jar.

  19. Anonymous on

    How come Libby Davis hasn’t received the papers she made a request for? Is this an example of Canada’s highly efficient pulic service, like Health Canada whose employees spend more time on the Internet viewing porn than working http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Canada/2010/04/22/13688076-qmi.html ? This is known as a “coverup”. Not even releasing questionable files to another MP who requested them. If Nicholson extradites Emery before those papers are made available to Libby then we know for certain that the Conservative Party is corrupt to the hilt, like we didn’t already.

  20. Anonymous on

    Somebody mentioned that no seeds should be illegal and I must agree. Name another plant seed that’s illegal to sell. You can’t do it because there are none, not even opium poppy or Coca, see http://cocagrowers.org/Default.aspx?tabid=666&ProductID=2132&List=0&SortField=ProductName,UnitCost&Language=en-US for Coca seeds.

    So why the hell are they throwing people in prison for 5 years or more for selling harmless Cannabis seeds but not for selling hard narcotics and stimulants seeds? Seems like a completely arbitrary law to me, especially when the UN doesn’t have a problem at all with viable Cannabis seed sales. The US and Canada are on their own on that one. The UN knows such a law is indefensible. The US and Canada just happen to be dictatorships so they just ban whatever they happen to feel like at the time with no justification whatsoever. Too bad Emery had to plead guilty to get the money laundering charges dropped, because I’m sure he could have got a conviction for seed sales overturned in the Supreme Court. The way he did it he was a sitting duck for the DEA. Marc’s not a guy who thinks real far ahead, apparently, or who grossly underestimated the underhandedness of Canada’s government. Nobody should ever underestimate that because the Conservatives, Liberals and NDP have a whole bag of underhandedness with Canadian citizens’ names on it.

  21. renney b. on

    the last time i checked it is the wrongdoers that need repentance in order to be forgiven… the bad governments of the day and their bad laws that are responsible for the persecution and discrimination of the citizens of the planet that needs to go to hell… slavery was a bad law and the many revolutionaries that fought to abolish it are our heroes today… marc emery is one of our heroes in the fight to legalize marijuana (hemp) and we will continue to support him and all who speak out against the injustice done to the cannabis culture… so many are imprisoned for their freedom of choice to educate, meditate, medicate, recreate, and demonstrate the multipurposes of this holy tree… over a hundred years of wrongdoing by the powers that be and still they remain unrepentant, so how can this generation and the next ever forgive this evil… today is the acceptable time today may,1.2010 is their day of repentance… let them test us and we will see if we can find it in our hearts to forgive you; one love, bob marley…

  22. Anonymous on

    you have a situation where the more recent polls are showing a majority of people want cannabis made legal.

    this means that the people no longer wish for cannabis people to be penalised by jail. your “seeds” are only on the controlled substances act as a collective group, cannabis. if people want it legal they want seed supply “trafficking” legal.
    if peoples minds are now changed in regards to the cannabis or the seed penalty being on canadian books, and enough people complain to the justice minister ( MORE THAN ENOUGH HAVE) or the minister sees issues of unfairness or evidence of attack because of who marc was as a person or political headperson, then no body should be extradited and that is just it.
    the justice minister must not use his political parties beliefs to everride what his job is in the determination.
    though i can see him trying this and failing big time.

    why do you bring in marcs other crime breaches? it matters not how many times marc has broken this seed law ( in fact it only supports he should not be extradited- it was a fine) or other laws ( do you mean passing a joint as trafficking?). if you ask the people whether they think someone should be jailed for passing a joint you would get a different result. otherwise your country would have near no one left outside of jail to pay taxes.
    did you know it is the most widely used illegal drug? maybe then, it should not be illegal hey?

    if the people want cannabis regulated and no longer illegal you do not extradite people for it even if the other country disagrees with canadian peoples views.
    even when you take into account that the conservatives are voted into power. you still need to account for the fact that people are shocked that a person would be extradited unfairly or for a political reason.
    you only have to look at what happened to the conservatives c-15. they got told to come again. REVISE!

    the conservatives are way out of touch with the vote when it comes to cannabis. the conservatives have brought the anti cannabis sentiment into parliament because they want to be tough on crime. they lumped it in there when the people dont want it and these polls show that. harper mentions this poll or that poll, they all can show something different… but what they do show is just like what happened to his C-15. even people in parliament oppose putting people into jail for cannabis offenses.
    a politician should not even be in a position of claiming that simple personal use is ok but the people who supply that substance should be jailed.

    the next government must come up to speed.
    you can even have the justice minister trying to justify the extradition because it is ” trafficking” and yet harper will say that personal use aint so bad because he does not want to come off as a bully boy.

    have you wondered why marc has not been sent to USA when he agreed to give a guilty plea?
    marc made the plea deal to save the others from potentially more serious penalty. the US side made the deal so it was easier to gain a conviction.
    marc did not make any deal for some kind of automatic surrender. it was a deal for a guilty plea in US court and in that marc would not argue the charges put forth when or if he was in the USA court.
    as it stands now the charge would be for conspiracy to manufacture. you can forget any other charges such as money laundering and where did you get the idea that mark ripped hard working people/growers off for their money.
    the price was listed, they bought. it was a competitive market place and still is. those ripped off people and the smokers requests are the reaosn why some seeds will sell for 300 bucks for ten seeds and why others will sell for 30 bucks for ten.

    i think you would find that most were happy with the service or products or the business would not have done well. no one forced buyers, they bought on their own free will. if you want to whine about price, blame the government for escalating it with the risk involved by their laws. thats the risk money that someone gets for breeding or dealing in illegal substances. that is why a drug war will never end. money is there and poor people need money and apart from the risk its pretty easy.
    the 30 odd years the US prosecutors or laws wanted was downed to five. not to fit in with the unjust sentencing law disparity between countries so that a justice minister could easily sign the papers. no.

    it was dropped to five for a guilty plea, the justice minister should decide if the original potential sentencing penalties (10 years and beyond) are too harshly different, he should not even take into account that marc is now facing five years. marc gave up a right of liberty to “choose” his plea for that leniency on jail time.

    BUT there are bigger issues with the tandy statement.
    i am going to laugh if the justice minister tries the old marc should be extradited because we want to stop this drug trafficking. he has already motioned toward this sentiment.

    he will face a whole lot of backlash because he will then be avoiding the other issues that he must weigh in on also.
    he is already in a hot spot over this and this could blow right up if he tries to please his party ideas and abuse the position of justice minister. you can not avoid the tandy statement, you cannot avoid the polls, you can not avoid that all these pages were all blacked out.. you can not avoid that the other politicians have brought it up that they do not agree with a surrender.
    now these blanked out “government” pages are more important than people know.
    it would have showed collusion between governments targeting the political motive behind marc, i believe that the justice minister should be considering these informations because these should be “facts” on hand and made available to him in his extradition determination. then also the people should be able to see these pages to see if the justice minister has made the right descision when exercising his paid position. that is transparency and accountability.

  23. Anonymous on

    That’s right, he did
    break the law
    And the only way to change unjust laws
    is to break them

    Thousands of Canadians have written letters
    to parliaments to defend him
    and stop his extradition
    to the country that imprisons the highest proportion of its own citizens

    Cannabis will never be exterminated
    and when people discover that by
    embracing it for what it is
    and ending the fear and hatred
    we would all be so much healthier
    then we will all be so thankful
    for Marc’s tireless efforts

  24. persecutedinalberni on

    I think rob nicholson needs a foot up his ass if he thinks any Canadian should be taken away by another country for selling seeds.

    Marc is right,when it comes to seeds there should be no laws that prohibit the sale of ANY seed.

    As far as I am concerned when they take away our marc they take away our freedom after all they attack him for who he is and what he stands for.


  25. Anonymous on

    uncle sam needs a cola in the ass real bad; selling seeds aint no crime whatever fascist amerika is snorting.

  26. Anonymous on

    If Marc is so certain he is right,
    why did he agree to a DEA proposed plea bargain?
    Lets face it- he has acted quite the little fucker
    getting busted 26 times,

    he knew the law and broke it
    scooped the hard earned cash from
    thousands of poor stoners
    & got caught washing the money
    he is a repeat offender –
    an admitted drug trafficker
    responsible for tons of pot
    entering the US black market

    why is it
    the only voice
    defending him
    is his own ??

  27. MLG on

    Of course the show would be on the 8 AM news so that everyone is at work and not able to see Marc’s message. you know , its ONLY about the Canadian government giving up one of its citizens to a foreign government. That has nothing to do with human rights and freedom at all , and of course people don’t need to see that. But hey! 8 pm news is about terrorists and Britney spears newest breakdown!

  28. Anonymous on

    Pretty bad that a person is being sent to prison for 5 years for selling seeds when the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018 is completely legal in the US. China can produce more of that than all the THC in all the weed in America. So apparently a natural herb is of such grievous danger to US citizens that they’ll pay a quarter million dollars or more to put Marc Emery in prison for 5 years but a synthetic chemical with exactly the same effects, plus extra anxiety, is of no major concern at all. Just another example of the complete idiocy of US Cannabis law. Of course, if anyone ever reported serious adverse effects from the synthetics then there would be grounds to ban it too. The fact that it hasn’t happened yet proves that cannabinoids are not dangerous at all. In fact, if they tried to ban it now, based on current scientific knowledge of its effects, they would have no legitimate grounds to do so. Banning JWH-018 is unwarranted and that proves that the banning of Cannabis itself is unwarranted and arbitrary, therefore unconstitutional.

    This raises the issue of why Canada was able to ban JWH-018 as an analogue, when the US also has analogue laws. Their law says that because JWH is being sold as a fertilizer rather than for human consumption that the analogue laws don’t apply. So how is it that Canada can get away with banning it as an analogue? That law is also unconstitutional. Just because a substance has similar effect to a controlled substance does not mean that it should be banned, in my opinion. That would mean that caffeine would have to be banned because of its similar effect to cocaine. How can they say that a substance has to be banned because of similar effect unless they actually do the tests to prove that it’s dangerous? Is anything that produces a state of pleasantness inherently dangerous? Then I guess sex better be banned and eating ice cream or chocolate. Coffee is definitely in need of banning under that principle. I think a person could appeal a conviction for JWH-018 possession or trafficking under the Charter and have it struck down as an arbitrary law.


    Marc is right !!! Marijuana will be legalized. and its not fair that he is geting put in jail just for trying to change something that must be changed.
    go down in history
    if there is anything i can do to help on vancouver island
    please email me

  30. Dave on

    Yes, Canadian people support the legalization of marijuana! Even the indifferent ones are now saying we don’t deserve to be bullied for our choice.

  31. the other greg williams on

    I agree with Marc 100%. Marc has done nothing wrong. He has been wronged.

    It was swell to see you folks at the cannabis hemp festival in sf.
    Thanks for the complimentary ” free marc” t -shirt. I’m wearing it may 1st marijuana day. I wear it prouldy …along with my ” medicinal” shirt…my..
    ” No extradition ” shirt…and my …”cannabis culture” shirt.

    If Marc becomes a POW in California, any person with CC has a free place to stay when they come visit

    peace, love, anarchy
    the other greg williams