Florida Senate Passes Bong Ban

Senate Bill 366 requires 75% of a business owner’s gross sales to come from tobacco products before they’d be allowed to sell bongs, water pipes and air-driven pipes.

It passed the Senate unanimously, 36-0, on Wednesday.

Supporters of the legislation say the pipes can easily be used to smoke illegal drugs, like marijuana and cocaine.

The proposal could hurt some Panama City Beach businesses, like Condom Knowledge on Front Beach Road.

The business’ owner has posted signs around the pipe display, warning anyone mentioning illegal use will be asked to leave. He says he questions if the bill will do what legislators intend.

Brian Luczaj, owner of “Condom Knowledge,” said, “Pipes are provided for people for sanitary reasons. If you take the sale of pipes away, then they will find something to smoke out of. They’ll make it out of the house and use unsanitary items.”

The Florida House’s companion bill (HB 187) has yet to go to a full vote.

– Article from WJHG NBC.



  1. used to live in florida but moved up north on

    One might think that with the pretty beaches and all that florida has to offer that the bud would be good let me tell you you will never find such dirt bud as you do in florida it seriously sucks. To be honest most of those smokers don’t even deserve a bong most people I met there didn’t even have different strains they referred to it all as KRIPPY



  3. Anonymous on

    why would anyone live in florida.

  4. Dirty Harry on

    What a waste of time this ban will be. Banning the sales of bongs but owning one is fine? People will just buy out of state or via the internet. Almost everything out there can be used to consume ANY kind of drug. I saw someone who made a pipe out of an unpeeled banana. And only “glass” items will be banned? Ever hear of plastic bongs? What about those “adapter kits” that allows one to make almost any glass bottle into a bong? This is only going to hurt small businesses and won’t prevent anything…well maybe increase zig-zag paper sales.

  5. Anonymous on

    I knew this was coming. I sent out mass emails for like a week straight to get their attention. I guess they don’t give a fuck what we think. I’m going to round up the names of the people who started this bill and the ones who voted on it. Post their names on various forums, these people do not deserve to have a position in our government. VOTE THEM OUT!

  6. Anonymous on

    Freedom of religion should protect the rasta man.

  7. Anonymous on

    So what next? I think apples, soda, toilet paper and aluminum foil should all be banned also since I have made pipes out of them. Hardware stores should definitly be banned as almost everything in there has been put to use to smoke “DRUGS” or to grow pot. Lets also bann public restrooms as i have smelled funny stuff in there before too.

  8. Atlanta Toker on

    Stupid is as Stupid does.
    This is typical for a Southern state. Alabama is proving to be the only progressive state in the South. The AARP in Florida should be supporting medicinal marijuana on a huge platform but obviously they have their heads in their butts as well.

    Everyone should decide to go somewhere else for vacations. Stop supporting Florida. The big motorcycle meet should find another place to meet next year. Stop supporting the Daytona 500 NASCAR Race, dont go.
    Stop going to Disney.
    Florida is fast becoming a dead state in the South anyway so there really isnt much lost here. Boycott Florida, peroid.

  9. Anonymous on

    Simple advice to bhong users : Replace the Florida orange juice that you put in your bhong with apple juice.Hey ! bhongs are nowhere close to be outlawed in Quebec and apple growers will be happy ! Forget Florida !It is for square retired !

  10. Anonymous on

    My “tourism” dollars will now be spent elsewhere. Even though the big bad bong ban would not affect me in the least, (I vape ony) I’ll not visit any state that elects douche bags like those in the “Sunshine State”. WTF is this supposed to accomplish?

  11. Worm on

    Two steps back.