Legalization More Popular Than California Governor Candidates

If you’re not online, you’re missing a key component of the legalization debate in California, where the writing is on 56,000 Walls.

Tax Cannabis 2010 has an impressive 56,075 fans on their Facebook page, more than the governor, Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman, and Steve Poizner — combined.

Fifty-six thousand individuals constitutes a massive reformer army getting daily updates from the TaxCann2010 website. They’re also organizing to raise funds. The latest public target is $42,000 by April 20, 2010. Opposition groups like CALM or on Facebook? Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

That might be to the opposition’s detriment, says Larry Tramutola, veteran Oakland political consultant with no stake in the initiative. He says Facebook, Twitter, and other online networks are fast replacing the sometimes infantile dialog found in mainstream media outlets.

For example, look at LA Weekly‘s dumb pun last week about a Tax Cannabis campaign financier:

“Maybe [Men’s Warehouse CEO George] Zimmer, who resides in Northern California, should change his motto: ‘You’re going to like the way you toke. I guarantee it.’”

Inspired stuff.

Meanwhile, Tax Cannabis 2010 aggregates links to meaningful stories, and offers personal testimonies from cops and kids. Visitors can volunteer to endorse the measure, secure endorsements, host parties and fundraisers, volunteer for phone banks, blog for the campaign, and help further organize online. It looks clean and professional, and best of all, it works.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Groups like MMJ News on Yahoo and the Media Awareness Project aggregate headlines daily, and disseminate them to activists who watchdog press and pundits. Bullshit gets called out.

“We’re seeing a rapid decline in the influence of straight media on electoral campaigns,” says Tramutola. “We have the partisan press now. It may be decided in the blogosphere. It may be decided on informal networks. People just have more options today.”

In another barometer: California users of Google have been searching about equally for “Meg Whitman”, “Jerry Brown” and “legalization” over the last year. The numbers are dwarfed however by the number of California residents who apparently aren’t interested in voting and are just searching for “marijuana”.

– Article from on April 13, 2010.



  1. Anonymous on

    Not just Californians will benefit if we can get the cannabis legislation passed in november. you too could then become a californian.
    Look right now there is a deadline @ they are trying to raise 42k by midnight 4-20, we are 3500 short, currently there are 61 thousand fans at facebook, and at 1 dollar a piece that is more than enough.
    It does not matter what state you are in, help californians make this happen, and you can move here later to have access to legal natural cannabis.

  2. Anonymous on

    The leading issue for most californians is the twenty percent unemployment and the out of control spending, cannabis is a 14 billion dollar cash crop, but none of the candidates are listening to the public, the drug war already failed and destroyed many innocent non-violent families.
    Our kids are being buried by the massive amount of debt the politicians have racked up, the politicians are stealing trillions and our children will have to pay, we need the revenue from the cannabis to help the incredible amount of theft that is being committed before our eyes. theft!

  3. Anonymous on

    *Quote*Furthermore, the biased misinformation you attempt to use to persuade people is laughable. You show a fire caused by a drug organization, yet this is exactly the type of thing marijuana legalization will prevent! It takes the non-harmful drug out of criminal hands, and lets people choose! *Quote*

    y’know ALLL fucken month i’ve been thinking about the NGA slogan “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” and how it directly applies to marijuana seeing as it’s an inatimate object that is used by people for the better of good or evil. That point should be made more in debate.

  4. Anonymous on

    Neither whitman,poizner or brown are in favor of cannabis reform, and apparently they are all being backed by the feds.
    they represent the feds not the people, we need a Ron Paul here in california, we must choose carefully because they will only look to protect the federal interests and special interests. is the place to find out how the entire democrat party and the republicans have privatized the american economy. check out the four stages of communism, they are currently erasing the middle class.

  5. Richard Perry on

    By: Richard Perry, Campaign Manager
    Stewart A. Alexander for California Governor

    In October 2009, Stewart Alexander launched his campaign to become the next Governor of California calling for the legalization of same-sex marriages and the legalization of marijuana. Stewart Alexander is one of three gubernatorial candidates representing Peace and Freedom Party, the only socialist party on the California ballot.

    Stewart Alexander has been on the political scene for nearly 30 years; working for the Florida Consumer Action Network in the mid 80s and running as a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles in 1989. Alexander was a candidate for California Lieutenant Governor in 2006 and was the National Vice Presidential Nominee for Socialist Party USA in 2008. Presently, Stewart Alexander is a member of the Peace and Freedom Party and the California State Organizer for Socialist Party USA.

    While most of the Democrats and Republican gubernatorial candidates are opposing same-sex marriage rights and the legalization of marijuana, Stewart Alexander has placed these two important issues at the center of his campaign. The Peace and Freedom Party has always supported the human and civil rights of all.

    Supporters for the legalization of marijuana should support Stewart Alexander to be the next Governor of California by changing their voter registration card to Peace and Freedom Party and voting in June Primary and the November Mid-Term Elections for Stewart Alexander for Governor; Stewart Alexander is the strongest advocate on the ballot for legalizing marijuana.

  6. moldy on

    After I read your posts I’d have to think that these “people” are fucking bottom feeders. Feeding off the peaceful people that are warehoused in prisons and jails throughout this country (and others) for enjoying a safer and more rewarding form of escape. They’re feeding off people that can’t buy their way out of jail unlike all the rich bastards that stole billions of dollars from our retirement funds. Even priests get away with fucking little kids but I don’t see those assholes in jail? We do not present any danger to society but we do stand to expose many forms of indirect slavery that is common in the drug war and cannabis is 80-90% of that.

    BTW were you able to find their email cantact info?

  7. Mark O. on

    My comment is “awaiting moderation.” I guess they don’t believe in freedom of speech either. I’ll just email it to them.

  8. Mark O. on

    “Please don’t use the innocence of children and rare car collisions to push a bad policy.
    It’s common knowledge that alcohol causes the vast majority of car collisions. Moreover, alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical drugs are the leading causes of dependence, abuse, and ruined lives. Marijuana, on the other hand, is non-addictive, and actually has been proven to be good for many diseases. That’s why it’s regarded as a medicine in many states by medical marijuana laws.

    Furthermore, the biased misinformation you attempt to use to persuade people is laughable. You show a fire caused by a drug organization, yet this is exactly the type of thing marijuana legalization will prevent! It takes the non-harmful drug out of criminal hands, and lets people choose!

    Freedom is what democracy is about. Why are you trying to stop it?”

  9. Mark O. on

    “How dare you use 9/11, a national tragedy that damaged many lives, to strengthen your views on marijuana criminalization. The two are unrelated. I would go on, but your web-page is such compacted filth of misinformation that I would only be wasting both our time. You know very well what you’re doing, but for what? Do you really believe what your doing is for the better?

    I would have to say you are comprised of pre-dated religious extremists, ignorant persons, anti-freedom dictators, or maybe you have some childhood beef with a “pothead,” and this is your ultimate revenge. Either that, or your being paid off by corporations that would suffer from the legalization of cannabis (e.g., alcohol). Although that’s just my observation, as your web-page doesn’t even have a comment section. It’s like visiting a web-page for the Nazi regime in the 21st century!

    Maybe, though… maybe you really are trying to do something good, just in a misinformed way (?)

    Which brings up a good point: If you really care about the health and wellness of society, why not target alcohol? Pharmaceutical companies? They’re the real killers… oh wait, you ignore statistics, right? Sorry.

    If you were to look up anything at all, anything, you would understand that the War on Drugs has failed. All it has managed to do is lock away non-violent people that choose to do something rather than alcohol or tobacco. Even so, if marijuana use is an addiction or a disease, as you claim, then we need to TREAT it, and EDUCATE people about it. Keeping the same failed policies that ruin lives isn’t helping. I don’t see people with cancer being locked in a prison cell for being sick. Well, unless of course, that person was a “pothead.” Right?

    Since when was freedom a crime?”

    I suggest you all to email something to these anti-freedom, pro-prison establishments.

    — Mark O.