The Princess of Pot

Jodie at Emery headquarters, on West Hastings Street in Vancouver (Photo by Johann Wall)Jodie at Emery headquarters, on West Hastings Street in Vancouver (Photo by Johann Wall)During the months while he awaited news of his extradition to the United States, parades of well-wishers regularly marched through Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters in Vancouver.

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Article from The Walrus May 2010 issue

They wound their way to the modest office at the rear of the Hastings Street store, in search of the infamous crusader for the legalization of marijuana. Marc greeted them all, and offered most a trophy: a photo of themselves doing a bong hit with the Prince of Pot. He would produce an oosik-sized instrument, pack it with potent BC bud, and orchestrate the snapshot with a practised patter: inhale, smile, shoot! Exhale. And then…


– Article from The Walrus.



  1. Anonymous on

    4. Steal traffic from websites who did all the work

    Your attempt to appeal to fair dealing is lame, and falsely earnest. Everyone knows the law has a long way to go to catch up to the ethics web editors have developed on their own.

  2. Tim Meehan on

    I’ve been a Media Awareness Project volunteer for over a decade. We’ve dealt with this issue before. My advice? You get more flies with honey than vinegar. Excerpt and link.

    The Walrus is a non-profit magazine and they need all the clicks they can get.

  3. Monte Paulsen on

    I can’t speak for The Walrus. But as the author of the piece, I regard copying and pasting and forwarding and facebooking and twittering and whatnot as the sincerest form of flattery. I only ask that one cite and link to The Walrus whenever possible. So, paste and bake; not necessary in that order.


  4. jeremiah on

    As a news aggregator, as well as a provider of original content, Cannabis Culture often posts copyrighted articles – in full – from mainstream and alternative media as a way to

    1. Make a permanent record of the work for the marijuana activism community.

    2. Disseminate important information for educational purposes.

    3. Provide an open forum of conversation about articles in our “Comments” section (especially when the original article doesn’t have a “Comments” section)

    All aggregated articles list the author and publication with a link back to the original article.

    In the United States, this type of activism is protected by “Fair Use” laws

    In Canada, the issue is a little more hazy but covered under “Fair Dealing”, which makes allowances for disseminating information (even entire works)

    Cannabis Culture’s intention is to educate, not to piss people off. In the case of a complaint from an author or publication, we will in most cases gladly provide an excerpt instead of the full article.

  5. Anonymous on

    “The Whiners” oh shoot I ment “The Walrus” just lost me as a fan.

  6. Anonymous on

    you’re right. it’s not plagiarism. it’s theft

  7. Anonymous on

    Plagiarization is when you don’t make an attribution to the author of the work. It says Monte Paulsen, The Walrus, right on it. Duh.

  8. Jerry Haney on

    As an American and true Texan I want to say I’m sorry for how our corrupt goverment has treated both you and Marc. I am ashamed that they treat you badly.I want to go on record as being appaled that you have been forced to spend your time and money defending yourself on charges that were brought against you for helping us out.
    I want to thank you for all the help you have givin to the US citizens on legalization issues.I know we would not be as far along on the med-pot issues, that are of great importance to me, if it was not for you,Jodie and Marc. I’m a disabled man that has a doctor that will perscribe pot for me as soon as it becomes legal in my state.If I can be of service to you just e-mail me. I will allways be in you debt.
    Jerry Haney

  9. Steve on

    Great article.

    We have your back Jodie!