HB642 Not on Calendar for Tuesday

I’ve mentioned in a few places that House Bill 642 The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act has been placed on the house calendar for full debate this coming Tuesday, April 13.

However, I just talked to Rep. Todd and she was as surprised as everyone else when that bill miraculously made it through rules committee and was placed on them calendar only one day after coming out of the judiciary committee. That never happens.

What she thinks happened is that they got her affordable housing trust fund bill confused with her medical marijuana bill and it was placed on the calendar by accident.


There is no need to show up in Montgomery on Tuesday. When the bill comes up in the house Rep. Todd will ask that it be tabled. This is not bad news at all. She told the members of the judiciary committee that we would not try and move the bill the remainder of this session. If we were to turn around and do what we said we weren’t gonna do then chances are they would kill our bill next session. And, truth be told, we have a great deal of work to do between now and next session every member of the House. We have concentrated on the committee members and not so much on the other 100 or so members of the House. That is what we will be working on between now and next session.

Rep. Todd also shared with me some really excellent news.

She said that the day after our bill passed out of committee she was on the House floor and many legislators came up to her and told her what an excellent job she did and how we are moving in the right direction and how they support the bill.

I asked her if she was a shocked by the incredible things Rep. John Robinson said in committee and she said that she was. She said Rep. Robinson was also on the house floor the next day promoting this bill to everyone and talking it up.

Folks, 2011 may be out year for finally passing legislation that protects doctors and patients in Alabama.