Cops & CPS Seize Child From Parents For Mistrusting Government

A family in Williamson County, Austin have lost custody of their 7-year-old son as part of a Child Protective Services investigation because the parents taught their children to mistrust the government, an action that deemed them to be “unsuitable parents,” according to charges leveled by police officers in CPS documents.

Drug reform activist filmmakers Barry and Candi Cooper recently had their home raided and searched by police after authorities claimed Cooper’s voice had been heard in the background of an allegedly false police report.

“Once in the couple’s home, officers discovered a small amount of marijuana and charged the Coopers with Class B misdemeanors, resulting in both their arrests. Each immediately bonded out of jail and paid a small fine. Days later, while Candi’s youngest son was visiting his father in east Texas, Child Protective Services contacted the Coopers, revealing that the incident could cost them not only custody of the boy, but also their freedom on felony child endangerment charges,” writes Stephen C. Webster of True Slant, who has been following the case.

On page five of the CPS case report, police level the shocking claim that the Coopers are “unsuitable parents” because they teach their children “the government is out to harm them”.

On page six of the report, police accuse the Coopers of being “aggressive to authority” because they will not allow government employees to enter their house without a court order.

Despite Travis County Deputy District Attorney Dayna Blazey declaring the Coopers to be fit parents, whose children are healthy, happy and “well cared for,” and stating that the kids were not at risk, Williamson County police claim the Coopers allow their children and their friends to use drugs in the house.

Ominously, police also characterize the Coopers educating their children that the drug war is evil as an act of ‘mental abuse’.

“In another completely dumbfounding, ironic entry, Sgt. Gary Haston of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department — the officer whose testimony appears on the original search warrant affidavit — actually claims he observed the children “crying for no reason” as armed officers invaded their home,” writes Webster. [Emphasis added.]

“He also claims that Barry “hates” his father and does not believe in church, as though this information would somehow be relevant to the CPS agents.”

The real reason Barry Cooper, a former police officer and Drug Enforcement Agent, is being targeted undoubtedly relates to his work in catching police engaged in corruption and other criminal activity, specifically relating to the drug war. Cooper is the man behind the hit underground DVD, Never Get Busted Again, which teaches people how to react to police oppression and has appeared on the Alex Jones Show to discuss his work on several occasions.

Cooper dedicated a recent You Tube video featuring him and his wife to their son, in which they discussed the raid and the attempt to seize 7-year-old Zach.

“In my 19 years of experience with criminal defense matters, a search warrant for a misdemeanor charge is certainly unusual,” wrote Minnesota attorney Maury D. Beaulier, who had no prior knowledge of the Coopers’ case. “It indicates to me that this is a targeted investigation. It may be targeted because it is believed to be a part of a greater crime or conspiracy, or, perhaps, because there are political motivations at work.”

The Coopers were unsuccessful in re-obtaining custody of their son at a court appearance on Tuesday. 7-year-old Zachary is currently under the care of his father, who has never previously had custody of the child, and Barry has been barred from any contact with him whatsoever. The Coopers face losing custody of their child entirely.

“I just don’t know what I’ll do if we lose Zach,” Barry said. “That would be the most horrible thing to ever happen to me in my entire life.”

Apparently, police now believe that parents who teach their children not to trust the government, something the founding fathers encouraged, should have their kids seized by the CPS.

This frightening new level of thought police tyranny outstrips anything we witnessed in the darkest days of Nazi Germany of Soviet Russia.

Read the CPS report in full.

– Article from Infowars on April 2, 2010.



  1. Alex Jones sucks on

    Of course Alex Jones is about the money! He turned this story around completely from the True Slant story and Back Talk 3 video by Barry Cooper to CPS taking this kids which never happened. The documents posted clearly confirm that. CPS cleared the coopers. Alex Jones is a fool and lost a lot of credibility on this one.

  2. Kelly L. White on

    Come down off of your high horse. The first step in assuring that what happened in Nazi Germany never happens anywhere again is realizing how THAT mess started. We have that here, it is a beginning, one that needs to be stomped out immediately. How the hell are we to learn from the past if we don’t make comparisons? It is like the Drug Warriors outrage a decade ago- “You can’t compare The Drug War to Alcohol Prohibition!” They screamed- “Don’t ever make that comparison again!” Well, we do make the comparison and in doing so, we avert a great evil.

    Chill a little.

    Think about it.

  3. Anonymous on

    Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe, Alex Jones is profiting at YOUR expense? He’s got to pay his bills somehow. And there are gullible fools everywhere. If he can hook fools into thinking that an NWO is going to take over, he can get sponsorship money to pay for it. And why would his sponsors let him say things that may be contrary to their interests?

  4. Anonymous on

    You’ve evaded the question: why would this information be allowed to circulate? If it’s so dangerous, then why would these “Satanic” figures actually let nimwits like Alex Jones print this stuff?

  5. UncleBob100 on

    You have not done your research. The back of the usa dollar has written in Latin “Our New World Order is a Success”. Look up the Bilderburg Group, look up The Bohemian Grove. Satans’ best tactic is to let people believe he doesn’t exist. There is so much evidence and history of these organizations. Wake up while you have the chance.

  6. Anonymous on

    Yeah, it really gets me too. A lot of what he says I still believe, although this is worth knowing: his talk radio network, GCN, also airs Free Talk Live (I trust them even less these days; FSP = Auschwitz), and is owned by Midas resources.
    Midas resources deals mainly in gold and other precious metals, which through history have always multiplied in value proportional to unrest, uncertainty, fear, economic turmoil. Everything he says increases the market value of gold; Glenn Beck works for himself, making $20M annually.
    But you’re right, not everything about Alex Jones adds up. But there are reasons to listen; he’s the only one who will talk about Climategate without changing his story every time. He’s the only one sharing the truth on Climaegate anywhere, and if you haven’t heard his report on Climategate, you can YouTube search it.

  7. Anonymous on

    I was going to reply to those folks the same way. The “Final solution” was driven to its extremes in part due to the war, although Hitler was a fucking psychopath. I mean, his “perfect vision” of the Third Reich never involved Berlin getting bombarded, or a war with Russia. He changed a lot of his long term plans during the war, but none of it was good. I am NOT saying the allies caused the 15th Jewish holocaust; all I am saying is that before he became what he hate and fear today, he was a lot like the people we elect today.

    And yes, there are written records of people advocating the murder of Drug Users. In 1992, Daryl Gates, then Chief of the LAPD, said “casual drug users should be taken out and shot.”
    [ *** ]
    Daryl Gates in fact, was hand-picked as chauffeur for the Chief of Police when he joined the LAPD:

    “Gates often remarked that he gained many administrative and professional
    insights from Parker during the hours they spent together each day.”

    See, he was being groomed. Probably because of his results on the police psych test [read the next non-nested comment posted here]. He also went on to invent SWAT teams, leading to the militarization of the American Gestapo.

    (I recently heard Hitler’s true *Jewish* surname was Shicklegruber… see, he was allowed to BE Jewish, Hitler just couldn’t “actually [be] anything which would identify [him] as such” 😉

  8. Interested Observer on

    I believe an important distinction needs to be made here. When comparing Drug Warriors to the Nazis, it is the Nazi’s 1930’s incarnation which is used as a reference. The Nazis were not engaged in wholesale slaughter during the 30’s, this really only began with the war. They were, however, beating up people, vilifying certain social groups and imprisoning as many of them as they could. The Nazi’s did this “lawfully”, meaning they made laws against the people they didn’t like and then used these new laws to imprison them.

    Drug laws are, by nature, designed to target a minority of the population. The Drug War propaganda then vilifies this minority. Then “Law Enforcement” officers beat and imprison members of this minority group. A “special” police agency even exists just to administer these laws. Drug Warriors often cite extremely dubious “scientific” studies to justify current drug laws.

    In addition, if you look at some early drug war propaganda, you do find examples comparing drug users to vermin and others implying they are a cancerous segment of society in need of eradication. Admittedly, much of this comes from the time when the drug war was really a cover for the race war but it exits nonetheless. Plus, there are a small minority of Drug Warriors who do advocate execution. At this point, they are only advocating it for “dealers” but, if that fails (as it inevitably would), it’s only a short step from there to executing users.

    On this basis, the Drug Warriors of today are entirely comparable to the Nazi’s of the 1930’s. It is also helpful to remember that, by definition, you do not have to kills large numbers of a minority to be engaged in Genocide. It is enough to attempt to stop the behaviour which identifies that minority. I doubt many people of any religious persuasion would see it as any less if you said to them: “You can go on being a Jew/Christian/Muslim/Hindu, you’re just not allowed to actually DO anything which would identify you as such.”
    By this definition, drug laws are a violation of human rights and deserve as much contempt as you can muster.

  9. Anonymous on

    He “doesn’t believe in church”? SEIZE HIM!!! Ready the stake and gather the kindling. But what about those cops’ kids? I think those cops have been telling their kids that a big invisible guy will throw them into a fire if they don’t burn a bull for him. THAT is child abuse. I also bet that knowing your father is a piece of dog shit who gets off on armed home invasions of disabled people without a proper warrant is very stressful. Think how his schoolmates must tease him about being “dog turd junior” and stuff.

    A cop producing children is, in itself, an act of abuse. They know full well that those kids will have to wonder every day if their dad will be coming home or going to the morgue because somebody didn’t feel like going along with a beating. Barry could pick any one of the cops who invaded his home and make a list of all the reasons why his kids should be taken away for their own good. It would be about 10 times as long as that ridiculous list the cops gave about Barry. What’s good for the goose.

  10. Jay Dell on

    This is in fact a human rights violation as the childs welfare and tramatic exprience will only bring more aminosity in the minds of all.If a child is taken it is a abduction and we all now know that the truth is the goverment can not be trusted.
    The worst thing is the morality of the goverment as they abuse the rights they are given by the people.Ghandi comes to mind as well a King and my Lord AND KING OF KINGS JESUS.Genis 1:29. HERB IS FOR THE USE OF MAN.
    In this battle we braves will show the scars to all and the people have heard and seen the tactical behaviour of a barbaric culture of goverments gone on a self serving agenda that is bringing them to their own demise.
    History has always been true as the sun rises and sets so shall history be the victor again.

    All is fair in LOVE and WAR.
    Wipe the tears and smear the BLOOD.

  11. Anonymous on

    Alex hope is to awake us all so we ll all behave differently (opposingly) towards the NWO tyranny as we did before we were informed.

    I reckon the NWO has profiled us as a bounch of sheeple who as a group wouldnt ever have the courage or willpower to stand up against them.

    Wich average family with children would choose liberty over secutity?

    I think they let Alex do his thing so everyone knows whats happening just to teach us that there is no flying fuck we can do about it.

    they render us into submission along him, thats all.

    Note how alex always dismisses the so called “silver bullets” and only aimes at the collective awakening as the solution.

    visit your local supermarket at monday mornings and look around you… how difficult would it be now to profile our average fellowmen…
    how much credibility to stand up and do something about it would you give them?

    try looking in the mirror and make up your mind about how much chance you have of fighting them…

    It ll be a phase of evolution wich we as a sheeple will all have to pass.

    WW I & II were inevetible, so is what is happening to us right now.

    Strenght in the comming decade all !

  12. Anonymous on

    If after seeing this people dont believe tyranny and oppression are part of the US government ..then you are blind. This is a political move to shut down the freedom of speech the coopers use to demostrate what we all know…Government doesnt care about its people . This shows that if you speak out, if you challenge those in power, they will find a ways to imprison you…..laws be damned , constitution be damned. Well come to 1984 folks.

  13. Anonymous on

    Question: why in God’s name would the “NWO” ever let Alex Jones reveal their true plans? Do you realize how patently absurd that is? Paranoid conspiracy theory nonsense isn’t going to get you anywhere, my friend.

  14. Anonymous on

    Look, I have to agree with the first person. (And I’m the first critic of the drug war.) Everyone hurdles the “oh, you’re a Nazi” hyperbolic argument. Hell, Glenn Beck uses it against Progressives because they “support eugenics.” (Talk about paranoid demagoguery, but that’s a different issue.) It has plenty of shock value. But the systematic elimination of 9 million people (yes 9 millionL in addition to 6 million Jews there were 3 million others, e.g., homosexuals, Catholics, the Roma, etc.)–many of them in death camps designed specifically for mass murder–simply does not compare to a governmental campaign designed to curb the use of a particular illicit substance. Have you seen any government propaganda literally likening potheads to vermin that ought to be killed? To rats? Of course not. They may point out the deviancy of the behavior but never portray it as necessarily irreversible or portray marijuana users not only as inherently flawed but a cancerous segment of the population worthy of execution. Potheads may break the law, but no one is arguing that they are a genetically flawed inferior race–or even a species below humanity. And there are certainly no Pothead death camps.

    I’ll concede that there are some valid parallels. But the comparison as a whole just doesn’t hold water. The government is NOT trying to murder all of the potheads in the country. Even if they are trying to eliminate the behavior–they are not trying to specifically eliminate the PEOPLE and they do not use scientific racist arguments to bolster their position. And no one in the mainstream–the people WE need to convince–are ever going to buy that comparison without laughing. I tell you what, go tell a holocaust survivor that the drug war is comparable to what Nazi Germany did to the European Jewish population. Tell me what they say. Drug war: wrong? yes. Genocide? Hell no. If you want genocide, look up the Holodomor–a situation in which the Soviet government literally and purposefully starved millions of people.

  15. Richard Moore on

    Perhaps you could use some education and understanding of the drug war and the whole erosion of people’s liberties in the name of “law enforcement”.

    The government of the USA might not be herding people into cattle cars heading to concentration camps equipped with gas chambers yet but they are tearing apart families and imprisoning millions of people for harming no-one and a percentage of those people die or are seriously harmed by their policies, there is also a proven racial bias in the application of their laws.

    Just because they don’t bury their victims in mass graves and no-one’s keeping a tally of the dead please don’t be fooled into thinking this cannot compare 🙁

  16. TheVoice on

    Sounds like there is all kinds of corrupt and fabricated stuff going on in this case.

    It should be noted that this kind of situation would likely not occur in a Canadian jurisdiction. Most CPS in Canada take a more measured view of possession of any kind of substance. And children are not typically removed unless there is immediate harm or the parents are arrested and have no where else to go.

    Long live Texas, huh??!?

  17. Anonymous on

    The Cooper case is what is coming to all humans under the new world order, go to check out Roy Masters go to Alex Jones at genocide is coming in the next phase of tyranny.
    the people committing these crimes against humanity, have no soul and are basically hand chosen sociopaths, who have no conscience. that is what the psych testing is all about, so they can choose the most sadistic and cruel.
    and only those people go up in the ranks. god help the Coopers, they are up against a nightmare.

  18. Dirty South TV on

    It is 100% obvious to any adult with a properly fully functioning brain, that the writer of this article has 0% knowledge of Nazi Germany, Nazi occupied Russia or World War II as a whole.

    Although I would like to personally punch a few people in the face approximately 4,000 times each (the people attacking this family), their case could never in a BILLION years touch what the Nazis did. Please never make that claim again.

    Now, what I would like to do to those excuse for Law Enforcement where ever this place is (it really doesn’t say a City, State, County, Continent-nothing?), now THAT would be comparable to the Nazis, and knowing me, I’d up the ante a notch or 4-just for good measure…..You know, make an example out of them, the way they like to do to normal, regular people…..

    Sheriff dip-shit, I’ll happily hop on a plane to come and personally see you-if you send the airfare…..You feel froggy now tough guy?