Colorado Town 1st in State To Pass Medical Marijuana Sales Tax

Voters in the western Colorado town of Fruita on Tuesday approved a 5 percent sales tax on medical marijuana and related paraphernalia, making it the first city in Colorado to tax pot.

Fruita ? an agricultural community located west of Grand Junction near the Utah border ? doesn’t yet have any medical-marijuana dispensaries, which have proliferated in Denver over the past year.

The tax will go into effect on May 1. City officials expect it to raise about $100,000 in the first full fiscal year, despite the current lack of dispensaries, according to the ballot issue.

Nearly 60 percent of Fruita voters approved the tax, according to unofficial election results posted on the Fruita municipal website.

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers ruled last November that a sales tax could be imposed on medical pot.
“Colorado law is clear: Medical marijuana, in most instances, should be subject to state and local sales taxes,” Suthers said. “This formal opinion should help clear up many of the uncertainties surrounding the taxation of medical marijuana.”

– Article from Denver Business Journal.



  1. Anonymous on

    MEDICAL marijuana should not be taxed! If it were legal for RECREATIONAL use then taxes would seem appropriate.

  2. Anonymous on

    IT SAYS TOWN NOT CITY GUY WHO MADE FIRST COMMENT. DENVER WAS THE FIRST CITY BUT NOT TOWN. BECAUSE DENVER IS A CITY. Actually if you ever been there you would know its a metropolis.

  3. Anonymous on

    They arent the first city in Colorado to impose sales tax on medical marijuana. Denver is already doing that.

    Why would the town put it on the ballot? It has already been determined that it is legal to impose the tax so it should be a city council issue.