Medical Grower Says Grow-Room “Inspection Teams” Violate Human Rights

Jason Wilcox, who says intrusive police "inspection team" violate his human rights, on his internet show Cannabis in Canada.Jason Wilcox, who says intrusive police “inspection team” violate his human rights, on his internet show Cannabis in Canada.CANNABIS CULTURE – Jason Wilcox, an HIV-positive medical marijuana grower from Abbotsford, has launched a Human Rights Challenge on behalf of BC’s Health Canada medical cannabis patients against a city Controlled Substances Property Bylaw allowing intrusive police grow-room “inspection teams”.

The action alleges that the Bylaw violates his Section 8 rights with regards to his disability and legal use of medical cannabis to aid with his illness.

“If law is to protect and serve,” Wilcox said, “how can we justify inflammatory bullying by By-Law approaches to municipal law?”

Mr. Wilcox is not the first patient to file an action against bylaws of this nature; a similar bylaw action was launched by a Salmon Arm patient (James and Moynan v. City of Salmon Arm, 2009 BCHRT 285). The Human Rights tribunal ruled that Salmon Arms Bylaw did violate their Section 8 rights, but unlike Mr. Wilcox those litigants failed to file on behalf of the entire group of BC’s cannabis patients to have the bylaw amended in compliance with the BC Human Rights Code.

Mr. Wilcox has put footage of the police event up on the Internet at

Wilcox hopes other patients who may have past or future concerns about their communities Controlled Substances By-Laws will come forward and contact him at [email protected]

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Watch Part 4 on YouTube.



  1. Highguy1978 on

    Shit eating grin on the coppers face too eh, Pathetic man, Fight that shit.

  2. Anonymous on

    Jason never let the cops in. Please check the facts before you rant and use foul language.

  3. UncleBob100 on

    Could be why the feds are planning to build 10 new prisons in Canada … a “Make Work” project for the kops, guards, lawyers, judges, etc. etc.

  4. Matty on

    Is this the work of our awsome RCMP or of the VPD that they have down there in the lower mainland? and this is to everyone in northern BC; watch what you do! the RCMP are going nutso up here. if they even get a wiff of weed from your car they will search you! (is this legal?) From what i’ve heard is that they want to take down all the growers up here, but they’re getting all us little guys that are just smokin up a lil. it sucks!!

  5. Anonymous on

    @ 3:44!! oooopss

  6. Anonymous on

    Jason says “change public policy” Am I the only one who can mentally picture this guy on the toliet every morning saying “change public policy” over and over again the way he says it…

  7. RichieRich on

    Why on earth did this guiy allow them in? After all that bitching and refusal..and he caves. I would have told them to FUCK OFF and get a warrant. The cops would have gone away and the lawyers would have begun fighting.

    Never give in to cops at your door!!

  8. Matt on

    Good for you jason. Don’t take any shit from the police or the city of Abbotsford. Please update the progress of this if you can.