Toronto Police Used Violent Force in Compassion Club Raid

CANNABIS CULTURE – Police used violent force in a raid on a Toronto location of the Cannabis As Living Medicine (C.A.L.M.) Compassion Club on Wednesday, and arrested and laid marijuana trafficking charges against several staff members.

“The police barged in and threw people to the ground without warning, without asking to be allowed in and without showing their warrant.,” C.A.L.M.’s attorney Ron Marzel told Cannabis Culture. “They stormed their way in and started throwing patients down and pinning them to the ground. We got it all on video.”

One person suffered whiplash, a concussion, and a fat lip but no one was seriously injured.

Marzel said C.A.L.M.’s owner, known as Neev, and eight staff members were charged with possession for the purposes of trafficking. Each was locked up for over ten hours before being released, and many who are medicinal marijuana patients were denied access to their medicine. The police told staffers they would be released only if they signed a form agreeing not to return to C.A.L.M. until the case is over.

“They made the staff promise, under a recognizance, not to go back to C.A.L.M.,” he said, “and that was the only way they were going to release the staff and allow them to medicate.”

Toronto Police were contacted by Cannabis Culture but refused to make a comment until “after the holiday”.

C.A.L.M. is one of the oldest medical cannabis clubs in Canada, established in 1996. C.A.L.M.’s website states that the organization is a “peer-run organization that provides almost 2,000 Canadians living with severe or chronic illnesses with safe and continuous access to medicinal cannabis in a safe empowering environment.”

Neev told Cannabis Culture that during the raid, officers from 51 Division said they were responding to complaints, but authorities have yet to release any information or disclosures.

“There are many ways to respond to complaints that don’t involve criminal charges,” Neev said. “This was a pretty poor way of dealing with it. We had kind of an unspoken truce before this with police, where they could contact us directly or indirectly about complaints.”

Neev said police “took everything” in the raid, including “cannabis, hash, computers, scales, baggies and other equipment,” but that “members with medical licences were allowed to keep the marijuana they had on them.”

The police raid marks the first on a large compassion club in more than a decade and stunned many in the marijuana legalization and drug policy reform communities, provoking speculation of a possible Federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries.

Despite the harsh police action, Marzel said the Ontario Court of Justice dealt a “huge victory” to the medical cannabis club and medical marijuana activism by not putting restrictions on its owner.

“The judge presiding at the bail hearing, after hearing arguments on the judicial consideration of the medical marijuana program over the last 12 years, was satisfied that there’s a serious issue that the government may be thwarting access to medical cannabis for patients,” the attorney said. “As a result, the Court made the unprecedented move of not denying management access to the club after releasing on bail. So Neev finds himself in the very unusual situation where the Ontario court of Justice didn’t impose any restrictions on him returning back to C.A.L.M., and yet the staff have been hoodwinked by the police into entering a recognizance preventing them from coming back.”

C.A.L.M. was able to show the Court that the club services patients who have a license from Health Canada or are in the process of obtaining one, and the judge agreed that the government has been fumbling the ball on the issue of supply of medication for the last 13 years.

“The court recognized Health Canada had indicated that current restrictions [limiting growers to grow for only two medical patients at a time]were going to be a temporary response,” Marzel said, “but that was done last year and they still haven’t remedied the situation.”

Though Neev is able to return to work, C.A.L.M. is expected to be closed for the near future.

Neev and his staff play a key role in the Global Marijuana March and other cannabis events and it is unclear whether their roles will be hampered by restrictions forbidding them from fraternizing with each other.

C.A.L.M. is planning an event on Sunday, April 11, at Police HQ, (40 College St., 1pm-4:20pm) in Toronto to protest police actions. Check Cannabis Culture soon for more updates.

CLICK here to read Wednesday’s coverage of the raid on Cannabis Culture.

Click here for more video of the C.A.L.M. raid



  1. Anonymous on

    Should have been CN and not CA.

  2. Anonymous on

    about this incident:

    1. Total disregard by the police for the rights of CA citizens…both patients and dispensaries.

    2. The only one handcuffed and guarded by a cop is the black man. WTF…he’s thrown down, restrained by two cops, handcuffed, and his belongings removed from his pockets. He’s then forced to stand face-into-the-wall, while everyone else in the room is able to sit peacefully.

    I’m a white guy, and this racism is the first thing I noticed.

    The cops involved do not believe in freedom and behave like assholes. There time will come and I hope they wake up before it does.



  3. Anonymous on

    Hey Moron,

    I know way way more than you are even capable of thinking. So take your own moronic advice, and talk about what you do know, which I suspect is very very little. And while you’re contemplating the very little you know, take what you do know, and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS.

  4. alice on

    i think some of the job requirements to be a toronto cop are rudeness, disrespect, dis honestty, assenine behavour, the abillity to be sencelessly violent, must have chip on shoulder, must be racist, must be homophobic, must be eating dounuts at all times, must know how to sweep things under rugs….just to name a few!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. alice on

    hey mr pm harper….
    you are living proof that god DOES make mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ….actually i shouldnt say this, ….but i will
    ….””ahem, dear mr harper, ….GET AIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. alice on

    i could not agree more. this is a waste of time and money
    why dont they do there real job for a change???
    my late father was a toronto cop for years and i personally saw more coruption in my young life then most ever see!!!!! all cops are crooked, and cant be trusted as far as you could throw them(and i would love to)
    ever wonder what happend in the case of the black van????
    ever wonder why they were never stoped or caught or bought to justice???
    you know the reason as well as i do, all neatly swept away. i lived through that nightmare myself in 1986. to this day, even in daylight, i can not walk past a parked van, the nightmares never end!!!!! lets just say my dad talked in his sleep, so i really do know whats what!!!!!!!
    in a simple little nutshell……..TORONTO COPS ARE ALL COMMON TRASH!!!!!
    EXXXXTREAMLY COMMON!!!!!!!! i wouldnt wipe my feet on them, my shoes are too good for that!!!!!!!

  7. alice on

    well, this is stomic turning what the cops did. seems they havent grown up since 1982(the bath house raids).
    this is harrassment, plain and simple!!! must have been a slow day at the doughnut shop!!!! guess the pigs have nothing better to do then to beat up on the sick and disabled!!!!! nice if they were to do there actual job for a change and do something about all the bastards who litterally get away with murder and gun violence instead of wasting our tax pay money on pure bull crud such as this. i truely wish in my heart, that the cops responcible for this injustice all contract some awful illness and cant get there special meds, let them too suffer as they have made us!!!!!
    remember dear officers, what goes around, comes around!!!!!!!

  8. Ronz on

    I used to think that money was the reason why the government was holding back a medicinal plant, but after seeing this and experiencing what else is going on in the world as we speak, i have to conclude that money has nothing to do with it. It’s sad, but i feel like we are all just in some kind of unbelievable, psychological stress test. They want to see how much control they can hold over us before we eventually snap.
    I sometimes feel like quitting my job and walking door to door in Canada giving people the REAL information about my friend Mary Jane. I don’t care what ANYONE tells you, CANNIBUS IS FREE!!

  9. Anonymous on

    Uh, did you ever think that maybe we’re just members? And the ownership isn’t even aware of this discussion, because they are busy doing what business owners do? Yanno, their business? I’m just a member. A member of many in Toronto. I don’t know Kyle, so why would I tell him off? I just thought your response was hypocritical. I’m not here to represent any club, I just thought your response was over the top aggressive, violent and hypocritical.

    And while you’re going off about me going off on a tangent, you might want to follow your own advice. Read everything, if you’re so inclined. Nowhere did I see Kyle wish harm, as you did, on anyone. He was just saying he wasn’t served well at CALM. He’s not alone. Many people have complained about CALM. Just cause you’re trapped in some delusional bubble, doesn’t make it less real for those in reality.

    As for how “it feels” to be told off anonymously, by someone I’ll never get to, or want to know? Well, it doesn’t feel like anything. I don’t care. It’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it; so rage rage away. Makes little difference to me, because you aren’t in my real world. And if you were in my real world and spoke in any way to me the way you wrote to kyle or myself, you wouldn’t be in my real world any longer. i despise violence. And violent thoughts. Aggressive behaviour is the old way of doing things. And gets us nowhere. But I suspect doing things a new and more evolved way is lost on you.

    “have a wonderful day”


    and btw, it’s hysterical, not to mention hypocritical (again) that you would be critical of being “anonymous”. As if the moniker ‘tall n evil’ tells us anything. And why the eff should anyone be obliged to give their real names here, just cause some posters get their panties in a bunch? And by your “logic”, I should be asking you, if you’ve told every “anonymous” poster off, since there’s been more than a few here wishing actual harm?

  10. Mojojojo on

    Wow… great job spam filter! He even titled his post with what he was selling! lmao.. and legit posts get blocked all the time…

    Hell as Im writing this I doubt it’ll get through…

  11. Free-Slave on

    Dearest Elites and Minions,

    Beware the slave that no longer fears death.
    Your time has come to pay the piper.

    ********* REVOLUTION *********

  12. Scotties Spot on

    Toronto police should respect the fact the my self as well as many others use medical grown marijuana for medical reason what is the point of haven our growers needing to be registered get a criminal background check receive cards documents from the federal government of Canada WHO HAS MUCH MORE POWER THEN TORONTO POLICE to provide us with leagle marijuana to help us deal with severe medical conditions .

    If i was there i would as long with the rest of the members take Toronto police to court for assault discrimination and run the faces so far in the ground


  13. Scotties Spot on

    Toronto police should respect the fact the my self as well as many others use medical grown marijuana for medical reason what is the point of haven our growers needing to be registered get a criminal background check receive cards documents from the federal government of Canada WHO HAS MUCH MORE POWER THEN TORONTO POLICE to provide us with leagle marijuana to help us deal with severe medical conditions .

    If i was there i would as long with the rest of the members take Toronto police to court for assault discrimination and run the faces so far in the ground


  14. nothing to hide on

    well i dont think they needed a warrant to come in because it must be a public place but they would need a warrant for confiscation and arrests but they couldn’t arrest the customers because they would need a separate warrant and they didn’t know who they were. but fuck the chief of their jurisdiction because he has to be the one that ordered them to go and the one who got the warrant.

  15. FreeSlave on

    Canada is fast becoming a Prison State.

    How does it feel to piss and shit all over the People Harper?
    Nevermind, you don’t have any feelings.

    Typical service-to-self only behavior of our illustrious elites and their pet minions.

    Beware the slave who fears not death silly, heartless puppets,

    Head like a hole, dark as you soul, I’d rather die than give you control.

  16. Mike Nike on

    Another reason to hate cops. The only thing you should say to a cop is “I am exercising my right to remain silent.” Nothing pisses them off more than that. Trust me. I said it once and got yelled at for an hour. I just laughed at them and then they took me home. Also beware of the “your friend ratted you out” and the “good cop, bad cop” routine. One will yell at you then the other will calm him down and tell him to leave while he talks to you alone, pretending to be your friend. Ya right!!! They will lie and do anything to get a confession out of you. Just like Robert Deniro says in good fellows “never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”

  17. Billy on

    Ya, these guys did everything WRONG here. You do not have to show ID to a police officer unless you are being detained or arrested. Caught on film…what’s next, the drug bust at the old age home!?! I hear they take drugs too. What is the difference? I smoke pot because I have Crohn’s Disease. Try taking that away from me…I dare you.

  18. Joe on

    Ah yes, and were taught in school that the Nazi’s lost the war?
    Only thing missing are Jack boots and and the SS patch on the shoulder, give it time, im sure the new world odour, OOPS, I mean order, YA KNOW…….THOSE PEOPLE? Cant wait to see what those uniforms look like…


  19. Tall n Evil on

    Global news covered it yesterday at 6. They interviewed Neev, and showed cam footage, explained the situation. Let’s hope more stations pick up the story if they haven’t already.

  20. Dr. Greensleeves on

    From the video footage shown I would hardly call that “violent force”. Other than the doorman getting muscled around I didn’t see any violence. I live in California and I KNOW violence during a raid.

    Regardless, it looks like the CAN authorities are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Busting one of the oldest dispensaries around and then duping the people that run the place not to return when they in fact have a right to? And here I thought the US had some fucked up laws.

    Best wishes and good luck to Neev and his crew. This looks like one ridiculous mess caused by Toronto’s not-so finest.

  21. KELLY on

    if your going to comment dont be a pussy,be proud and own it put your name or piss off!



  23. Anonymous on



  24. Anonymous on

    I hope everyone and CALM sue the city’s ass off! And Adolf Miller’s got to GO.

  25. Anonymous on

    Forget about writing your MP’s etc. (they’ve proven nothing but the fact that they’re a part of the problem). Just spread these videos around EVERYWHERE until they make the freekin News!!! This stuff needs to be on the news. Publically paid cops kicking the medically infirm around – sick!!!

  26. Anonymous on

    I am interested in finding out how Canadian law sees contracts. In the U.S. one of the deciding factors for the enforceability of the contract deals with “was the offeree’s acceptance of the result of duress, coercion, or undue influence by the offeror?” If anything I would think these people may have a civil case against the police or who ever drew up the paperwork for them to sign.

  27. CALM amy on

    we will be holding the protest @ 40 College Street, Police HQ from1:00pm – 4:20

  28. Tall n Evil on

    I have heard great things about North York. Thank you for posting this! ­čÖé

  29. Brian Kerr on

    The protest is now at 40 College St. Police Headquarters. on April 11.

  30. GypsyB on

    So why didn’t the judge throw out the statements that the police clearly coerced the people into signing? Was it even brought up to him? I would rather big pharma co.’s be raided. How about a few raids on the people the pharma co’s have bringing samples of drugs to doctors offices, oh yea and lets not forget to get them for advertising their drugs on TV so people can ask their legal drug dealers for a script! This whole prohibition is ridiculous and CLEARLY out to make the rich richer and hold down those who are suffering or don’t have the money to fight them.

  31. Anonymous on

    Screw you, I was living in a shelter when I first started coming to CALM. I haven’t been in a Holts even to panhandle. The volunteers there helped me deal with my prior addiction and helped me get my feet back on the ground. They offered moral support and even gave me plenty of one-on-one time in their North York office (the only TRUE compassion club in this city). The head office may be too busy to give everyone a lot of extra time, but thats why they opened up north york. You can get up to 20 minutes of consultation time, and the volunteers there are more like psychiatrists than anything. A couple of times one of the NY staff have even met up with me outside of their work hours because I was in such bad shape. They have even spotted me my medicine in a crisis!

    So when the entire team at CALM are encouraging members to try alternatives, it doesn’t matter because one guy MIGHT have a different opinion? Who do you think handles 99% of member interactions? Maybe the volunteers? BTW, I’ve been to three different clubs. They all have similar prices, $8/g, $9/g, 10/g, 12/g. Plenty of choices for anyone.

    Don’t talk about things you don’t know, because it’s obvious you don’t know shit.

  32. Tall n Evil on

    Darling, you should read the other comments Kyle has posted on this and the previous article. This was written to him, as a response to HIS comments.

    I have no anger issues, if you read my other posts in this forum. The staff at CALM adore me, and I them. I’m known as ‘sunshine girl’ who’s always smiling, so what you wrote here is really a joke to everyone who knows me.

    Kyle has written a lot of nasty stuff on this board. Hey ‘anonymous’, have you told him off too? People like you who read one comment, then go off on a tangent have serious psychological issues-paranoia much? (How does it feel to be told you’re mentally unwell by a board poster?) Right, not nice is it. Well suck it up, because that’s what you just did to me.

    Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black here, don’t ya think? I can’t believe the people on this board who try to insult medical cannabis users by suggesting they have mental issues as their medical reason.

    You, and they, make me sick.

    I don’t know anything about Rainbow, but if Kyle isn’t the owner, and he is posting all over CC pissing off supporters of calm, saying they deserve the cops barging in, and the like…then MAYBE Rainbow should get a spokesperson on here (who DOESN’T post anonymously) to set things right. As of now, this organization is being represented by a real jerk (who you say doesn’t even work there). Not smart.

    Next time you feel like putting your 2 cents in, please know everything that’s going on on the boards.

    Have a wonderful day!

  33. Anonymous on

    Kyle isn’t the owner of rainbow, and as far as I know, he doesn’t even work there anymore. That being said, with such vile statements as yours, I hope you do choose a street dealer over a club other than CALM.
    Please stay at CALM, as they have the funds to handle the destructive rage of the violently┬áminded. And while purchasing my meds, I’d rather not have to run into the likes of people such as yourself.

    As much as I dislike CALM, I’d never wish them harm. And someone who wishes the police bust down a fellow med users door, isn’t someone I care to know. No matter the differences, wishing cops on another….well, you’re quite right….it is evil.

  34. Anonymous on

    Yeah, sure he pays taxes. Sure sure. He won’t even admit he “sells” cannabis when he’s interviewed.
    And, of course, CALM does “outreach”. It’s called profit seeking. Puhleeze. The poor only have so much money, so you have to go for quantity. Round up as many suckers as you can. And, I’ll bitch if I want to bitch, mmmkay? Your burger joint analogy, makes no sense. When I spend money somewhere, I deserve respectful treatment, not abuse.

    Oh, and TCC along with other clubs, have been generous at times. When things are tough. And I know for a fact, CALM does look down on the poor. Just because they are seeking more of the poor’s money, doesn’t mean they respect the poor. That’s laughable.

    And while CALM charges premium prices, they don’t always have premium stuff. I can get better, cheaper, at clubs that treat me way better. When I can get filet mignon for a dollar a pound cheaper (and btw, the prices are way way better than just a dollar off a gram) and the quality is the same or better, I look to the person paying more, for worse service, and a shit attitude, like he’s a sucker.

    And btw, you sound like you have little respect for the poor either, so I hope you keep getting suckered by CALM. They sound like a good fit for you.

    Your steak analogy sounds like that of an elitist . The kind that would go to Holt’s, so they could get the merch in the pretty pink bag, even though they know they can get the exact same thing, for a better price sans the pretty pink bag. Hey, be my guest, spend more at CALM. But , you should know, even though they think they are Holt’s, they are actually more like a Zeller’s. Just with Holt prices.

    Oh, and asking a coordinator who doesn’t have a vested interest like the owner, about other clubs, means nothing. I’m sure the owner wouldn’t say the same.

  35. Anonymous on

    Actually, CALM does pay taxes. There’s a reason the political and medical community have shown them more support than the other clubs.

    When I asked one of CALMs coordinators about being a member of multiple clubs he actually encouraged me to check out the various options. So I did. Yes, some clubs sell things for $1/g cheaper, but when there are 3 price/quality points there is something for everyone. Don’t bitch at your burger joint when they start offering steaks too. If you can’t afford a steak, fine, there are cheaper things on the menu. I can’t always afford the highest end, but at least it’s available. Some of us like to indulge in a steak from time to time.

    Considering CALM does so much community outreach and almost monthly presentations at shelters I highly doubt they are looking down on the poor.

    P.S. Are you suggesting none of the other clubs make profit? You site TCC, a club with perhaps less than 100 people less than CALM. How do they not fall under the same criticism (bias excluded)?

  36. Anonymous on

    Most of the labour at calm is provided free of charge. They are mostly ‘volunteers’.

  37. Member of many. on

    Nothing else! Maybe you’re too high to realize you are probably talking about the club on wellesley. Where KFC used to be? Because Rainbow does NOT sell mushrooms. They never have. So stop talking shit, or at least get your clubs straight. Perhaps you shouldn’t do mushrooms. You’re clearly hallucinating.

    And, as far as I know, Kyle hasn’t worked at Rainbow for almost a year. I should know, as I am a very frequent, almost daily member of Rainbow.

    I don’t need to diss other clubs. I let my money speak for me, and I’ve been choosing to spend it at Rainbow for over a year now. They are compassionate there, and they don’t over charge you either. And the quality is just as good as any other club I have purchased from……

    and to paraphrase your last comment, ‘this isn’t the time for shameless misinformation and outright LIES”

    If you were so about “rallying together”, you wouldn’t be LYING about Rainbow. So, get your own “head out of the gutter”, hypocrite!

  38. anon on

    if you bothered to look at ALL the videos, you can clearly make out members on the inside. I know one of those inside vids has been taken down. The one pointing towards the back, but the other inside vid was still up, last I checked and you can clearly see members being searched and interrogated by police.

  39. matty on

    more evidence that CALM is only concerned about profits. Or should I say Neev? They (Neev) could care less about members’ privacy.

    I feel bad for the members and free laborers at CALM who are having trouble accessing medicine, but do you think for one second Neev is going without? Neev and paid staff ( of which there are very few. It is Neev after all) have long been in it for themselves and don’t care that the millions they take in every year are made off the backs of poor sick people on limited incomes. Make no mistake, CALM is NOT a “not for profit”. It is a big time for profit business. Always has been.
    14 years, and millions upon millions of revenue made off sick people, TAX FREE. How many people do you know are allowed to make even a few bucks without claiming it, before the taxman comes a calling? He’s had it good and tax free for over a decade now.

    And for those who think CALM supports other clubs and therefore those clubs should be supporting CALM, you’re sadly misinformed. CALM has long been at odds with Toronto’s first club, TCC.
    CALM’s ownership acts as if they should have the monopoly in Toronto for providing medical cannabis. And has done many under handed things towards other clubs in this city. It’s not about servicing sick people for CALM. It’s about profits, and power.

    People who are poor and sick, and ask for help, are turned away and mocked as “pathetic”.

    For those who want to site rent. hydro and other expenses,to justify CALM’s highway robbery prices, those are paid off after a couple of days “work”. At least three weeks out of the month is pure profit. With over 3000 members, that isn’t hard to do.

    CALM isn’t the only game in town. It never has been. And now there’s plenty of choice out there, much to the chagrin of CALM’s ownership. There’s at least 3 clubs in the heart of the medicinal community, as well as many others scattered throughout the GTA. Any number of them can provide you with comparable or even better cannabis than CALM. And all, at much fairer prices. You’re also not looked down on for being poor. Funny, how CALM looks down on the poor,but has no problem taking what little money they have.

    I think it’s terrible that CALM was raided, but sometimes shit like this happens, when you treat too many like shit.
    Talk of CALM’s abusive attitude towards so many sick people has spread like wild fire amongst those in the know in this city. And while I don’t wish bad karma on them, there’s something to be said for how it can bite you in the ass, when you treat so many like shit.

    That being said, I hope they all have the charges dropped.
    Even Neev. As much as a profiteer and opportunist he is, I don’t want to see him locked up either. Not for pot, or even tax evasion. If he was murderer and/or rapist or child molester, then I wouldn’t care if he spent the rest of his days rotting in prison. But for money crimes and drugs, I think prison is bullshit.

  40. confused on

    Hey I just had a question I was hoping someone could clear this up for me. It mentions that staff were told they would not be released unless they signed a “recognizance” (not even sure what that is). Now was the staff under arrest/charged ? and is it legal for the police to tell someone they wont be released unless they sign one? is that not some sort of coercion or something? I don’t know the law well but something about that strikes me as if nothing else unethical. Now if the staff felt pressured by the police to sign it does that not in and of its self void it? also I was wondering is the staff employees or volunteer? and legally is it even possible to have some one enter into a contract that forces them to not to go to work would that not affect their ability to earn a living and survive.
    anyway Im not sure about it I was hoping someone could clear it up thanks

  41. ElectroPig on

    Not ALL pigs! d=^o

  42. ElectroPig on

    There are literally millions of people in the US and Canada who use cannabis for medical reasons, and still millions more who prefer it for relaxtional or recreational purposes over other legally available intoxicants such as alcohol.

    Why is it that, in light of massive and growing POSITIVE research about the benefits of cannabis far outweighing any perceived detriments–almost all of which are caused by unjust, immoral and deliberately fabricated prohibitionary propaganda–our government continues to give with one hand and takes with the other?

    The federal government has long established that cannabis is safe, to the point of the creation of a national (and poorly operated) framework for the distribution of cannabis, yet also continues to thwart it’s own efforts to do so in an intelligent and workable manner, by continually destroying every program that is found to actually work well.

    Why even bother acknowledging that cannabis is safe at all, if you’re only going to deliberately ignore those facts and attack those who avail themselves of what you acknowledge to be the truth more than a decade ago?

    Admittedly, this is nothing short of a police, lawyer, judge and prison “make work project” aimed at using a corrupt system run by corrupt politicians in order to continue to legally steal more and more from the public that they have been elected to represent.

    It’s well past the time when propaganda can not be distinguished from fact, yet facts are deliberately ignored when it comes to finding ways to destroy people’s lives…and all in the name of helping to make people’s lives better.

    How exactly does deliberately destroying people’s live make their lives better? I still haven’t quite gotten my head around that.

    Google “Overgrow The World” and find out what you can do in your own home town to let our government and news media know that the people are not afraid of a safe, natural, beneficial plant that they themselves have long admitted is safe, natural and beneficial to society.

  43. kyle on

    i wasnt necessarily saying no one was hurt. I know they were, I did not mean to judge the cam shot, but if there was an issue on cam thats what should have been posted here. I was unaware that calm had other vids on this indent. If CC had “the” vid of the violence it have been more related that this one on the site

  44. kyle on

    8 weeks was not notice enough for them…..i guess i needed to order it , what 6 months before. I dont know. I just know i could not be helped

  45. kyle on

    well i was only referring to the cam on this site. There was no link from cc to calms cams, i apologize….
    Saying Anonymous mean things about how I am worthless is just that worthless

  46. kyle on

    rainbow doesnt sell mushrooms, ask any member, the shop behind them may. As for being an employee. I have not worked there since last year. I was only expressing how calm treated me and made me feel. Threatening violence on me is not how they should of handled it, least i do not hide behind Anonymous

  47. Tall n Evil on Since you are too inept to discover these links yourself.

    I would rather use a street dealer than you based on NOTHING but what I’ve read in these comments you have posted to these articles. I hadn’t even HEARD of Rainbow before. Now I’ll bad mouth you to everyone I know (and they’ll tell two friends…and so on and so on)

    Kyle, this sounds evil, but I Can’t WAIT till it’s YOUR turn. How do you think the community will support you when the cops come crashing through YOUR door? I’ll be watching with popcorn.

    You are truly a piece of shit. Really.

  48. Tall n Evil on

    So sorry you had to go through that ­čÖü

    Love & Support,

  49. The BallyHoo on

    All pigs.

    Start all over again with a NEW plan.


  50. The ballyhoo on

    Not much pig violence here. That’s NOTHING compared to their usual ”scum-fuck antics.
    Consider yourselves lucky Ha hey!


  51. Ron Marzel on

    Thank you for your post Nova. Can you please contact me at 416-738-4225… I could use your story to help get calm back up and running. The same applies to all ATP members of CALM. In the next little while I am going to launch:
    1) a legal campaign for the return of all of CALM’s medical cannabis that was earmarked for ATPs; and
    2) a legal campaign to restrain the police from raiding CALM again, pending resolution of the charges.

    Ron Marzel

  52. renney b. on

    this is a violation of our rights as citizens of a free and democratic country. this is clear intimidation on the part of the powers that be to stop choice using fear and force. canadians have to stand up and be counted on the side of the cannabis culture to defeat this kind of brutality

  53. DoorMan on

    First off, the footage only showed cops and Calm staff. No member was shown in that footage. And you can tell that because those 2 “Calm Members” as you like to call them are 2 of the cops holding down the Calm DoorMan. You know since you watched it a few times like you said; you’d notice that by the second viewing.

    Second, the reason you don’t see a punch is because they hit me inside at the door. If you see the lobby video you can see that happening. Also if you visit Calm’s online forum post, you can read a msg from a member who witness me getting punched in the side of the head after I volunterally put my hands behind my back and went down on the ground.

    So get lost and go grow a brain, and come back when you have something smart to say that’s not a waste of time or self-centered.

    And btw if you couldn’t tell by know I’m the guy in the Video. Thanks for wishing me bad Karma. Even though I never met you and now I’m glad I haven’t.

  54. Nova on

    For those of you that don’t know me, I suffer from a severe case of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. From the moment I wake up until the instant I fall asleep I live my life in agony.

    Digestion for me is basically torture, as it feels as if I swallow a handful of glass with every meal. I experience regular bouts of internal bleeding and a few times a month my digestive tract gets swollen to the point of tearing my lower ribs out of their sockets.

    Standard treatment was ineffective so my doctors were forced to put me on experimental medication (and a large dosage of Oxycontin). When the combination of these pills gave me seizures, intermittent paralysis and blackouts my doctor took me off of that medication and suggested I try an alternative that had been showing promise for digestive issues – Cannabis.

    He had me print out the application form for CALM and he squeezed me in the following day to sign it and fax it into their admissions coordinator.

    That first visit to CALM I was reborn.

    I took home a couple of varieties, an indica and sativa (a HUGE thanks to CALM for teaching me the difference/benefits of each). I’d smoked a bit in High School and, honestly, didn’t expect to get anything but a high… but at this point I’d tried everything else for my health so why not this?

    I smoked a small joint of the sativa and almost immediately felt uplifted, physically and spiritually. Colours seemed a little brighter, and the fog in my head evaporated. Instead of feeling worn out and depressed, I had an urge to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Instead of trying to disassociate from the pain, I started sketching the view from my apartment window.

    As somebody who normally has to weigh the need of nutrition to the pain caused, I was shocked when I found myself raiding the fridge. I stared at that little bag of plant matter and couldn’t help but feel awed that something so natural could do (for me) what modern medicine couldn’t – raise my quality of life.

    Since my first visit to CALM my food intake has gone up exponentially, I can sleep and night, and best of all I can enjoy my brief time on this planet.

    As such, you may understand why I was shocked and angered by the raid on CALM.
    I have a wife (and a child on the way), and now I have no choice but to put myself (and their future) at risk so I can obtain my medicine.

    I feel bad using a crosswalk because it slows the flow of traffic, and now I am forced to buy my medicine from the black market just so I can bare the pain of eating. And even if I can find some thug who will “hook me up”, will it be of high quality? Will the supply be consistent? And even if all of the above come true, I highly doubt he took the measures CALM did to make sure our supply was always clean and mold free.

    To any member of the Toronto Police Service reading this post, I have one thing to say to you:

    This week you have made me into a criminal. This week you have viciously stolen the dignity and well-being of over 2500 sick and dying patients. We will not forget this week, and we will not let you forget either. We will take our battle to the streets, to the courts and to the Federal Government itself.

    For too long have we stood by and watched your officers and Federal Cannabis Program violate our rights and ignore our needs.

    We will be abused no longer!

    Citizens of Canada, regardless of your walk of life or political alignment we must stand together. If we allow ourselves to be treated this way, we are no better than those committing the injustices.

    The future is yours – seize it!

  55. Anonymous on

    Kyle, you are scum. Enough with your anti-calm slander. Those are two cops, in case you didn’t notice the raid in the Raid Video. There are plenty of other videos on CALM’s youtube account that show the situation from all angles, so why don’t you stop being a prick and gag yourself while your only a little worthless.

  56. Anonymous on

    Exceptions are made in regards to limits if you give them notice, I’ve never had a problem in 9 years of membership in that regard. Why should they give you all the medicine at the expense of other members going without? If everyone else can give them notice, why are you so special? I’d think you had notice you were leaving for 5 weeks.

    Considering Rainbow is currently selling magic mushrooms (I was there but a week ago and they were available) it looks like you are going to the gang on the corner. But as everyone in the Toronto community knows, you are an employee of Rainbow, so why should we expect the truth from you? You are just seizing this opportunity to promote your club and degrade your competition. Grow up, if you were sending people to another club to actually help them I wouldn’t be so critical.

    So you were a member of CALM and posted a flier outside of their club and they weren’t happy? It is obvious reading your post that your intention is nothing but you being an opportunist. You make me sick.

    BTW, I’ve been at CALM for a long time and hang out with their volunteers outside of the office. They do not go to your club and most people I’ve talked to don’t feel safe entering a “medical” club that finds hallucinogens appropriate for a medicinal facility.

    This isn’t the time for shameless promotion, this is the time to rally together. Get your head out of the gutter.

  57. Joe S. on

    I’m outraged. For all the talk the Police make about improving and building community relations in Toronto, any good work is greatly diminished by unintelligent actions like this. As a taxpayer and a citizen, I protest the waste of resources allocated to this operation, above and beyond the significant impacts on staff and clients.

  58. kyle on

    i dont see why the video of 2 calm members entering the shop is now public on line. I thought those cams were for calm not the public. I did not see any punch in this video and i watched it a few times

  59. kyle on

    I used to rely on calm for my meds. I have a federal card for 300 g / month. I have aids/hiv/ cancer, crones, arthritis, and hep c. I would go to calm when ever i had money to get my allocated medicine. The issue was going up to one window that did not carry my strain, buying an alternate then finding out what i needed was ar another window. It took them an hour and ten min to exchange what i bought at window 1 with what i needed at window 2. The next incident was later that summer when i tried to get my 300 g for a 5 week vacation. I was told i could only buy an oz per week…..i needed 300 g and had come in before and bought it. They then labeled me as a dealer and made me feel like shit . I needed meds , if i was a con i could or went to any of the other clubs that i am a member of and filled my order up to way more than my allocated 300 g.

    After that i decided to buy from gangs on the corner, lest it was cheaper and the were more polite…..yes thug crack dealers were more accommodating than calm. Shortly after that i found rainbow medicinal cannabis. I found their style more my thing. I was never treated like a number there so i helped them spread the word by putting up flyers on every 2nd street pole from queen and sherbourne up to bloor over to spadina and all the way back down to queen……and for that CALM removed me as a member and threatened to PUNCH me in the face if they saw me again…
    So you think poor calm , i think maybe bad carma….i dont like to relish in this cause they do assist alot of people who are sick BUT why do all they people that work there come to buy at rainbow medicinal cannabis?>??

    Its got to be cause there is something at rainbow that calm doesnt have….maybe work checking out

  60. Dave Kush on

    Aren’t the police supposed to protect us? Why do we have the MMAR programme? I have my Doctor’s support, I filled out the huge application and patiently suffered while waiting for my card, shouldn’t I now have the right to safely access medicine? Now part of CALM’s membership is forced to buy from the black market or take meds that make them sick. WTF????

  61. Anonymous on

    “Neev and his staff play a key role in the Global Marijuana March and other cannabis events and it is unclear whether their roles will be hampered by restrictions forbidding them from fraternizing with each other.”

    And that is why they were raided. I don’t give a crap if they arrest the whole Marijuana Mach volunteer staff, come may 1 i WILL be marching down the route.