Snoop Dogg Always Performs High

Rap superstar Snoop Dogg has never performed sober – he insists on taking to the stage only when he’s under the influence of marijuana.

The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” star has long been an advocate for the legalization of the drug and has a prescription for medical marijuana.

And he admits he is never without cannabis when he hits the stage.

He tells talk show host Larry King, “I’m under the influence of medical marijuana. I’ve never performed without it.”

– Article from San Francisco Chronicle.



  1. Anonymous on

    actually snoop has said in interviews before that he uses prop weed sometimes, like used in them movies. saying he’s never performed sober is a complete lie.

  2. Red Foxx Fan on

    Plenty of performers from jazz to comedy used cannabis before they peformed. Rodney Dangerfield and Red Foxx were experianced at this. Cannabis makes you looser and its easier to perform. Its only natural that plenty of performers do this. Whats not natural is that this wonderful plant is illegale.

  3. The Balleehoo on

    This is news ? Whoopy for the Snoopy !

    Uh-Huh !

  4. Anonymous on