“BackTalk 3” with Barry and Candi

In this episode we talk about the continued harassment of our family by law enforcement, and the (temporary) loss of custody of Candi’s son due to the raid on our home for busting corrupt kops.

To find out more about our fight with law enforcement in Texas over our KopBusters activities, read these articles.

We also answer NeverGetBusted questions on how to hide your stash in case the kops raid your house.

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  1. Dan-o on

    Mr. Cooper you must be doing something right, else the prosecuter and po-po wouldn’t be attacking you and your family in this manner. Let’s be clear…the police have decided to attack Mr. Cooper due to his activism. I Those with power without adequate oversight WILL abuse it. That is what’s happening here. They are attempting to silence dissent, PLEASE don’t stop what you are doing Barry Cooper. Their response proves that you are making a difference!

  2. zig on

    i hope the next crooked kop you bust are the ones that raided you….good luck and thanks for what your doing

  3. Free Austin on

    We appreciate what you are doing sir. As a fellow Austin resident I have a lot of respect. Sorry to hear about your troubles; hopefully cops will wake up and become decent human beings like the rest of us. Maybe someday they will protect the people, instead of harassing non violent peaceful human beings. Just know that you have supporters that appreciate the information you are sharing, and the justice you are bringing to the corrupt. Also, you have a very beautiful wife and family. I am sure your kids will grow up to be loving kind compassionate human beings such as yourselves.

    Thank you, one love.