What if Conservatives hated prohibition of drugs like they do prohibition of guns?

So the CPC has been in a tizzy arguing for the elimination of the long-gun registry.

Police seem to support the registry but that appears to matter little to the CPC. Amnesty for the criminals that did not follow the law has been extended and a Bill is pending to repeal the requirements.

I find it striking how easily the arguments against the long-gun registry can be made to fit prohibition. And so, below, is the text of a Montreal Gazette article that I have very slightly modified (I replaced references to the long gun registry with references to prohibition and that’s about it). A link to the real article appears below.

Caution: for those with limited reading comprehension skills, this is a parody/satire/modification of a real article. The comments attributed to the various people are not real – they have been modified.

Conservative MP takes aim at drug prohibition

Manitoba Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner, whose private member’s bill to end cannabis prohibition is now in committee stage, urged cannabis consumers Saturday to keep up the pressure on opposition MPs to ensure the bill passes.

In a speech to the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters’ annual general meeting in Mississauga, Hoeppner recalled a recent conversation with a mother whose daughter was shot dead by her former boyfriend.

“I told this mother, and I will tell you all today that if I believed that prohibition could do anything to stop the kind of grief and pain (this mother is experiencing), I would be the first one supporting it,” Hoeppner said.
“But the sad truth is, prohibition did not, and it does not have the capacity to have stopped that killing . . . or any of the crimes we see happen with drugs in Canada.”

The Tories came to power vowing to eliminate the Liberal-initiated prohibition, which they call wasteful and ineffective, but have been stymied by their inability to muster majority support in Parliament.

Earlier this month, the government reaffirmed in the throne speech that it would continue supporting Hoeppner’s bill C-391, which has been approved in principle and referred to a parliamentary committee for study.
Hoeppner said 20 Liberal and NDP MPs voted for her bill last November.

“So, please keep writing and calling these 20 Opposition MPs. Tell them we still need their help to see this bill through and they cannot just sit back quietly while their parties try to kill the bill.”

Although Hoeppner said police support her bill, law enforcement groups such as the Canadian Association of Police Boards and the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police have insisted that prohibition has saved lives.

“It is about public safety. It is about giving police the information to deal with the danger posed by drugs in the wrong hands,” association president William Blair said last fall.

Meanwhile, the Conservative government announced Friday that it has extended amnesty for those charged with prohibition laws.

Original Article: http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Conservative+takes+long+registry/2707479/story.html