Is America Ready to Legalize Marijuana?

In California, marijuana stores legally exist to sell different varieties of pot to customers that need the drug for medical purposes. One shop, for example, pays the state some $300,000 in taxes and the federal government $500,000 in taxes. One problem: DEA could shut them down and arrest the people working and selling in the store. State and Federal laws are contradictory.

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Is America ready to legalize pot, regulate it, tax it, control it the same way that alcohol is controlled by the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms or by the FDA? Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron and David Evans of the Drug Free America Foundation debated the benefits of America of legalizing marijuana for recreational as well as medical use on msnbc Monday.

Msnbc’s David Shuster looks at whether or not America is ready… in a series of reports this week at 3 p.m. ET on msnbc.

– Article from MSNBC.



  1. Anonymous on

    Looks good. Now how much would they tax and sell it for?

  2. Anonymous on

    not really only difference is one is in a car and one sits the fat a$$ at a desk.

  3. Anonymous on

    Police Officers and morons?

    I didn’t realize the two were mutually exclusive.

  4. Anonymous on

    LMAO I have to believe that 😉

  5. J. W. Jessy Forsyth on

    I just checked the link to see the latest numbers and seen this -> “Newsvine Discussion with 420 comments”

    LOL… awesome.

  6. Anonymous on

    Out of the 2% who voted no, 1.999% were police officers.The rest,morons.

  7. BuffaloBill on

    98% for legalization
    2% against
    after 10,000 votes

  8. Anonymous on

    holy shit. so far 98% say yes (10,504 votes) and 2% say no (214 votes) this is going to be one interesting month ahead! marijuana history in the making